Delivering Jenna's Release - (and Mine)

Delivering Jenna's Release - (and Mine) Delivering Jenna's Release - (and Mine)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The last session with Jenna left us both aroused at our peaks and unsatisfied so it became my responsibility to find a way to get us off and satisfy us thoroughly.


The last session with Jenna left us both aroused at our peaks and unsatisfied so it became my responsibility to find a way to get us off and satisfy us thoroughly.


Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016




I had never been with a woman who could drive me so crazy by just touching my body. I’ve always been more inclined to do the touching and teasing, but until recently, I always insured that the woman has sufficient orgasms to satisfy her before we end our love making. The mistake I made with Jenna was abusing her and basically degrading her with bizarre sex, thinking she might actually like it. She did not.

The consequences were totally unexpected. We’ve been dating long enough that we both know and understand each other’s likes and dislikes, and in particular, what lurks deep inside. So when she taunted me with her body, the actual refusal to allow me to taste her, and then leaving my body screaming for release and the need to satisfy her as well, I was shocked. She decided to shift the responsibility for our pleasures to me.

I decided to play the game further and after we had eaten a meal that she had prepared, I left and went home, vowing to stay chaste until our next meeting.

Two days later I called her at her work and asked her to meet me outside her building at the curb for lunch. I was pleased to see that when she came out the door she was wearing her usual casual work attire: a blouse and skirt. (She has great legs and loves to flaunt them.)

I drove to the nearby shopping mall and drove around until I could find a parking space close to the entrance. Leaning over to her, I slipped my right arm around her shoulders. She moved her face close to mine and I kissed her. Her mouth tastes like cherries; maybe it’s her lipstick but kissing her gives me a hard on.

I slid a hand inside her blouse seeking a nipple and she slapped my hand away. “Stop it, Ben! People will be walking by and see us!” she protested. I responded by kissing her again and when she closed her eyes I slipped my left hand under her skirt and quickly palmed her mound through her panties.

Her eyes flew open and she pushed me away and yanked my hand out from under her skirt. “I thought we were going to have lunch?” she asked.

“Yep, just follow me,” I replied. We walked into the mall entrance and I led her to the closest department store. I knew she was mystified but she followed me silently up the escalator and into the ladies’ lingerie department. She looked at me, quite puzzled and I whispered to her, “Grab a few items and meet me in that fitting room over there,” I said as I pointed to the nearest one.

“What the…?” she mumbled but by then I was out of sight. I stole quietly into the fitting room and luckily it was empty. I ducked into the first stall and when Jenna came in with a handful of panties and bras I ushered her into the stall with me. It had wooden slats that were slanted downward so that you could see someone passing by but only from the waist down. Nobody could see into the stall unless they sat on the floor.

“Lose the panties and sit on the bench,” I ordered. She realized why I had brought her there. She hung her panties on a hook and sat down. “Unzip me and pull it out,” I said. She complied and waited for my instructions. (She loves being submissive sometimes, just as I do.)

“Put it in your mouth and suck on it until I tell you to stop and at the same time, play with yourself.” Her mouth engulfed my flaccid cock easily and she held her skirt up with one hand and slipped the other one under her skirt. As soon as I was erect, she took her task seriously, slurping on the tip of my shaft and moaning, no doubt enjoying what her fingers were doing out of sight.

As I had expected and hoped, we heard two women enter the fitting room. One of them was saying to the other, “I hate those Bali bras; I can’t find one to feel comfortable all day.” They both passed by our stall. One went into the next stall behind us and the other one decided to use the one directly opposite ours.

Jenna looked up at me with a little trepidation in her eyes. I pulled my cock from her mouth. “Hold out your hands,” I whispered. She cupped her hands together and I stroked my shaft, breathing heavily. Within a few seconds, I was pumping my seed into her hands. The force of the first blast startled her and she almost lost it but captured it and everything I had into her hands right before her eyes.

Even I was amazed at the amount pooled in her palms. “Oh, shit; look at that!” she whispered, a little too loudly. One of the women was outside, passing by when she heard Jenna. She tapped on the door and asked, “Are you alright in there?”

Jenna quickly answered, “Yes, thanks, Just having trouble with a snap, but I’m fine.”

“Okay, dear,” the woman replied and then turned to face the other stall. “Mildred, I’ll be waiting outside.”

“Okay, Becky, I’ll be right out,” responded the other woman.

I looked down at Jenna and whispered, “Lube me up and stroke it some more.”

Jenna wrapped her wet hands around the head of my cock and slid them down the shaft, but then used my cum to lube the tip. Her wet fist made sucking sounds as she massaged the head without saying a word.

When we heard the other woman leave the stall across from us I whispered to Jenna, “Lick your hands clean.” She looked right at me as she licked and sucked each of her fingers and then licked her palms clean. “Now me,” I instructed. Her eyes never left mine as she sucked every inch of me clean. I stood there with my shiny erection standing proudly in front of her.

I tucked and zipped and took her panties off the hook and put them in my pocked. “Let’s go,” I said. We sneaked to the door and waited until there was nobody in the department and then slipped back out to the main aisle. “What about me?” she asked, looking a little forlorn. “Be patient; I have a plan.” I said assuredly.

I led her to the men’s’ department and grabbed a couple shirts off a rack and when no one was close by I took Jenna into the fitting room. We could hear rustling of clothing and knew that someone in the back stall was trying on clothes. We ducked into the first stall, where I knew we might be heard.

Once inside the stall, I hung the shirts on a hook and then sat on the floor with my back against the bench. Jenna straddled my body and then put one foot on the bench next to my shoulder. She lifted her skirt obediently and I ducked my head under it. I spent a long time licking the inside of her thigh so she could feel my breath on her shaved pussy.

