Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Triston Monroe is a 17 year old kid with daddy issues and a criminal record. One night on Halloween he get's caught egging somebody's house and in possession of pot. His new parole officer bails him out and things between them get steamy.


Triston Monroe is a 17 year old kid with daddy issues and a criminal record. One night on Halloween he get's caught egging somebody's house and in possession of pot. His new parole officer bails him out and things between them get steamy.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Parolee

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Triston Monroe is a 17 year old kid with daddy issues and a criminal record. He lives on the wild side because he's bored. But one night on Halloween he get's caught doing egging somebody's house and in possession of pot. His new parole officer bails him out and things between them get steamy.

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Submitted: November 16, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 16, 2014



I took a hit from the joint my friend Newt lit for me and held the smoke in my mouth for a good thirty seconds before letting the smoke escape.

  “This stuff is amazing” Shawnee smiled as she stretched out on the grass. “Where’d you get this Newt?”

  “From Sly” Newt said lighting up his own joint, “he always carries top of the line stuff.”

  I leaned against a tree and stared at the night sky. “There are so many stars” I commented.

  “It’s already hitting you huh?” Newt nudged me.

  I didn’t smile, instead I frowned. “It’s so lame, they come up every night, glow, and then shut down as soon the sun comes up. Can’t they do anything different?”

  “They’re stars Triston” said Shawnee, “it’s what they do.”

  I grunted and placed the joint between my lips.

  Life is so boring. Everything is on repeat. You get up go to work or school, you go home, get sleep and repeat. Nothing exciting ever happens. Unless you’re me. And I’m not saying that because my life is glamorous. It’s anything but.

  My Dad died when I was ten, something about a heart condition. He was the coolest Dad alive. But then he was gone, just like that. Four years later my Mom remarried this goon. His name is Don. He was pretty chill at first, but I didn’t like him. And now I understood why I didn’t like him. He drank a lot and he was controlling. After a while he started hitting my Mom and she never did anything to stop him. That was until I grew tired of hiding out in my room and stepped in to stop him. So now he beats me and my Mom both. I don’t mind it though. When he’s sober he doesn’t even acknowledge my existence, but drunk at least I know he sees me.

  I never told my friends or anybody that I’m being abused by my step Dad. So when or if I go to school I give them the lame ass lie that I fell down the stairs or hit myself with the door or something. Or that one time Don broke my wrist I told them I fell off my skateboard. If my Mom won’t say anything about having an abusive husband then I won’t say anything either. But I do give him a lot of hell.

  I’m not a saint, I’ll come right out and say it. I do bad things, illegal things. I smoke pot, I start fights, I steal, I drink, I cut class, have sex, and I vandalize. Why? Because I’m bored. And of course they’re not the smartest or safest things to do but they’re so much fun! I’ve been to juvi twice and now I’m on parole. My parole officer hates me, I give him such a hard time. He can try as hard as he wants but he’s not going to change my ways.

  But even with all these events happening my life is boring as fuck.

  “Triston” Shawnee crawled into my lap and kissed me. Her thin arms wrapped themselves around my neck and I held her waist.

  Shawnee and I are just friends, friends who really enjoy having sex with each other. She has an amazing body, curves in all the right places the best pair of legs I’ve ever seen. Long dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She was a real knockout.

  I’ve never had romantic feelings for her, or any girl. The only thing I feel for girls is lust. I love girls, they’re great to fuck. I just hate the girls who let me fuck them then expect a relationship afterwards. I had a girlfriend once, but I hate being tied down to one chick so I fucked other girls behind her back. But I made the mistake of fucking her best friend and she told on me. Stupid bitch. I got chewed out and dumped but I could care less, I only went out with her just to try it, it’s not like I had feelings for her or anything.

  I know I sound like an asshole, and I will admit it, I am an asshole. Girls are only good for two things. Sex and making me sandwiches. And Shawnee makes the best sandwiches.

  “Not here you two” Newt nudged my thigh.

  “You can join in” Shawnee flirted.

  “No thanks, I’d rather not have sex with my two best friends.”

  “Spoken like a true virgin” I teased.

  Newt flicked his ashes at me then stood up. “Come on, let’s do this.”

  Shawnee and I both stood and followed Newt to the car. He popped open the trunk and we grabbed the bag full of spray paint and a ladder.

  I don’t call this graffiti, I call it spreading art throughout the world, or this dreary small town. It really deserves it. Apparently if you don’t have a license they call this graffiti. Bunch of bull shit if you ask me. Why do you need a license to create art?

  We went down the alley to continue the wall mural we had to leave off on last night. I stared at it as Newt and Shawnee set up. We were making a pumpkin patch, Linus from the Peanuts is there waiting for the Great Pumpkin to show up. We started this considering Halloween was just around the corner.

  “Here” Shawnee put a spray can in my hand and patted my back.

