From Amicable to Amorous

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

An innocent yet vividly sensual display that depicts two long standing friends who finally succumb to their carnal desires.

Trying hard to not to disturb the silence, they warily paced up the creaky, carpeted stair case towards her room. No easy feat given the surrounding darkness that engulfed them and the three other family members of who were surely slumbering peacefully in the bedrooms next. Not without sounding a few quiet missteps, they successfully made it to her bedroom, sighing a comical breath of relief as she turned on the light.

The night had already held a chronicle of new memories that neither of them would soon forget. Truth be told, he seldom had the chance to treat her to an amicable one on one outing, much less an unforgettable night of sumptuous pizza, star gazing and engaging philosophical conversation. Nevertheless, it was apparent on both their faces that they had supremely enjoyed each other’s company thus far. But the night wasn’t over yet, no.  

Sitting abroad her bed, they quietly began to reminisce over the events of the evening; revisiting the frivolity, the playfulness, the humour they had shared shortly before. Their smiles and joy persisted on each their faces, their eyes sternly entranced by the inviting warmth and familiarity of one another.

But with each passing moment that they held each other’s stare, an internal struggle began to wage within him. His long standing platonic sentiments were now in heated battle against his growing amorousness. And his unwelcome yet overbearing sentiment of curiosity quickly followed; a deep searing yearning to know if his growing carnal desires were requited.

Though promise presented itself as her endearing eyes, mouth, body and voice all seemed to be subtly beckoning his approach. However passive her signals seemed to be; he gladly accepted them as an innocent form of lustful reciprocity.

He wanted her, now. And he was almost certain that she wanted him. But with great restrain he halted his advance and excused himself to the bathroom. Filling his hands and mouth with water, he prepared himself for what could have been an inexplicably transcendental pleasure or an otherwise dismal ending to an almost perfect night. No easy gamble by any means.

Re-entering her room he carefully closed the door behind him. He turned his glance to her and smirked tenuously at realization that she had removed her shoes. Thanks for doing my job for me. She stood beside her bed, still smiling at him. With one finger now resting upon the light switch, he looked at her with a light mark of mischief upon his face and asked,

“Hey Anna, are you afraid of the dark?”

The room turned black.

Stealthily he crept through the darkness towards the cute, intermittent spouts of playful laughter. Sensing he was now standing before her, he reached out his right hand and placed it upon the side of her hip while the other slipped up the length of her neck, finally cupping the back of her head. His hand lightly tugged at the hair that sprouted between his fingers.

Their proximity had almost vanished and to his delight she had not yet pulled away nor uttered any words of objection to his fervent touch. She liked this.

Slowly he pulled her into himself until the lengths of their bodies were adjoined. She hugged him closer, modestly gripping the arc of his back, lightly planting her fingers upon his muscular frame. They could both feel each other’s racing heart; a welcome sign that revealed the collective excitement and trepidation between them.

Thankfully the darkness continued to conceal their ambivalent expressions; mollifying what would have otherwise been an acutely awkward situation.

Angling her head ever so slightly upwards, he slowly, smoothly, leant in till the tips of their faces met. His nose against hers, their foreheads aligned. Savoring the moment, he inhaled a long, appetizing breath of her intoxicating scent. As did she take a deliciously ample breath of his musky brand of deodorant. They both knew what was about to happen.

Simultaneously they leant in where their lips met for the first time. To anyone else it was nothing more than a simple kiss, nothing more than a fleeting moment. But to them, to them it was a pleasure so immense, a pleasure so beautiful that it felt like an eternity. They couldn’t help but linger on each other’s lips.

He stoked the passion of the moment, opening his mouth to pull at her upper lip; she mirrored his intentions as she gently clasped the bottom of his, tentatively brushing her tongue along the rim of his flesh. So keen. Intuitively she then opened her mouth, sucking at his upper lip; their roles reversed. His tongue began to mimic hers; stroking the soft supple contours of her pucker. The interchanging convergence of their lips was impressively picturesque, considering her modest experience, and his dry spell of sexual congress. Only a few moments passed before the vivacious maneuvers of her tongue unintentionally swept past his. The thrilling sensation of tongue on tongue sent him crazy with desire. Both his hands now at her waist, he pulled her closer, tighter. She could feel his erection press against her stomach. The thought was so flattering that she blushed a pale red. Almost inelegantly, he thrust his tongue deep in her mouth, licking and lashing at the tasteful wetness within. The gesture surprised her. But surprise almost immediately turned to insatiable lust. She vigorously responded, lancing her tongue betwixt his lips, passionately massaging the rhythmic swings of his.

