Even More for Meg

Even More for Meg Even More for Meg

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A return to the hotel, but this time at her request....


A return to the hotel, but this time at her request....


Submitted: January 18, 2016

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Submitted: January 18, 2016



Even More for Meg

I was immediately excited when she called me. It had been several weeks since our hotel rendezvous and I was wondering if she would do that again with me sometime. Our phone conversation was brief and to the point.

“Ben, my husband said he has to go to a meeting out of town and we haven’t had sex in almost two weeks; I need to see you,” she said with considerable urgency.

“Of course; you know I’m always here for a woman in need, Meg. What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“The same hotel. The same room, Ben, but this time things will be my choices.” The authority in her voice made me hard. I love an aggressive or dominating woman.

“Not a problem; let me call the hotel to confirm we can get that particular room,” I said.

“Good,” she said, “Call me and I’ll meet you there at seven tonight.”

There was no problem obtaining the room we wanted and I was in the room with all the lights on and eagerly waiting when Meg arrived. She looked hot, as usual, dressed to catch men’s’ attentions. Her hair was bouncing at her shoulders and her long tight dress hugged her curves like the silk had been poured over her body. I licked my lips just watching her body use every inch of that dress as she walked into the room.

The sun had set and it was getting very dark outside. We embraced and kissed briefly. “I’m so damned horny, Ben,” she said almost apologetically. “You’ve got to let me have it my way tonight.”

“You know I’d love that, Meg, just tell me what you want me to do.”

“Help me move this chair,” she said, and we moved the large easy chair until it was in the middle of the room but facing the window vents under the large window. The curtains were closed and she took little time to explain what she needed. She produced a pair of hand cuffs from her purse.

“Put your hands behind your back for me, Ben.”

Willingly I let her cuff my wrists behind me and she positioned me in front of the chair. She went into the bathroom and when she returned she had the plastic shower curtain with her. She draped it over the back of the chair, across the arms and in the seat. Then she got to her knees, unbuckled my belt, and yanked my pants and boxers down to my knees.

“Sit down in the chair,” she said. My cock was already growing to a respectable erection and I was dying to be used, for whatever she had in mind. She kicked off her heels and peeled the dress slowly down off her body. Just as I had imagined and hoped, she wore nothing underneath. She put on fresh lipstick, right in front of me and my cock twitched.

In our personal and private conversations, she learned that kissing a woman softly on the lips when she has on lipstick is an extra turn on for me.

“I know you’re gonna love this, Ben, I’ve been waiting to do this ever since the last time we were here,” she said with that beautiful lusty smile that I love. “But the shower curtain is in case I get TOO excited, and you know what I mean.”

Then she turned off all the lights except the one on the desk behind the chair against the wall. I was in the shadow of the chair but I could see every inch of her, highlighted by the desk lamp. She climbed into the chair, straddling my hips and knelt down, nestling my cock against her slit. She brushed her damp lips across mine over and over, the smell of the lipstick was driving me crazy and the soft touch of her lips on mine made my cock throb against her.

I playfully licked her lips and she giggled. Then she began to grind her hips against me, teasing my hard shaft. Soon it was wet with her juices. She leaned forward and let me lick and suck on her breasts and nipples. My cock was dripping precum like a mini fire hose.

All too soon she stood up in the chair and put her hands on the top behind my head. She bent her knees, pushing her pelvis forward and rubbed her wet slit up and down on the tip of my nose.

“Please, Meg….” I whispered.

“Please, what, Ben?” she asked teasingly.

“Please let me lick you, PLEASE?” I begged.

“That’s more like it,” she said as she pressed her pussy against my hungry mouth. I drove my tongue into her sweet wetness to treat myself as she humped against my face. My cock was twitching and jumping around and precum had dripped down to my balls. She let me enjoy myself for a while, but then knelt in the chair again, but this time she impaled herself on my aching cock.

She rose slowly to the tip and plunged down on it, soaking my shaft right to the base. I groaned with pleasure with each thrust of her body. She watched my face and teased me with every move of her body.

“Doesn’t that feel good, Ben? Wouldn’t you like to come, Ben? Wouldn’t you like to shoot your hot cum into my warm wet cunt, Ben?”

“Oh, fuck yeah, Meg, can I? Can I please come?” I moaned.

“Of course not, you silly,” she said, “You told me you always want the woman to come first, right?”

I groaned even more; she was clenching my shaft with her pussy and about to make me come. “Yes, yes, I know, but fuck, Meg, I’m so close…”

“Then we must do something about that, Ben,” she said as she dislodged and got off the chair. She went to the window and pulled the drawstrings until the curtains opened just part way, but enough for anyone to see in the dim light what we were doing.

Then she returned and climbed back onto the chair, standing again. This time she held my head firmly in her hands. Her back was to the window, but she acted as though she was on stage, giving a performance of some kind. Grinding into my face, she gyrated her hips and pelvis, rubbing her pussy all over my face before finally jamming my mouth into her core.

I feasted on her wetness, lapping like a dog drinking from his dish, loudly sucking like my life depended on it. She loved it, sighing above me, “Ah…yes…that’s it…eat me you horny fucker, suck my cunt dry!”

I got into it I was gasping and moaning, almost whimpering. My cock oozed precum and I could feel it dripping down my twitching shaft to my balls. I knew that if she came like this there was a strong possibility that I could come, untouched, if she let me. “Work my clit, Ben, make it happen,” she demanded. The authority in her voice alone made my cock throb even more.

I moved my mouth to consume her clit. I sucked her hood hard into my mouth, almost to the roof of my mouth, and her fingers dug into my scalp. I was dangerously close to losing control. Indeed she was horny, because as soon as my tongue flicked rapidly back and forth across her clit, she cried out and her body stiffened against my face.

Her body convulsed and her fingernails dug into my scalp. I would have come, unable to stop myself, but my focus was distracted. As she came, she also squirted and the initial discharge almost choked me. Most of it splashed on my lips and cheeks but it went everywhere. I kept licking her clit as best I could and she rubbed her clit against my tongue slowly as her orgasm subsided.

My shirt was soaked. The smell, taste and force of her squirt amazed me, and my cock still ached for release. When she stepped down from the chair and turned around, I thought she was going to sit down on my cock, but she noticed someone at the window. She stepped aside enough for me to see the man outside.

He was wearing a suit and his arm was moving, and it was obvious what his hand was doing just below the window sill outside. Meg hesitated a moment and then held her hand out, hinting for him to “wait”. She turned and came back to me in the chair. She knelt down in front of me and attacked my poor cock with a purpose. Her hand and mouth worked me into a quick frenzy, and she took it from me.

She sealed her lips over the tip of my cock as her hand pumped my load into her mouth. I groaned from the intensity of my orgasm. She pulled away carefully and went to the window. Standing close to it, she opened her mouth for the man to see my cum, and then she spat it at his face on the window.

The man’s face showed sheer shock. His mouth was open and his arm was moving faster. As soon as my cum began to trickle down the inside of the window, a rope of his cum splashed on the outside, just above the window sill. He was still pumping when Meg closed the curtains to cut off his view.

She went to her purse and brought the key and unlocked my cuffs. We went in and took a shower together, taking time to enjoy each other’s body in the process. Later when we got dressed, we took the shower curtain into the bathroom and dumped it into the tub.

As we exited the lobby, Meg kissed me on the cheek and said, “That was hot; we need to come back soon.”

“I’m good with that,” I replied, although I knew that once the maid saw the window and the shower curtain in the morning that the hotel might not rent to me anymore.



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