Helen 6

Helen 6 Helen 6

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Helen and the Watersports Threesome.


Helen and the Watersports Threesome.


Submitted: January 18, 2016

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Submitted: January 18, 2016



Helen lay in bed, on her own. She was feeling a little sorry for herself, mainly because she hadn’t seen her girlfriend for over a week. She had gone abroad to see a sick relative and Helen had not fancied going, a decision she now regretted.

All this meant it was over a week since she had had sex with anyone (apart from her flexible friends, her large collection of vibrators). She was incredibly frustrated. She and her girlfriend had long ago made a pact that, while they were free to have sex with whomever they wanted, they both had to be present at all times.

Helen had only broken this promise once since they got together…with a masseur she had only met that one time. She had never told her girlfriend about this, but she occasionally felt quite guilty about it.

Anyway, she got up, had a quick shower, and got herself off to college. It was a boring day, made worse by the heat. She sat in class, languid and morose. She gradually became aware that someone was smiling at her. She hadn’t been at college long, and hadn’t really got to know anyone. In fact, she couldn’t remember seeing this girl before. Being an affectionate person, she smiled back.

After the tutorial Helen just wanted to get home. As she tripped off down the college steps Helen heard a friendly voice saying


Upon turning round she saw the girl who had smiled at her in the tutorial.

“Hi,” said Helen back.

“Where are you off to?” the girl asked.

“I’m heading home.”

“What’s your name?” asked the girl, “I’m new; I only started today. I don’t know anyone and I’m a bit shy."

She didn’t seem shy to Helen, but she was a kind person, always willing to befriend someone.

“I’m Helen. I haven’t been here long myself.”

“I’m Kat; do you fancy going for a cup of coffee?”

“OK”, answered Helen, though she would rather have gone straight home for a sleep. When they got to the coffee bar it was heaving.

“I don’t like crowded places,” moaned Kat in a plaintive voice. “Why don’t we just go back to my flat and have a drink there?”

So off they went to Kat’s nicely appointed apartment.

“It sure is big,” said Helen, walking round it, impressed. “How many rooms do you have?”

“Six,” she replied, “including the main bedroom." Kat took Helen into the master bedroom and it was enormous, with a carved wooden bed big enough to sleep four.

“Very nice,” remarked Helen. She couldn’t help noticing there was no head board; instead there was an enormous mirror stretching the width of the bed and several feet up the wall.

“That bed must have cost a fortune,” Helen speculated.

“Yes, well, my boyfriend’s got a good job."

“So you live together?” inquired Helen.

“Not really; he just pays for everything…so I can go to college. He’s older than me. He turns up now and then, usually without warning. He likes to surprise me; it’s cool."

“I bet he gives you most of your surprises on that big bed,” remarked Helen with a wink.

“Yeah, he does,” answered Kat with a sheepish grin. “What about you? Do you live with anybody?”

Helen considered lying, but then she thought, What the hell.

“I live with a woman; she’s older than me, too.”

Helen expected some sort of reaction, but Kat seemed cool with it.

“That sounds great.” she said. “Do you just like women, or do you…you know, swing both ways?”

Helen was pleasantly surprised; the girl was obviously broad-minded and intelligent (Makes a change, she thought) .

“Yes, I like men as well.”

For some reason Helen was almost shocked when Kat said in a matter-of-fact voice,

“Me too."

Helen wondered about this, but then she decided it was not shock she felt but surprise. She had found that most girls her own age were not (as was commonly supposed) liberal, open-minded and up for it. Many of them were more repressed than their parents.

There wasn’t time now to speculate on the reason; all Helen knew was that it was sad that there was so much prudishness in the world, and some of the most narrow-minded were the ones who touted themselves as “feminists” and “sexually aware”, who fancied themselves to be broad-minded. They were anything but. Their so-called “feminism” was a cloak for their own issues that they had failed to come to terms with. Often man-haters, they carried as much sexual guilt around with them as their mothers and fathers, who, let’s face it, were born in the Dark Ages.

“What does your boyfriend think of your bisexuality?" asked Helen.

“He loves it.” Kat replied with a grin. “He likes to watch me.”

Kat stared at Helen, unblinking. Her breathing became rapid and shallow. Her cheeks reddened as she stared relentlessly at the other girl. Helen could feel herself getting wet, as the muscles between her legs felt weak.

“Please fuck me,” Kat whispered.

Helen didn’t need telling twice. She pressed against the other girl hard; their pubic bones met and rubbed together like twins that hadn’t seen each other for years. Their mouths, both fully open, were glued together. Helen forced her tongue deeply into Kat’s mouth, feeling around for her teeth; she felt the little ridges on the roof of her mouth; she was overwhelmed by the desire to in some way penetrate this little bitch with her tongue, almost as though she were a man entering her.

Like two swords-women they thrust and parried their desires for each other. Helen had rarely felt so aggressive with another woman. She held Kat’s face none too gently, pulling her skin apart so the girl’s mouth was stretched, while she stared into her eyes; then she pressed her hands together so her mouth was squashed into an exaggerated kiss.

“I’m going to suck you till you scream,” she said, slowly and deliberately.

