What She Needs

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

After Carrie's husband leaves her for another woman she is looking for any way to get over him and broaden her limited sexual history. Will a chance encounter with the office's most prolific womaniser give her the chance to?

Co-authored with benawriter

I hear the hushed voices surround me as I walk through the office.

It’s not surprising anymore.

Ever since it became known that my husband had left me for my best friend and flew off to Mexico for an “extended vacation” the whispers had followed me everywhere.

In the month or so that this had been going on I had learnt to ignore the majority of what they said but there was a small group of men in the mail room who had been relentless in their mocking of me. At first it was harmless enough, pointed looks as I walked by their workspace and small fits of laughter, but after a couple of weeks they started coming up to my office and lingering near my desk.

They never say anything particularly malicious but they make it clear that I’m still the laughing stock of the company. I wish I had the confidence to stand up to them but I just keep burying my head in the sand and waiting for them to lose interest. But as I walk towards the elevator in the lobby and spot one of them, Chris, holding the door open for me and smiling cockily I know that I’m in for another day of their ridicule.

After I step into the elevator I notice that we’re not alone.

A tall, dark-haired man in a well-fitting suit is leaning against the mirrored will and thumbing through what looks to be a personnel file. His eyes briefly lift to meet mine and he nods his head once before focusing on his work again. He looks vaguely familiar but I can’t recall why I recognise him

The doors close silently in front of me and I make sure to stand as far away from Chris as possible.

“Morning Carrie.” He says, running his eyes up and down my body as he licks his lips suggestively.

I roll my eyes before replying. “Chris.” I offer curtly before looking away and focusing on the closed doors in front of me.

“Given my request any more thought?” He asks, taking a step towards me. I notice the man behind us close his folder and place it into his briefcase. With a quick glance towards him I notice his eyes are fixed on Chris and he looks pissed.

I try to ignore him but when Chris repeats his question and takes another step towards me I decide to just answer him and hope he leaves me alone. “I’m not interested.”

Chris snorts. “Seriously it’s just dinner. You’re a frigid bitch…no wonder your husband left you.”

My mouth falls open in shock and my eyes fill with tears. And worst of all I can’t even think of a reply.

“That’s enough.”

The deep voice comes from behind me and I notice the man has walked forward to linger between me and Chris.

“It’s none of your business.” Chris mutters, the lack of interest evident in his tone.

The man chuckles darkly. “You’re right. But with your performance review coming up and your file sitting on my desk I might suggest you don’t piss me off before I meet with your supervisor.”

I smile as Chris’ face falls and he immediately backs off and slinks back to the other side of the elevator. He gets off on the next floor without another word, or even a look in my direction.

“Thank you.” I say as the doors close again, turning to face the man who stood up for.

He smiles. “You’re very welcome. I’m Greg. HR.” He says, offering me his hand to shake.

I smile in reply and shake it firmly. “Carrie. Accounting.” I reply.

He nods. “I know.”

My face falls but he’s quick to reassure me. “I was in your interview when you started working here.” He explains, his voice less confident than a moment ago. “I didn’t mean…about that other stuff.”

“That’s right, I thought I recognised you. And I know you’ll probably be aware of my situation, everyone else is.”

Greg shrugs. “It’s none of my business. You’re hardly the first person this has happened to. And he’s an idiot for letting you get away.”

I smiled genuinely. “You know you’re the first person who hasn’t made some sort of joke at my expense. Even my friends had a good laugh about it.”

He simply shrugs again. “There’s nothing funny about it.” His eyes drop to the floor and then travel slowly up my legs. Unlike when Chris was ogling me a moment ago the fact that he’s admiring my body doesn’t repulse me. In fact, it makes my heartbeat quicken and causes a lustful pull in my abdomen.

The doors to the elevator open and Greg’s eyes snap up to check the illuminated number above the door.

“This is me.” He says and I notice he sounds disappointed.

He steps out into the hallway and the doors begin to close. He turns suddenly and grabs the doors as they move and pushes them open again.

“I realise this must sound sudden but I have a meeting and then I’m heading off for the day. It should be in about two hours…would you like to join me for dinner tonight?”

