Marlene vs the immoral eel

Marlene vs the immoral eel Marlene vs the immoral eel

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


extravagant story


extravagant story


Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012



Marlene, named the impressive blonde, couldn’t stand Loredana, named the immoral eel. 

It was because the immoral eel had a particular skill.

She managed to change any situation in favor of herself.

It could be strange but Loredana, who was a lawyer and a incredible gymnast, had found a way to win catfights that often took place in the city where she lived.

Loredana used to treat the rules about girls brawls in a particular way.

She knew that a victory had to be followed by a document signed by the loser so, during the fight, she waited for the victory of her opponents and, as soon as the winner got distracted, he escaped.

The girls who won at the beginning were surprised then they denounced the immoral eel.

The result was always the same. In the end Loredana won and into the courts it was possible seeing the same scene.

When the winners of the catfights heard verdict they didn’t feel well and they needed a doctor. Loredana who became rich and famous, didn’t stop. She got better her techniques becoming a nightmare for her fellow citizens.

The girl added new things to her repertory. She began to send strange and mocking packages to the losers.

The Marlene’s experience, a wonderful impressive blonde, was particularly important.

The blonde was in a candy shop and was waiting for her turn when she noted Loredana who entered  the shop and ordered a lot of pudding.  Marlene claimed the right to be served before Loredana but the immoral eel said to the blonde she had kept silent.

The reason was simple. If Marlene had continued she would have humiliated her.

Marlene showed to be a good wrestler. Fighting on a mat, she defeated her opponents but, when the immoral eel ran away, she didn’t manage to stop her. Other women, who saw the fight, revealed to Marlene that the girl was well known and was called the immoral eel.

Marlene began a new lawsuit but, as always, she was defeated. The judge said.

-I’m sorry but rules are rules. To win a brawl, the winner of the catfight has to obtain a signed document by the loser. Marlene didn’t bring me any document so the winner is Loredana.

Marlene said Loredana was a trickster but she obtained nothing. Loredana won.

The wonderful blonde didn’t give up. Now she knew she needed the signed document and she could defeat the unbearable girl. Marlene fought against the immoral eel again.

The first time it happened in a park. After a long brawl, Marlene managed to sit on the immoral eel’s belly but, while she was showing the famous document to the loser, she was surrounded by smoke.

In that particular atmosphere Loredana managed to escape and won again.

Marlene began a new lawsuit but, despite she tried to convince judge Loredana was a trickster, she lost.

Marlene tried again. She followed her opponents and she faced her in a place called the cotton building. It was soft and comfortable and it was the right place to wrestle. Loredana managed to sit on Loredana’s belly again but she was mesmerized by a particular object that Loredana had into her bag.

Marlene remained into the cotton building and when she woke up she only remembered Loredana who was running away.

Marlene met Loredana in a court again but she was defeated again and decided to ignore that incredible story.  Her fellow citizens noted that Marlene was avoiding Loredana and realized that the immoral eel had destroyed the impressive blonde.

Marlene began a new life without thinking of Loredana.

It was on Sunday and Marlene was in a school dance sited at the six floor of a modern building.

The wonderful blond, wearing a long red dress and making up in a sensual way, was rehearsing some steps that concerned a modern dance show.

Her teacher noted that the blonde was worried and she asked Marlene what the problem was.

Marlene said she had been provoked by Loredana all the night and that now she was tired and discourage.

The teacher reassured Marlene. Into the building there were no one and Marlene could dance without problems.

It happened while Marlene was dancing on a song inspired by classical music.

Loredana entered the dance school and began to mock the blonde.

Marlene was surprised but some seconds later she began to chase her opponent.

The blonde ran a lot and reached Loredana at the first floor.

Marlene caught Loredana and tied up her using a part of her red dress.

The blonde was really worried. Now she had to go back to the six floor to take the famous document.

Marlene, to be sure her opponent didn’t chase again, locked her prey  in a dressing room then she went back.

Marlene reached the six floor and explained her teacher she needed a document to complete her job. She found it in her bag and she went back the dressing room. When she opened the door, she was amazed. The immoral eel had escaped.

Marlene got close a window and began to check the area around the building intently. At the beginning she saw nothing but suddenly she noted Loredana who was going to her car.

The blonde tried to reach her opponent. Running fast and holding her red dress with hands she went out the building.

The immoral heel noted her and she said.

-The loser has come back.

- This time you won’t win, my dear immoral eel.

- I think it’s better if you go back to the dance school.

- I don’t think so.

 Marlene chased Loredana for some minutes then they arrived to a beautiful lawn where the impressive blonde and the immoral eel began to wrestle.

The grass was soft and the two girls rolled over the lawn.

Marlene used her incredible body to hold down her opponent and in the end she won. Marlene was sitting on the loser’s belly and she was showing her the famous document when she saw the immoral eel was holding a strange weapon in her right hand. Marlene was amazed. Five seconds later, she was reached by a micro capsule and  began to feel strange.

Loredana, looking at her opponent,  said.

-Sedative should be completely active in ten seconds.

Marlene noted the objects around her changing shape and some seconds later she fell asleep. The immoral eel got up and waited for Marlene awakening.

Ten minutes later Marlene opened her wonderful eyes and the immoral eel said.

-Did you sleep well, sweet child?

-What happened, I feel so peaceful.

- Don’t worry, doggie. You were tamed.

The impressive blonde remembered everything.

-I won the catfight, but you cheated me.

- You are right, little horse.

- I can only move my hands. What did you do to me?

- Be quiet, I used a particular substance to make you submissive.

- What do you want?

- You must sign this document.

- Are you crazy? My teacher is into the building, she will help me soon.

- I think it’s impossible. We ran a lot and we arrived in a place covered by plants.

- I’ll scream and my teacher will recognize my voice.

- I think it’s difficult because she is far and I’ll cover your mouth using your veil.

- I’ll wait here. I’m sure she will find me.

- Sure, I’ll tie up you and you’ll spend the night in this place. I suppose there are a lot of animals that like to go around this area. Do you like flies, spiders o hunts?

- You are perfidious.

- I’m sorry, this is life.

Marlene signed the document and Loredana disappeared behind plants.

Thirty minutes later sedative effect finished and the loser went back to the school dance. Her teacher said she had looked for her for a long time but she had found no one.

Marlene told her about catfight and she asked her to stop rehearsals.

The teacher accepted and told the blonde she had to denounce her opponents again.

It was on Saturday and the court was full. Marlene told the judge about the last catfight and, as she was helped by her dance teacher, she  waited for a different final.

Trial lasted four hours but when the immoral eel showed the judge the signed document there was nothing to do.

The verdict was incredible. The judge said the immoral eel had won and the impressive blonde had to change her name.

Marlene’s new name was the immoral eel’s prey. The impressive blonde fainted and needed a doctor while Loredana went out the court followed by a lot of reporters.

It was Saturday night, it was a really hot day and a lot of women were sitting in the central square pub, drinking fresh water and pineapple juice.

Suddenly something unusual happened. Coming from the main street, two girls arrived to the central square. Some women got up from their chairs and went close the two girls who reached the pub.

It was incredible. The immoral eel, dressing a black shirt and a black micro skirt, was riding Marlene. The impressive blonde, wearing a doggie suit, was calm and stayed silent.

Women were amazed then a sensual lady, dressing a Spanish dancer suit, said.

-There is no doubt. The immoral eel tamed the impressive blonde completely.

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