Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A novel about Caroline Monroe, a midlevel corporate employee and her journey into a world of erotic adventure, power plays, betrayals and redemption.


A novel about Caroline Monroe, a midlevel corporate employee and her journey into a world of erotic adventure, power plays, betrayals and redemption.

Chapter1 (v.1) - ENDLESS DAYS & WHITE KNIGHTS - Ch. 1: The Management Position

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Chapter 1 of the a novel about Caroline Monroe, a midlevel corporate employee and her journey into a world of erotic adventure, power plays, betrayals and redemption.

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Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 17, 2012




Chapter One – “The Management Position”


The secret about Caroline Monroe’s secrets was something that everyone at Azura Holdings knew.  Except Caroline, of course.  In spite of Caroline’s make out session with a college intern (Secret #1), her in-office orgasm (Secret #2) and her hush-hush affair with Dan from the San Francisco office (Secret #3) – she was not a very sexual person.


Caroline had not yet reached her thirty-third birthday and, on a single hand, she could count the number of times she’d had sex since her thirtieth.  And she often did this (recount her recent sexual encounters with one hand) when she was giving herself pleasure with the other.  But those fantasies never included – 1) making out with Jason the drunken college intern in the TGI Friday’s parking lot, or 2) rubbing herself silly at her desk because the smell of someone’s microwave popcorn somehow aroused her, or 3) admitting to a fake affair with Dan from San Fran so he and his wife would have a reason to file for divorce.


“Caroline—” The baritone interruption to Caroline Monroe’s daydreaming belonged to Albert, her boss’ boss.  “I’m going to need that cash flow analysis today,” he said as his eyes quickly darted under her desk – from the strap of her black two-inch platform heels – and then back up, to the opening at the neck of her blouse. 


“But you asked for it tomorrow afternoon,” Caroline protested. 


Albert licked his dry lips and Caroline tried not to read into it.  His baldhead and goatee made it difficult for Caroline to figure out how old he was.  He worked out, she could tell, but she took her eyes off his forearms. 


“I need it today.  I have an investor meeting on Friday and need tomorrow to review the numbers,” he said with a wink.  Again, Caroline tried not to read into that.


“If I work late, it’s going to be overtime,” she said.


“If you were in a management position under me, I wouldn’t need to worry about that.” She couldn’t help reading into that.  He walked out. 


Caroline imagined what a management position under Albert would look like.  She checked the clock and saw that it was going to be a long day.  She double-clicked on the files she needed to get the analysis done.There was a lot of work ahead of her.  “Endless,” she mumbled to herself just as Peter, her tired boss, lumbered by. 


“G’night,” he said without looking in. 


Caroline buckled down.  For what seemed like hours (because it was), she crunched numbers.  She noticed the cash flow for the past twelve months looked great, but if you did a three-month rolling average of the past quarter – the numbers were trending downward.  “Interesting,” she thought and then reprimanded herself for thinking that little fact was interesting.


Her office did not have a window, but she could sense how dark it was getting.  Every muscle in her body felt tight.  She’d been hunched over her keyboard for too many hours, craning her neck to read the small numbers on her screen.  She stopped to rub her eyes when a deep voice at the door spoke.


“Excuse me,” he asked, “I’m supposed to be in a meeting with Albert Robinson.  Can you tell me how to find him?”


The man was tall, with broad shoulders and an electric smile.  His dark eyes pierced her. 


“It’s left,” Caroline pointed from her chair, “then right… um, and around a corner.  Here, let me show you.”  She got up and walked to him.  She barely came to his chin.  He stayed at the doorjamb when she passed, so that she brushed him to get by.  There was a subtle hint of cologne— or was it an essential oil?  Sandalwood?  As she brushed him, she looked up and their eyes met.  A tingle rippled through her.  “Uh-oh,” she thought and hoped her expression didn’t betray her inner tingle.


She led him through the halls of Azura Holdings.  When she pointed down a corridor, toward Albert’s office, he touched her elbow and thanked her.  Another tingle.  He smiled and walked away.  His black suit cut the perfect silhouette as it glided out of sight.


Back in her office, Caroline couldn’t concentrate on the work in front of her.  The building was almost empty.  She let herself drift.  Who was he?  Why did he smell so damn good?  Why did he have to touch her on the elbow?  She leaned back in her chair and imagined what it would feel like to have his long arms wrapped around her.


She closed her eyes and turned her back to the door.  Her hands started on the inside of her knees.  She pressed her head against the back of her chair.  His warm, intense smile…  The firm, gentle touch of his hand… 


Her hands slid up the inside of her thighs, pushing the hem of her skirt higher.  She could feel her breasts starting to ache and the moisture between her legs, as she adjusted herself in the chair.


“Excuse me,” the voice came from the office door behind her.


Caroline spun her chair, startled.  It was him.  She pulled her hands out of her lap. 


“Just wanted to thank you for helping me,” he said.  His voice filled Caroline’s office. 


“You’re welcome,” she said, embarrassed by the thoughts she’d been having just seconds before.  “You’re meeting’s over?”


“You look tired,” he commented.


“Long day,” she shrugged.


“Here, let me,” he said and didn’t what she should let him do.  Instead, he was suddenly next to Caroline and turned her shoulders so that she was sideways in her chair.  Her legs spun and dangled off the edge.  The hem of her skirt, already hiked up, slid even higher up – revealing more thigh than a lady should. 


His hands dwarfed her shoulders and she could feel the power in his tender touch.  He dug his thumbs into the base of her neck and began to massage her shoulders.


“You don’t have to…” she objected softly.