He’s smiling brightly but I think about rejecting his offer of dinner anyway. “I don’t really know if I should.” I mutter lamely.

His smile drops but he nods in understanding. “That’s ok. Maybe another time.”

Greg smiles again briefly then turns to leave. I watch as he takes a couple of steps away from me. My mind is racing. Everyone has been telling me start putting myself out there but no one has peaked my interest. But Greg seems like a nice guy…and he did stand up to Chris for me.

Before I can second guess myself I call his name. He turns immediately.

“Yes?” He says as he walks back towards me.

“Where were you thinking? For dinner?”

“Sounds perfect!” she says smiling as the door closes on the elevator.


Suddenly I find myself just standing there, staring at the closed elevator doors. Luckily she could not see me blush, gushing with seemingly boyish enthusiasm. I have been watching her for months, not stalking, just observing, dreaming, maybe even fantasizing about her. Beauty is one thing but she seems so sweet, naive almost, and I find it tremendously alluring.


The next two hours seemed two months long; I fidgeted something awful trying to convince myself not to lose my confidence. I’ve dated scores of women, but never been this excited about a dinner date. What’s the matter with me?


When I arrived at her place she was smiling pleasantly, as though we had done this before. She was gorgeous and I immediately relaxed and enjoyed just being with her. After ordering at the restaurant, our conversation somehow quickly turned personal which surprised me.


“I’ve heard that you’ve dated several of the girls in the office, Greg, and not all of them single. Am I to be your latest conquest?” she asks with a devilish grin.


Her directness takes me by surprise, which doesn’t happen often. I’m tempted to lie but for some reason I don’t want to lie to her.


“Carrie,” I say as sincerely as I can, “I must admit that my intentions are not purely honorable, because I find you very attractive, and if you must know the wicked truth; yes, I have lusted for you silently for a long time.”


“Lusted for me?” she asks, her beautiful lips hanging open in disbelief.


“Well, of course; I mean, you are a pretty girl with a gorgeous figure and naturally I dream of sex with you, especially when I see you in that sexy short dark blue skirt you wear now and then.”


“I was a virgin when I got married and my marriage didn’t last long, so I’ve never felt like a man would “want” me or lust for me, and my sexual experience is very limited. I don’t feel very sexy, but I’m flattered that you would lust for me,” she says, her eyes twinkling, the corners of her mouth curling up into a smile.


“Experience is not an issue with me when I’m with a woman, Carrie. Curiosity and adventure in bed is what makes sex fun and satisfying. The desire to please and satisfy each other is what making love is all about.”


“Well, quite honestly,” she begins, rather shyly, “there are a few things that I’ve been curious about and wondered what it would be like with someone who cares for me. I suppose I could be adventurous if I was properly motivated.” Her left eyebrow lifts suggestively at me and my heart beats a little louder in my chest. I can feel the promise of an awakening in my boxers already.


“Have some more wine, Carrie, and tell me more….” I say, filling her wine glass to coax her.



 Scene two


(Carrie’s POV)


I can’t believe he’s being so forward. When I agreed to have dinner with him I assumed that he would be more subtle, that his efforts to seduce me would be a slow burn over the course of the evening with the promise of the night evolving into more always bubbling under the surface. I watched him as he poured me another generous glass of wine, my second in twenty minutes. 


When I lifted the glass to my lips and took a long sip I realised that my head felt cloudy already, my body was warm, and the fact that he was being so open about wanting me was making heat of an entirely different kind pool in my centre.


“I’m not entirely sure of where to start.” I said slowly. “My ex is older than me and was selfish, both in and out of the bedroom. We had sex a couple of times a week but everything was always about him.”


I heard feet approaching and flustered slightly. When the waiter deposited our plates on the table I fell silent, my cheeks flooding with embarrassment. I looked up towards Greg and noticed him smiling to himself.


“What?” I asked quietly.


“Nothing.” He said, his smile widening and revealing his pristinely white teeth. “I like that you’re so shy. You wouldn’t even say anything while that waiter was here.” He added.


