Senses...(original poem)

Senses...(original poem) Senses...(original poem)

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


For the erotic poem...please read at your own risk...


For the erotic poem...please read at your own risk...


Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011




I see you

As s silhouette on the bed

Spread out

Waiting for you to receive me

You know I’m there

Yet cannot sense me

Able to foresee what will be

As I touch you

You tense up- just momentarily

Goosebumps fill up your body – just temporary

As our bodies meet

Connections complete

Temperatures’ rise

Your arousal tells no lies

Kissing the inner thigh

Kicking your senses into overdrive

You anticipate the inevitable from

Feeling, teasing your inner thigh

To traveling the tongue to that place

Just under the jawbone – that special place

On the neck

I can taste

The salty skin

Which I feel

You slightly perspired


I start my downward track

Reaching around with my fingers

to caress your neck to your back

A feint - yet invigorating smell of your perfume


Traveling from your neck

To in between your breasts

Doing it well

Grabbing my back

Slightly raking your nails across my back

Gently caressing one breast

Licking the nipple of the other


Body reforming

I go down even further

To nurture your every desire….

I plant a deep kiss to your hipbone

Inciting you to moan

My lips kissing the inner thighs

Finding my way to your playland

Let me see…

Brushing my tongue against your love

With one long stroke

Your sweetness hitting the back of my throat

I grab your hips as they rise

Pleading “more” and you moan

Heaving breathing

Intensity increasing

I combine flicking my tongue and consuming

your love

Tasting your sweet juices as I make you come

Again and again

With your discontent

You grab the back of my head

Directing it to “your spot”

You eyes in the back of your head

As I take you “hungry”

Catching the sweetest juices in my mouth

Only excite me further

Intensifying my hunger for you

Flicking your love faster

My tongue reaching the inner folds

of your flesh

Reaching your highest climax….

As I release myself from your orgasmic clasp

Your mouth dry - gasping

Legs shaking

From earthquaking orgasms

Like cataclysmic shockwaves….

I’ll hold off on the wonderful love we’ll make

I think you’ve had enough for today

As I leave you where you lay

Walking away from your silhouette


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