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Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Helen's First Threesome.


Helen's First Threesome.


Submitted: January 09, 2016

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Submitted: January 09, 2016



Helen was on her way to her first gay club. She had decided it was time she “came out”…well, not really. She hadn’t told any of her friends (except the one …the only one.. she had had sex with).

And as for her folks, that would be impossible. It was just that she had finally made up her mind to go to a club where she could meet other gays. Was she gay? Or bisexual? Probably the latter, as she had been screwing guys for a couple of years, and she had certainly enjoyed it. But she had been fancying women for long enough, and a few weeks ago had screwed one of her old school friends.

It was an amazing experience, and she wanted it again, but her school friend had moved miles away. Anyway, she was going to a gay club tonight; and she was on her way.

She thought of a poem she had read, about two lesbian vampires. She suddenly realized that, if everything went according to plan, she could be doing that with a woman tonight; the thought was overwhelming.

Helen stood outside the club, feeling shy and nervous. She almost didn’t go in. She should have had a drink before she left home. Finally she forced herself to approach the door. She went in, paid the entrance fee and found her way to the bar. Being midweek, it was fairly quiet; in fact, it was nearly empty.

On her way to the bar she noticed two women: one in her thirties and the other maybe forty. The younger of the two was very attractive, but much too old for her…or was she? Someone that old must have had a lot of experience, she thought. The other one had a shaved head; somehow it suited her. She had intense eyes. They were both as slim as willow wands.

Helen stood at the bar, and ordered a glass of wine. Drinking wine always made her feel mature. She didn’t know why.

She turned round and looked through her eyelashes at the two women standing against the wall. Guess what? They were looking directly at her. She felt quite shy again, but allowed herself to stare back. She could feel herself blush slightly, but it was not bright in there and no-one would notice. The younger of the two women made a subtle gesture with her head, beckoning her to come over. She felt a bit panicky, but after all, she thought, the woman couldn’t really be interested in her; the other woman was clearly her partner. It would do no harm to chat, and she was on her own.

“Hi,” said the woman, “Haven’t seen you here before.”

Helen found them both very friendly, and easy to chat to. Before long they were conversing like old friends; she found out their names: the younger one was Joan, and the other one was Abbie.

After about ten minutes, Joan suddenly said, “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure” Helen answered. “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

Helen didn’t know what to say, but the word “Sure” just slipped out.

The woman put her hand on Helen’s cheek and gently brushed her lips against hers; she then slowly ran her tongue around Helen’s lips, like a musician searching for the right note; then she pushed it suddenly into her mouth.

Helen was immediately aroused, and didn’t want it to stop. After a few seconds, however, Joan withdrew, and smiling took a sip from her glass, as though she had all the time in the world. Helen was a little flustered, and wondered what(if anything) their”brief encounter” meant in the gay community. All she knew was that she wanted this woman…tonight.

Suddenly Helen remembered the friend, Abbie; would she be jealous? Would there be trouble? She cautiously looked at her, but she was smiling nicely.

Then Abbie leaned towards her and whispered, “Do I get a kiss then?”

All she could think to say was “Why not?”

Abbie put down her glass and put both of her hands on Helen’s face . She then fixed her mouth on the young girl’s mouth and filled it with her tongue, moving it in a circular motion, as though she were exploring an empty cave. Helen found the way she held the back of her head while doing this extremely exciting. The idea suddenly broke into her awareness that it was possible that both of these women wanted her tonight…together. A threesome? She had never even fantasized about that.

She continued to chat rather awkwardly with the two women; then Joan asked,

“Do you fancy sitting in there? It’s more private,” as she gestured towards a tiny room with a couple of tables and a form running around the wall. She answered with her usual

“Sure…why not?”

The three of them grabbed their glasses and went off to the small room; Helen instinctively grabbed the corner seat, the other two women sitting on either side. She felt pleasantly and luxuriously trapped.

She chattered nervously for a little while, then Joan said,

“Can I kiss you again?”

She never even answered; just nodded quickly. Joan gave her a long hot snog. As soon as they broke off, Helen turned towards Abbie, sinking down into the softness of the seat as she gave her a long seductive look. The woman immediately grabbed her head and sucked on her mouth. Their saliva mingled as they hungrily devoured each other; then the ultimate( for now ) happened.

As she lay back in ecstasy Helen felt Joan’s hot tongue greedily licking her neck, as though she had never tasted girl flesh before. The two of them were at her now. Her knickers were soaking wet. She didn’t want this ever to stop. Joan slipped a hand under her top, went inside her bra and began to stroke her nipples; her other hand slowly caressed its way up her milky-white legs, then under her mini-skirt at which point a finger probed its way into her panties. She couldn’t wait any longer.

“Can we go back to your place?”

The women didn’t need asking twice. They whipped her off into a taxi like they’d won first prize in a lottery and straight back to their apartment…barely five minutes away.

Helen hadn’t had much to drink, and yet she felt overwhelmingly confident; it was wonderful to be wanted by two people like this. As soon as she entered the apartment she said,

“Do you want to watch me strip?”

She had never stripped for anyone in her life, and could hardly believe she was doing this for these two women whom she had only just met. It didn’t take long; she pulled off her top, let her short skirt fall to the floor, kicked off her shoes and undid her bra strap. Finally she slowly and teasingly pulled her panties down. She stood before them naked, with her pert little tits like the soft bellies of two upturned baby birds, and her unshaven but neatly trimmed mound of hair.

Joan almost ran at her and pushed her onto the sofa; her mouth was everywhere: on her face, her neck; over her little tits, and all over her tight little arse. Helen tore Joan’s clothes off. They lay together naked and panting; Helen looked up and saw Abbie standing there watching, also naked and fingering herself slowly.

Then they were both on her. She was frantic, feverishly trying to get as much of them both as she could. She felt like she was trapped with them in some sort of web, with arms and legs and tongues and fingers everywhere; but it was a web she wanted desperately to remain in for as long as possible.

She experienced much that she had not known before, as most of the guys she had been with were her own age and pretty useless. She lay back as Abbie expertly caressed her vagina with her lips and tongue and fingers. She felt the exquisite pleasure of having a woman’s tongue running up and down her arse crack, and when she felt the point actually enter her anus she thought she would explode with pleasure.

But she still hadn’t climaxed; they wouldn’t let her. Abbie produced two vibrators; one for her soaking pussy, the other one a butt plug for her little arsehole. While these were pushed gently in and out , Abbie licked and nibbled her clit, while Joan crouched over her face, and lowered her wet vagina onto her hungry mouth. Helen could smell her strong muskiness; she explored her vulva with her darting tongue. It was sheer ecstasy.

All in all, it was a good night…


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