“He’d have heard me.” I said with a frown. As much as I was willing to open up in front of Greg having a complete stranger know about my sorry excuse of a sex life was out of the question.


Greg lifted his fork to his mouth and chewed his steak slowly as he watched me from across the table. The way his jaw clenched as he worked the meat in his mouth made me clench my thighs tightly and I choked on the food in my own mouth when I felt wetness in my panties. The evidence of my arousal shocked me slightly. I had never had this sort of reaction to a man before; but Greg’s overt confidence and the way his eyes kept drifting to the deep neckline of my dress and lingering on my cleavage was clearly getting to me much more than I anticipated it could have.


“I want people to hear you.” Greg replied. “I want people to know everything that I’m going to do to you and the all the ways I’m going to make you come.”


“Well shit.” I muttered. My clit throbbed and I clenched my thighs again before taking another long drink from my wine glass to calm myself.


“Continue with your story.” Greg said, winking playfully over the rim of his wine glass.

I take a deep breath and decide to just get through it. “So my husband was selfish, he’d rather lube us both up than spend any actual time on foreplay and sex was always straightforward missionary or doggy and over before it really began.”


“Sounds like a bastard.”


“He really was.” I said with a laugh. “But I was young and stupid and thought he was amazing so I put up with it longer than I should have it. Eventually he got a lot rougher with me and would grab at me. One time he left bruises on me for almost a week and I’d finally had enough, I told him I wasn’t interested in sex anymore and, as you know, he found someone else who was.”


Greg was silent as he contemplated what I had just told him. And he swirled the wine in his glass slowly, his eyes were fixed on mine and I started to feel slightly uneasy.


“I’m sorry.” He said quietly, his hand reaching across the table and resting on top of mine. “You deserve so much more than that.”


“Thank you.” I muttered and he squeezed my hand reassuringly.


“I don’t want to pressure you at all. But the more I learn about you the more I want you. Powerful women are my one weakness, hence why I can’t stay away from the higher-ups at work.” He paused and chuckled lowly to himself, shaking his head slowly. “And I can tell that you want nothing more than to have a man let you take control.”


I shook my head quickly. “No. I tried that once with my husband and didn’t get anywhere. He just flipped me over and…”


“I would never do that.” Greg interrupted quickly. “God Carrie… the thought of you riding my cock is making me hard already. I wouldn’t do anything to get in the way of watching you bouncing on top of me.”


My breath was becoming shallower by the minute and my heart was racing. The fact that Greg was getting as turned on as I currently was made my clit throb again.


“I’ll do whatever I can to make you feel more comfortable.” He continued when I remained silent.


I could feel a blush rising to my cheeks as I thought about revealing my idea to Greg. I knew that he probably wouldn’t judge me for what I was about to say. In fact, if he was as turned as he claimed he would most likely enjoy hearing it more than I enjoyed thinking about it.


After downing the rest of my glass of wine, I took a deep breath and began to speak. “I’ve always wanted to tie a man’s hands to the bedpost and have my way with him.”

Greg smiled again and I saw his hand lower beneath the table briefly, seemingly needing to adjust his pants after my confession.


“Well Carrie.” He began with a grin. “I think I can definitely help you out there.”


(Greg’s POV)


Just listening to this woman pour out her heart, describing her previous issues with her husband makes me furious with a man I’ve never met. How could anybody treat such a sweet and beautiful woman as he had? Truly he didn’t deserve her.


Beautiful being the key word in my thoughts, I can not keep my eyes off her; everything about her turns me on now that she has opened up to me. The very thought of sex with her, under any conditions, along with staring at her breasts like a love sick schoolboy has given me an erection I will struggle to hide if we leave right now.


She looks at me sweetly, with those innocent eyes that imply there is much more to her than I see. “Would you?” she asks. “Would you do that for me?”


“Of course; I’ll do anything for you to make you comfortable and I’ll let you do anything you want with me,” I reply, my heart beating like a jackhammer in my chest.


“Now? Can we do it now? Right now, Greg?”