She elegantly crawled backward onto the bed, their kiss never ending. Positioned now with her head resting upon her pillow and the length of her body lying comfortably along her sheets, she dug her hands firmly into his back and clawed until they were clenched, holding the wrinkled fabric of his t-shirt. Again her sexual advance sent him alight with carnal intent.

Hovering above her; arms angled and elbows digging into the bed, supporting his weight, he started to press down into her, his hips parting her legs. He began to rub the outline of his erection against her sex in a slow penetrating motion. The friction of jean on jean began to send them a gush with guilty pleasure. She let out a short pleasurable gasp. And another, then another, and as he gradually pressed harder into her, her breath became heavy and shallow; so much so that she couldn’t even hold their kiss any longer. The darkness did well to hide his smirk of smug satisfaction. I knew you’d like that.  

Her mellifluous panting beckoned him to take her.

“Let’s get you out of this top” he whispered.

Propping himself onto his knees, leaning back on the heels of his feet, he straddled her. His fingers quickly seeped behind the curves of her back where they firmly pulled her upright. Grasping the hem of her singlet, he swiftly stripped her of her top as she gladly flung her arms in the air to let him undress her. Throwing her singlet to the floor, he was pleasantly greeted by the sexy, passionate grip of her hands lifting the bottom of his shirt off his body.  

Wrapping his arms around her athletically shirtless figure, he pulled her into him, as did she; resuming their deliciously torrid kiss.  The feeling of their bare skin upon one another added yet another dimension of sensual joy. Eagerly his right hand reached for the back of her bra, effortlessly unclipping it; freeing her breasts. She revealed her true carnal colours as she ardently discarded her brazier to the floor, pulling his chest to hers; evoking an incredible sensation that coursed through her body.

Caught in the perpetual rhythms of their convulsing bodies, he was once again atop of her. Baring down on her with the zealous force of his weight, he pressed her body into the bed with the repetitive beat of his hips. With her arms tied around him, she clenched the top arch of his back, pulling him downwards into her breasts, the frame of his chest squeezing them between them both.

Breaking away from their moistly tongued kiss, he began to elevate himself, slowly; trailing light cool sucks down the side of her neck. Uncontrollably she cocked her head to the side of his kiss, almost butting his head in the process.

“Ahhahah” she spurted comically at the unbearably pleasurable feeling.  

She had always been the ticklish one when it came to her neck and this foreign sensation didn’t remedy that, in fact just the opposite. He fondly exclaimed a light jocular chuckle. I’d forgotten how sensitive you were there.

“One last one” he whispered as he leant back down to bestow brief but exaggerated peck upon the plane of her neck. She giggled predictably.

Shuffling his body down the bed, he found himself perched above her breasts, somewhat agitated by the ever-present darkness that blinded him from admiring her beautifully naked torso.  Shifting his weight onto his left leg and elbow, he was now free to cup the fullness of her left breast in his right hand while he devilishly tongued at her right nipple through the ring of his mouth. Though the darkness sought to hide them, his senses did not lie; her breasts were exquisite, so pert, and so full. She exhaled a quiet reassuring moan that grew evermore intense as his fingers fondled and squeezed at the entirety of her breast. His tongue too began to pick up speed; twirling and poking around the cusp of her nipple.  Her panting was harsh, riddled with brief cathartic moans.

“Oh my god” she gasped to herself.

He smirked in pride at the sensual, provocative noises that escaped her mouth. Inconspicuously his right hand then journeyed from her breast to the button at the top of her jeans whilst he continued to suck at the other. Like her bra, he undid it one fluid pinch. Having felt his sneaky disrobing intention, she drew her hands from behind his back and propped herself onto her elbows, still facing him.

“Take them off if you like?” she uttered in her typically polite manner; upwards intonation and all. 

Hurriedly he angled himself upright, once again resting upon the heels of his feet, but now at the end of the bed, leaving her body exposed for the first time in a while. Ripping her jeans from her enticingly shaven legs, he tossed them to the floor along with the other superfluous garments.

Knowing that she was clothed by nothing but the fine fabric of her underwear, his desire grew that bit more intense. Dropping back down onto her, pushing her head to the pillow with his dominating kiss, their tongues went at it once more. The long, lustful strokes of her tongue to which he had now become accustomed persisted to evoke an inexplicable course of pleasure.  

Held up by the fists of his hands, only their legs continued to touch. She now had ample room to pull and pinch at his jeans. He didn’t even need to coax her. Quickly the chaste of his flamboyant belt buckle unfurled, followed by the top button of his jeans and then the swift parting of his zipper, all in thanks to her modestly skilled fingers. Running her hands round to the sides of his pants she curled her thumbs into the tops of his jeans and began to pull. She managed to tug them down to the bend of his knees, freeing the hard, hefty bulge that protruded from his underwear. He took care of the rest, jolting onto his side, boyishly fumbling at his shoes and socks, keen as ever to be done with them. His jeans came next, then the customary hurling of clothing to the floor.

