Roosevelt Humiliations

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

This work of fiction is set at Roosevelt High School, where strippings and humiliations are frequent occurrences. This tale describes the trials and tribulations of one student in particular.

Table of Contents

The Wedgie

Intro   It was my first week at Roosevelt High School, and I was scared. I had heard the stories about how the smaller kids are ... Read Chapter

Pantsless in Homeroom

Roosevelt Lore   Almost a month has gone by since the forgettable wedgie experience at the hands of the two sophomores, Mitch an... Read Chapter

Stripped In the Car

Cafeteria Humiliation   I’m now completely under the power of Mitch and Reggie, and probably Reggie’s girlfriend, if she’s... Read Chapter

The Naked Crawl

Still Shy of Puberty   It is now the last month of my sophomore year at Roosevelt High. Much has happened since my last entry in... Read Chapter

Bus Stop Humiliation

Accosted   Let’s see, in my last communication I left you with that awful experience when I had to crawl naked across the lawn... Read Chapter

Naked And Molested In the Auditorium

No Relief as a Sophomore   My freshman year at Roosevelt High mercifully ended without any further debasements at the hands of m... Read Chapter

Brenda's Revenge

Payback   Well, unfortunately I have another humiliation to recount. It took place on the last day of my sophomore year at the h... Read Chapter

Classroom Humiliation

Please note that this is not a new episode of Roosevelt Humiliations. I have separated the previous Chapter 8 into two chapters (8 and 9), since there really are two separate themes that
appropriately should each have their own chapter.

I did add some humiliating scenes in this chapter, much to the Blondie character's dismay.
Read Chapter

The Soccer Field

A Lunch Date With Brenda In the hallway I heard Brenda’s familiar voice calling out to me. “Oh, Blondie,” she called out, he... Read Chapter

No Day At the Beach

Starting Puberty   I’ve now completed my third year at Roosevelt High. The one positive is that at least physically I’m fina... Read Chapter

Maternal Humiliaton

I played around with an alternate ending to Chapter 10 (No Day at the Beach). I decided to go with the new version, and I ended up going on so long that it justified its own, separate chapter. Thus this new chapter.

Originally, at the end of Chapter 10, Becky gave Blondie back his swimming trunks before they went into the house. In the new version, Becky is not so kind, and Chapter 11 covers Blondie's travails as he attempts to get from point A (the car) to point B (his bedroom) without anyone discovering his nudity.

I hope you enjoy. Read Chapter

Victoria's Secret

Under Becky’s Control   I know it’s been a while since I’ve chronicled my latest disgraces at the hands of my sadistic tor... Read Chapter

The Bubble Bath

Under Brenda and Becky’s Thumb   Well, again I have to apologize for taking so long in between the accounts of my humiliating ... Read Chapter

Spanked and Pantied

Disciplined   I shivered in my nudity as my sister Becky led me by the hand down the hall towards her bedroom. Brenda playfully ... Read Chapter

The Slumber Party

A Reprimand From Becky   My anxiety level was peaking as Becky led me by the hand down the hallway. I felt the hem of the pink n... Read Chapter


A Peek Inside the Panties   Julie led me through the hallway and into Becky’s bedroom with her right arm around my bare should... Read Chapter


Alone With a Little Devil   While I was being put through my paces in the awful party dress, I noticed with a bit of trepidation... Read Chapter

Shake That Ass!

Yet More Feminization   “I think it’s time we go join the party, Blondie,” declared the smiling Felicity. “Your guests a... Read Chapter

Hairlessness Revealed

High Heels I continued shaking my hips back and forth to the music, holding the babydoll up my back. With my bare ass exposed, the ... Read Chapter


Naked on the Barstool   When the laughter had settled down somewhat, Brenda went into the kitchen and returned carrying a high b... Read Chapter

Behind the Eight Ball

The Lopsided Contest   Well, I’ve finally mustered up the courage to tell you about the rest of the degradations I suffered at... Read Chapter