Once Upon A Dream

Once Upon A Dream Once Upon A Dream

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


This all started as a dream of how I would meet the man of my dreams, then it just went on from there. It all began when I saw him in a cafe, and from then all I knew was turned upside down. Now all I know is that he has wedged himself into my life and I don't know whether to accept him or not? Then he shows me his body and how can I walk away, using my weakness for his abs to his advantage, but that doesn't mean I will give in without somewhat of a fight.


This all started as a dream of how I would meet the man of my dreams, then it just went on from there. It all began when I saw him in a cafe, and from then all I knew was turned upside down. Now all I know is that he has wedged himself into my life and I don't know whether to accept him or not? Then he shows me his body and how can I walk away, using my weakness for his abs to his advantage, but that doesn't mean I will give in without somewhat of a fight.

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This all started as a dream of how I would meet the man of my dreams, then it just went on from there. It all began when I saw him in a cafe, and from then all I knew was turned upside down. Now all I know is that he has wedged himself into my life and I don't know whether to accept him or not? Then he shows me his body and how can I walk away, using my weakness for his abs to his advantage, but that doesn't mean I will give in without somewhat of a fight.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Once upon a dream...


Its just a normal tuesday evening, my break to wind down after a day of classes and bask in the lovely aroma of coffee as I partake in my greatest hobby, people watching. Upon this normal tuesday is when my life changed forever and people watching did not become the most interesting thing of my day. But it all started when he walked in, and i watched. Walking in as if he owned the place, not worrying rather people will move out of the place or not. Clad in a suit probably from work, he screams wealth which is not something Im used to in my life which is surrounded by old professors and narcissistic students. At first he is turned away from me, allowing me to be able to ogle his backside with full interest.  His body is of a god, built but not overdone, broad shoulders, and narrow hips running down to a nice firm ass seen well in his suit which is stretched out due to his hands in his pockets, perfect for my perusing. While still ogling his ass, he turns around as if feeling me staring. Looking up our eyes meet and time stands still, I know it sounds corny but its true. His eyes are pure chocolate, brightened with what seemed happiness lined with the thickest eyelashes any girl could only wish for. Moving beyond his eyes, his smile revealed the most perfect white teeth and laugh lines to die for, then to add to perfection he has a slight dimple on his right cheek. Beyond those, his hair was dark brown, matching his eyes, with a slight curl and mess as if its past due for a hair cut and he moves his hands through it out of habit when in stress. From my vantage point from the back of the cafe, he is probably a few inches over six feet and a hand full of years older than me judging by his “well established” man confidence. Finally coming out of my stupor, i notice he is still watching me, causing me to blush andlook down to my drink in embarrassment. When i get the courage to look back up, he is gone. Was he looking at me? Maybe something behind me? Did i scare him with my staring? I bet he didn't notice me, we live on two totally different planets, me a college poor student and him. 


All i can think about is him, I walk to the cafe and i search for him, always disappointed when he never appears. My dreams fill with lusty fantasies I’ve never thought before. It just strikes me as crazy how I cant get him out of my head and i have never even met him or seen a close up. But i continue to look for a week, and soon i finally catch sight of him at the grocers. Thought instead of going up to the man that has made me insane, i run as quickly and stealthily as i can out of the building. Not only am i shy around this super sexy god, but being a poor college student, my list of things needed include pizza rolls and ice cream which i really don't need on my chubby frame. Hoping i never see him again, i continue on my dreamily way which now include him eating ice cream off me. Which i happen to be going over the next day while walking down main street. Turning the block, i stopped quickly and blinked several times to make sure i wasn't hallucinating because there he was, coming out of a building across the street from me and coming this way. I freak, and run into the store behind me, hiding behind some shelves as i watch him walk into the same one i just ran in too. Waiting like a felon in the back behind aisles I wait till i see him leave then add another minute for safety before i come out of hiding and leave. Walking outside, i halt in my tracks because there he is, leaning against a post watching me with a smile. His voice breaks through my daze, “I got us lunch,” and nods to the shop behind me, which i guess is a sandwich shop since i really wasn't paying attention. All i can do is continue to stare and blink, making sure my mind is not trying to daydream. since he's not vanishing, i look behind me to see if he is speaking to someone else, but nope I'm it. Going on he says “Come on, lets go eat. I am starving,” talking to me as if a dog he can order around, all the while i still stupidly gawk. 


Finally words come to my mouth, “excuse me?” i ask, now aware he is addressing me, but confused to why when we have never cordially met. 


Losing his smile, he stands up fully while answering, “Come on, We are eating now.” Not even answering my question, then he walks away, expecting me to follow. The nerve this man has, this sexy, sexy man has is just crazy but god damn if my ability to think besides listening to his orders are broken because i follow him like a fan with bieber fever. 


