Come To Think Of It, Sex!

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Do you really want to know the true meaning of the word S-E-X? Are you ready to get yourself re-orientated about the dynamics of sex? Do you really want to know the science and art of sex? Have you ever pondered on the right appropriation of sex? To you, what is sex?

The book titled Come To Think Of It, Sex! Is a driven_ by_ inspiration interest which focuses on the true qualities of sex as the basis for its definition. It is pleasure _ filled, somewhat funny but posses didactic remarks on the appropriation of sex. It is a mini-sized book that has in its identity creatively designed chapters that give the reader not only a sense of appreciation but the urge to 'thirst' for more. The chapters in this book are designed such that they complemented each other. Its recognition is a 'pave-way' for the already-written-but-unpublished 'Postulation of the sex arithmetic and the way forward' which puts forward an intended theory, a 'computable' equation on the number of times individuals had engaged in sex before marriage and what likely happens to them thereafter.

It is a must-have, must-read and must-keep ageless guide which will be essentially useful to young adults. married people and growing teenagers(18 years of age, at least).Therefore,if you are 18 and above, this book is for you!

Table of Contents