Alessandra vs Lucrezia and Lucia

Alessandra vs Lucrezia and Lucia Alessandra vs Lucrezia and Lucia

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


unusual story concerning a women querelle


unusual story concerning a women querelle


Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Submitted: December 01, 2012



This is the story of the feud that involved the pretty Alessandra, named the undisciplined girl, and the fascinating Lucrezia and Lucia, named the insatiable octopuses.


Day 1

10:00 am


Alessandra has been in that position for two hours.

Sitting on a bed, sited in the centre of a extravagant room, she can feel  Lucrezia’s  and Lucia’s breath who, after a long wrestling match, have tangled  around her body.

The situation gets worse. Alessandra tries to go out of her unpleasant position but she obtains nothing.


12:00 am

Alessandra needs going to the bathroom and her opponents let her go.

The undisciplined girl enters the lavatory and plans a plan.

She will stay there for a long time and she will recovers energy to  attack again.

The girl, who is looking at herself, feels better but, ten minutes later, she notices  two pairs of wonderful legs that are enveloping her body.

She can’t understand what it is happening but the explanation comes soon.

The artificial wall of the bathroom has opened, leaving the insatiable octopuses legs to enter.

Alessandra astonished hears the cheeky voices of her opponents.

-Did you finished, doggy? We wouldn’t  like if you plotted something strange. If you want you can stay there but you have to know we will tangle around you in a stronger way.

The girl looks at the her opponents legs and decides to renounce.

Lucia remains in the same position. Lucrezia enters the bathroom and, making sure that Lucia doesn’t leave the appetizing prey, she accompanies her out of the bathroom.

Then, Alessandra has also enveloped by Lucrezia again.


2:00 pm

The sound of a bell is heard into the room. The insatiable octopuses decide to carry out the second part of the program they planned to tame the undisciplined girl. Alessandra, always  trapped by the sensual bodies of her opponents, reaches the swimming pool and climbs to the diving board.

The unusual bodies’ aggregation manages to reach trampoline and to dive into the swimming pool.

Alessandra does  it a lot of times then the insatiable octopuses command her to go the gym.

Here Alessandra is ridden by her opponents who mimes an unusual  horse racing.

The undisciplined girl goes around the gym five times then she falls down exhausted.


4:00 pm

Lucrezia and Lucia change again. The first one remains with the  wonderful prey, the second one disappears behind a door. Ten minutes later, Lucia comes back and shows her new look.

Now she is wearing a short dress with black lace and a pair of brown stockings.

Five minutes later, it’s the Lucrezia’s turn. She leaves Alessandra to Lucia, wears a short dress with black lace and comes back.

The atmosphere becomes very sensual.  Moving her haunches in a sexy way, Lucrezia announces an extravagant bulletin.

-Hi everyone. This is the afternoon bulletin and I’d like to speak about the undisciplined girl’s condition.

Yesterday, the undisciplined girl quarreled with the insatiable octopuses because of a pair of women’s shoes.

She was at the market and, although she arrived later, she claimed of buying a pair of beautiful women’s shoes that the insatiable octopuses had just ordered.

The hot-tempered girl didn’t manage to have shoes so she went to the insatiable octopuses’ home to demonstrate she was stronger than them.

The undisciplined girls was defeated and, after she spent the night between the elastic bodies of their attractive opponents, she had to dive in a swimming pool and she was ridden like a pony. 

Now she is more accommodating and she is enveloped by Lucia’s body. You wouldn’t believe it but she looks like a well mannered little girl.

For having news about Alessandra condition you have to wait for the evening bulletin.

Lucrezia tangles her prey again.


6:00 pm

Lucrezia and Lucia take some chocolate tablets and decide to eat them sitting on their prey’s body.

A new fight starts. Alessandra tries to face her opponents but she is defeated again.

Lucrezia and Lucia, singing a malicious song, put their beautiful posteriors on the Alessandra’s belly and face.

The insatiable octopuses ask Alessandra.

-You think you can fight, don’t you?

-Believe us.  After our treatment you will be docile like a lamb and people couldn’t recognize you.

-You will be named the destroyed girl.

-Destroyed and dishonored.

Alessandra doesn’t answer. Covered by her opponents bodies, she continues playing that unusual match.


8:00 in the evening

Lucrezia and Lucia announce the bulletin of the evening.

Lucrezia, leaving Alessandra to Lucia, updates the situation.

-Hi everyone. I’m going  to add some news about Alessandra’s  state.

In these hours the undisciplined girl tested a new experience.  Tasting her opponents’ posteriors she realized  how much they liked chocolate.

If you want to get more, wait  for the bulletin of the night.

Alessandra is enveloped by Lucrezia again.


10:00 in the evening

The insatiable octopuses make up in a sensual way. Sitting on a sofa, they put their feet on Alessandra face while they are painting their eyes and their lips.



Lucrezia announces the bulletin of the night and explains like Alessandra has just tasted the insatiable octopuses’ feet.

Night passes slowly. Alessandra tries to fight but is defeated every time.





The new day is similar to the first one. Alessandra jumps into the swimming pool, is ridden like a pony, tastes her opponents’ posteriors and feet and listens to the bizarre bulletins that speak about her condition. The night is unusual again. She tries to fight but she is always defeated.