He take us to a park in the center of town just a block away, sitting at a free picnic table, signaling for me to sit across from him. Confused and embarrassed, i stare at my hands, wringing them nervously. Why would he be talking to me? Im scared this is a prank. All i can do is chant in my mind that i shouldn’t be there as i continue to sit in place. Life is standing still, as i wait and finally I'm rewarded when he commands me to, “look up and stop staring at my hands.” Which only made me blush more and burrow into my scarf further. But i should’ve just listened, this time i can hear the anger when addressing me, “ Darian, I said look up.” Finally i listened, and i was rewarded with the pleasure of his eyes, getting lost in them right away, seeing anger causing the pupils to be slightly dilated. 


I was lost, and scared to wander how he knew my name. What else he knows about me. Getting the nerve, i ask, “How-How do you know my name?” quivering through the whole question. But what really frightened me was his response, “I know a lot about you,” with a grin on his face. After that, my eyes widened and my mouth opened as a gasp escaped at the honest answer. 


Asking with wander, “But we have never met before...” staring into his eyes as i wait. Replying rather quickly, “But you recognize me, no?” Nodding slightly, I mumble, “At the coffee shop. I saw you there.” I must’ve done something to amuse him, because his smile returns, as he asks, “What about the market?” Oh god he saw me! I thought i had gotten away. He must think I am a stalker. What if he wants to kill me? How does he know me?  All this runs through me head as i again look down, contemplating how to answer him. Seems though I don’t need to, he again commands, “Look up and eat.” This i can follow, allowing me time to be preoccupied as i take the sandwich he is handing my way, not thinking about his gaze on me the whole time. After just taking a but, he asks, “Is it alright babe?” looking at me with seriousness. But all i can do is gasp at his name to me, causing me to choke on my food. I have so much finesse! As i continue to cough, he shoves a water in my hand and commands to to drink, which i obey with no objection. I just don’t know why he would call me babe? we don’t know each other. I officially conclude he is crazy. 

Raising to my feet, he tells me to sit down, which only sparks me more. now i am confused and angry for him ordering me like a dog and my fuse is lit. I go off, “No, you listen to me buck-o, you cant expect me to obey you like a dog, this is not obedience school. I don’t know what planet your from, but here we don’t talk to total strangers like this. I am leaving and you cant tell me to stay. God damn you have issues.” Ignoring his glare, I turn around and walk out of the park, not stopping to clear my head till I'm out of sight. 


Leaning against a building, my phone goes off. What the hell? The ringer was not familiar as i search for my phone in my bag. Once i got it, my whole day just sinks further into the ground. It seems i have a blind date my roommate set up for me, obviously i forgot, damnit! And my luck furthers when I see its on five minutes, why doesn't it give me a bigger time of notice. I cant call now. Shit, Fuck, Now I must run down the block to make it in time. Entering the cafe at exactly on time. Standing trying to catch my breath, someone taps on my shoulder and I freak, jumping as if shot. Turning around, Im met with the opposite of the man i was just with. He is maybe 5’11”, blonde hair Justin bieder style, and a college sweatshirt with jeans. “Darian?” he asks. Recognizing he must be my date, i smile, “Yes, You must be Jake.” Directing us to a seat, he asks for my order then goes to retrieve us some drinks. Its not til he's gone and I get a moment to think, that I remember where i am, the cafe. The cafe where i first saw him. And as if conjuring him up, in walks mister commander. Why is he here? Jake comes back with our drinks and all i can do is compare jake and him, how opposite each other are, and where he went. Rather quickly the date ends and I am rejoicing. Getting up in my seat, i take a look around the store and find him rather quickly, as if drawn to his essence. Sitting in the back with a perfect view of me, I see him glaring at us, looking rather angry. Turning to leave, Jake rests him hand on my back to guide me and some reason i look back to see him staring daggers into jake. Some reason i want to please him, so I subtlety move out of jakes grasp as we say our goodbyes, ending with a rather awkward hug before going our separate ways.


Walking to the street towards my apartment, i don't get far before i feel his gaze upon me, sending electricity through my body. Slowly turning, it doesn't take me but a second to find him, driving up to the curb in front of me, maneuvering an escalade. Turning back, i continue to walking but he catches up, “Get in, I’ll take you home.” That causes me to give him my attention asking, “Why should i get in the car with you? I don't know you!” That silly grin comes out again, answering “Oh but you will. Now get in, its not safe.” The evil glint in his eyes daring me to get in, which i do. Some reason i turn to butter near him and all i listen to is this invisible string that pulls me to him so strong i can hardly stay away. 


