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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jihana an 18 yr old prodigy takes off to Japan for six months to intern with influential millionaire and playboy Rynou Tanaka. Her experience turns from professional to personal, a first for a young girl with a cruel past. Can she open up enough to let him in or will they both turn away from the best thing that has ever happened to either of them?

Table of Contents


*This is a work of fiction. Some names of real places and celebrity names have been used but might not be accurate and was not ... Read Chapter

Jihana Finally off the plane and on solid ground I could sing a damn Disney song right now, I need to shower, I hate summer and ... Read Chapter

Jihana The others except myself and Marlon took the invite out to see the town, I was too damn tired so I turned in early, I pra... Read Chapter

Jihana spent the rest of the day sightseeing and taking in all she could of Osaka. She did get to go to the teahouse after all and she en... Read Chapter

***Please be warned some mention of underage abuse and sexual assault. His hands clamped down over her mouth, she stayed perfectly st... Read Chapter

Back in her room Jihana locked the door tightly behind her and sank to the ground, she was in full panic mode. "Holy shit he's gonna send... Read Chapter

Caution: Explicit sex ahead!  Jihana felt like she'd run head first into a wall, repeatedly, she flopped down on her bed and jus... Read Chapter

Jihana was stressed she really needed the release, she didn't go down to dinner and again Mrs Miyu checked on her before retiring for the... Read Chapter

Monday rolled around before anyone knew it, Jihana was up and almost ready by 7 AM. She was refreshed and full of energy. They got into O... Read Chapter

It was one long day, the full extent of Ryn's responsibilities as the head of T.I. was mind boggling. Jihana herself had just a few inves... Read Chapter

For the next few weeks they all got into routine. She only saw Ryn at breakfast in the mornings and when he found some kind of excuse to ... Read Chapter

The weekend passed too quickly for Jihana, she rather enjoyed it, she mused as she sat in her office. They had three months left she woul... Read Chapter

Things went pretty smoothly as the months winded down and at the beginning of December, Ryn informed them that they could take two w... Read Chapter

After the incident with Ryn's brother she made sure to steer clear of him, she also avoided Ryn for the rest of the week. It was becoming... Read Chapter

Jihana had locked herself in the hotel bathroom, until she heard pounding on the door, she had no intention of leaving the spot... Read Chapter

Jihana didn't get out of bed until well after 1pm considering they both fell asleep after the sun came up. She stretched lazily she ... Read Chapter

Ryn He had to leave the house. He got dressed and walked out, leaving her alone, he went straight to the only place that would give h... Read Chapter

Ryn Ryn sat in his office going over the last set of documents he had to sign off on, he absently checked his watch, he had about two... Read Chapter

Ryn  Ryn woke up early, still jet lagged from the long flight. He pushed himself out of bed and headed straight for the bathroom... Read Chapter

Jihana opened her eyes the sun partially filtering through the window in her bedroom, she was laying halfway on top of Ryn's chest, his o... Read Chapter

On the way to The W Hotel, Jihana relaxed in the car, hoping tonight would go smoothly, she was still a bit upset about August but she wo... Read Chapter

Between sleep and wake, she heard soft whimpers, she heard his voice soft and coaxing "Thats it sweetie, right there..ahhhh yes...yesss l... Read Chapter

Monday morning seemed like it just couldn't wait to get there Jihana woke up and ambled out of bed, she did her morning routine and got d... Read Chapter

Sorry for the slight pause in writing, I try to update usually every week but I've been busy with the little one, school has started back... Read Chapter

Wednesday rolled around just a bit too soon for Jihana, she finally admitted to herself she'd rather be in bed next to the six foot four ... Read Chapter

Jihana woke up on Sunday morning and got ready for church, she didn't bother to call Ryn, she went to the early morning mass surprisingly... Read Chapter

The weekend passed nicely she woke up the next morning and got herself together, unfortunately today was the beginning of those dreaded l... Read Chapter

**warning, mention of underage abuse ahead** The next morning Jihana barely mustered enough strength to get her sore, protesting body... Read Chapter

Ryn Ryn stepped out of Jihana's apartment, the day was turning out to be a nice one, it was the third week of April and the weather w... Read Chapter

The next morning Jihana woke up alone, she figured Ryn was somewhere around or out for a run or something. She pulled herself up to sit i... Read Chapter

**Note: I had to do just a short edit of the last chapter, because as I started to get out this one I realized the timeline shifted a bit... Read Chapter

Jihana was instantly awake the next morning when her alarm went off loudly at 6 AM, someone must have been looking out for her becau... Read Chapter

** Very short chapter guys but not to worry more to come soon Jihana woke up well after eleven in the morning, she stretched and roll... Read Chapter

Monday morning found Ryn laying awake contemplating if he should stay in bed or go to work. He turned to look at Jihana, her hair sp... Read Chapter

**Just a little note, I've had to go back and revise the last chapter and this one as well. A gigantic hug and thank you to Ros for stick... Read Chapter

**continued from chapter 35 By the time the last award was handed out Jihana had composed herself and calmed down quite a bit she acc... Read Chapter

Jihana After about twenty minutes after the jerk left for his run, I picked up my book to finish it, making absolutely no progre... Read Chapter

The national anthem was sung by none other than the original Queen of Brooklyn, Miss Barbara Streisand, to say I was star struck would be... Read Chapter

Jihana woke up and lazily stretched, she sighed, she didn't have a phone to check the time "Just great, dammit uughhhhhh!" she groaned an... Read Chapter

True to his promise and to her surprise, the ogre kept his word and she was in and out of the shower without any further distraction.&nbs... Read Chapter

They got to the very posh Cure Lounge downtown Boston, Marlon had told her on the way over, it was rented out just for Harvard's eli... Read Chapter

Jihana turned over and buried her head in the soft pillow groaning loudly as she avoided the bright light that threatened to sear he... Read Chapter

East New York, Brooklyn The second hand 2006 Honda Civic pulled into an empty parking spot across the street from the Bodega, getting... Read Chapter

The following morning found Jihana fully dressed and setting breakfast on the table, she loved being in his kitchen, the man had the most... Read Chapter

Absence makes the heart...

Two months later.. Jihana twirled for the...hell she'd lost count of how many twirls she did after the fourth dress. She'd pouted, wh... Read Chapter