He either knew she didn’t mean it or didn’t care.  He continued to work through the knots in her muscles. 


“Relax,” he whispered. 


Caroline fell under his spell.  When his hands traveled to her temples, she moaned and leaned back.  She could feel her back against his legs.  The heat of their bodies intensified.  Her head rested against his belt buckle.  He massaged her jaw, working through the tightness.  She melted.  Sliding down in her seat, her skirt pushed itself up past her panties.  She knew he could see the crotch of her panty hose but she didn’t care.  Because when she slid down, her head had dragged from his belt buckle to the warmth of his groin.  He was hard.  She could feel it against her neck.  Caroline let out another moan.


She moved her hands to her own crotch and could feel her wetness.  She pressed the heel of her hand against her pubic bone.  She groaned and squirmed in the chair.


His hands traveled from her jaw, down the soft contours of her neck and then slid under her blouse.  His fingers clutched her breasts on top of her bra.


“Oh my god,” she whispered.  She turned her head and pressed it against his groin.  She could feel the hard pulse through his black pants.  She could feel it against her face, from her jaw to her temple.  He gently squeezed her breasts. 


She turned in her chair and looked up at him.  His confident intensity bore down on her.  He brushed the dark bangs away from her eyes.  She took his zipper and pulled it down.  The heat made her head spin.  She took him into her hands.  He throbbed in her grip.  She slid her hand up and down him then pulled it into her mouth.  The salt of his sweat and his heat filled her.


Caroline slid forward in her chair, sliding her crotch into the man’s leg.  He leaned his knee into her and worked it into small circles.  She moaned and felt her lips vibrate along his taut skin.  He grabbed her dark hair and let out a slow “Mmmm.”  His knee drove deeper into her, finding her clitoris.  She pumped him with her hand, her saliva lubricating the motion.  She tasted his sweat and felt her fist push against her lips as she pumped with her tight hand.


His knee drove so hard into her that she thought she would go mad.  The electricity shot down from her between her legs and then up into her throat.  She felt her nipples grow hard.  Before she realized it, she was coming.  She pulled her mouth off him, squeezing with her hand as tightly as she could, and gasped.  Her legs locked his knee against her.  Then she wrapped her arms around him, grabbing him from behind and pulling him into her.  Her body lurched against him, as wave after wave exploded through her.


She finally collapsed, leaning into him.


“All of this from his knee,” she thought.  His open pants rested against her face and she pulled them down began kissing every exposed inch of skin.


He took her shoulders and lifted her from her chair.  He put her on her desk, and then laid her on top of the papers strewn across it.  He slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and then unsnapped her bra from between her breasts.  He blew softly on her torso, cooling her.  Her nipples grew even harder in the open air, against his breath.  She arched her back, wanting him to taste her.  Instead, he pushed up her skirt so that it was nothing more than a band of cloth around her waist.  He pulled her panty hose and panties down and then off.  The lower half of her body, naked and exposed, rested on her desk.  Her legs draped over it. 


He kissed the instep of her foot, then her calf, and then her inner thigh.  His lips disappeared between her legs as he laid several gentle kisses on her.  He licked his way up her belly.  Then gave each nipple a soft bite.  She writhed in his shadow.


He pulled his pants to his knees.  He still wore his shirt and suit jacket.  His tie touched her as he knelt to kiss her neck.  He stood over her and reached into his jacket pocket.  He gave Caroline a slight smile as he pulled a condom out and opened the packet.  She started to breathe hard.


He put the condom on – unrolling it in a single stroke.  He pulled Caroline to the edge of her desk.  She could feel how wet she was.  He entered her in a single thrust. 


The man started slowly, driving her crazy, and then pumped harder and harder until she screamed in ecstasy.  She came and came and she finally felt him explode inside her.“Oh god,” she moaned and wrapped her arms around him.  He continued pumping, then slowed, then stopped.  Caroline sighed with a final breath of total release.


She felt his weight on her, so warm and protecting and she fell off to sleep.  Somewhere in the darkness, a dream about a cash flow and a three-month rolling average jarred her awake.


She found she was under his suit jacket.  She was still mostly undressed – panty hose and panties on the floor, skirt in a band around her waist, blouse and bra open.  Her office door was still open.  She quickly shut it and put her clothes back on. 


Afterward she waited, lost in a dizzy spell, trying to recall all the details and how they came to happen.


She waited but he didn’t return.  While she waited, she finished up the cash flow analysis and sent it to Albert.  She was sure he was long gone and hoped that she would not get in trouble for sending it so late.  After she sent it, she fidgeted and wondered where the man was.  She walked the dark and empty halls looking for any sign of him.  She knocked on the men’s room door.  No answer.  Back in her office, she cradled his jacket and could still feel his warmth.


Nine hours later, Caroline was back at her desk.  She’d had one of the most solid night’s sleep she’d had in a long time.  But even the deep sleep, shower and two cups of Starbucks couldn’t dull the sensation from last night.  The sight of her desk had new meaning to her.  She imagined the nameless man hovering over her even now.


Caroline hurried to Albert’s office to ask Albert’s assistant about the man at the meeting yesterday evening.  Jessica – Albert’s assistant – told Caroline there had been no meeting.  Albert had gone home at five-thirty.


Caroline returned to her office to find a large gift box on her desk.  It was wrapped in shimmering satin and had a card under its silk bow.


So she wasn’t dreaming, she realized.


The card read, “You are amazing.  Meet me at 7:30 in Washington Park.  Wear this.  Only this.  I’ll find you.”


She opened the box and pulled out its contents.  Digging through the tissue paper, she wondered if he hadn’t forgot to pack a few items.

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