A Tour of the Isle of Lesbos - the introduction

A Tour of the Isle of Lesbos - the introduction A Tour of the Isle of Lesbos - the introduction

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Girard ends up on the island lost and seeking shelter, but he finds much more....


Girard ends up on the island lost and seeking shelter, but he finds much more....


Submitted: December 23, 2015

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Submitted: December 23, 2015



~~A Tour of the Isle of Lesbos

The Introduction

Girard and his friend, Barnard were sailing in the bay between the mainland of Greece and Mytilene, the island better known as Lesbos. An unexpected storm roared upon them and they struggled to keep their small craft afloat for almost an hour, when it finally crashed into a rocky cove on the island.

Bewildered, battered and bruised, they managed to get ashore from the wreckage of their boat and began hiking through the dense brush seeking shelter. Barnard became frustrated because there seemed little hope of finding shelter in the direction Girard had chosen, and so he went off on his own quest, leaving Girard to find his way alone.

The storm finally began to dissipate and Girard came upon a small group of naked women, several of whom were carrying spears, as though hunting for game. He thought it odd but approached them calmly, and asked for water and shelter so he could rest. The age range of the group varied from young women, probably in their late teens, to women probably in their forties, he estimated. A few were very attractive, but most seemed average in every respect.

The women seemed strangely excited to see him, and they welcomed him warmly, escorting him to a small village of tents and huts. He felt like he had somehow entered another era, but the women ushered him into a large tent and immediately began fussing over him. They brought him food and water, and even as he ate, they began to undress him and wash his body.

When they had cleansed all of him except where his pants prevented it, they stripped him, and were quite aggressive in doing so. He chose not to object, since they had been so kind and seemed only interested in making him comfortable and clean. When his pants were thrown aside, two women helped him stand while two others bathed his genitals.

Girard could not ignore the continued touching and washing of his genitals, and he was soon erect, much to the delight of the women in the tent.  They had been giggling and whispering among themselves up to this point, but now one of them finally stepped forward and took his hand.

“What is your name?” she asked.

“Girard,” he replied.

“I am Cena,” she said warmly, “Come; you must be presented to the Supreme One.” She led him from the tent and the others followed. As they made their way through the small village, Girard noticed more women, also totally naked, but no men or small children. The group of women gathering grew larger and larger as they approached a large building, which obviously was some sort of temple.

They entered and soon Girard was standing before a woman who was sitting in a throne. He guessed that she was at least fifty, probably older. Cena was still holding Girard’s hand and she raised it in the air, as though presenting a prize. “We found this specimen in the forest, Supreme One. He has been fed, watered and cleansed.”

The old woman looked at Girard and asked, “What is your name, and why did you come here?”

“My name is Girard, Ma’am, and our boat crashed in the storm a while ago and I found my way here walking,” he replied.

The old woman looked at him for a moment and then spoke again. “We have little use here for male specimens except for periodic reproducing. The future of a male child is in the hands of his Mother; she may raise him, knowing he will be used for reproduction and then banished, or she can spare the pain of seeing him used by many, many women and have him sent away where he will know nothing about his Mother. It is her choice.”

Girard listened intently, wondering what his fate might be, and she answered his curiosity.

“We are going through a time when the younger ones have not yet experienced the pleasures of sex except from one another, the middle aged ones miss the use of a male organ for pleasure, and the ones in between are eager to experience childbirth.”

Girard could not think of anything appropriate to say, and he maintained his silence as she continued. “Some other male specimens who have found us and because of their sexual gluttony, stayed here willingly. But the physical toll of sexually servicing our women always ages them rather quickly, and they are soon weak and impotent. At that point, they are no longer useful and are sent away to labor in our fields, far away, never to return to their homeland.”

Girard asked boldly, “Am I free to leave now?”

The old woman sighed and leaned back in her throne. “I am afraid that is for Cena to decide; she found and claimed you” She said.

As he stood there, learning of his fate, Cena and another, younger woman each took one of his hands. “Come; I will show you around our island and where you will stay,” said Cena.

He was ushered along the paths to another large building. The door was open and when they went inside, Girard almost lost his breath.

Inside was a huge atrium and there were many benches and mats on the floor everywhere like beds. There were about a dozen women, and under each one was a man being used in some way by the woman. An older man nearby was lying on a bench while a woman sat on his face, yanking his hair and verbally abusing him. Another man lay on his bench while a woman was sitting on him, fucking his cock.

