The Felicity Chronicles: My Exploits As a Humiliator

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

A young woman thrives on humiliating her victims, of which she has had many. In this book she details her humiliation escapades, proving to the reader that her appetite for humiliation is unparalleled.

Table of Contents

Evolution of a Humiliator

Hi, my name is Felicity. I'm only 17 years old, but in my not-so-humble opinion I have had enough interesting experiences already to ju... Read Chapter


I'll never forget the moment. It was late afternoon on the day of my thirteenth birthday. As I told you in my introduction, Julie had t... Read Chapter


I last left you when Julie and I escorted Blondie into the bedroom. It was my first opportunity to play an active role in someone's hum... Read Chapter

Johnny Boy

After my first experience as a humiliator, I knew I was hooked. I couldn't wait until my next opportunity. I knew I would always have B... Read Chapter


The next hour would prove to be nearly unbearable.   Ah, yes, that would be the hour when I had Blondie all to myself back in th... Read Chapter

Johnny Boy

After taking my seat directly behind Johnny in our homeroom, I didn't wait long to have some fun with my newfound victim. As we sat and... Read Chapter


In the days following our debasement of Johnny under the tree, Andrea, Natalie and I would regularly congregate in the cafeteria during... Read Chapter


With Ruby now under our thumbs, we focused our concentration on Tina. Natalie had been following her for a few days, and it looked like... Read Chapter


When I last left you in the Blondie saga, he was standing on a stool with his hands behind his head wearing only a pair of panties—a ... Read Chapter

Johnny Boy

One afternoon Natalie, Andrea, Kayla and I were finishing up our lunch when there was a brief pause in the conversation. I was in a pla... Read Chapter


I'll try get back to my ongoing account of Blondie's humiliation during my thirteenth birthday again someday, but I thought it might be... Read Chapter

Johnny Boy

A few days had gone by since we had our latest fun with Johnny Boy. As enjoyable as that was, there had been something gnawing at me ev... Read Chapter


After amusingly watching the naked Johnny scamper away and disappear around the corner, I set my sights on Bobby. At the moment he was ... Read Chapter


Most of the time my humiliation exploits are planned out, with several improvisations along the way. But some of my favorite sessions h... Read Chapter


I really enjoyed our hour-long lunch breaks during my time at Roosevelt High. Occasionally I would use that time for my humiliation esc... Read Chapter

Tina and Ruby

I thought it might be a good time to come back to my girl friends, lest we forget about them, which would be a shame since I've had so ... Read Chapter


Periodically I'll lay on my bed and daydream about the humiliation sessions that I've experienced. Often I'll come up with some new sce... Read Chapter

Johnny Boy

A little over a week had gone by since the fabulous humiliation session with Blondie in the cafeteria. It was about fifteen minutes bef... Read Chapter

Blondie and Johnny Boy, Part 1

This was turning out to be a very long chapter, so for the benefit of the reader I am breaking it into two parts. I will post the second part whenever I finish writing it.
Read Chapter

Blondie and Johnny Boy, Part 2

I know I said I was breaking the "Blondie and Johnny Boy" chapters into two parts, but yet again I have quite a bit of material for these two unfortunate boys, and it appears that the second part
will run exceedingly long. So I am breaking it up into yet another part, and am posting Part 2 below. I will post Part 3 when completed.

I promise I will finish it off with Part 3!
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Blondie and Johnny Boy, Part 3

"Johnny Boy," I called out. "Can you help your boyfriend out? Blondie's starting to lose his little hard-on. Maybe you can help him bri... Read Chapter

Blondie, Johnny Boy, Bobby, Tina and Ruby, Part 1

I was planning on publishing this piece in one chapter, but as I'm writing it, I can see that it will be longer than I had planned. So I'm posting what I have so far (Part 1), and will post the
other part when finished.

Hope you enjoy.
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Blondie, Johnny Boy, Bobby, Tina and Ruby, Part 2

Damn, I've done it again. I've gone on too long. I can't help myself sometimes. I'm going to have to break this into a total of three chapters. There was just too much humiliation to dole out to
end it here. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to conclude the auditorium scene with one more chapter after this one.
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Blondie, Johnny Boy, Bobby, Tina and Ruby, Part 3

I confirmed that all of the fabulous five had put their arms on their armrests. I didn't put mine on my armrest, though. Instead I put ... Read Chapter