Elemental Love: Fire&Ice

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Warning: Contains dark themes such as rape, abuse, and suicide. May be triggering to some individuals.

Table of Contents

*Prologue* Run faster.  This was all I could think to myself. I don't know who is chasing me, but I'm scared. It's night, and I ... Read Chapter

The next morning, I put on a soft long sleeve shirt, grey pants, and brushed my long brown hair. Once I was ready, I went to the pond to ... Read Chapter

In the morning I walked to the lobby of the inn, and Sean was standing there looking up the stairs at me. "Morning" He said. I waved ... Read Chapter

The next day, I opened my room door to head to the lobby, expecting Sean to be waiting for me there. However, he was standing outside my ... Read Chapter

In the morning, I got up early and checked on Sean. Still sleeping, that's good.  I thought to myself as I gingerly got ou... Read Chapter

Getting ready for the trip to Risra, I was much more relaxed and prepared for the short distance and to spend a few hours over there whil... Read Chapter

I woke up to see Sean sitting on the bed watching me. He had a tray placed on his lap. I sat up rubbing my eyes, and the blankets fell of... Read Chapter

I couldn't take my eyes off my reflection in the mirror, I stood there for awhile just looking at the tattoo on my back. I reached my han... Read Chapter

After bringing me back to the church, they made sure I had food and water. They said something about needing me in good health for the ce... Read Chapter

My eyes darted to the female. She had long black hair, slightly shorter then my own hair. Her eyes were green, she was wearing a tight bl... Read Chapter

"How did Hannah treat you?" Sean asked me after a moment, looking me over again. "She is a bit rough on instructing but she treated m... Read Chapter

I took a deep breath. I was standing in the middle of an abandoned barn to the South of Vaylon. I couldn't sense them, but I knew Sean an... Read Chapter

Dark, cold, alone. Wait. I'm not alone. I'm in an alley, at a dead end. I turn around and see red eyes...   I sit up stra... Read Chapter


I looked from Karen to Sean. I could see the stress on Sean's face, and to be honest, I wasn't really in a hurry to figure this stuff out... Read Chapter