They passed by another man who lay on a mat on the floor. A middle aged woman was squatting over his face and a younger woman was squatting over his midsection, bouncing up and down on his cock. Girard noticed the girth of the man’s cock as it disappeared into the woman’s pussy. A few men were lying on the mats on the floor and there were women either masturbating them, fellating them, or riding their cocks, but it was obvious that the women were dominating the men. Girard saw three men sitting alone on their benches, looking frail and depressed. He noted that none of the men were restrained in any way.

Cena led Girard to a small corner of the atrium where an empty bench and two mats were not being used. “This is my area,” she said, “and no one will bother you as long as you stay here. To stray would put you at the mercy of some very desperate and evil women.”

“Why have you brought me here?” Girard asked.

“You are MY specimen for as long as I want you to be,” she answered. “You will pleasure and service me, my sister, Willa and my Mother whenever we need you. I am 24, Willa is only 19 and our Mother is 47. But you should feel honored; our family is not hostile like most of the women who use male specimens. Once you have sated our sexual appetites, and since you did not come here on purpose, I will lead you to the rim of our realm and you may return to your homeland, perhaps in just a few weeks.”

Cena left him sitting naked on her bench and left the building. Girard decided that he would stay, hoping that he would not expire sexually before Cena, his female guardian took all she needed from him. During the next few minutes after Cena had gone, several of the woman came close and looked at him and taunted him with their naked bodies, and one suggested to him verbally: “Come to my bench, sweet one, and I will let you fill my cunt with your honey and then make you drink from me.”

A few minutes later a woman entered and came directly to his bench. She looked to be in her mid-forties perhaps, with bouncing breasts and heavy thighs. She had a pretty face and it surprised him when she took his hand and shook it warmly.

“Hello; I am Velma, Cena’s Mother,” she said. “I heard you were here and Cena said I could have you first; I hope you won’t mind?”

Resigned to his fate, and willing to experience whatever his “hosts” had in mind, Girard nodded and waited for Velma to proceed. “I have not been with a man for a long time, so naturally I am eager to do things with your cock,” she admitted. “Your COCK; it feels so good to just say the word. You will find that all the women here, including Cena and Willa, are quickly aroused just by hearing the most graphic of terms. Keep that in mind, for the quicker a woman gets aroused, the sooner she will be finished with you.”

“Am I supposed to come every time I get fucked?” Girard asked. “A man can only come so many times…..” he said tentatively.

“We all know that, because all the women use their man until he is dried and out of fluid, either by sucking him off or fucking him until he goes limp. The younger ones of course have a fascination for the man’s cum since they don’t see it, smell it or taste it very often," she answered.

“And what do YOU plan to do with me?” Girard asked, seemingly unafraid of what might happen.

Velma smiled and touched his thigh. “Cena and Willa will not let me have you very often, so I will probably use my turns sucking your cock and consuming as much of your cum as you can generate. Cena determines your fate. If I am allowed to fuck you, I should just like to feel your cock throbbing inside me.”

Girard decided that he could weather that type of treatment, at least at this early stage.

“Lie back on the bench,” Velma instructed. She knelt on the floor between his legs which splayed for her. She spent an hour just gently rubbing his balls and softly stroking his shaft. Girard thought he would explode several times but she changed her grip and rhythm several times, letting him down from the edge of orgasm.

When she finally put her mouth over his cock, she took as much as she could into her mouth and did not move for a long time. They could both feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. Her saliva began to drip down his shaft and when she sucked it up while his cock was still in her mouth, Girard’s body jerked.

Velma squeezed the base of his cock with one hand and used her mouth on the tip, slipping it in and out of her mouth. She licked his precum from his slit and hummed on his cock until he thought he would die. He was about to beg for her to let him cum when she slipped one hand down to gently squeeze his balls. Her other hand slowly stroked his shaft as her tongue swirled around the very tip of his cock.

Girard’s hands dug into the sides of the bench as he felt the surge of his orgasm. Her elbows pressed down on his thighs, holding him still as she slowly licked up and down the underside of his cock. One hand cupped his balls firmly and she used the other to squeeze the base of his shaft. Cum began to ooze from his slit, slipping over the rim of his cock and down the shaft. Velma licked it up, wave by wave until the flow ebbed slightly.

Girard thought she was done but she gripped his cock firmly and jerked it up and down hard and fast, putting her mouth over the tip again. Girard had no control as this woman knowingly played his cock as her own instrument of lust, and he came again, gushing into her waiting, sucking lips.

When he was spent, Velma sucked him clean and Girard stayed hard, wondering if she might try to make him come again. But she did not; she leaned back on her knees licked her lips and fingers and patted him on the thigh.

“Willa has never tasted a male specimen’s cum; I hope you are ready and prepared when she comes for you later,” Velma said.

“I’ll try,” gasped Girard, thinking to himself, “Did Cena say a few weeks?”


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