Pizza and Netflix

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sequel to Leaky Pipes.

I haven't seen Kate for a week so when she knocks on my front door at 2am looking for a hookup I'm only happy to oblige.

After the night I spent with Kate a week ago I had barely seen her around the building. We had a brief exchange of pleasantries at the communal post box which was not as awkward as I was expecting it to be. She seemed to be working much longer hours than usual and I was selfishly hoping she might need some more stress relief very soon.


I was travelling home from a late shift, a large Styrofoam coffee cup in hand and plans to collapse on the sofa and watch some Netflix before jerking off and going to sleep. After grabbing some leftover pizza from the fridge I settled on the couch and booted up my laptop, syncing it to my flat screen and scrolling through the choices. I kicked off my heavy work boots and reclined across the cushions, choosing to watch some comedy show.


A soft knocking at my front door distracted me from the amusing sitcom and I dropped the pizza box onto my coffee table as I checked my watch. It was almost 2am and I rubbed my eyes forcefully before running a hand through my hair and rushing to answer the door. I briefly checked the peephole and smiled to myself when I saw Kate stood outside. I opened the door quickly and took in her slim form, currently dressed in unflattering blue scrubs with her hair in a messy ponytail.


“Hey.” I greeted softly, keeping my voice low due to the lateness of the hour.


“Hey.” She repeated with a smile. “Sorry for dropping by like this but I just heard you come home and realised I haven’t seen you for a week.”


“Do you…uh…do you wanna come in?”


She nodded and I stepped aside to let her into my apartment. The basic layout of our apartments were the same and she easily made her way into my lounge area where she hovered awkwardly next to my couch.


“You can sit down if you want.” I said, walking passed her and dropping into the centre of the couch. She hesitated for a moment but then dropped onto the seat next to me, our thighs were pressed together tightly and Kate crossed one leg over the other, her foot coming to rest against me shin. Her toes rubbed the skin their gently and the small gesture of intimacy made my heart race. I noticed she was only wearing her socks and smiled when I realised that she must have rushed straight over to see me.


We sat in silence for a few minutes and I brought my arm to rest on the back of the couch behind her and she leant heavily into my frame. My hand fell to rest on her shoulder and I started wondering how to turn the conversation towards finding out what she was doing here. There was only one reason I could think of that would explain why she would come over here in the middle of the night. I was almost certain that she wanted to hook up again. The thought alone caused my cock to jerk in my pants.


“So how are those pipes working out?” I asked, immediately frowning at my own ridiculousness.


She chuckled softly. “They’re good thanks.” She paused for a moment and brought a hand to rest on my thigh. “Everything is flowing nicely now.” Her hand squeezed just above my knee and my breath hitched.


“Is that so?” I asked quietly, turning my head and leaning down to press a kiss to her neck. She shivered against me and started running her hand up and down my thigh, her fingers getting dangerously close to my crotch before traveling down to my knee.


“Mmhmm.” She muttered slowly.


Kate turned in my arms and pressed her lips to mine firmly. She sucked on my bottom lip and then nipped it with her teeth. I gasped into her mouth and she soothed the area with her tongue before pressing it into my mouth. All I could think about was what a good kisser she was and how she knew exactly how to make desire course thick through my veins.


She threw her leg over my hip and ground her hips down into crotch where my dick was starting to throb uncomfortably. I didn’t understand how she could have such an immediate effect on me but I knew I wouldn’t be able to put up with the pressure surrounding my dick for much longer. She pulled away from my lips and trailed kisses down my jaw and neck until she drew the skin of my collarbone between her teeth and bit down gently.

“Do you want to be on top again?” I asked, breath hitching as I spoke.


She pulled away from my neck and bit her lip as she appeared to ponder my question. Her fingers were fast as she unbuttoned the shirt of my uniform. She groaned in frustration when she realised I was wearing a t-shirt underneath and shoved the shirt over my shoulders before grabbing the hem of my undershirt and pushing it up out of her way. Her mouth dipped to lick my nipple and I shuddered beneath her, my cock twitching in my work pants again.


“I kind of want to suck you off.” She said against the skin of my stomach as she ran her tongue down to my bellybutton. It dipped inside briefly before she ran it around the edge. My hands were resting on her ass to hold her steady as she was almost completely doubled over in order to allow her to bite and suck at the skin of my abdomen.


I groaned as she  moved to kneel in front of me, her hands quickly unbuttoning my pants and pulling them and my boxers down to midthigh. My cock sprung free and hit me in the stomach, the tip already leaking with precum. I lifted my hips and pushed them down from around my ass as I shimmied further down the couch and relaxed as Kate set to work on me.