He hastily erupted from his one sided stance into his traditional upright pose; sitting abroad the heels of his feet, legs tucked beneath himself, her legs parting around him.

She was exposed, vulnerable, just lying there ready to be taken by him.


Suddenly she felt the long, strong lining of his fingers grasp the firm curvature of ass. It was exhilarating. Finishing with a short but ardent squeeze he pulled her fast onto his lap where she now sat upon him, elevated, staring down at him, lovingly, with her arms tightly crossed around his neck. Deja vu took them both as once again their faces met innocently, her nose against his, their foreheads aligned. She pressed her lips to his and held it. He responded, pressing his mouth to hers, meshing their lips together with subtle unbroken shakes of his head.

Though she was already surpassed with euphoric elation, she wanted more. She wanted to feel the hard outline of his cock against the ripple of her wet pulsing clit. Slowly she started to grind. Pushing the sensitive lining of her sex tightly against the length of his concealed erection, she began to soak. Her impulsive sexual gesture lit him with delectation and an equally prevalent sentiment of want. He began to match her speed and rhythm, thrusting his crotch upwards into her as she grinded down onto him. Their kiss began to break as their energetic motions sent them both panting in sensual exhaustion.

The room had grown hot and humid from the perspiring heat of their collective bodies, and the air’s scorching musk made it all the more difficult for them to catch their breath. Despite the obvious weariness of their bodies, the spirit of their relentless vehement would not be so merciful.

Still perched upon him, she persisted with fast, forceful thrusts into the mast of his hidden erection. However his dynamic sexual taste now craved a different position, a different feel; he wanted to be beneath her. A few swift movements were all it took. His head now rested atop the accommodating pillow, his waist and legs now eclipsed by the weight of her straddle.

She planted her hands upon the pecks of his chest, clenching. Simultaneously he started to scrape his stiffly arched fingers up and down the skin of her thighs. It was a welcome bit of respite for the both of them. Her body then shuddered receptively as his hands slid smoothly up the sides of her waist to the bulge of her breasts. She gasped on cue at the touch of his delectable fondling. She quickly drove her hands onto the muscular breadth of his shoulders, giving her something sturdy to hold onto as she gradually began to reignite their horizontal convulsions. Speed picked up fast. His hands were now firmly digging at her hips, rocking her back and forth. 


Her moaning mirrored her pleasure, though she tried hard not to let her spouts of sensual joy sound too loudly. Her underwear was now drenched in the sweet aromatic juice of her sex. And so was his. Their hips clashed at each other, becoming harder, faster. She was dangerously close to the brink of orgasm, and he was no different.  

Caught in the heat of sheer sexual urgency he gripped the elastic hem of his underwear in his right hand and yanked them down around his thighs. His strong luscious cock sprung forth, immediately graced by the warm lubricating strides of her sex. Without the veil of his briefs, she could now properly appreciate the full length of his massive erection.

With each ardent slide forward, the lips of her sex were parted by the ample width of his cock, pushing the tip of his erection back down to the rim of his navel. And with every fervent slide backwards his cock raised up as her clit brushed down to the base of his shaft. The erotic rhythm coursed on. Her eyes closed in anticipation, her mouth ajar, letting out short rapid breaths and faint titillating squeals. He reveled in the sight of her distinctive climactic pose, but only briefly. Quickly he found himself tensing, his breath rapid and heavy, like her, on the verge of orgasm.

The wet supple recess of her crotch jerked vivaciously at the length of his cock, until finally…

A long wailing moan unmistakably signaled her inevitable climax. She uncontrollably fell to pieces around him; an indescribable rapture streaming through her whole body. Still immersed in the glory of her long awaited release, he came quickly after. Squeezing hard at the shaft of his cock, he held back his ejaculation, only adding to the overwhelming ecstasy of his intense climax.

Aww fuck” he gasped, unable to restrain his shallow cathartic profanity. He shattered beneath her, falling into a mind numbing euphoria.

In the after math of their near simultaneous orgasm, she had collapsed upon his chest, her legs now straightened and intertwined with his. He draped his arms around her, loosely, as they both panted heavily, slowly regaining their equilibrium. Needless to say, their salacious escapade had left them both fatigued beyond comprehension.  And so they just lay there, immersed in each other’s loving embrace, slowly drifting into a sweet, inviting slumber. 

Submitted: January 23, 2015

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