why are you still here?

why are you still here? why are you still here?

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Edward leaves Bella and she falls for Jasper. Adult content be warned. I do not own twilight


Edward leaves Bella and she falls for Jasper.
Adult content be warned.
I do not own twilight

Chapter1 (v.1) - why are you still here?

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Edward leaves Bella and she falls for Jasper.<br /> Adult content be warned.<br /> I do not own twilight

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 05, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 05, 2012



It has been three week since Edward had left me standing in the woods all alone, with no real explanation as to why he was leaving, all he said was the family had to leave. I still sleep with my window open in hope that he might just realise that we are meant to be together forever and come back for me, I can always hope.

I was still not sleeping that well at all, so when I heard a noise out side my window at one o'clock this morning I was hopeful but knew it wouldn't be him, but the last person I thought it would be was now standing in front of me looking worse than I felt. Jasper.

"Why are you in my room?" I ask.

"I haven't let you out of my sight for the last three weeks, Bella."

"That's not what I asked, Jasper. Tell me why you are in my room."

"Simple, you need to sleep, look at yourself, you're a mess."

"Yes, I know I need to sleep, thanks for pointing out that I look a mess but I think I have a good reason to look that way, don't you think? But that still doesn't tell me WHY you are in my room." By this point I was starting to get really angry and just wanted straight answers. Jasper must have been able to fell the anger rolling off of me as he was quick to answer.

"I am here to put you to sleep, now get into bed." He snapped back at me. I jumped into bed as fast as I could, I knew not to make Jasper angry as he didn't always have the best control around me, the last thing I needed right now was a blood thirsty vampire in my room with no one to help me.

As soon as my head hit my pillow I was out cold, the next I knew I was waking up screaming with Jasper holding me. All he said to me was to lay back down so he could put me back to sleep. I did as he asked to tired to care about anything else.

Thank god Charlie had left to go on a four day fishing trip, when Jasper finally let me wake up, it was no longer Friday it was now Sunday morning, I couldn't believe I had slept through Saturday. As I made my way back into my room after having a shower, something to eat and drink a thought came to me, how had Jasper been able to stay with me that long, we had never been left alone for more that a few minutes at a time because Edward had thought that Jasper was to unstable to be around me? When I reached my bedroom door I realised he had left with out even saying goodbye. I felt a strange tug in the pit of my stomach, not knowing what that meant I tried to forget about it and started up my computer knowing that Renee would have sent about one hundred emails since the last time I checked two weeks ago. I wasn't looking forward to them and I defiantly wasn't looking forward to going to back to school tomorrow, but I knew it was time to start getting my life back into some order. Maybe Jasper will be there and I could find out what he was still doing in Forks.
I woke to the sound of my alarm clock two hours after I finally fell to sleep. As I got up and started to go about getting ready, I found myself looking forward to getting to school, maybe, I thought to myself, it was more about seeing Jasper than actually having to attend classes. I don't know what had gotten into me. After he left yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about him. Why did he want to help me? Why was he still in Forks? Why had he not gone with Alice and the rest of the Cullen's? Questions like this just kept going around in my head all day and night, and I was going to find out the answers today, hopefully. As I pulled into the parking lot of the school I searched through all the students standing around to see if I could see Jasper there, I had no luck, I waited until the last second before I ran to class just in case he was running late, but still no Jasper.

That night as I struggled to find sleep my thoughts turned to Jasper. Why, if he said that he had not let me out of his sight for the last three week, had he not turned up at school today? Why had he left me on Sunday with out a word as to when I might see him again? This was starting to really annoy me, I needed answers. I thought that I might be able to start living again after Edward had left me, with the help of Jasper. Now he has left me too. I couldn't help the tears that started to roll down my face. I stayed there like that for what seemed like hours unable to stop the tears when I heard Jasper at my window asking me what was wrong. I sat bolt upright, heart pounding thinking I must have imagined his voice as I could not see him at my window. I turned to search my room and saw him sitting in the corner at my desk. The tears turned in to sobs as I said to him with a shaky voice,

"I thought you left me just like everyone else.""I only went to hunt, Bella. I didn't think it would make you so upset."

"I'm sorry, you left with out saying anything and you didn't come to school today, what else was I suppose to think?" I said as my tears stopped and I found my voice again.

"I'm sorry, I guess I should have said something but i really, really needed to go hunt. I promise to never take off with out telling you why. OK?"

"Yes. Thank you."

"OK. Now jump into bed and I will help you sleep."

I didn't want to sleep just yet I had so many questions I needed to ask him. So I took a deep breath and started with the first thing that came to me.

"Why have you been watching me?"

"Bella, please, it's time for you to get some sleep. I promise to answer all your questions later. Now please get into bed."

"You're not going to leave are you?"
"I will still be here when you wake up."

I looked at him as I got into my bed, not really trusting that he wouldn't leave.

"I promise." He said. He must have felt my hesitation.

As I slowly woke up, my eyes drifted around my room in search of him, I started to panic when I couldn't find him. Just then he jumped back into my room through the open window.

"Sorry, Charlie was awake and I didn't want him to catch me in your room. He just left for work."

"Right." That was all I could think of saying.

"Now you need to get ready for school while I go change. I will be back and we can go to school together." He said as he jumped out the window not waiting for a reply.

I knew he was trying to avoid answering my questions. But I was going to make him answer if he liked it or not.



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