She forced her tongue into her once again, this time exploring every recess. Kat’s breath was coming in short bursts; she could barely get her head out of Helen’s vice-like grip, and when she did she grabbed Helen by the shoulders and said,

“Take me on the bed!”

Helen virtually grabbed her and ran with her into the bedroom. They both scrambled onto the bed and quickly stripped each other. Now they were all over each other, licking, biting, feeling, sucking. Suddenly Kat stopped.

“Wait!” she said, “Do you like being cuffed?”

“Sometimes." Helen replied ( she had been tied up many times).

Kat, who was on top of her at that time, quickly pulled Helen’s arms towards the mirror “ headboard." Helen felt her wrists enclosed inside a pair of handcuffs. She hadn’t noticed before but they were fastened to the wall just underneath the mirror. She was surprised, frightened, helpless and excited all at once.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked.

“You’ll find out.” replied Kat in a slow whisper, with an expression of utter lust on her face that made Helen more excited still.

Kat, from that moment on, changed her approach, almost as if she were waiting for something. She played slowly and toyed with her new-found friend, in no hurry at all. This slow gentle foreplay appealed to Helen.

After about twenty minutes Kat started on her pussy, feeling inside for her G spot and putting her juice-soaked fingers up for Helen to lick. Then she pushed her tongue inside Helen’s pink twat, pressing the tip expertly against the roof of her pleasure chamber, while she teased her tiny clit.

Helen was getting more and more turned on, when suddenly she heard a door open and close loudly. She panicked, realizing that someone was going to come in, and she was naked, cuffed to the bed and unable to move.

A man entered, about forty, well-built…as soon as he saw the two girls on each other he reacted. He grabbed Kat and threw her onto the floor. Though initially afraid, Helen soon realized that she was not in any way witnessing brutality; this was a game they had played before. The man soon undressed and climbed onto the bed. He began immediately to lick and finger Helen, carrying on where Kath had left off. Helen, despite the weirdness of the situation, surrendered (as she had learnt to do) to the situation she actually found herself in.

She looked up, and saw Kat with a vibro in her arse, furiously fingering her clit and shouting

“Fuck her!”

“ I thought she was supposed to be shy…” she thought.

John ( Helen later learned his name) certainly knew what he was doing. Helen’s passion built up to a screaming climax. When this had subsided John said,

“It’s time; do it now!”

While John continued to work on her clit and use the vibro on her, Kat crouched over her belly, staring at Helen seductively. Then without warning Helen watched her pull her vulva wide open, as a thin golden stream trickled from between her legs, and felt its gentle flow on her flat belly. It filled her navel and flowed copiously onto the bed.

“She’s pissing on me,” thought Helen to herself.

And with that thought a surge of sexual passion filled her and she came again. Kat stopped, moving slowly up Helen’s body till she reached her little tits. Then she let loose another gentle rain. Her hips swayed seductively back and forth as the river of urine swayed in its turn over Helen’s pert breasts, like a winding road to the land of pleasure. Helen looked down at her tits and saw that they were soaking wet. Kat stood up and turned round, facing her man, her feet planted firmly on either side of Helen’s head.

John was no longer going down on the girl. He was kneeling over Helen’s now-soaking belly, but keeping her going by slipping the vibrator slowly in and out. He slid up the bed, one hand using the vibro, the other masturbating.

He stopped at the level of Helen’s head. Helen found herself saying in a weak voice,

“No, no…stop”

But inside she was screaming,

“Yes, yes…don't stop!

She knew she wanted whatever this randy couple could give her….she wanted it all. John gently thrust his erect cock into Helen’s mouth. Her lips closed around it tightly. She was subjected to slow but firm thrusts; each time John would push it a little further in. Helen had never had a cock so far in her mouth before. And with each thrust she felt that penetrating rod enter her more deeply.

What particularly excited her was the fact that John co-ordinated his shagging of her mouth with the vibro he was still fucking her with, so while one went in the other came out. Helen felt a gagging sensation which was pleasurable and not at all unpleasant.

Suddenly John withdrew his hard cock. Helen was surprised to see him pinch his cock cruelly; inevitably it shrank like a pierced balloon.

“What’s he doing that for?” she puzzled to herself.

Helen watched as John suddenly urinated onto Helen’s cunt, all over and inside. He stopped, then started again; this time over her belly, then on her already wet tits; then he stopped again. Then, still keeping up the action with the vibrator, he said in a loud and commanding voice,

“Keep your mouth closed!”

This time the thin stream was aimed at her right cheek. Momentarily he left it there, then ran the stream over her mouth, and down her left cheek. He repeated the action twice, each time saying, in that severe voice,

“Keep your mouth closed!”.

The next time he passed much more slowly over her lips. He paused; suddenly he knelt with his knees on either side of her head.

“Open your mouth!” John commanded.

Helen was feeling intense pleasure; between her legs was a burning fire. She could feel herself building towards another orgasm. She would do anything for this couple who had so inflamed her lust.

Helen opened her mouth wide, and the warm, golden liquid ran down her throat. Kat now crouched over her head and a second stream of nectar joined the first. Helen was drowning in a golden sea of ecstasy, as she swallowed the fragrant fluid with its mildly aromatic taste. A bomb exploded loudly in her cunt… her climax was out of this world…


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