As soon as I shut the door, he leans over me to fasten my seatbelt, sending volts through my body from wherever he touched me to my sex. To my embarrassment i let out a gasp at the contact, huddling into myself. I don't get long to stay hidden before he takes my chin in his fingers. moving my head till our eyes meet, feeling like he is staring into my soul. “You are so beautiful,” he comments, causing my natural reaction to kick in, releasing a “pfft,” and a roll of the eyes. I can already tell once finished, he did not like that at all as the anger returns, “Shall i show you how damn fucking gorgeous you are to me?” Not waiting for an answer, he takes my hand in his. moving it onto his fully hard cock. My eyes bug out, and i swallowed hard, shocked through and through not knowing what to do. Having low self esteem, i have lasted this long without going past second base, so this moment right here was beyond my knowledge. Do i just leave my hand? Do i rub it? No, that seems crazy to do to someone i know nothing about. Oh god, he must be a pervert. What if he tries to rape me? That current thought made me break the silence, “Are you a serial rapists? Do you target innocent women like me? Because I am pretty strong and I have got some pepper spray so don't think you will get away unscathed,” glaring daggers at him to show how serious i am. 


I imagined many ways he would react to my declaration, including pulling a gun on me. What i didn't expect for him, to tilt his head back and belt out in laughter. While still gripping my face and me his cock, he tries to control his laughter wiping tears from his eyes. Finally control himself, turning back to me, he leans in allowing me to get a whiff of him, and oh lord i just died! 


Our faces were inches apart, i closed my eyes to nervous to watch him and anxious for him to kiss me. But what i wasn’t anxious for was him to just give me a caring kiss on the forehead before backing away completely and putting the car into drive. All i do is sit there, stunned by his change. I don’t move again till i feel a pulse under my hand and realize its still on his cock. Instantly, i retract my hand and fold them in my lap, facing the front and staring straight down so he cannot see how innocent i really am. 


I don't even notice his movement, till he captures my left hand in his bringing them on the center console. Sitting back, all i can do is concentrate on his thumb rubbing the back of my hand, left right up down, making tiny circles over and over again. It doesnt seem long before he removes his hand from mine to put the car in park. Looking up, I was excpecting my dorm building but obviously i was not paying any attention because we are not anywhere close to that. He has taken me out of the city to where the houses are by the acres and millions. Oh boy. All i can do is stare at the magnificent home, which had to be atleast 7,000 sq feet with a mix of bricks and stones in the colors of sand. I didnt even notice him get out until he opens my door and before i know it he is taking off my seat belt and lifting me up to set me on the ground. All i can do is stand there, watching as he takes command, dragging me to the front door. Voicing the obvious, i ask “Where are we?”


Stopping midstep, he turns to me, “Where do you think we are?” giving me that evil grin again, like always. Replying, “Well you told me you would take me home, and this right here is not it at all,” emphasizing the at all so he can understand how different this is to my slum. But he obviously doesnt care as he continues, “Do you like it? I thought you would,” his smile leaving as a sad look takes over. Why does he care if i like it? Whatever Ill answer anyway, i dont like seeing him sad, “Yes i love it, i bet its even more perfect inside. but why do you care what i think?”


This question earns me a rather strange looking face, as if he is trying to figure out what planet im from, “Because this will be our home.” he says rather blankly. I’m sorry, what did he just say? “I must’ve heard you wrong, can you repeat that?” leaning in some so i can hear better. But what he replies proves me wrong, “This is our house,” i did hear him right. And this is where my level of what i can handle becomes too much. 


“Darian, Darian, baby, can you hear me?” someone shouts from the thick haze i am in, why must i faint so easily! Trying to sit up, i immediately regret it, feeling the pain shoot the my head, screaming a the pain, “Make it stop, argh!” Next thing i feel is warm arms catapulting me into the air and the smell i am addicted to now filling my nostrils. Instinctively i burrow my head into his neck as he carries me inside, trying to bury in his solid and safe comfort. I hear the door shut behind us, as he slowly carries me to his bedroom by the big bed he sets me on. Not daring to open my eyes, all i do id rick back and forth holding my head as the pain increases. 


“Baby, its okay, you hit your head when you fainted. I am going to get you some ice and medicine, stay right here.” All i do is moan in response. It seems like years before he comes back, handing me pills and some water. once finished, he lays me back placing an icepack under my head, causing me to sigh in relief. 


I faintly fell my shoes being taken off and covers being lifted over me, but the medicine is kicking in and my body is going into a trance of exhaustion. The last thing i remember is the bed dipping  and warm arms folding around me, pulling me into his chest. Nestling into the comfort, i rest my head in his neck and intertwine my legs with his, getting comfortable for the sleep I'm about to take. Before the slumber overtook me, i wanted one thing, “Whats you name?” i mumble into his skin. I feel his reaction as his chest rises and falls from a heavy breath, then a loving kiss placed upon my head. I try to wait but Im quickly falling and I faintly hear, “Matthew baby, its Matthew.”

A/N: Please comment. This is just something I did on my free time in my journal never thinking to share it. if anyone likes it I have much more to it but I thought I would start with a little. 

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