The Trainer - The Client

The Trainer - The Client The Trainer - The Client

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Ben visits his neighbor, Janeen the trainer and finds that she has company, a beautiful recently divorced woman who shows interest in his "pitch".


Ben visits his neighbor, Janeen the trainer and finds that she has company, a beautiful recently divorced woman who shows interest in his "pitch".


Submitted: December 01, 2013

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Submitted: December 01, 2013



The Trainer – The Client

The rain in recent days had invited the grass in my front yard to grow quicker than usual and I found it necessary to address it before it got out of control. I was in between projects anyway and it felt good sweating in the sun as I pushed the mower back and forth. Using a push mower is my way of proving to myself at least that I’ve not grown lazy.

Just as I was finishing I glanced down the street toward Janeen’s house. There was a yellow Corvette parked in front of her house but I had not seen anyone go inside. I began to wonder if Janeen was home. It was mid-day, lunch time for most of us, and I presumed she would be taking a lunch break from her schedule.

I quickly showered and jumped into some comfortable jogging gear and made my way to her front door. She answered promptly and invited me in, but she had company.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call ahead, Janeen, I was just going to pop in and invite you to go jogging with me,” I said apologetically.

“That’s all right, Ben; let me introduce you to one of my clients and a really close friend, Jill Reynolds. Jill, this is one of my neighbors, Ben Jameson; he’s a writer.”

Jill extended her hand and I shook it but struggled to take my eyes from hers. She had the darkest brown eyes I had ever seen. Her dark hair had auburn highlights in it and flowed around her shoulders like lava down a mountain. Her face was lightly tanned and flawless and her teeth looked too bright to be real. Her lips seemed to form every word carefully and I started to get aroused for some reason.

“A writer? What do you write, Ben?” she asked innocently.

Janeen interrupted happily; “He writes and sells porn stories,” she said.

Jill’s eye brows raised and I quickly spoke up to defend myself. “It’s erotica and people who buy it to read do not consider it porn.” Then I tried to change the subject quickly.

“Is that your ‘vette outside?” I asked with a grin.

“Yep; got it in the divorce along with my son,” she replied.

“Nice ride,” I commented.

“What do you drive?” she asked.

“I’m a Jeep kind of guy,” I admitted.

“Oh, a rough and tough guy; I like that,” she said with a promising smile.

Janeen took Jill and me by the elbows and steered us toward the kitchen as she spoke. “Actually, Jill, Ben is a pussy cat, although he can be persuasive at times.”

As we sat down at the kitchen table Jill gave me an interested look and asked, “A pussy cat?”

Janeen laughed and Jill looked at her. “Yeah, that kind of pussy; Ben will eat it for breakfast if you ask him nicely, and he’ll do it all day if you make him do it.”

The topic had taken an early and unexpected turn to sex and I was getting a bit uncomfortable. I knew I would seriously consider sex with Jill but since Janeen and I had been getting together I didn’t know how to proceed.

“Perhaps we’d better change the subject or I’ll never make my jogging run today,” I offered.

“I think Jill would love to hear about your “pitch”, Ben.” Janeen said boldly.

“Pitch? What pitch?” asked Jill.

“Ben has an interesting way of hitting on a woman; he offers his pitch to gain her trust and to set up future dates for sex,” explained Janeen.

“Sounds interesting; what’s the pitch?” asked Jill.

“He promises only to give and satisfy her with oral sex on the first date with no sexual obligation on her part, pure and simple.” Said Janeen.

“That sounds like just the answer to my problem after the recent divorce; I’ve been hit on but don’t know whom to trust; most guys just want a shot at fucking a vulnerable woman after a divorce.”

I had been standing by quiet and almost helplessly as the two women discussed me but the time had come to speak up.  “Look, Jill, you’re an attractive woman but Janeen and I…..”  I began before being interrupted by Janeen.

“Ben and I have been together a couple times but just for entertainment; there is no commitment between us,” she said. “Go on, Ben, invite her to your place and get to know her; Jill is really a sweet girl.”

“Yes, Ben, how about it?” pushed Jill, “Show me how trustworthy you are. I dare you.”

Nothing riles a guy like being dared to do something and she was asking for something I was dying to do anyway, so I took the bait.

“Okay, my place is just up the block; we can talk about it while we walk.” I said, accepting the proposal. Just before we went out the door, Janeen whispered something to Jill.

