The Lucky Statue

The Lucky Statue The Lucky Statue

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


unusual tv game


unusual tv game


Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012




Connie, beautiful  blonde, known as the lucky statue, went to the studios of the WEIRD TV and, sitting on the winner seat, waited for her challenger.

It was Saturday night and she was going to play 20.000 dollars a very famous television game.

Connie smiled in a saucy way then she noticed two beautiful women, wearing two seductive folk dresses, who were entering the studio.

Connie looked at the presenter amazed and a minute later had an explanation.

The presenter said.

-I guess you are thinking the challenger has to be one but, this time, we chose two women.

These two beautiful female, called Daniela and Lucia, are known as the dishonest buttocks and, as you won 180.000 dollars, we thought it could increase the audience interest.

I hope you will have no problem if they play together.

 Connie said.

-I don’t care. Tonight I will defeat two challengers.

 A new phase began. Competitors introduced their selves via a sensual ballet.

 The dishonest buttocks showed why they were called in that way.

Playing a tambourine and moving haunches, they showed their posteriors only covered by a micro colorful skirt.

Connie ignored her opponents and danced on a serious musical theme thinking a of a new great success.

Introduction finished and the presenter remembered competitors the game rules.

Competitors had a card containing ten numbers and if they wanted to win the prize they had to complete their series before their opponent.

Connie came back to the winner seat. The dishonest bullock went to the challenger seat.

The game began and the first number was called. The lucky statue, followed by the disappointed glances of the audience, made the first point.

Daniela got up her seat and went towards the referee telling him the electronic machine hadn’t worked well.

The referee tried to oppose but, enchanted by the beautiful woman, cancelled the point.

Connie looked at her opponents and said they were two pathetic scammers.

-The electronic machine moved in a unusual way, said the dishonest buttocks.

Connie got on her opponents revenge immediately. When the next number was called she made the first point.

- Don’t be so happy, said the two women.

- You will be defeated completely, said Connie.

Luck helped Connie. In five minutes she made four more points.

The game was at his half and the presenter announced a new ballet.

The dishonest buttocks were incredible. They danced on a fast folk song and said they would have tamed Connie soon.

Connie laughed a lot and said her opponents were comic.

The game began again and Connie made another point.

The next number was finally taken by the dishonest buttocks and into the studio an applause was heard. Happiness lasted a little bit.

Connie scored a new goal and arrived to seven points.

Daniela and Lucia reacted in a sexy way. They took off their shoes, showed Connie their feet and gained three points.

Connie said.

-I like when my opponents begin to hope. In the end victory has a different taste.

Connie scored one more goal. The result was 8-4.

The presenter showed she was experienced.

Because she wanted to increase expectation, she stopped the game and interviewed competitors.  

- Connie?


- Do you think you can reach 200.000 dollars tonight?

- Yes, I do. I’ll win and my stupid opponents will be known like the defeated buttocks.

 The presenter interviewed Daniela and Lucia.

-Do you think you have any chances?

- Don’t worry. We’ll tame that arrogant woman.

The game began again and the dishonest buttock made two points.

Audience supported challengers with another applause but ten seconds later the lucky statue arrived to nine.

Into the studio was heard no noise then Connie got up her seat screaming.

She had won.

The dishonest buttocks got close the referee and told him the electronic machine hadn’t worked well again. The referee, mesmerized, cancelled the point.

Connie said.

-You are two trickster but you’ll be defeated soon.

Connie made another point but the dishonest buttock managed to convince the referee again.

Goal was cancelled.

Daniela and Lucia arrived to seven and Connie began to have strange thoughts.

It’s unbelievable, they are moving cards as much as they like.

Connie made another point that was cancelled again and she began to feel strange.

Presenter’s voice seemed to be far, electronic machine noise seemed to be different, her opponents’ bodied seemed to be bigger.

Daniela and Lucia drew and Connie said nothing. A lot of numbers were called and Connie said nothing.

There was no doubt, the dishonest buttocks had paralyzed their prey.

Then a huge applause was heard into the studio. Daniela and Lucia won.

On the stage a lot of incredible things happened.

Daniela and Lucia went to center of the stage and when Connie arrived showed her their wonderful buttocks while they were playing tambourines.

Something new happened three minutes later. Roberta, Veronica and Maresca enter the stage and went close their team mates.

These women were particular. They were chiromancers and had tried to influence the match in favor of their friend.

Roberta and Veronica, wearing a sensual folk suit, helped the dishonest buttocks and won.

Maresca, wearing a red suit, helped Connie and lost.

The strange brawl, played behind the stage, was fought with perfidious whispers, strange songs and malicious words.

Roberta and Veronica showed their wonderful bottoms to Maresca while they were playing tambourine too.

There was no doubt Connie and her unpleasant courtesan were tamed.

Something new happened soon. Connie and Maresca, confused, had to lie down the floor so

Daniela and Lucia put their buttocks on the Connie’s face and Roberta and Veronica put their buttocks on the Maresca’s face.

An incredible show began. Winners, while they were controlling losers, answered the presenter’s questions. The exciting dialogue had some bizarre intermezzos. The two preys managed to say something but they were silenced immediately.

Dialogues were malicious.

-What happened? Why are we standing in this position? Could someone explain to us it?

Said the losers looking around themselves worried.

-Be quiet. Think of sleeping. Behave like a well mannered child.

Said the winners, putting their buttocks on their opponents mouths.

Daniela, Lucia, Roberta and Veronica did something new.

They got up and put their feet and the losers’ bellies.

Audience applauded a lot and the winners adopted a victory pose.

In the end Daniela and Lucia had the famous prize.

To the centre of the stage something strange happened again.

The losers tried to get up but they had a lot of problems to do it.

In the end the presenter said hello to the winners and invited them to the next episode of 20.000 dollars.


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