Her hand circled my hot shaft and pumped a few times before she lowered her mouth over the head of my dick; her tongue immediately sought out my glans and flicked it firmly with the tip.


“Oh fuck.” I said, throwing my head back to rest against the cushion behind me.


She hummed around me and I brought my hand to the back of her head, not exactly guiding her movement but holding her in place so my cock was deep inside her mouth. I felt her swallow around me and then she was taking me even deeper, the sensitive tip of my dick hitting the back of her throat. She held me there for several seconds and swallowed around me again and I felt my climax approaching. It was as if Kate could sense that I was about to finish and she pulled off of me entirely, sucking firmly as she did.


“Are you gonna come?” she asked, a long string of spit connecting her bottom lip to the head of my cock. She gathered it in her hand and began pumping her fist up and down my shaft quickly.


“Yeah…I’m pretty close.” I replied eventually. I frowned slightly, I had never had a problem holding my load before but now I could barely make it through foreplay. I guess it didn't help that before last week I hadn't gotten laid for a while and it the fact that Kate sucked cock like a pro. She simply nodded in reply and then lowered her mouth back to me. Instead of enveloping my cock her mouth closed around one of my balls and she sucked it firmly before releasing it with a loud pop.


“Holy shit.” I said as she repeated the movement on the other one, her hand still steadily working its way up and down my shaft.


“You can come in my mouth if you want.” She said quietly as she brought my cock back to her mouth and started rising and falling on it in a steady pace. I looked down and could see her cheeks hollowed with her effort. Her movements were dragging me closer to my climax but I clenched my jaw and tried to prevent it for as long as possible. Her tongue was almost cruel in the way it would tease the sensitive head of my cock briefly before she took it away again.


My hand found the back of her head again and rested on it gently. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled on it, effectively forcing her to move with renewed vigour. My cock was slipping noisily in and out of her mouth and her hand surrounded the base, squeezing tightly everytime her lips slid down and met her fingers. I pulled her hair again as my fingers spasmed and Kate moaned loudly around my cock. I came as soon as I felt the vibrations surround me. I could feel her swallowing my come as it spurted into her mouth and she didn’t pull off of me until I was done. My dick was already starting to soften by the time she let it fall from her mouth.


She leant back and grabbed the open bottle of water from my coffee table and took a couple of deep swigs before turning back to me again. I opened my arms to her and she climbed on top of me again, her ass landing on my flaccid cock and I hissed slightly as the material of her scrubs rubbed against the sensitive head.


I cupped the round flesh of her ass and kneaded it firmly. She leant forward and captured my lips again, quickly thrusting her tongue into my mouth. We kissed furiously for a long time and I was shocked to feel my dick start to respond to her again.


I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her mouth away from mine. “Can I lick your pussy?” I breathed against her mouth.


“Oh god yes.” She replied quickly and I lifted her from on top of me and dropped her heavily onto the couch. I rose to my knees and knelt on the sofa, pulling her loose scrubs from her body and dropping them on the floor. Her small panties soon followed and she pulled her shirt over her head and threw it on the ground too. My hands ran up her soft stomach and then around to her back, I undid her plain black bra easily and threw that away from us too.


I brought my mouth to her nipple and sucked the peak wetly before circling it with the tip of my tongue and drawing it back into my mouth.


She put her hand on my forehead and pushed me away from her skin. “Are you ok?” I asked and she nodded quickly in reply.


“I don’t need any more foreplay.” She said quickly and she lifted her hips to emphasise her point. “I’m already wet from sucking your cock so just go for it.”


I stared at her in shock for a moment but then she raised her eyebrows playfully and pushed my head towards her crotch with a smile. I took her hint and kissed my way down her stomach. My eyes were drawn to the pale hipbones that I had been unable to stop thinking about for the entire week since we had last hooked up and I shifted my attention and pressed a soft kiss to the slightly protruding bone. Kate sighed happily and I playfully bit the skin beneath my lips. She moaned softly and her thighs parted further, one of her legs rose to rest over the top of my shoulder and I brought a hand to rest at the top of her thigh.


The smell of her pussy was enticing and I pressed my face into the wet slit in front of me, my nose brushing her clit and causing a loud gasp to escape her. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth before realising them quickly. I repeated this motion a couple of times before bringing the fingers of my left hand to spread her labia.


The tip of my tongue flicked against her clit and she brought her hand to thread through my hair. She held me tightly against her and I sucked her clit between my lips, my tongue continuing to flick against the small beaded flesh. The taste of her pussy was amazing ad I knew that I could quickly get addicted to it if she let me.


