The Tease

The Tease The Tease

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Flirting in a parking lot is pretty desperate but......


Flirting in a parking lot is pretty desperate but......


Submitted: August 30, 2019

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Submitted: August 30, 2019



The Tease

As I was leaving the grocery store the other day I noticed a woman walking a ways in front of me. She was very tall with long blonde hair and she walked with a sense of confidence that drew my attention. That, and the fact that the dark blue dress dancing with her strut showed she had incredible legs. I quickened my pace and when I was close behind her, I asked, “Excuse me, but are you a dancer or a model?”

(Yeah, I know, a pretty lame line no matter where you use it.)

She stopped and turned, and then looked me up and down. She was probably at least 4 inches taller than me. “Does that line work for you, little man? Do you always try to pick up women in parking lots?” she asked, a bit arrogantly.

“No, and no,” I replied with equal confidence in my voice. “You have the legs and ass of a dancer, strong and toned, and you have the figure of a model and you walk with the same poise a model engages on a fashion show runway.”

“And I usually hit on women in sports bars and lingerie shops,” I continued.

“Really? Why such odd places?” she asked. Somehow that had piqued her interest, and a temporary bit of her interest encouraged me to go on.

“If a woman is in a sports bar it’s generally because she enjoys watching some sort of sport, and that gives me an opportunity to strike up a conversation because we might have some mutual interests. And women buying lingerie are generally doing so to feel better about their body and/or to tease and please a man.”

I jumped right into the present and asked, “May I accompany you to your car?”

“Why would you want to do that; I only have this one small package to carry?” she asked.

“Primarily because I’d love a better look at those gorgeous legs when you get into your car, and hopefully to find some way to convince you to go out with me. My name is Ben, by the way,” I said, offering my hand for her to shake.

She ignored my hand but answered without the slightest change in her voice. “I’m Diane,” she said and turned and pointed at a white BMW convertible. “That’s my car over there. What are YOU driving, “Ben by the way?””

“A Jeep Liberty, dark blue and dirty,” was my reply. She started walking towards her car and I stepped up next to her and walked along. When we stopped at her car, she softened up and we had what I thought was an amazing and promising conversation. After about 15 minutes she looked down at her car door handle, then at me and asked, “Well, aren’t you going to open the door for me so you can gawk at my legs some more?”

Silently I reached down and opened the car door, swinging it wide open. She turned, backed in as she sat down, and then slowly swung one leg in and then the other. I was not embarrassed to look because she knew I would and I felt she wanted me to look, so I did. Yellow panties.

“I thought that women always wear underwear that matches their outfit,” I stated very boldly.

“The bra and panties match and at the right time for the right guy, that IS my outfit,” she said with a knowing grin. She had me by the nuts and she knew it.

As I closed her car door, I asked, “Okay, so what are the chances that you might go out with me?”****

“I’m not sure,” she said, starting her car. “Why don’t you meet me at J. Alexander’s around 7 tonight? You might buy me dinner, and oh, by the way, (she said as she began backing up) I might even wear a shorter dress.”

I hollered at her as she was driving away but she just waved her hand in the air. Fuck!

Naturally that night I was at the restaurant before 7. I could not find her anywhere so I waited in the lobby. She finally showed up at 7:45 pm, and the hem of her red dress danced around her thighs as she walked in. “You look incredible!” I gushed (yeah, I gushed; it’s better than drooling.)

“Worth waiting for?” she said with a grin, and then she leaned close and whispered, “Everything matches.”

Dinner conversation was wonderful. We exchanged personal information and the usual chatter about work and the weather. Then over coffee she said, “Well, little man, what’s next on your dating agenda?”

Undaunted, I just asked the obvious; “Okay, I’m a little curious about the “little man” nickname you have given me. Am I too short for you?”

“That remains to be seen,” she said, and she winked at me as she sipped her coffee.

“NOW you’re just teasing me,” I said.

“No, but I could really tease you, Mr. “Ben by the way”, I’m a terrible prick tease, can’t you tell?”

“In more ways than one but guys eat it up, so no worries on my part,” I replied.

“So are you going to try to take me home, or to your place tonight?” she asked. My heart skipped a beat in my chest.

“That WOULD be the normal agenda, but since we both drove here, there is the issue of who drives whom where and what to do with the extra vehicle, etc. Have you any suggestions?” (Note how cleverly I dumped the question back into her lap?)

“Let’s discuss that in the parking lot,” she suggested.

Outside, she called a valet to retrieve her car. “I’ll get my Jeep and meet you here by the door,” I said hopefully.  But she had a better idea; she told me to wait and she would give me a ride to my car.

When I got out of her Beemer at my car’s location she said, “I’m going home; if your Jeep can keep up, you can come in for the night.” And off she went, squealing the tires. Fuck!

Once I cleared the parking lot, I floored it to catch up to her. I managed to keep her trunk and tail lights in sight and finally realized that she was hesitating at turns, etc. just enough to keep me on her tail. Jeep, don’t fail me now!

