The FOOD Store

The FOOD Store The FOOD Store

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Marty gets an unusual gift card for his birthday from his girlfriend, Susan.


Marty gets an unusual gift card for his birthday from his girlfriend, Susan.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Birthday Gift

Author Chapter Note

This could be the beginning of a series, but since it didn't happen to me personally, this may be the only chapter.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 11, 2017



The Food (Female Only Oral Delights) Store

Marty was surprised to find his girlfriend, Susan, so excited when he came to her apartment for lunch. She told him she would have a big surprise lunch for his birthday. Marty was hoping it would be between her gorgeous legs, because she knew how much he loved to go down on her.

She jumped up and down clapping her hands like a little girl. “You’re gonna LOVE this; I could hardly wait to give it to you!”

She handed him a small blue gift card for $50 to The Food Store. Puzzled, he looked at her and asked, “The Food Store? Is this for groceries or something?”

“Not exactly,” she said, “but you are SO going to think this is the best birthday present you got, EVER, trust me.”

“So what do I do?” he asked.

“Just drive down to the address on the gift card and go in; it’s a surprise. “Then come home and THEN you can show me your appreciation,” she said.

So Marty drove there, and when he got close, he noticed that it was the part of town where most of the adult book and video stores were and a couple strip clubs. Then he entered the parking lot of a huge building with a sign out front, “The Food Store” but the word “food” was stretched out with a lot of space between the letters, and under the word was (Female Only Oral Delights).

Curious and definitely interested, he went inside. There was a small lobby area with a girl at a counter with a cash register and a credit card machine. He walked up to her and said, “Hi, I have a gift card but I’ve never been here before. Can you help me?”

“Sure, it’s very simple, actually,” she said. “We cater to people, men and women, who like to indulge in giving oral sex to women, all women. The rates and rules are on that big sign over there,” she said, pointing to her right.

Marty walked up to the sign.

Rates & Rules

  1. Cash, gift cards and major credit cards accepted, no checks.
  2. Visits are prepaid and you will receive a timer, which any of our models will activate when the curtain to her booth is closed securely. You may use your purchased timer in one or several booths before the amount of time purchased expires.
  3. When a timer expires, or when the model adjusts your timer, the curtain to the booth automatically opens and you will be expected to move along; you may purchase additional time or leave the building.
  4. Rates are: $1.00 per minute for the first 15 minutes, $2.00 per minute for the next 15 minutes, and $3.00 per minute for any time over 30 minutes. No refunds for unused time on a timer, but it may be used at a later date.
  5. Only oral genital contact with our models is allowed. No touching the models with hands, devices or objects. Violators will be harshly removed from the building.
  6. A model may choose to touch you if she so desires, but only above the shoulders.
  7. Our models have been tested for and all are free from any sexually transmitted disease.
  8. The purpose of our service is to provide pleasure to our models and customers alike who have a taste for “that special taste.”
  9. Any customer who manages to give a model an oral orgasm during his or her visit will receive a complimentary $50 gift card for future visits.
  10. Wet wipes and paper towels are provided in each booth. Enjoy!

Marty went back to the girl at the register and presented his gift card. Susan had given him the opportunity to eat pussy for his birthday, but not hers. At least, not yet.

“Do you want to use it all today? You can spend part of it now and the rest later if you wish?” the girl offered.

“No, the gift card was a birthday gift so I want to get the full experience,” he said.

“Your birthday?” she asked, smiling, “Then let me give you a complimentary addition of 15 more minutes. Happy Birthday, and have fun!”

She tripped the lock on a big wooden door that opened into the rest of the building.

There were rows and rows of booths, each with a sign over the row, and then each booth had a sign over the entrance curtain.

The first row was “New Arrivals.” It must have been for teenagers because there was an age sign over each booth, starting with 18 and going up to 24. Sweet, he thought.

The next row was “Everybody’s Favorites,” and he presumed it was for women over 24. The signs over the booths were by hair color, “Blond, Brunette, Jet Black, Auburn, Really Red, and “Chocolate,” obviously for an African American girl.

The next row was “Supersized Goodies,” and the signs over the booths had weight categories, “Chunky, Hefty, Plus Size, Slightly plump, “Big Girl,” and “Don’t Ask.”