I pulled back slightly and looked up at her. Her free hand was cupping her breast and pulling on the nipple slightly. She was biting her bottom lip again and I dove back into her wet folds with new enthusiasm.


My tongue dipped inside her as my thumb circled her clit quickly and Kate started to thrust her hips up against my face.


“You feel amazing.” She moaned loudly, her fingers tightening in my hair and pulling until my scalp started to ache.


I brought my tongue from inside her and replaced it quickly with two fingers. I thrust them quickly and curled them slightly at the ends allowing me to rub her front wall rhythmically.


“You taste amazing.” I replied, bringing my mouth back to her hipbone which I bit softly again. She groaned loudly again as my fingers started thrusting inside her at a faster pace. My tongue found her clit again and flicked against it quickly. “Are you gonna come?”


“Yes.” She answered quickly and my cock gave a twitch at the breathy tone of her voice. “Oh god Sam, I’m gonna come.”


I thrust my fingers as fast as I could and sucked Kate’s clit between my lips again. Her hips were thrusting almost wildly against my face and I moved my free hand down to the inside of her thigh to hold her still. She moaned my name loudly several times as her pussy started convulsing around my fingers and a selfish part of me wished I could have felt her come around my cock again.


I let my fingers continue to thrust lazily inside her through her orgasm and then pulled them from inside her as she slumped into the couch beneath her and I placed one final kiss to her folds before moving away from her and rising to my knees between her legs again.


Her hand trailed from the back of my head and down my chest until she was playing with the dark line of hair beneath my belly button. I noticed the way her eyes were drawn to my half hard cock and she licked her lips.


“Do you…uh…do you think you could get hard again?” She asked, cupping my dick and pumping it from base to tip.


I watched the movement of her hand and brought one of my palms to cup one of her tits.


“Yeah.” I breathed lowly, thrusting my cock into her hand steadily.


“Good.” She replied easily. “Because I want you to fuck me again.”


My eyes fell closed as my dick twitched in her hand and I lowered my body down to rest on top of her. The head of my cock hit her clit and she gasped loudly. I leant over to my coffee table and grabbed my wallet. I took the condom that I kept in it and rolled it down my cock quickly. After pinching the tip I pressed my length inside her and started to thrust slowly into her, Kate’s hips rocked up into mine and she looped her legs high around my waist.


“I’ve started taking birth control.” She muttered against my shoulder, peppering a series of kisses up my neck and jaw until she was at the corner of my lips.


“Really?” I asked, losing the rhythm of my thrusting slightly and instead trying to press harder into Kate as she lowered her hands to my hips to guide me again.


“Yeah.” She sighed in reply. “You’re clean right?”


I hummed positively in reply.


“Good. Because I want to feel you come inside me the next time we do this.”


I scrunched my eyes closed at the thought of feeling her tight wet walls surround me without the latex barrier between us and felt my resolve slipping. Kate was squeezing her muscles around me again and the sounds of our bodies meeting wetly was pushing me closer to my climax.


"I really like your cock." She said suddenly, bringing a hand to squeeze my balls.


“I’m gonna come.” I said suddenly, my fast approaching orgasm taking me by surprise and my hips lost their rhythm again as I thrust quickly into Kate’s inviting pussy. “Are you close?” I asked hopefully, dragging my hand from her hip and pressing my thumb to her clit.


She batted my hand away and shook her head. “No.” She said with a sad smile. “But you can eat me out again after you come if you want.”


I nodded and then let my orgasm tear through me, my hips thrust with each spurt of come and then I slumped against Kate’s supple body. Her arms moved to envelop me in a hug and she pressed a kiss to my temple.


“Can you give me a minute?” I murmured into the skin of her shoulder, licking the sweat that had gathered at the base of her throat.


“Take your time.” She replied quietly, her fingertips running up and down my spine and causing me to shiver in her embrace. “We have all night.”


Submitted: June 16, 2014

© Copyright 2023 beccabecalm. All rights reserved.

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Absolutely brilliant .... I'm still hard despite reading it 4 times .... definitely hits the spot

Tue, June 17th, 2014 1:14pm


Well that's quite the compliment! I'm working on the next part atm so it should be up in the next couple of days ;)

Tue, June 17th, 2014 12:27pm


Dangerous reading your work her at my desk. Good thing there's no one else here in the office. ;o)

Wed, March 4th, 2015 1:30am

Krystal Clear

I love this kind of story. Nice combination of romance and eroticism. Very impressive.

Sat, April 11th, 2015 3:44pm

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