Alessandra, who has been regularly defeated by their opponents, is beginning to think she can’t win.

The insatiable octopuses continue to destroy their prey then they decide to put her into a  weird sculpture made by two cotton females’ bodies.  Alessandra enters the sculpture then she is hung on the ceiling.

The undisciplined girl spends night staying in that mortifying position.



The sculpture goes down the floor and Lucrezia lets Alessandra has breakfast and goes to the bathroom. The undisciplined girl has a break then she is hung on the ceiling again.

The rite is repeated for lunch and dinner.

The prey listens to bulletin of the night then she falls asleep.


 DAY 5

The sculpture goes down to the floor and Alessandra is enveloped by her opponents again.

The undisciplined girl is treated in a new way. Lucrezia and Lucia, moving their beautiful legs, trap their prey in a lot of  smothery positions.  The undisciplined girl tastes her opponents legs all the day and  the bulletins are something like that.

-Hi everyone. The insatiable octopuses decided to tangle around their prey’s body in a new way and the undisciplined girl is trying to emerge by a four legs scissor in vain.

We’d like to know. How long will Alessandra be able to stand this situation?

We suggested her to give up but she is still trying to fight.

There is no doubt. People don’t listen to good advices.

Alessandra stays between her opponents legs then she falls asleep.




The undisciplined girl spends another day  kept by Lucrezia and Lucia beautiful legs down then, because she is completely exhausted, she  begins to have strange visions. The insatiable octopuses’ breasts seem to be bigger, their legs longer, their back sides heavier. Alessandra has a bad day and when the night arrives she falls asleep like a doggy.



The undisciplined girls is really in trouble.  She alternates deliriousness and lucidity for all day  and during the night she has a lot of nightmares.

The insatiable octopuses follow  their prey assiduously and wait for her capitulation.



It’s midday and Alessandra notices she is alone and she is dressed as a mouse. The undisciplined girl is confused but, crawling like a child, she tries to escape.

Alessandra’s race finishes soon.

Into the room a mewing is heard and some seconds later Lucrezia e Lucia, wearing a sensual  cat suit, approaches  their opponents walking on tip-toes.

The prey is amazed. Her opponents are looking at her in a strange way. A perfidious game begins immediately. Alessandra  tries to reach the exit but the insatiable octopuses  stop her using a lot of body scissors.

Lucrezia announces bulletin.

-Hi every one . As you can see, our prey is exhausted and if everything goes well she is going to give up soon. Alessandra gets up, falls down, gets up again, falls down again then she asks for pity.

-I can’t stand it anymore. Let me go.

-We didn’t get it. May you say it again, sweet prey?

-You won . I give up.

Lucrezia writes down the hour of the capitulation. It’s 4:00 pm.

They prey signs a document where is written she has been completely tamed then she falls asleep.

The loser wakes up at 8:00 in the evening and is taken in another room where there is a black  curtain.

When curtain is raised twelve beautiful women, dressing a red sweater and a black miniskirt, appear to the centre of the stage.

The women vote to decide who is better between Alessandra and the insatiable octopuses and the result is incredible. The insatiable octopuses win 100-0.

The winners enter the stage and  announce the last bulletin.

-Hi every one. The undisciplined girl was tamed and at the moment she is looking at the ceremony to celebrate her defeat. In some minutes you will be able to see a lot of exciting things.

A sound of a carillon is heard into the hall then an impressive woman, wearing  a black vest and a black miniskirt, enter the stage and begin to speak about the future relationship between the winners and the loser.

At the beginning she speaks about the winners.

-For you, who caught a wonderful prey, life will be beautiful. Alessandra will be your slave and you will be able to use her in every way.

The woman speaks about Alessandra too.

-You were defeated completely. You’ll serve the winner like a well mannered maid.

When the show is gone, Alessandra is astonished.

Lucrezia and Lucia have managed to transform her in a doggy.



From day 9 to day 14


Alessandra, who has just woken up, can’t understand what is happening.  She is laying on a bed and she is looking at a lot of women who are staring at her.

Some minutes later Alessandra realizes she is into a glass cube and she has been exposed like a trophy. Alessandra can’t believe it. Two weeks before she went to Lucrezia’s and Lucia’s home to solve a female quarrel and now she is in a cage.

The situation goes absurd. Out of the cube there is a queue that is one kilometer long.

The procession lasts a week then the winners decided it’s enough.


From day 15 to day 30


Alessandra has two incredible weeks. She can taste winners’ breasts, backsides, and legs, she has to dress as bunny and she tastes the winners’ shoes collection.

That’s a long parade. Alessandra smells shoes, slippers, and boots until she gives up and asks the winners a break.


From day 31 to…


Alessandra is as still as death. She has been defeated completely and she can’t oppose to her rivals. She declares she has been completely tamed but the fatal blow comes from the woman who spoke about the future relationship between the winners and the loser.

The impressive woman, dressed as a wasp, enters the hall and tells her that she has been elected as the prey of the year.

Alessandra keeps silent and thinks of her future.

She will have to kiss her wonderful opponents’ feet for ever.

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