The next row was “MILE,” (obviously MILF changed to MILE, the “E” for “eat”) and the signs indicated age ranges, “35-39”, “40-45”, “46-49”, “50-55”, “56-60”, and “Young Grandma”.

The next row was split into two sections; the sign for the booths on the left was labelled as “Exotic Delights,” and the booth signs said “African Beauty,” “Japanese”, “Chinese”, “Indian”, “German”, and “French”.

There were two other booths, and the header sign said, “Fetishes”. The booth signs read “Anal” and “Watersports”. The latter booth had a plastic covering on the floor.

Each booth was designed so that the customer, standing inside the curtain would be perfectly positioned so that when the curtain closed and the model came out, the customer could give her oral sex. Each model was in a padded chair that leaned back, pushing her pelvis right into the customer’s face.

Marty walked around to the Japanese booth and stepped inside and closed the curtain behind him. A door opened and a pretty Japanese girl with dark hair slid forward on the track holding her chair. She was totally naked, with her ass on the edge of the chair and her legs spread, obviously ready to be serviced. She smiled and greeting him. “How are you today?” she asked warmly.

“I’m great; this is my first time here but I’ve always wanted to see what it was like to, um…you know, do this for an oriental girl.”

“Well, I’m honored that you chose me; what is your name, sir?”

“Marty, it’s Marty.”

“Thank you; Marty, I am Yoko. Are you ready to begin?”

“Yes, ma’am, ready when you are.”

“Okay; may I have your timer please?”

She took the timer, pushed a button on the back of it and assumed her position. Marty was a little nervous but it wasn’t his money, so he decided to just to with the flow and see what he could do.

Yoko had a full black natural bush and he loved the feel of it when he pressed his face into her crotch. He tried licking her outer lips and dipping his tongue in a few times. She wasn’t wet even though she must have been licked already today. He pressed in against her deeper and went for her clit.

“Oh, that’s very nice, Mr. Marty. Do you like my oriental pussy?”

Marty wanted to get Susan’s money’s worth so he just hummed his answer into her pussy, “um-hm.” He licked and sucked until he thought she should have come, but even though she was not breathing heavily, he could taste her juices beginning to flow. She seemed almost uninterested, and suddenly he felt like she didn’t appreciate his efforts, so he pulled away.

“Are you through?” she asked calmly.

“Yeah, I think I’d like to move around and try a few others.”

“Very well,” she said. She adjusted the back of the timer and as the curtain opened, the track moved her back into her hiding place. She blew him a kiss as she backed up and said, “Thank you, Mr. Marty, please to come back to see me again sometime.”

Marty grabbed a wet wipe, wiped his face and dried it with a paper towel when he left the booth. He had lots of time left but didn’t know what to try. When he walked by the “Watersports” booth the curtain was closed. He could hear liquid dripping on the floor despite someone’s loud frantic gulping. Sick bastard, he thought.

He waited for the curtain to open on the “Anal” booth, but he was just curious to see what would happen in there. The guy leaving wiped his face, as he was leaving and smiled at Marty. “Hell, I’d gargle with her diarrhea just because it’s hers,” he said. Marty almost threw up, but then his curiosity got the best of him and he went in and closed the curtain.

This time when the track brought out the girl, she was standing next to her chair. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous woman, big firm breasts, slim hips and dancer’s legs. “Hi, I’m Veronica,” she said in a friendly voice.

“I’m Marty,” he answered. “I saw the sign out there that said “Anal” and I wondered what it meant because I’m here to eat pussy.”

“The policy is that the customer give each of us oral attention, and for me that means I like to have my ass licked, and more.”

“You mean, like finger fucked or something?” he asked.

“No, a tongue is good or just good long licking sessions; that’s what pleases me most.” She said.

“I’d gladly give up the rest of my time just to taste your pussy; you’re gorgeous.”

“Thanks, Marty, but you’ll have to wait until I change booths and I’m not sure when that will be, so…” and she turned around, got on her knees in the chair and present her ass to Marty. The hottest, smoothest looking athletic ass he’d seen in a long time.

“Well, I’d like to win a gift card by making a model come, but licking your ass won’t do it,” he said, mildly protesting his position.

