Naughty Ladies Only III

Naughty Ladies Only III Naughty Ladies Only III

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


After Ben placed an AD for Naughty Ladies Only, he received one particular response that involved Mistress Calli and her friend Mistress Amie. This picks up after Naughty Ladies Only II.....


After Ben placed an AD for Naughty Ladies Only, he received one particular response that involved Mistress Calli and her friend Mistress Amie. This picks up after Naughty Ladies Only II.....

Chapter3 (v.1) - Phase 3

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A follow up of Naughty Ladies Only, Naughty Ladies Only I and Naughty Ladies Only II

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 03, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 03, 2020



Naughty Ladies Only III

Knowing that Mistress Calli would require complete control, Ben felt assured that if he became her sub quickly, or at least acted like one, he would surely receive the sexual favors he craved in the manner he hoped she would use. However, she had tested his resistance and promptly convinced him that he would have to endure her own agenda if he were to have any sex with her at all.

The introduction of Mistress Amie into the session shocked Ben and yet created additional excitement. He was admittedly disappointed and frustrated being unsure of whose mouth had taunted his cock and whose pussy had used the strap on over his face. The excitement and pleasure of the whole scene was enhanced subsequently by the mystery.

Mistress Calli looked at Ben’s cum, dribbling down his chest to his abs as he sat there trying to regain his composure. “He must have really been saving it up for us, Mistress Amie; look at that mess.”

Mistress Amie: “Yes, it’s impressive in a way, but I hope he has more.”

Mistress Calli: “Oh, I’m sure he has; he assured me that he can last a long time and he likes to come frequently, repeatedly until he is spent.”

Mistress Amie: “He certainly didn’t last as long as he should have, in my opinion.”

Mistress Calli: “No matter; he will more opportunity to perform for us later.”

Mistress Callie stood before Ben, and as he gazed at her marvelous thighs, she said, “Go clean up, puppy. You have dinner to prepare for us, and if you behave during dinner, you might get some sweet dessert.”

As it turned out, Mistress Calli’s idea of preparing dinner was having Ben order steak, shrimp, several sides and champagne from the finest restaurant in town and having it delivered. While they waited, Mistress Calli directed Ben to the bathroom. “Turn on the shower, Mistress Amie wants to play.”

“And I like it really hot,” Mistress Amie stated with her own degree of authority.

When the water was practically steaming in the large shower stall, Mistress Amie undressed and stepped in. “Perfect!” she said as she pulled Ben in by his wrist. He nearly winced as the hot water sprayed over his body. “Wash me with your hands, every inch,” she said, “starting with my feet.”

Ben sprayed some body wash on his hands and lathered them up and as Mistress Amie lifted one foot, he massaged it with his soapy hands, cleaning her toes as well. She lifted the other foot and he did the same. As he began washing one of her legs, sliding his soapy hands up over her calf and to her fleshy inner thigh, she lifted her foot and tapped his scrotum with her toes. He jumped at the initial contact and she and Mistress Calli both laughed.

“See if you can get him hard while he washes you,” suggested Mistress Calli, who was seated on the commode lid watching the activity in the shower.

Poor Ben worked on both the sexy legs as his balls were tickled and tapped by Mistress Amie’s toes. When he stood up and applied more soap to his hands, Mistress Amie took his face in her hands and stared into his eyes. “Wash my neck and work your way down.”

“Yes, Mistress Amie.”

Ben worked his hands from her neck down her back to her waist and then soaped up her huge firm breasts. He could feel her eyes looking at him as he rubbed his soapy thumbs over her hard nipples.

“Wash my pussy but don’t get any fingers in my slit.”

“Yes, Mistress Amie.”

Ben carefully washed between her thighs and around her smooth pussy lips and when his hand began to slide between her buttocks, she said, “You know, it might please me if your slippery finger finds its way between my cheeks, puppy.”

As Ben slid a finger down her crack, the hot water cascaded down her back and before he could touch her anal opening, Mistress Calli interrupted him.

“Why not make him use his tongue; I think he likes that sort of thing?” she suggested.

Mistress Amie turned around, spread her cheeks and blocked the water flow temporarily. “Yes, yes, I think I’d like that,” chimed Mistress Amie. Ben grabbed her ass cheeks but decided to use the safe word. This was not going the way he had hoped. But Mistress Amie put her hands over his and leaned back, pressing his face into her crack and pushing his head against the shower wall. He couldn’t say the safe word. He couldn’t grunt; he was suffocating in the warm wet folds of her ass. And he couldn’t snap his fingers.

“Use your tongue, puppy, tongue my ass if you want to breathe again!” demanded Mistress Amie. Ben drove his tongue into her tight wet ass, in and out, in and out until he thought he would pass out. She released his hands and stepped away, leaving him gasping in the shower stall.

“Come out and dry off, Ben,” said Mistress Calli, “you just got a text on your phone that the food will be here in 10 minutes.