  I work better when I’m high, it makes my work more whimsical looking and my mind is free. When I do this when I’m sober everything that has happened either earlier in the day or the day before distracts me and I can’t put my best work in. My mind is filled with so much crap I make mistakes and I get mad because I ruined the picture and I make more mistakes. And that results into somebody or something getting punched. So there won’t be harm done to anybody or anything I get high.

“This is looking soo good” Shawnee giggled.

  “I think we might get this finished tonight” Newt said fixing Linus’s hair.

  I didn’t say anything. I was in the zone, nothing can stop me now.

  “Hey! You kids! Stop right there!”

  We looked up to see the police running down the alley.

  “Oh shit” Newt dropped his spray can, “scatter!”

  I hopped down from the ladder and the three of us ran in three different directions. My stuff were still in Newt’s car but we couldn’t get there. So I ran past the park hoping to meet up with Newt at his place. I climbed up a tree out in his front lawn and jumped onto his roof then slipped in through his window. I collapsed on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. Maybe he’ll let me stay the night. It’s well past my curfew and Don is probably waiting at home to beat my ass. Maybe I should go home, because if I’m not there he’ll hurt my Mom. Fuck. But all my crap is in Newt’s car, I can’t get in the house without my house key. And we won’t be able to get to Newt’s car until morning since the police is now patrolling that area. Shit. Sorry Mom.

  Newt came climbing in through the window a few minutes followed by Shawnee.

  “Sup” Newt whispered.

  I gave a small wave. “My shit is in your car.”

  “We can’t go back there tonight, just stay over.”

  “That was my plan” I turned to Shawnee, “what are you doing here?”

  “My stuff is in his car.”

  Should’ve brought our stuff with us. But we didn’t plan to get busted by the cops. Our only hope is that the cops don’t tie Dylan’s car with us and find the weed in there.

  I moved from Newt’s bed to the couch and Shawnee laid next to me. The couch wasn’t big so we had to hold each other so we could both fit.

  “Here” Newt tossed us a blanket and I caught it draping it over us. “Night.”

  “Night” said Shawnee, she buried her face in my chest and I closed my eyes.


  I was the first one up the next morning and I was starving. Shawnee was still holding onto me and I had this strong urge to push her off. But instead I shook her gently.

  “It’s too early” she grumbled.

  “Then let me get up” I said.

  She stood to her feet groggily, and I got up and went downstairs. Newt’s Mom was downstairs making breakfast.

  “Triston, good morning” she said with a bright smile.

  “Morning” I yawned, I opened the refrigerator and got out some orange juice.

  “How was your night?”

  I shrugged pouring myself a glass. “Eventful I guess.”

  “I smell pancakes” Newt said bounding down the stairs.

  Newt is his real name in case you guys were wondering, Newton is his full name. And I wished my Mom gave me a unique name like Newt instead of Triston.

  Newt and I have been friends for a long time, coming up on ten years. We were problem children. We were always getting into trouble, and Newt was the ring leader. I just followed along. But as the years passed I started to take control and he followed.

  Newt’s a pretty good looking guy I will admit that. He always has girl on his arm every day. But I know he never does anything with them except make out. I find that stupid. Making out with a girl is hot, but having sex with them is better.

  Newt has white blonde hair and pale blue eyes. His eyebrows are naturally dark brown and so were his eyelashes, so some people think he’s not really a blonde. He’s tall and skinny and he has a bit of a boyish face that girls always fell for. He has dimples that he really hates and always asks me if they can be surgically removed. I tell him no, but I’m not completely sure. I’m not a doctor.

  “Morning honey” Ms. Martha kissed the top of Newt’s head and gave him a plate full of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. She also gave me a plate and I sat down with Newt at the kitchen table.

I liked Newt’s Mom, she’s a pretty awesome Mom in my opinion even though Newt says the exact opposite. I know what she’s like in her off moods. She can be pretty fucking scary when she’s pissed, and she can be a real bitch too.

  She’s been trying to get me to call her Martha for years. But it’s hard to transition from Ms. Conrad to Martha. That was until we met in the middle. She told me to call her Ms. Martha. I thought about it and I agreed, I can do that.

  Newt looks a lot like his Mom. Got a lot of her facial features, but Newt has his Dad’s personality and body structure.

  Ms. Martha and Mr. Joe have been divorced for three years. It was pretty hard on Newt, like it would be hard on any kid. But was Newt was different, he’s pretty close to both his parents. Newt stays with his Mom during the week and goes over to his Dad’s during the weekend. His Dad is pretty chill with his weed smoking, and his destructive nature, but his Mom does not approve at all. But that doesn’t stop Newt from doing what he does. He says he’s his own man and won’t let the law or his parents stop him from doing what he loves to do.

  “Tomorrow is the first day back from break” Ms. Martha said, she turned and gave us both a stern look. “You’re seniors this year, and I hope you two are being serious about it. You guys have been barely getting by all throughout high school and this is your last year to shape up. If you don’t get good grades how do you expect to get into a good College?”

  “Yeah I don’t plan to go to College” I said digging into my breakfast, “I’m done with schooling after this.”

  “Yeah” Newt agreed, “what I want to do in life won’t be taught in College.”