When I finally treated myself to a taste, she was more than ready, because her hands pressed against the back of my head outside her skirt. She knew very well that if she moaned or made any noises that I could not reply if someone heard and tapped on the door. I wanted her to enjoy the delicious temptation to moan but to have to stifle it.

I teased her terribly, taking her to the edge and then easing off when her thighs tightened against my face. When I heard the man in the back stall unlatch the lock, I sucked Jenna’s clit frantically and rammed two fingers deep inside her. She gasped but made no other audible sound when her body shuddered against my mouth.

I lapped greedily at her sweetness until my erection strained against my pants. I slid out from under her, licked my lips and kissed her. Her tongue stabbed between my lips and she moaned feverishly. I wanted to fuck her right there. But we were done.

She seemed confused as we repeated the same stealth in leaving the fitting room and moving about the store. I led her into the bedding area until I found the right spot. There was an alcove where the pillows were stored in big bins, some of them waist high. We moved into the alcove and with both of us facing the aisle I pushed her against the bin of pillows.

I stood behind her, unzipped my pants and lifted her skirt. “Fuck no, Ben!” she protested. I ignored her and pressed against her, sliding my erection between her thighs. She spread her legs voluntarily. I rubbed the tip of my cock back and forth in her slit, teasing her clit as well. “When you see someone walk by, lean down and put your head on the top pillow, and pretend that you’re testing it,” I instructed.

As luck would have it, an older couple walked by the alcove and stopped, looking at something at the other end of the displays, about thirty feet away. Obediently, Jenna put her face down on the top pillow, and I slipped my cock into her wetness.

“Do you like how that feels, honey?” I asked out loud. The older couple looked over at us, smiled and then turned and walked toward another department. Jenna’s hands fisted into the pillow as I grabbed her hips and fucked her as fast as I could. She moaned into the pillow, “Oh, God…Oh, God...we’re going to get caught…Oh, God…” And I came, spewing into her with a vengeance. When I was done, I carefully withdrew, stepped back and zipped up. Jenna stood and turned around. Her face was flushed. “I am so fucking hot; I can’t believe I came that fast,” she said.

“We’re not done, sweetness,” I said teasingly. Moving further into the store I stopped at the jewelry counter. As we waited for the clerk to turn our way I whispered to Jenna, “Squat down in front of the display case and pretend you’re looking at the rings, but dip your fingers inside and get my cum and lick it off your fingers.”

“Are you nuts?” she said in a shouted whisper.

“Nope; just do it; I’ll stop you if anybody comes near,” I said.

She must have still been horny because she did it. Squatting down next to me she slid a hand under her skirt as the clerk came over to face me. “Can I help you? She asked politely.

“No, thanks; my girlfriend just wants to look at the rings for a bit,” I explained.

“Okay, just call if you need me,” she said, and she turned and went to the other side of the counter to wait on someone else. I looked down and watched Jenna slipping her wet fingers into her mouth. As her hand slipped out of sight again she silently mouthed the words “You fucker.”

Jenna was obviously enjoying her task more than I expected because she was still squatting when the clerk returned, looked down at Jenna and innocently asked “Did you find anything?” Jenna stood up, smiling and said, “Yes, but I think I’ll wait a while to get it.”

We were hurrying out of the store when Jenna finally realized how long we had been gone. “Shit! My lunch hour is gone and my boss is going to be pissed. What am I going to tell him?”

“Easy,” I answered, “Tell him your boyfriend met you for a “nooner” and he’ll understand,”

We both had a little laugh on the way to the car. When we reached my car I opened the passenger door, which I always do for a woman, but I pushed the seat back and quickly climbed in, sitting on the floorboard with my legs crossed.

“What the fuck are you doing, Ben?” Jenna asked.

“Shhh…just get in,” I answered. She turned and sat on the seat and swung her legs in, straddling my head. (Wait for it…..). She put her feet on the dashboard and raised her skirt. She slid down in the seat until my face was wedged right where we both like it. “Take your time; I’ll watch for people,” she said.

I’m not a guy who particularly likes tasting his own sperm, so I concentrated on her clit from the start. The position was awkward so it wasn’t convenient to use my fingers, but I gave her clit the treatment she deserved for playing along with my game in the store. It began to get pretty warm under her skirt and my cock was growing again by the time she decided to come.

She flipped her skirt up so she could see my face between her legs. “I love to watch you eat me when I come,” she said. I gave her clit a few generous licks before taking it between my lips and sucking it into my mouth. She grabbed my ears and squeezed her legs together. I almost came in my pants. She made soft little sounds, “ooo…..yeah…oooo” when she came.

I was gasping for breath when she opened her legs, smiling at me. “Thanks for lunch,” I said. She giggled and opened the door. She looked around and gave me the “thumbs up” sign and I climbed out, kissed her and went around to my side of the car.

I backed out of the space and as I pulled out onto the main road to return to her office, she noticed the bulge in my pants. She reached over, unzipped my pants and fished out my erection. “Can’t have you going home like that,” she said, and she began stroking me.

I adjusted the seat back a little further to give her full access, and my arms were stretched out so my hands could hold the steering wheel. She was pounding it faster and faster and then leaned across the console and put her mouth on me. It was pure hell trying to concentrate on the road while her hand and mouth did wonderful things to me.

When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I groaned out loud and her hand pumped steadily, feeding my cum to her greedy mouth. When she had milked me dry, she quickly kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She had swallowed my load but I still tasted the remnants of her work.

“Ewww!” I said, sticking out my tongue.

“Serves you right, fucker, for making me eat it in the store,” she replied.

“So I guess you’re still hungry, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I’ll be okay,” she answered. “By the way, I want my panties back; where are you taking me for dinner?”



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