As Ben finished toweling off, Mistress Calli walked around behind him. “I have something for you, puppy, to help keep you ready for us all night,” she said. She reached around him. “Spread your legs.”

Mistress Amie, still naked, began fondling his balls as Mistress Callie stroked his cock from behind. He looked at Mistress Amie’s breasts as she slipped two fingers inside her pussy and offered them to his mouth. He opened his mouth, slid his tongue out, but she put her fingers in her own mouth and sucked on them. His cock quickly filled Mistress Calli’s hand as she brought it to full attention. She released his cock, went to her purse and brought back some thick rubber bands.

She pulled and twisted one into a tight circle and slid it down Ben’s erection to the base and released it. The rubber snapped in place, squeezing the base of his cock. His hard on would be guaranteed now. He felt he could endure it and might even enjoy the teasing but then he became worried. Mistress Amie had squeezed his ball sac and Mistress Calli stretched another rubber band around them under the base of his cock. It was extremely uncomfortable feeling the tight rubber band squeezing and his balls looked swollen.

The doorbell rang and Mistress Calli said, “Go to the door and get our dinner, puppy; we’re hungry.”

Unfortunately the delivery person was a young girl, and when she saw Ben as he opened the door, she dropped the bags of food, put her hands to her mouth and yelled, Oh My GOD!” and ran back to her car.

Ben had to stand between the two women as they sat eating their dinner. They took much delight in his condition and took turns rubbing his tender balls and teasing the tip of his cock. When they had finished eating, they led Ben back to the play and exercise room.

Mistress Calli: “You’ve been a very good boy, Ben, allowing us our fun so we will allow you more of what you want and expected tonight.”

Mistress Amie: “But only under our conditions.”

Mistress Calli: “And tomorrow, all bets are off when it comes to our using you, Ben. Do you still remember the safe word?”

Ben: “Calloway.”

Both women laughed hysterically.

 Mistress Amie: “And what if your mouth is preoccupied and you can’t talk?”

Ben: “I nod my head three times?”

More laughter from both women.

Mistress Calli: “And finally, what if you can’t speak, or move your head, then what is the safe alternative?”

Ben: “Um…I blink my eyes three times?”

Both women looked at each other, speaking at the same time. “Excellent!”

Mistress Amie grabbed his erection, slapped it a few times and took control. “Lie down on the bench, arms and legs tucked underneath.”

Once he was on his back, both women secured his wrists and ankles in cuffs and connected them with chains under the bench so he could not sit up or move his limbs.

Mistress Calli stood next to the bench, and as Ben’s eyes nearly bulged from their sockets, he watched her reach under her shiny black leather skirt and slide a lacy black thong down her long legs. He groaned with anticipation. “Please! Please, Mistress Calli; please sit on my face oh, please?” he begged.

She leaned over his head, speaking softly as she stuffed the damp thong between his lips. Ben stared at her perfect breasts, so close to popping out of her shiny black leather outfit. He ached to suck on them, just once, just a little.

Mistress Calli: “Can you smell my pussy in my thong, puppy?”

Ben: “Um-hm.”

Mistress Calli: “Does it smell familiar, like you’ve smelled it before?”

Ben’s mind reeled for a moment and he grunted in confusion.

Ben: “Um?”

Mistress Calli: “That’s right, puppy it was me who fucked your face earlier. Does that make you feel better?”

His heart pounding, Ben mumbled into the thong, “Oh ma GA!”

Suddenly Mistress Amie approached nearby, straddled the bench and lowered her body down over Ben in a 69 position. Her pussy caressed his lips as her thick soft thighs closed against his face. He stared up between them at Mistress Calli, still leaning over his face.

Mistress Calli: “You claim to enjoy extended oral and 69 is your favorite, and Mistress Amie says it is her favorite sexual pastime; she can go for an hour or more without coming. And she put on some extra lipstick, nice and sticky, so enjoy!”

Ben felt Mistress Amie’s lips slowly sliding down his engorged cock, made even more sensitive because of the blood trapped in his cock. Her hips began to undulate slowly, gently grinding her pussy against his mouth. He struggled to get his tongue out around the thong to enjoy the taste of her.

Mistress Calli: “I know you’d love to fuck my pussy Ben, and you probably will, if you’re man enough to last to the third day. Oh, and I know you want to taste my pussy, too, to really get in there and drink my juices, and you will, I guarantee it.”

Ben felt Mistress Amie using her fingers to rub his tender ball sac as her teeth gently chewed the sensitive swollen head of his cock. He could already feel the thong getting soaked in her pussy juices. Her thighs squeezed even tighter against his face and his cock ached as her body pressed down on him with her full weight.

Mistress Calli: “But here’s the thing, Ben; I brought along my friend Mistress Amie for a reason. We’re going to drain you of all your cum and your energy, and when I finally do sit on your face and fill your mouth with my pussy juice, you won’t have anything left to fuck us with. And you should be concerned, Ben, because Mistress Amie might surprise you after I’m done with you; she can be very naughty and very cruel when she is given complete control.”








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