Tossing my napkin onto the table I signal for the waiter. Suddenly events pass by like a freight train; paying the bill, walking her to my car, a stop at a drug store, driving to the hotel, until suddenly we are standing facing each other as I close the door to our hotel suite.


I don’t want to scare her off but I cannot be totally submissive from the start. Taking her face gently in my hands I lean in to kiss her waiting lips. Her response is overwhelming, her mouth melting into mine, her soft sigh arousing me so easily.


Breaking our long passionate kiss, I take a risk by unbuttoning her blouse, but she  places a  hand on mine to stop me. “Let me,” she breathes, and the look in her eyes tells me I am hers now.


Slowly she removes each article of clothing while keeping her eyes fixed on mine. I hold her gaze as long as I can but I cannot ignore taking in the beauty of her naked full breasts. They are magnificent. My mouth almost waters looking at the fullness and contours of two perfect orbs. My attention shifts to her nipples, dark and standing out proudly. I am fully erect now.


As she steps free of her panties my eyes dwell at that sweet juncture of her thighs as she holds her legs together, almost defensively. Her hips are almost nonexistent, her waist sloping into a soft curve to her upper legs. My mind is going where I want my hands and my mouth as she undresses me at her own pace.


Standing naked before her, my arousal bobbing of its own accord, I look at her almost embarrassed at my lack of control but she giggles softly and kisses me. I reach out to embrace her but she stops me again.


“On the bed, Greg? Like you promised?”


Climbing on the bed I wonder if I can maintain control in this state of arousal. I feel almost flushed and my cock is at the ready. As she leans over me to tie my wrists to the bedpost I decide that I will relinquish control to her as I promised, even if it means more than the physical restraints.


She straddles me at the waist and after kissing me lightly once, she leans over me to let a breast brush against my face, inviting me to taste her. “I saw you staring at my cleavage tonight, and I thought you might like this,” she offers softly.


As she presses a breast to my open mouth, I close my eyes and savor the feel of her hard nipple against my tongue. She presses against me until my mouth is filled with her flesh. I suckle her like a baby and my erection waves in the air. This is going to be a rough night.


The second breast is just as delicious as the first and she allows me to enjoy it in my mouth for a long time, licking and sucking the nipple, and I cannot suppress a moan against her flesh.


Then she rises to her knees, her hands on the bedpost and moves forward, hovering over my head. Looking up past her beautiful breasts I see her biting her lower lip as her thighs close against the sides of my face and I feel her settling down. I can feel precum oozing down my shaft like lava down a volcano.


(Carrie’s POV)


My body jerks forward of its own accord as Greg’s tongue makes the first pass up my slit. I feel him nuzzle his face up into my folds and his lips close around my clit. A loud gasp escapes me and I feel my toes curl against the comforter.


I don’t know where the confidence to climb on his face came from.


My ex had only done this for me on the odd occasion and had certainly never possessed the skill and finesse that Greg was demonstrating with firm flicks against my clit.


But after feeling his skilled mouth on my breasts I knew that I needed to feel his tongue inside me before I took his cock. I reach behind me to grasp his hardness and squeeze the base of his shaft lightly as my fingers curl around the solid heat of him.


He grunts into my pussy as I pump my hand along his length several times and I feel an answering throb in my palm as his hips flex into my touch slightly. I cup the head and coat my palm in the copious amount of translucent fluid already and use the moisture to aid the rhythmic passes of my fist on his cock.


I don’t manage to pleasure him for long. The sensation of his eager caress to my slit as he trails his tongue to my entrance and dips inside teasingly before moving to focus his attention back on my clit is quickly making me lose control. I bring my hands to rest on the headboard close to his and lean forward to look down at him.


His eyes are open and focused on the bottom of my breasts, but when he notices my movement they lift slightly to instead become fixed on my face. His tongue begins to move quicker, and the small noises of approval he releases as he drinks my juices and applies suction to my clit encourages me further and I find myself grinding down onto him.


I see his hands curl into fists against the metal of the headboard and I lift myself up suddenly to check he’s ok. When I look down at him I see a dopey grin on his face. His lips and chin are covered in my wetness and I moan softly when I see his tongue peak out to savour more of my taste.


