Helen V: Helen And The Massage Therapist.

Helen V: Helen And The Massage Therapist. Helen V: Helen And The Massage Therapist.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Helen Goes Further.


Helen Goes Further.


Submitted: January 10, 2016

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Submitted: January 10, 2016



Helen was a little older now, and had settled into an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle. She was enjoying her relationship with an older woman, and she continued to enjoy her “swinging” experiences. She felt that she had done most things, but she still had her fantasies…

Helen had been thinking for some time about having a massage. It was something she had never done. She looked in the Yellow Pages; there were several, but they were all up town and it was a way to go. Also they all seemed to be in big Beauty Salons and she didn’t fancy that.

She finally spotted one that was not too far away, and happened to be in a woman’s house. That sounded more like it. The fantasy was simply about having a massage and ending up having sex with the masseuse--pretty run of the mill, really, but it had been a persistent fantasy of hers for some time.

Strange, but she had never discussed it with her partner. She never seriously thought it would be possible to turn this fantasy into reality, but she thought she could at least lie there while the masseur’s hands moved over her, and use her imagination…

She phoned up right away, and a woman with a soft voice answered. She asked for an appointment and the woman surprised her by telling her that she had a cancellation for that afternoon. It was noon, and she gave her an appointment for 1:30.

“Be sure to have a long warm bath before you come,” the masseur said.

Helen had a long soak, then she went for her appointment.

She arrived at the house just on time. It was an old-fashioned cottage with a thatched roof.

“Beautiful!” Helen thought to herself.

She rang the bell. To Helen’s surprise a girl opened the door not all that much older than herself. She was petite, very slim, with blonde hair and nice deep blue eyes.

“Hi Helen, I’m Jane.” she said cheerfully, “Come in.”

Helen smiled and went inside. She was taken into a small back room, with soft lighting and a massage couch right in the middle. There was a beautiful smell of incense—strong but not overpowering or smoky.

The girl invited her to sit down and offered her a glass of wine. Helen warmed to her right away.

“Have you had massage before?” She asked.

“No,” replied Helen, “but I’ve often thought about it.”
“Are you a sensuous person…I mean, are you the physical type?”

Helen wasn’t sure what she meant but she answered that she thought she was.

“Then you’re bound to enjoy it” she said with a big smile. “Ok, let’s get started; don’t worry about time, we’ve got the whole afternoon.”

Helen wondered where she was to get undressed, but before she could ask Jane said,

“Would you like to take your clothes off…panties as well.”

Helen was far from shy these days; in fact she felt quite tingly getting undressed in front of this young girl, who anyway busied herself with mixing various oils.

“Oh,” exclaimed Jane, “do you want me to use towels? I will if you want me to. Shy people tend to prefer me to cover up the parts I’m not working on.”

“I’m not bothered.” Helen replied.

“Then would you like to lie on the couch face down?”

Helen stretched out naked on the massage couch. Jane soon had the oils mixed. She stood over the younger girl and poured oil on the lower part of her spine. Then she touched behind her neck with her left hand and gently placed her right hand on her bottom.

Helen was liking it already. Jane slowly moved her hands over Helen’s back and bottom, spreading the fragrant oil like the first rays of the sun on a fine winter’s morning. After a while she moved up to her neck, gently kneading it; Helen lay back, enjoying the deepening sense of relaxation.

The masseuse then stood in front of her and ran her fingers over her face, a sensation that Helen found very pleasant. She noticed that the first button on her white uniform was now undone, but thought nothing of it. After massaging her face gently with her fingers, the young masseur revisited her back, using the palms of her hands in a circular motion, as masseurs do. Helen then felt her soft fingers trailing down her back and over her bottom, and down both legs.

“How are you doing?” asked Jane with a nice smile.

“It’s wonderful,” Helen answered.

Jane now started to massage her feet, and kneaded her calf muscles, moving up gradually to near the top of her legs. After a while, she returned to the head of the couch, and took one arm at a time and manipulated it from the shoulder to the wrist.

Helen noticed that another button of her robe was undone; just at that moment Jane said,

“Are you too warm, love? It’s awfully hot in here.”

Helen didn’t think it was warm at all, and she was surprised at the question.

“Turn over now, sweetie,” Jane ordered, and Helen dutifully rolled over onto her back.

Jane started on her face, rubbing the area between her nose and ears, then she glided her hands over Helen’s breasts, in that detached way most masseurs have. Soon she went to the foot of the couch again, and took Helen’s left foot in her hands, kneading the arch.

Slowly she moved her hands up her left leg, until she reached the knee, then repeated the motion with the other leg. Returning to the left leg, she did the same thing, except now she went a little above the knee. Yet again, this was repeated with the right one.

On the third occasion, Helen couldn’t help but feel as though the girl were teasing her. Sure enough, this time Jane’s hands went right to the top of Helen’s legs, just brushing her pubic hairs. Helen dismissed the idea as a matter of her fantasies getting the better of her, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that she found it exciting.

“Turn over again” came the order, so Helen did.

This time when she looked at the girl’s robe she knew she wasn’t mistaken: a third button had come open, or been undone, and Helen wondered if it was just because she was hot; she noticed that a little of her cleavage was showing. Maybe it was just about the heat, as small beads of perspiration were forming on her neck.

This time her touch on Helen’s breasts was different: heavier and more aggressively sensual. Her hands moved over her chest more like a lover than a masseur. She even seemed to press more heavily on her nipples.