  Ms. Martha sighed turning back to the stove and Newt and I exchanged a look. We both know that Ms. Martha was upset and she really hopes that we both would clean up our act. But I don’t plan on changing and neither does Newt. We like our lifestyle. Even if it can land us in jail.

  We finished our breakfast and got Shawnee up and we walked back to the park. Cops weren’t around thank God.

  “You guys want to do something?” Newt asked lighting up a joint.

  “Can’t” Shawnee said leaning against Newt’s car, “I promised my Mom I would go shopping with her.”

  “Lame. What about you Triston?”

  “Hmm” Don was probably still at home, it was only ten and he doesn’t go to work until noon. And if I go home now I’ll probably be receiving a beating for not coming home last night. “Yeah sure” I nodded, “I’m down.”

  Newt nodded at Shawnee. “You need a ride Shawn?”

  She nodded. “Yeah sure.”

  We climbed into Newt’s car and he turned up the radio and drove out into town. We stopped by Jack in the Box for Shawnee considering she didn’t come down for breakfast. Then we dropped her off at her place.

  “So um” Shawnee leaned in through my window, “will I be seeing you at school or will we be hitting the town?”

  The two of them both looked at me.

  “I’ll be seeing you at school tomorrow.”

  Newt nodded. “There’s your answer.”

  “So, I guess I’ll see you boys tomorrow” Shawnee grabbed my chin and kissed me. “Call me, k?” She winked and walked into her house.

  “Dude” Newt nudged me, “might as well make it official and ask her out.”

  I shook my head. “No, she’s like a sister.”

  Newt laughed. “I never heard of a brother fucking his sister.”

  “Okay, wrong comparison, but you know what I mean.”

  “You’re afraid of commitment.”

  “Wrong. I don’t like being tied down to one person, it’s so boring having to fuck only that person when there are a bunch of girls out there who are begging to get fucked by me.”

  Girls really do come up to me and ask me to screw them though. And I’m not picky either, I like skinny girls and I don’t mind girls with a little belly. More ass and tits. I’ve fucked virgins, they’re always the best, but I prefer experienced girls. Age is also but a number to me. But I have a limit. I’ll fuck fifteen year olds but nothing younger than that. The oldest girl I fucked was twenty-six and she was a virgin. I will fuck older if they’re hot, I’ll even fuck a Mom. Shawnee’s Mom is hot and I wouldn’t mind getting in her pants. Man I sound like a sick fuck!

  “What do you want to do?” I asked once we left Shawnee’s place.

  “I want to get drunk.”

  “Well you can’t because who would drive us home?”

  “Fuck man, then let’s go over to Sly’s, I have a delivery to make anyways.”

  “Yeah sure.”

  Newt turned onto the freeway to get to the other side of town, and then he drove down a road you would obviously miss if you didn’t know this town like the back of your hand. There were other’s way to get out there, but Newt is a retard and likes taking complicated back roads.

  Sly lives on his own, he’s a College man and gets a lot of customers from school. Sly has bunch of dealers like Newt doing his bidding all around our fair city and it’s great money. Sly offered me a job but I turned him down. I’m nobody’s minion.

  Sly is really chill when stoned, really fun to be around. But when he’s sober he’s an asshole and belittles everybody around him. He’ll only acknowledge people who are close to him, and if you’re not a friend he looks at you like gum on the bottom of his shoe.

  Newt turned down on a dirt road that was surrounded by tall grassy fields. He then parked in front of an old farm house and the two of us got out of the car walked into the house.

  “Hey Sly!” Newt called, “you home?”

  “Living room!” A gruff voice answered.

  We walked to our left and the scent of pot grew stronger and stronger until we came to a large room. It was filled with smoke and there were several people sprawled out on furniture and the floor totally stone.

“Here” Newt took a wad of cash out of his back pocket and tossed it to Sly.

  Sly caught it and counted the wad then gave fifty dollars to Newt. He then got to his feet and motioned Newt and I to follow him.

  Sly is only twenty but it looked like he aged five years when he doesn’t shave. His beard was out of control.

  Sly opened up a drawer and pulled out a tin box. There were about six baggies filled with weed in them. They were all labeled as “cheap shit” to “fucking awesome” and with addresses and times on them.

  “You got some delivering to do my friend” Sly said, “but before you go you got to try something.” He rolled up a joint, lighting it and gave it to Newt.

  Newt took a drag and coughed.

“Yeah” Sly laughed, “that was my reaction to it too, but it hits you like that!” Sly snapped his fingers.

  “Dude, what is that?” Newt asked giving the joint to me.

  “The guy I got it from calls it Crush, it’s amazing. We’re all tripping over it in there.”

  “I’ve got to get me some of this stuff” I said.

  “You can’t afford it my friend, trust me. But I’m willing to share.”

  So that’s what my day consisted of. I got high with Sly, Newt and a few other people. We then all drank until we were sick, fucked some of the girls there, and then I ended up staying the night.

  It was all so boring.

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