“What’s up?” He asks with a grin, his arms flexing slightly as he shifts his weight to get more comfortable. His voice is hoarse as he speaks and I feel my clit throb as his chest rumbles beneath me.


I frown and glance behind me. His cock is still straining upwards, bobbing slightly against his stomach and my eyes are drawn to the deep blue vein prominently displayed along the length. Regardless of how new this is to me, he’s obviously enjoying it. And the evidence of his desperation for me encourages me to lower my dripping pussy back to his face.


As his lips make contact with me again I can feel that he’s still smiling. His nose comes to nuzzle against my clit for a moment before I reach between my thighs and use two fingers to spread my folds for him.


His lips immediately close around my clit and he sucks firmly around the small bead for a long moment. I release a loud moan and grind myself into his face again. He pulls back briefly and I worry that I’ve gone too far. But then his head shift slightly and I feel his tongue pushing inside me. He darts in and out several times; and as his chin lifts a couple of times to press against me, I take the hint to begin moving with him.


My movements are slow and controlled and I can feel my release building every time his warm tongues presses inside me. But despite how good it feels I know it won’t be enough to get me there.


I move the fingers that were spreading me open for him to sit either side of my clit instead and I start rubbing the little piece of beaded flesh in quick circles.


My breathing picks up and soon I’m panting loudly as I chase my release. My hips are moving of their own accord and I can feel Greg’s tongue push further inside me, caressing the my front wall and taking me higher still.


I can feel my nipples tightening, and my thighs shake against the side of his head as I begun to succumb to my orgasm. But it’s the combination of his noises of contentment as he devours my pussy and the sight of the muscles in his arms flexing wildly as he strains against his bindings that has me shrieking his name in delight as my climax races through me.


My body sags forward and I have to bring both hands to the headboard in front of me to support my weight. I shift back slightly to sit on his chest and smile lazily down at Greg. He’s still licking his lips eagerly, apparently trying to drink every drop of my arousal from his face.


“That was amazing, Greg.”  I whisper against his chest as I lean forward to lie against him.


He hums positively and I shift back further. My wet slit rubs against his straining cock and he hisses through his teeth at the contact.


I lift my head up and grin down at him.


“I think you deserve a little something from me since you were such a good boy.”


This newfound confidence is invigorating and I lower myself down his body until my mouth is level with his cock.






(Greg’s POV)


Being restrained by and under control of such a beautiful woman is every man’s fantasy. Tasting her as she pressed her weight down against me was such sweet torture. Regardless of my reputation with women, few have ever come to realize that put in this situation, I can remain hard and deny myself the pleasures that I strive to give, if only to allow my lover to act out her own fantasies of dominance.


Her concern for me as I enjoyed my task was so sweet and genuine, I could but smile at her as she lifted momentarily to ensure my comfort. Then as she ground against my mouth, her fingers joining my tongue in making this a special orgasm, I felt my cock betray me as bead after bead of precum emerged, rolling down my shaft.


My heart beat with joy as I watched her face, eyes closed, biting her lower lip as she rocked into oblivion on my chin, her sweetness seeping faster than I could lap it up for my own selfishness. I would gladly have stayed right here for as long as she wished to pleasure herself but she obviously has other needs.


Her breath against my shaft as she hovers over it is like the scent of a rose, soft, sweet and warm. She looks up at me from between my legs to ask, “May I take my time?”


With a chuckle I wiggle my arms, to remind her of my restrained wrists and answer, “Sure; I’m not going anywhere.”


She smiles silently and her hand lightly grasps my shaft. Closing her eyes she presses it against her cheek. “It’s so soft and yet so hard!” she observes. Then I shudder with anticipation as her eyes open to meet mine and she runs the flat of her tongue up the underside of my erection, and I know she can taste the precum that nearly coats my shaft now.


At the tip, her tongue flicks out and gathers the rest . Smiling seductively she licks her lips and my world is rocked once again as her lips kiss the tip, then part and begin their journey to the base. I cannot suppress a groan, of pleasure and shock, that she could and would do this so readily.


