Tommy's Debasement

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

A young teenager endures the humiliation of a lifetime at the hands of his sadistic teachers and classmates (mostly female).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Shame Clothing

Sister Ruth’s Propensity   It started out as a normal school day in Sister Ruth’s seventh grade classroom. The first hour wa... Read Chapter

Nightgown Up, Underpants Down

Taunted in the Nightgown   Back in the cloakroom, Tommy could hear the buzzing emanating from the students. With considerable tr... Read Chapter

Naked in the Classroom

Nightgown Stripped Off   Tommy walked briskly back to his desk and sat down. He sensed the grinning gaze of Cindy on his left, b... Read Chapter

Anatomy Lesson

The Reluctant Model   There was no way out for Tommy now. Resigned to his fate, but with an extreme sense of trepidation, he slo... Read Chapter

Playground Humiliation

Skipping Around the Playground   When the seventh grade class stepped outside to join the rest of the students, Sally and Cindy,... Read Chapter

Forced to Entertain

A Slow, Torturous Stripping   Tommy, with his head bowed, slowly walked up and faced his teacher. He figured he’d be told to t... Read Chapter

The Girls' Bathroom

The Training Bra   It was noon, and the dreaded lunch hour had come for Tommy. As expected, Sister Ruth reached into her drawer ... Read Chapter

Girls' Lunch Meat: Tommy

A Reunion With the Eighth Graders   Tommy walked apprehensively with the girls out to the schoolyard. They were all carrying the... Read Chapter

Sisterhood of Humiliation

Reminiscences of Humiliations Gone By   During the lunch period Sister Ruth spent most of her time gazing out her window. Her vi... Read Chapter

Forced Outside Naked

A Strip on the Teacher’s Desk   After the lunch bell rang, Sister Ruth mused over how to spend the next hour before the 2:00 d... Read Chapter

The Spanking Gauntlet

Rulers at the Ready   Sister Ruth removed the panties from Tommy’s head and deposited them in her drawer. Tommy stood in the f... Read Chapter

The Dreaded Dance Class

The Gymnasium   “Okay, class, it’s time to go down to the gymnasium for dance class with Miss Richards. I’m going to come ... Read Chapter

Depantsed Again

The Shuffle   Tommy continued to go through his steps at the guidance of his teacher, much to the amusement of his captivated au... Read Chapter

At the Mercy of a Gaggle of Girls

The Pink Bow   As Tommy traversed the gymnasium stands he spotted a little opening next to one of his friends. Trying to avoid s... Read Chapter

The Naughty Niece

Facing  Karen   Tommy felt a tug on his elbow, and within moments found himself face-to-face once again with his nemesis Ka... Read Chapter

Submission to a Volleyball Player

A Short-Lived Escape   Meanwhile, Tommy had mixed emotions as he shoved open the door to exit the gymnasium. On the one hand he ... Read Chapter

Twelve Peeks in the Underpants

The Volleyball Players Carlene straightened the pink bow on Tommy's head and smiled. "Now do me a favor and go let the girls in. ... Read Chapter

A Sibling Spanking

Confrontation With Miss Richards   The sound of cheering was almost deafening as the tall, athletic high school volleyball playe... Read Chapter

The Moment of Truth

Facing His Nemesis   "I'm waiting," called out the eager Karen to the ill-fated teenager. Tommy quickly forgot about the thr... Read Chapter

The Final Humiliation

Belly Dance Instruction   Tommy's mortifying trek down the gymnasium steps came to a momentary halt when he felt a tug on the ba... Read Chapter