Maria and Natalia

Maria and Natalia Maria and Natalia

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


a strange way of living


a strange way of living


Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



Maria, a wonderful woman, who liked to dance and to wrestle, lived in a strange way.

She earned money in summer and particularly during popular feasts.

Therefore, that night she wore a black mask, a brown shirt, a black miniskirt and went to work.

It was a special night because there was the midsummer feast and the city was full of females.

Maria walked along the main street and, five minutes later, she reached the main square where an orchestra was playing and a lot girls were dancing on an enormous mattress.

Maria looked at the girls and chose her prey. She was a pretty dark haired girl, dressed as a Latin dancer, who came from a near city and who seemed to be a little bit disoriented.

Maria, who was very experienced, provoked her pretending to fall down and giving her a little kick.

-What are you doing? Are you crazy? Said the girl whose name was Natalia.

- I’m sorry. I didn’t see you, said Maria.

- I think it would be better if you learnt to dance.

- I can dance very well.

-I don’t think so.

- Wait and see.

The two females began to dance again then Maria provoked her rival again.

-Be careful. You gave me a kick again.

-I’m sorry but you dance in a so strange way.

- Are you making fun of me. You are a beginner.

-I think, you have no idea about dance.

Maria and Natalia decided to challenge at each other and began to show their ability at dancing.

Maria pretended to be unsure then began to dance in a wonderful way.

Some females, who knew Maria well, looked at the challenge and waited for the final.

Natalia, when realized that Maria was an experienced dancer, got nervous and began to argue with her rival in a stronger way.

-I think you are a cheater.

-You have been defeated. I’m better than you at dancing.

- You teased me. You pretended to be a beginner then you showed your dancing skill.

-Life is strange, things can change suddenly.

-I don’t like you. You behave in a unusual way.

- I’m sorry but that is my own character.

-I will not put up with that.

-What are you thinking of doing?

Natalia set on her opponent but Maria showed to be very flexible.

The wonderful woman began to move like a python and destroyed her prey completely.

A minute later, Maria was sitting on her prey’s back and was staring at her proudly. Natalia, who had her belly in touch with the mattress, kept silent and waited for Maria’s decision.

Something new happened soon. Maria, moving her right hand slowly, took her handbag, pulled out a pair of mouse ears and put them on her prey’s head.

The scene was incredible. Surrounded by a lot of females, Maria and Natalia remained in that paradoxical position until the feast finished.

It was 2:00 a.m. when a strange van arrived and stopped near the competitors who still stayed in the same position.

Two beautiful women got off the van and, without changing Maria’s and Natalia position, put the two females on a stretcher and placed them inside their car.

The operation was not easy because Maria, to be sure Natalia couldn’t escape, had tangled around her prey’s body in a stronger way.

It was 2:30 a.m. when the van arrived in front of a modern building and the opponents were bought into it.

The stretcher was put in a small hall and here Maria, who was in control of her prey completely, waited for someone.

In the meanwhile, Natalia begged the winner.

-Let me go, madam. I can’t stand it anymore.

- You have to be patience, my little mouse. Your suffering is going to finish soon.

- You defeated me completely, what are waiting for?

-Don’t worry, you will understand it soon.

A door was opened and three women entered the hall. One the women interviewed Maria and some minutes later the others two shot a lot of photos and made a short movie.

A strange voice was heard from a near room. It was a woman who was talking about Maria and was wondering if it were possible to earn money in a such unusual way.

In the end Natalia managed to understand. She had been brought in the site of the local newspaper that, publishing articles concerning Maria’s unusual way of living, could sell much more copies than normal.

The proof arrived soon. The director of the newspaper, a fascinating woman, entered the hall and gave to Maria a payment.

Maria took the money then she released her prey.

Natalia got up and tried to compose herself while the females, who had photographed her some minutes before, took advantage for having new photos.

The pretty girl looked at them astonished then went out of the building.

It was the day after and the prey stayed at her own home.

She slept a lot and, when she woke up, she tried to remember details about the night before.

Natalia was a little bit strange.

She remembered the dance competition, the wrestling match but she was a little bit confused about what had happened later.

Natalia had lunch, slept again, had dinner then she went out home and began to walk along the main street.

Natalia noticed that there was something strange. A woman, who was crossing the street, stared at her and then went away.

A girl, who was entering a ballet shoes shop, put on herself in a classical dancer position.

A little girl, wearing a long white dress, curtsied in a cheeky way.

The loser kept walking then she arrived in front of a newsstand where a lot of females were buying newspapers.

Natalia managed to glimpse some pictures and was astonished.

Females were reading a lot of articles concerning events that had happened the night before.

There were pictures about the brawl on the mattress and there was the picture where she was wearing mouse ears.

The loser recognized the hall where she had been taken after the wrestling match and she watched the pictures that showed she had been completely tamed.

It was an incredible scene. Maria had tangled around her body and she couldn’t move.

The article was titled in an extravagant way.

-The story of a mouse girl who was completely defeated by a very experienced masked woman.-

There was a photo that was particularly bizarre.

Maria, who was at home and was sitting on her living room sofa, had taken off her shoes and was showing her trophies.

Natalia couldn’t believe at her own eyes. It was possible to see a lot of pictures that showed Maria’s victims.

The last one was Natalia and she appeared to be a wonderful prey.

Natalia went back home and laid in her bed. The experienced hunter had destroyed her and now she was like a fly in a web.

Natalia tried to solve her problem.

At the beginning, thinking to challenge Maria again, she looked for a new dance teacher and thought to attend a wrestling school then, remembering how experienced Maria was, she went to a famous psychologist’s studio to forget the unusual experience.

Natalia didn’t have important results so an year later she decided to accept her role.

It could seem unbelievable but Maria’s prey bought a lot of mouse costumes and began to wear them every day.

Little girls, who lived in the neighborhood, took advantage of the situation and, wearing cat suits, began to mock her.

Natalia didn’t mind it. She began to love her way of living and one day she claimed she was proud to be a Maria’s prey.

Maria was proud too of having a so wonderful prey and once she met her victim in her city.

The encounter was incredible.

Natalia, wearing a black and purple mouse costume, went to Maria’s home and showed her mistress how happy she was.

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