Helen definitely felt aroused, and couldn’t help wondering if she was getting it wrong. The young girl now moved to the foot of the couch again. She grasped Helen’s left leg and bent it at the knee, rubbing her left palm (with the right hand on top) slowly up Helen’s leg. She didn’t stop at the knee, but went all the way up to her hairs. She straightened the leg again, and did the same thing with the other leg.

She repeated this twice more, each time pressing harder against her groin. Helen suddenly realised that her masseur must be able to see the pink folds of her vulva as she bent her leg; this turned her on so much.

“Turn over, love,” she said again.

Helen rolled onto her tummy once more. Now Jane started with both hands on her neck, and trailed her fingers gently but firmly down her back, stopping at her bottom. She them made small circular movements with her palms in opposite directions, so Helen’s arse cheeks were being ever-so-slightly spread. She couldn’t suppress a slight groan of pleasure.

“Is that ok for you? Jane asked.

“Lovely…”Helen replied, and she meant it.

She was ordered to turn over again. This time Jane treated her much more roughly, kneading her legs strongly, and, after she had run her firm hands up her leg, forcing the edge of her hand into her thighs.

Last time she had bent one leg, massaged it, then straightened it before dealing with the other. This time she left it bent, which meant that Helen at one point was lying there with her legs wide apart and her knees bent.

She could see the girl focussing upon her pink crack. “I’m sure this bitch fancies me.” she thought, but it seemed such an unlikely scenario that she still tried to dismiss the idea. She then went back to her breasts, but now she stroked them in an unashamedly sensual manner, lifting them up with each hand and squeezing her nipples.

Over she rolled again according to instructions. This time Jane concentrated on her bottom, repeating the circular movements she had used before, but each time she massaged harder, so Helen’s cheeks were opening more and more widely. She simply knew that Jane could see her open cunt. And, judging by the way she was feeling, she must be very moist.

Could this all be part of a “normal” massage routine? Helen didn’t think so. One thing she knew: she was feeling fucking hot; her pulse was racing and she needed some sort of shag.

Her whole body felt like a kettle about to boil over. She was enjoying the sensation immensely, but she wouldn’t be able to control herself much longer. The realization came into her mind like a blow that she was here, in this woman’s house, a woman she had never met before, and she was stark naked on a couch, with this bitch’s hands all over her arse.

But what if she was wrong? Could she be imagining that this woman fancied her? The thing was, she had never had a massage before. Was this just the way it was supposed to be, not exceptional at all. Helen didn’t think so; but all she knew was she wanted to fuck this juicy bitch.

Jane returned to the head of the couch, asking Helen to turn onto her tummy yet again. She massaged her shoulders and back.

There seemed to be no routine to this therapy, which made Helen sure it was not a “normal” massage. But it certainly was a turn-on.

Also she noticed that several buttons were now undone, and the girl’s pert little tits were moving around as she bent up and down over Helen’s upper torso. In fact, they were almost escaping form her tight uniform.

She reached down to Helen’s bottom and kneaded it quite roughly.

“I’m sweating…really boiling.” Jane announced. “Would you mind awfully if I took my robe off?”

“Not at all,” replied Helen.
The young girl slowly undid the remaining few buttons, dropped the robe and threw it onto a chair.

Helen was surprised to say the least: the girl was completely naked. She had shapely little breasts, a flat tummy, and a fully shaven cunt.

Helen couldn’t get enough of her figure. Nonetheless, the girl played her masseur role right to the end. Jane returned to her bottom. Helen had a nice tight little arse; everyone she knew wanted to lick it.

Jane began the circular motion thing again; only this time she pulled her cheeks wide open, exposing her arsehole and her pink, wet quim. Then she ran both her thumbs up and down her arse-crack, and circled Helen’s arsehole with one thumb, round and round. Helen was going frantic. She could feel that her cunt was soaking wet, and her burning thighs were a volcano. “Do you want me to go inside?”

the young masseur whispered.

“Yes; please don’t stop!” Jane inserted a finger into Helen’s arse. It slipped in easily with all the oils they had used. Soon Helen was penetrated with all four fingers, moving slowly in and out. Helen was in ecstasy.

Jane removed her fingers and Helen lay on her back. Jane lay on top of her and the two girls rubbed together, their tongues wrapped round each other like two sex-obsessed snakes.

Jane turned round into the 69 position and swiftly went down on the younger girl’s soaking twat.

Helen for her part was doing the same thing to her masseur. She began by running her tongue around her outer lips, made easier by the totally shaven pussy she was licking.

She opened the dyke bitch up. Her vulva was a deep red and Helen was excited by her copious love juices which she quickly buried her tongue in as she pushed it up the older girl’s hole. She tasted like wild sex should; she drank from Jane’s cunt as though she were dying of thirst.

Inserting all of her fingers into the girl’s wet hole, her little tongue found her clit right away; it was one of the biggest she had seen on any chick she had fucked. She loved big clits. After all, why should something which gave so much pleasure be so small and hard to find? And why did men in particular sometimes miss it altogether? Probably because they don’t have one themselves, she concluded.

Helen felt wonderful. Her body was tingling, her nipples aching and swollen from having been squeezed so much, her little twat was on fire, and her arse was being fingered again. She loved deep penetration of her arse. Next time she had sex with this girl she would make sure she had a large thick vibro. She would tell Jane to push it in in as far as it would go. This thought brought on her first noisy climax.

She always found it difficult to concentrate on giving head whilst receiving it herself, so as soon as her first orgasm subsided she went back to Jane’s cunt and made sure she gave good head. Suddenly the girl screamed and Helen found her mouth and face full of a warm liquid. The girl was a squirter. Helen lapped it up vigorously. It was the icing on the cake…


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