Her car rolled into her garage and as I pulled into the driveway her garage door started to descend. I jumped out and almost had to drop to my hands and knees to get under the door and into her garage. I could hear her inside the house, “Come on it and step it up while I’m in the mood, little man.”

Entering the kitchen through the laundry room, I saw her shoes on the floor. I turned down a hallway and saw the red dress on the floor. Just a bit further I saw a bedroom light on. As I entered the room, she was bent over at the waist, peeling her panties down off her perfect ass. Involuntarily I uttered, “Fuuucckk!”

She climbed onto the bed, lying on her back and said with an inviting voice, “Yes, you might if you earn it. Come on over and taste my cunt butter, little man.”

I started to undress but she stopped me. “Just kick off your shoes; it’s sexier when a guy does me with his clothes on.” So I complied, of course. But as I leaned on my elbows on the bed between her legs, I asked her, “And what do I have to do to make you call me by my name?”

“Just make me come,” she said. She slipped her hands under her knees, bent her legs and pulled her knees towards her chest, allowing me perfect access to her pussy. Her tight ass was also within range but I had a feeling I would need permission to enter that territory.

I decided to show her that I knew how to tease as well, and I took advantage of my position. I kissed that sweet flesh between her thigh and her pussy, rubbed my nose in her pubic hair, and licked her labia, careful not to let my tongue enter that gate to her sweetness. I reached around her legs and played with her breasts, still in the confines of the lacy red bra. She didn’t seem to mind.

When I finally decided to slide my tongue inside her, I did it slowly and deliberately avoided her clit. Damn! She was ready and tasted sweet. I probed her a little and when I began tickling her clit with the tip of my tongue, she responded favorably, “Yeah, that’s it, tease it a little.”

I began licking her clit in earnest, first sliding my tongue inside for a taste and then swirling my tongue around her clit. I gently sucked her clit and its fleshy hood into my mouth and she gasped. Just for the hell of it, I drove my tongue as deep as I could inside her pussy, pressing my face hard into her flesh. Her clit hardened because my nose was breathing on it. I was so horny that I wanted to just suck her dry.

But I relented and went to work on her clit, licking it again but as slowly as I could make myself do it, and I slid a finger inside her, and then two. Just slow, deliberate teasing with my fingers and my tongue was all I allowed until she grabbed my head with both hands. Her legs slid down over my shoulders and she pressed her sex against my open mouth. I was certain that my boxers were getting soaked with precum.

She cursed and dug her fingernails into my scalp as the pressure built but I would not give up my control. Just before she came, she finally used my name. “Oh, yeah, don’t stop, Ben, please, please, just make it happen!” Her orgasm thrilled me as much as it did her. She clamped her legs together, humped my face and nearly tore a fistful of hair from my head. My cock was straining and screaming, still imprisoned in my pants.

I got up, sliding her legs aside and knelt between her legs. She was in another world, licking her lips and moaning softly. I unbuckled my pants and was going to push my boxers down but she suddenly leaned up to stop me. “Wait!” she said, “Just unzip far enough so the zipper won’t scratch me; there are condoms in the nightstand.”

After retrieving a condom and rolling it on, I got back in position, unzipped carefully but just slipped only the head of my cock inside her. She hooked her legs around me, trying to pull me deeper. I resisted. My fuck; my terms.

I teased her, moving the tip in and out of her and I watched her face, twisting in sweet anguish. Then I plunged into her depths until our pubic hairs meshed. I leaned forward on my hands, arms stiff so I could look down at her face. “When you’re done, I’m gonna lick all my cunt butter off your smart ass face,” she said. No worries on my part.

Holding deep inside her, I started to grind against her, barely moving my cock. Surprisingly, she loved it. “Fuck, that’s so hot; I’m getting close again already,” she said softly. She put her hands on my shoulders and joined me in the grind fest. Our eyes were locked on each other’s as we moved together, quickly approaching our goal.

As soon as she said, “Oh, God….” I began pumping in and out as fast as I could, slamming into her with each thrust. Again with the fingernails only this time she practically tore the flesh off my shoulders. Then came her last demand, “Stop…stop, Ben, take the condom off, and go deep again, I want to feel you coming inside me.”

I thought to myself, “How many times are we going to play this game? I’m ready, dammit!”

Frantically I tossed the condom across the room and pushed my cock deep again and stayed there. The sensations were incredible for the next few minutes; the expectations, the anticipation and the joy of satisfying her. I could tell by the look on her face and we came together, moaning and gasping with elation. At that point I didn’t care what nickname she would give me, but I had to ask, “So, am I still your little man?”

She flashed an appreciated smile and replied, “If I had any gold stars, I’d give you a big one.” That works for me.

Much later as she escorted me to the front door, I turned and asked, “Well, do I rate a second date?”

“Honey, you could move in with me except for one small detail. The movers are coming this weekend; my fiancé lives in Atlanta.”



(Author’s note – this story is true up to the point of the *** in the text. Her real answer was: “Not very much – sweet wet dreams, little man!”)








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