“While your licking my ass, I’ll be rubbing my clit, and if you pull out your dick and stroke it, it would get me even hotter.” She said teasingly.

Marty knew damn well she was just a prick tease, wanting him to use up all his remaining time licking her beautiful ass. But he handed her his timer and she did her thing and she reached back and spread her cheeks. What a fucking tight brown button she had! He lapped up and down in her crack and she started talking dirty.

“That’s it, Marty, lick my ass; stick your tongue in there for me baby,” she moaned.

He knew she was just playing with him, but Susan never let him play with her ass, so he jammed his tongue in and wiggled it in as far as her could. He felt her sphincter actually tighten on his tongue and his dick came alive.

“Are you stroking your big dick for me, Marty? Would you like to cum on my ass for me?”

Marty knew he could easily blow a wad if he started jerking off with his face in this gorgeous girl’s ass, and he wasn’t ready for that. He backed away, breathing a little heavier than he wanted.

“Aw, you’ve had enough already?” she cooed, “I was just getting warmed up.”

“Yeah, well I’m here for pussy actually, so I’m gonna move along,” Marty said.

Veronica adjusted his timer and as she backed away the curtain starting opening. The last thing she said was, “There is mouth wash next to the wet wipes if you need it.”

Marty made use of the mouth wash and spit it out on the floor of the booth when he left.

He made his way over to the “New Arrivals” and slid into the “18” booth. The curtain closed and his model was a cute girl with small tits but nice legs, especially from his angle; she was holding her ankles in her hands with her legs spread wide open, ready, ready, ready.

“Hi, I’m Marty,” he said, looking directly at her snatch. Her wet snatch. Her young, blond, very wet snatch. He smacked his lips and looked at her. She had a lustful look on her face. “Hi, Marty, I’m Ginger and I just transferred from another booth where a guy got me so close I’m willing to let go and give away a gift card. Wanna help me out, baby?”

He tried to hand her the gift card but she ignored him. “Just put it back in your pocket and start sucking my clit. Don’t stop until I’m done, okay?”

“No problem,” agreed Marty and he stuck his face into her wetness and slipped his mouth over her clit. He used his tongue to tickle it as he sucked on her flesh around it and she released her grip on her legs but kept them in the air, spread wide. Her hands found the back of his head and yanked him even harder against her pussy.

Marty soon realized the booth she had transferred from; the smell of pee was pretty strong. He looked up at her and she was watching him. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that, but that’s why you’re getting a fucking gift card. Just keep sucking!”

The smell became immaterial as she dug her fingernails into his scalp and wrapped her legs around his head. He unzipped his fly and managed to yank out his cock. He wished he could climb up on the chair and fuck her to death but he couldn’t, so he began stroking his cock.

She was going crazy, moaning and then began humping his face with her pussy. She nearly ripped out his hair when she came but he didn’t care; he was spraying a huge load on the floor below. He moaned into her pussy as he came and tongue fucked her for good measure. She loved it.

“You’re a good sport, Marty, old boy. Give me your timer.”

She sat up in her chair while Marty wiped his face and used a paper tower first on his chin and then on his dick. She punched a special code on the back of his timer. “I only showed you in here for 10 minutes but sent a message that you made me come. When you leave, they will give you the gift card. I hope you’ll come again, to see me, that is,” she said with a smile. Marty had his cock back in his pants when the curtain opened and she disappeared.

Marty decided he was ready to make Susan pay for all this temptation. She knew that eating pussy made him horny as hell. Even though he had blown his load once, he knew that he could eat Susan through enough orgasms to revive himself.

When he checked out, the girl at the register gave him a new, adjusted gift card. “Your remaining time is on there as well as the extra $50. Congratulations, you must be very good with your mouth and tongue.”

“Sometimes I get lucky, is all,” he said, licking his lips. “Can you give me any idea when Veronica might be in a different booth?” he asked.

“She stays in Anal for 4 days, Monday through Thursday, and then she transfers to the Exotic Delights section on Fridays, usually the “French” booth; her name is actually Veronica Dupree, so I think she’s really French.

“Very interesting; I’ll see you next Friday,” and as he was leaving he said under his breath, “Susan was right, this WAS the best fucking birthday present, EVER!”




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