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Helen 10 Helen 10

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Helen and the Tattoo Parlour


Helen and the Tattoo Parlour


Submitted: January 22, 2016

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Submitted: January 22, 2016






Helen had finally left college, and was now working as a tattoo artist in a local parlour. She was quite artistic, and capable of designing her own images, including the hard-to-master “3D” stuff that was taking the world by storm. Helen had had no difficulty getting employment; she had been chosen out of twenty-seven applicants...she had good reason to feel a little pleased with herself.


One afternoon she had been left on her own to “mind the shop” while Phil (the boss) and the other girl who worked there (called Jill) were out. She passed the time creating new designs, including one of a vampire's mouth biting into someone's neck. Her well-drawn designs were proving very popular locally...a far cry, she thought, from her grandfather's day when it was mostly sailors wanting anchors on their arms!


She had recently had a moderately-sized tattoo done herself; it was a delicately-drawn snake which started at her navel, meandered around her belly, and finished off with its head pointing to her vagina. Symbolic of foreplay and coitus, she had often thought, laughing at herself. Of course, she had to keep herself shaven for it to be seen to its full effect. But that was ok; she liked it either way.


Suddenly the door opened and two guys and a girl came in. They were all bikers, complete with crash hats and leathers, though the girl wore ripped denim shorts. She was very attractive, slim with natural blond hair. She came straight up to Helen and smiled.


“Hi” she said, pleasantly.


“Hi”, said Helen in answer.


“Can you tattoo my tits?” asked the girl. “Well, one of them, anyway.”


Helen grinned. “I can,” she replied, “but I can't tattoo aureoles or nipples. Inking your nipples can be dangerous, and ink tends to fade on aureoles.”


“That's ok”, the girl said, “I just want this on my left tit.” She showed Helen a piece of paper with a design on it of an enormous red heart with an open mouth in the middle. A great pink tongue came out with the words “lick me” in a semicircle round the tip.


“Wouldn't that be better down there?” asked Helen with another grin,


The girl grinned back. “I already have one there,” she said.


“Yeah, that should be no problem,” Helen said.


The girl took off her leather jacket; Helen couldn't help noticing that she wore no bra under her T-shirt. The girl reached to take off her top.


“Hang on a minute,”said Helen, “I'll have to draw the curtain, in case anyone comes in.”


“Would you mind?” She looked at one of the guys and motioned towards the curtain. He drew it and the girl took off her top. She had beautiful breasts, as Helen couldn't help noticing.


“Er...I haven't told you how much it'll cost,” she said to the girl.


“It's ok,” she replied with a smile as she gestured towards one of the guys, “he's paying”


Having copied the design, Helen set to work. As she started putting on her rubber gloves she said, “You do realize I'll have to touch your breast, don't you?”


“No problem,” the girl replied. “Sounds like fun,” she added with a wink.


Normally she would have picked her up on such an obviously horny thing to say, but Helen took her work seriously, and for the next forty minutes or so she only had room in her mind for that tattoo. Everyone was pretty quiet, apart from the usual small talk. Nonetheless, every time Helen looked up, the blond was looking at her, a sly smile playing around her lips. Increasingly it became an effort to concentrate...


Helen finally finished, applying some cream and the regular dressing. She gave the usual advice about after-care, and waited to see if anything developed. She didn't have to wait long.


“Have you got any tats?” the girl asked (Helen noticed she was in no hurry to get dressed).


“Sure,” she replied; “but only one.”


“Can we see it?”


“Sure,” Helen replied.


Helen unzipped her little black skirt and let it fall. She stepped out of her sandals and stared at the girl and the two lads in turn. Then she put her fingers inside her red lace panties and slowly dropped them. She stood there naked from the waist down, proudly displaying her completely shaven pussy with the snake tattoo.


Right away she noticed the look in the girl's eyes: she had seen that look a thousand times, the one which says, I want you.


As sure as a passage of Palestrina counterpoint her own sensations answered it: she felt the muscles around her vagina suddenly relax and drop. She knew what was about to happen, and she relished it with a sweet delight. Helen removed her top and unhooked her bra; she was now completely naked. “You'd better lock the door” she ordered the guy who had closed the curtain.


“Didn't you say you had another tat?” she asked the girl.


“Yes, I have,” the girl said, and immediately unzipped her denim shorts, letting them drop to the floor. She wasn't wearing any knickers. Her exposed and fully-shaven cunt had a woman's mouth inked on it with the words kiss me. She stood there like some tattooed Venus, slim but curvy, her juices glistening between the lips of her half-open love-crack, her left breast incongruous with its white dressing.


“Do her!” said one of the guys (the least inarticulate of the two).


Helen felt filled up with sexual desire. She wanted to do everything with these three-especially with the girl, and she wanted to be watched. Above all, she wanted to taste, feel and smell her...and to make her cum.


To begin, Helen approached her and knelt down at her feet. She opened her up and used her tongue and fingers on her. Helen thought to herself, I don't know what it is, but I never get tired of sex with girls; no matter how many cunts and arses I go down on, I can't get enough. Every one is new. The girl soon began to moan and pant, so Helen stopped, not wanting to make her cum too soon; but the girl was beside herself with raw naked lust. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers roughly through Helen's hair, while she said, “I want you to open your mouth.” Helen did what she was told immediately. The blond girl dribbled heavily into her open mouth, and followed this, as she too knelt down, with her tongue, filling every recess of the young tattooist's mouth, like a snake exploring an empty cave.


Helen could now feel one of the lads inserting his fingers into her own crack, followed by his tongue. The other guy had stripped and had begun to masturbate.


The girl began to shake with desire. She took hold of Helen's arm; Helen noticed that her hand was trembling violently.


“Will you do something for me?” the girl asked.


“Sure” answered Helen.


“Will you suck both of them and share it with me?”


“I'd love to”.


Helen then got the two men to stand over her, and she sucked them both alternately, as she couldn't get them both in her mouth at the same time. She knelt there, a cock in each hand, while the blond stood fingering herself, a look of ecstasy on her face.


Helen told the two lads to tell her when they were about to cum; by skilful manipulation she managed to get them to climax—if not at the same time, at least within half a minute or so of each other.


Helen's mouth was full of semen. She went over to the blond girl, pulled her head back by her hair

and dribbled the cum into her mouth. Then she kissed her deeply.


Both girls were highly excited by this time, and couldn't keep their hands (and tongues) off each other. Helen lay on top of the blond and worked on her twat, her fingers inside her hole, her lips and tongue teasing her clit. She did the same for Helen, whose first orgasm shook her to the roots of her hair, as her face was pressed up against the blond's hot wet cunt.


She was shaking uncontrollably with pure lust, as she felt Helen's fingers enter her arse, her lips still sucking on her little clit. Suddenly she shouted in a trembling voice that Helen had noticed before was characteristic of some women when they wanted something very special to them but were a little afraid to ask for, “I want to drink your piss. Please...”


Helen was glad to oblige, and urinated fully into her open mouth. The blond girl climaxed massively. Helen could feel her own building up. She absolutely loved the total lack of control that good sex is. Positioned as she was, all her senses were involved, the smell and taste of the girl's crack, the sight of her vulva and arsehole, the feel of her wet flesh, and the sound of her climaxes...pure heaven!


As the familiar lack of control built up, Helen screamed, “Piss in my mouth, you bitch, now!!”


The blond immediately did as Helen told her.


As Helen swallowed the golden nectar and her climax washed over her, she couldn't help thinking how lucky she was to have the capacity to enjoy herself at this level, without any guilt whatsoever.

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