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Helen 8 Helen 8

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Helen's Politically Incorrect Gang Bang.


Helen's Politically Incorrect Gang Bang.


Submitted: January 19, 2016

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Submitted: January 19, 2016



Helen was bored. She was no longer living with anyone, and having her own apartment, though exciting in its way, was a lonely venture. She had gone to a bar with her (strictly platonic) friend, Hayley. Her friend was something of a “goody-goody” (how HAD they become buddies?) and wanted to be home for 10pm. So Helen was not expecting a very exciting time.

They were sitting in a corner of the joint when five guys came in and sat down.

“D’ ya mind if we sit here?” one of them asked.

Helen said “No; sit where you like”.

He grinned at her. Helen thought he was quite good-looking, as were his friends. Helen and Hayley got talking to them for about half an hour, then Hayley said,

“I’ve got to go now; are you coming?” Helen said she’d stick around, and off Hayley went.

Helen was ensconced in the corner with two of the young guys. After another couple of drinks the guy who had spoken first (his name turned out to be Ross) asked her if she fancied going to a party.

“Maybe”, she replied, “Where is it?”

It turned out to be not too far away: just the other side of the town centre.

“Are there going to be lots of people there?” (Helen didn’t really like crowds).

Ross gave her that sheepish grin again,

“Not really; just us lot.”

“So what you’re saying is you’ve got some cans to take back to your place?”

“More or less,”he answered with another grin.

Helen thought about it, then said, “OK, cool, but just for an hour or so.”

They were soon speeding off in a cab to Ross’s roomy ground floor apartment. Helen grabbed one of the sofas and half lay there with a can of strong lager in her fist. Two of the others sat on the spare couch, while the remaining three sat on the floor. They formed a sort of semi-circle around Helen. She thought to herself,

What am I wearing? The answer was, Not much.

She had leather sandals with no stockings, a very short black skirt, a short top showing her belly, a skimpy bra and a thong. She could feel these men undressing her with their eyes. She was not a big drinker, and had already had more than her usual allowance. She decided to have some fun with them.

“Last time I was in a room full of guys they wanted me to do a strip”.

The blokes cheered. Ross asked,

“Well, did you?”

It was Helen’s turn to grin.

“I might have done,” she said as she took another swig.

There was an uncomfortable pause, then she added,

“The problem with guys is, when you’ve got no clothes on they won’t take no for an answer.”

The blokes looked a bit embarrassed, as if they weren’t sure what she meant. They were a little shy, Helen noticed. She thought she would throw caution to the winds.

“ I can understand that. I mean, if a girl strips in front of a group of guys, she must be up for it. But sometimes something happens, then the girl starts crying rape, or gang rape. It’s not right.”

The blokes began to nod their heads wisely; it was obvious they didn’t agree with the crap she was talking, but it was equally obvious they liked the effect of what she was saying. Helen took another swig; she was slowly getting drunk. She could feel the warmth of desire spreading up her body from her toes, like sap from the roots of a tree.

“As far as I’m concerned, if a girl is with some guys and she strips she needs a good seeing-to.”

The men nodded in agreement with this politically incorrect garbage; they would have agreed with anything Helen said at this point. She continued “If she gets naked in front of men, she must be up for it, mustn’t she?” parroted Ross.

“Even if she’s not naked”, Helen surprisingly remarked. “I mean, if she’s alone with some guys, and talking about sex and stripping, like me, then the guys are bound to want to do something; and she must know she’s turning them on”.

Helen could see at least two erections bursting through their jeans.

The men were each staring rigidly at Helen now; she was soaking wet as she thought of what was about to happen.

“If a guy’s got a hard-on, then he needs to have sex, and if a girl’s given him a hard-on, then she’s done it for a reason. It’s no good pretending otherwise. If you guys decided to strip me, and gang-bang me, I wouldn’t complain, cos I know I’ve got you excited. I think you’re entitled to bang me. Maybe you should tell me to suck each of you in turn. That sounds fair.”

Ross could contain himself no longer. He stood up, walked over to where Helen lay on the sofa, and reached down to her top, gradually unbuttoning the white flimsy material.

He removed it, then reached behind her to unhook her bra strap. He then pulled it slowly off her, exposing her pert little tits with their erect nipples. He climbed on top of her and began licking over her tits in little circles. Then he went to her left underarm and licked it until it was swimming in saliva, and repeated it with her right, and then licked his way back to her mouth. Helen loved a man to give her back her sweat in this way.

Another guy removed her shoes and pulled off her skirt and thong, revealing her newly shaven cunt. Helen felt all exposed, like a Christmas present that had finally been unwrapped. She loved being nude…especially if it was in front of other people, and above all if she were being screwed.

The men both got stripped and were all over Helen, who by this time was hot and panting. Helen lay there, knowing she could do anything she liked with these men; they were totally captivated by her.

Despite the fiction that they were entitled to take her, it was Helen (far more experienced than any of them) who was telling them what to do. She told Ross to use his tongue on her between her legs, while the other guy snogged her deeply.

All the time she was looking at the other three looking at her, knowing that she was turning them all on. Suddenly she realized that the other three had overcome their shyness and were removing their clothes, and were soon standing near her and masturbating furiously.

She was taken by all of them, though only three actually screwed her while the other two ejaculated over her breasts and face; she had always felt that receiving a man’s ejaculate was a most empowering experience.

As she lay there later waiting to fall asleep, Helen reflected on how complex sexual interaction really was, and how foolish it was to rely on slogans and simplistic reasoning to condemn an entire gender…Helen knew that she was the one who had been empowered by her experience: she had those guys eating out of her hand…and other places too!



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