Indeed in the short time it took to get to my house she told me that she had divorced her husband for adultery and she had not “been” with anybody in several weeks. When we were inside my house I offered her a drink.

“I’m not really thirsty, but I’d like to get on with this little experiment; I need to pick up my son from school in a while and based on what Janeen told me, I don’t want to be rushed.”

I led her to the master bedroom and she began undressing as she followed me. When I reached the bedroom door and turned around she was naked to the waist. As she stepped past me into the bedroom I smelled the soft hint of perfume. She walked to the bed and undressed, unembarrassed about her boldness in front of a stranger in his own bedroom.

I kicked off my shoes and took off my jogging top and embraced her. I kissed her lips and her lipstick against my lips was like a magnet; I didn’t want to break away. Her tongue met mine and my palms filled with her magnificent breasts. I bent my legs and leaned down to press my face into her cleavage. There I discovered was the source of the perfume.

My lips trailed across one breast toward a nipple but her hands gently touched the top of my head and then my shoulders as she pushed me down her body. I thought to myself that she was too eager and would not enjoy what I was about to give her, but I was determined to show her that self-control is one of my skills.

As I dropped to my knees she turned around and I sat there for a few seconds very puzzled.

“Janeen said you have a fascination for asses and I’ve never had a guy lick me there. Show me what it’s like, Ben, just for a minute or two.”

I put my hands on her marvelous heart shaped ass. Her skin was flawless, smooth and soft. I opened her cheeks and blew a puff of air into her crevice. She gasped and her sphincter winked at me. I leaned in and pressed my lips to kiss it and she moaned in amazement. “Wow, that’s very sexy. Don’t stop; lick it, Ben.”

My tongue swiped up her dark crevice and I flicked it a few times and her breathing told me she was getting too interested. I pressed a finger through her slit and touched her clit to distract her and she quickly changed focus. She pulled away and turned around. Leaning back on the bed on her elbows she spread her legs wide. I knew she was ready for the main event.

I glued my eyes to hers even though she was watching my mouth as it pressed into her mound, my lips buried in her dark curls. My tongue snaked between her folds into her wet slit and I stroked it in and out as deeply as I could. Her mouth opened in a silent moan and I moved up to tease her clit with light swabs with the flat of my tongue. Then I pressed my lips firmly over it and licked it hard and fast. She began gasping and panting and she hooked one leg over my shoulder. She must have been struggling not to come because I could feel the muscles in her thighs tighten. After about fifteen minutes she moaned out loud with her first orgasm. I eased off gently as her body seemed to relax quickly.

I easer her leg off my shoulder and started to pull away but she put a hand on my head and pulled my face back into her. “Not done yet; don’t stop,” she gasped.

I locked my lips gently over her clit again and began sucking on it. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. “Oh, that’s so good, yes, yes, don’t stop,” she groaned.

Her fingers snaked through my hair holding me against her and I slid two fingers tentatively into her pussy. She did not protest and I pumped them slowly in and out, soaking my fingers with her warm slickness. She lasted about another fifteen minutes and finally succumbed to the combined pleasure of my mouth and my fingers.

Both hands grabbed my head and she cried out, looking down at my sucking mouth glued to her. “Oh my God… don’t stop… keep sucking…keep suckinnnnnggggg!” Her body jerked against my face twice and then she released her hold on my head. I gently licked her slit and lapped at her hole to treat myself to the sweetness therein.

When she had composed herself she looked at me lapping away and began to giggle and then laughed out loud. “You must be awfully horny to go at it like that knowing you’re not going to get to fuck me today!”

“That’s okay,” I lied, “I’m counting on a rematch.”

I stood up just as she straightened up as well. She looked at my wet chin, still giggling. “Janeen was right; you’re obsessed with it, aren’t you?”

“When it’s my only option, yes,” I answered.

She picked up her clothes and began dressing, then retrieved her clothes from the hallway. When she was fully dressed she paused at the door before leaving.

“You’re a very unique guy, Ben. I’ll give it some thought and maybe one day soon I’ll call you.”

“I’d appreciate that, Jill; I enjoyed this; you’re a very passionate woman.”

I watched her walking back to Janeen’s house. She did not get in her Corvette; she went into Janeen’s house. I would love to have been the proverbial fly on the wall in Janeen’s house at that moment.





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