As one hand makes a fist around the base, her other one cups my balls ever to lightly. Her mouth bobs up and down over the top half of my now aching cock as I feel fingernails lightly scratching behind my balls. She has obviously done this before! Having boasted earlier of how long I can last, I am  grateful now that she has chosen not to stroke as her mouth takes me over and over.


Craning my neck to watch her as she explores at her convenience I am astonished with her skill, her patience, and her control. I am quite certain I have never felt so appreciative of a woman’s mouth before; she is not performing fellatio; she is making love to my cock with her mouth.


I am prepared to lie here suffering the sweet torture of her hands and mouth for as long as she chooses, knowing full well that she may indeed MAKE me come no matter how hard I resist. All too soon her mouth abandons my cock, leaving a spiderlike web of saliva from the tip to the tip of her tongue.


She looks at me with a look of new found confidence and begins to shift on the bed. Straddling my hips, her pussy touching the tip of my proud cock, she boldly asks, “Are you ready for what you are about to receive, Greg?”



(Carrie’s POV)


He nodded quickly up at me and I rocked back over him. The head of his cock bumped into my clit and I gasped loudly, it was still sensitive after my recent orgasm but I continued to gyrate on top of him and coat his shaft with my juices. His hips flexed slightly and his cock shifted until the thick head was poised at my entrance.


My hand wrapped his shaft and held it steady as I lowered myself onto it. His cock stretches me deliciously as I descend on him and I bring my hands to rest against his abdomen. I pause when he’s fully inside me and I close my eyes to savour the feeling.


Greg remains completely still beneath me as I adjust to him. My eyes open again I lift my head to focus on his face. His eyes are staring at the space where we’re joined and I lift myself up before dropping down on his cock again teasingly.


He groans loudly and his head falls back into the pillow beneath it. I notice that his eyes screw shut tightly and his jaw clenches as I continue to move on him.


The feel of his cock inside me is unlike anything I’ve experienced before and the fact that he’s letting me use him however I want to is driving me closer to my climax. He’s reaching deeper than husband ever did and I can feel his cock throbbing insistently against my inner walls. His arms are tensing as his fists clench and unclench in their restraints.


I lower my body to rest against the length of his and run my hands up his stomach, over his chest and to his shoulders. His breath, recently so even and controlled, has started to quicken as I alter my movements to rock on top of his instead. My hands continue their exploration and I trace my fingernails up the underside of his arms. He wriggles slightly beneath me as I move and then my hands close around his thick wrists. I can feel his pulse racing against my palm and his eyes look desperately up at me. Almost as if he’s silently pleading for me to quicken my movements and allow him to experience the pleasure he has been denying himself as I pleasured myself with him.


I take pity on him.


The head of his cock is constantly nudging my G-spot as I move, and my clit is grinding down onto his pelvis, and I feel myself racing to my orgasm. Greg shifts beneath me and begins thrusting his hips shallowly.  The added sensation pushes me over the edge and I shriek his name loudly as I tighten around his cock.


His back arches suddenly and he releases a hoarse groan as his cock begins to pulse rhythmically inside me. My pussy is milking his cock and the feel of his come inside me almost brings me to another orgasm.


My body sags heavily into his and he exhales softly as his hips drop back to the bed beneath him. I rest on top of him for a long moment, content to feel our combined juices seeping from my pussy and running down his softening dick.


When I finally move to lie beside him I’m overtaken by fatigue. The muscles in my pussy are still pulses with weak spasms of pleasure and my eyes fall closed of their own accord. My body feels amazing and it’s as though all the anxiety of the past few months has dissipated immediately.


I feel Greg shift beside me and I lift my head to look at him. He grins and then lifts his eyes to where his hands are still restrained.


“Do you want to untie me now?” He asks gently.


I ponder his words for a moment then grin salaciously.


“I don’t know, Greg. Do I?”



A/N - Benawriter wrote all of Greg's POV so feel free to drop him a line to leave a comment. Or just comment below and I'll pass it on. Thanks for reading!


Submitted: July 21, 2014

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Thanks for reading :) we worked pretty hard to make this story come together!

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a very good story with good characterization - is there going to be a part 2?

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