Sprinkled Blood

Sprinkled Blood

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Rossine, an orphan girl, is exposed to a painful past after all of her family had died. She discovered later that the dolls responsible for all the pain and sadness are Vampires and they killed for freedom from the dolls, as the legend says. Dan Kin was looking for true love to change his dark life because was one of those dolls and wants to return to human life after his conversion to a vampire.


Rossine, an orphan girl, is exposed to
a painful past after all of her family
had died. She discovered later that
the dolls responsible for all the pain
and sadness are Vampires and they
killed for freedom from the dolls, as
the legend says. Dan Kin was looking
for true love to change his dark life
because was one of those dolls and
wants to return to human life after
his conversion to a vampire.

Chapter7 (v.1) - Sprinkled Blood

Author Chapter Note

Rossine, an orphan girl, is exposed to<br /> a painful past after all of her family<br /> had died. She discovered later that<br /> the dolls responsible for all the pain<br /> and sadness are Vampires and they<br /> killed for freedom from the dolls, as<br /> the legend says. Dan Kin was looking<br /> for true love to change his dark life<br /> because was one of those dolls and<br /> wants to return to human life after<br /> his conversion to a vampire.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 03, 2012



There in a remote place...

Beyond the time of the galaxy...

And farther from being existence ...

There were lovers, treated nicely by the incomplete air waves...

And are growing, and together embraced...

Thinking to live as spirit before they became two...

Yet, So far, the story begins with them and shall end with their

Ending. .


When the alarm sirens perturbed the calmness of the night echoing inside that old building, which dates back to nearly one hundred years from now, but, although of those years, it kept its whole structure which resembling the palaces of princes and nobles in the Middle Ages, that place was not but only a shelter or a school devoted for orphans whom time crushed them with its tyranny and deprived them of the pleasure to live like others.

That was only anew moments of that warning...

The girls of all ages gathered in pajamas and nuns who have granted themselves to bring up optimally; so that they can complete their lives with integrity and clarity of intention...

The warning makes them feel panic and fear in their hearts, because this terrifying sound was unfamiliar them but just in a running case of one of the orphans, while worry and anxiety and overwhelmed among them, while whispers razed among the crowd...

"Rossine has escaped Rossine."

"It's a disaster on the world."

"She did that again."

"She will not gave up unless she left her jail"

"Only after her death, Mercy shall overwhelm the world".

"Thank God that we have no relationship with her"

"She is just a miserable, misguided, rebel girl"

A voice of a woman's raised with sharp tone coming from the microphone, while that sound seemed so seriously and full of sorrow:

I tried so hard to arrest her in her room jail, but this time, she was determined escape and Ill not stop her; because she becomes a heavy burden on us...

The sound turned to silence for a little time and then back to talk again:

She reached the age of eighteen, and have the right to live her life but away from here and with this, shall feel more comfortable from the fear and the curse of torture that hit us with bouts of continuing concern that we've entered the moment she interred the shelter ...the sound turned to silence once more, and again, returned to finish talking but with a great sadness:

Go back to sleep and pray for God to save the world spirits from her evil omen.

On the other far side of the shelter.

A random knocking steps seemed to be walking with confusion while accelerating some times, and slow in other times , suddenly , the walker turned back with high and loud breathing, while the inspiration and exhalation of the frightened walker to walk in the dark street overwhelmed with ugly quietness which strain the nerves of many people.

There was no moving object or any voice calming the holder of such steps or invite him to rest his nerves and anxieties, and raging breathing voice transcends while his footsteps stumbling every time he turned behind, staring at the darkness, trying to penetrate it with his glances, as if he was searching for a ghost chasing him with a crazy manner.

Just after only few minutes until he returned quite with some calm when he heard the voice of some drunken wandering in that street trying to join themselves by their incomprehensible songs, he ascertains at that moment that he had returned to safety and then he let little tension, which was dominated few minutes ago, he walks quietly, forgetting the fear that owned and hid himself inside the courtyard of obsolete worn out cars, behind a dusty old car somewhere near the street, but when he talked with a worming and sad voice , it was so clear that she was a girl in the prime of youth:

It seems that I will spend the nights in this hateful place which brings inauspicious to the crows themselves, so what about human beings. Then she chooses a place near the back door of the wrecked car , confined herself trying to reflect the place which was nothing but obsolete broken cars grouped on each other , while for a moment , she imagined them as towering mountain , but her good knowledge of the nature of this place where she came to, where a lot of Carriers and cranes, Beer bottles and beer dumped, are scattered everywhere m moving by a little breeze air once forward and once again leaving behind the voices calling for depression, overlapped with the voices of animals which were spending the night in that place , Cats, Dogs, Rats, it was like a den of stray dogs and cats .

She spoke with great sadness when her thoughts reached to this point, she has been bitten on the lower lip ... And what about me?

I am also stray too; I don’t even have a shelter for me. Then she turned silent for a little time too, feeling frightened when she heard a rapid movement between those cars moving between the engines, making a strange sound as if the cars will fall together at once, she got up, talking to herself while so rapidly she put her hands in the pants pocket :

Woe to the fauna of this place, they started to frighten me, than she proceeded out of that location completing her walking in the dark street were the moon light was not enough to see what was that place looks like ,she starts speaking to herself with the same intense pain and anger as did for a long hours:

My doctor was killed yesterday, but I am the only defendant of killing her, I am a girl whom brings bad luck to every person show some passion and compassion to me, but I was once happy to live with a family contain of my parents, but since the birth of my younger brother Mike, my life started to change because I was so jealous of the strong interest in him like an important person. At that time, when he was three months old, my whole life changed in a moment! His early death transformed the accusation and reproach looks on me because of my blind love and jealousy towards him , and because of not being able to accept his existence in the family; where he was realized the attention of my father from me and I also , announced involuntary my hateness to him several times, and the war will continue against him since reaching the first month to the end of his life, and when the moment of his death approached, I even hated him more; because all questions and investigations were running in an empty circle which was me , only me just until the fact was clear, when the reports indicated that the child was fallen down by himself , at that moment, my parents were so regret accusing me and creating an atmosphere of anger without any conclusive evidence condemn me admitting, so far , they tried to show their love and passion and pledged to take care of me and love me forever, while only of this, I felt that I went back to what I was before and rein meted that the death of my brother was for my advantage, so , I decided to completely extract my hatred feelings towards him, I was the pretty queen of my time, all my desires were an orders and answered very soon , my pocket money was so big that no children- whom were in my age- can even dream of it , besides the weekly trips to the most beautiful places of entertainment in the city, but fate just did not want me to stay in my complete happiness, and decided in advance to steal my parents from me in an ugly scary traffic accident led to the death of my father directly, while my mother relieved to the hospital in a bad condition , I have never forgotten those days ...

At that moment...

A black cat with shinning scary eyes interrupted her loneness; she talked to herself with some panic while she was trying to move as far as possible from the black creature:

Damn, its mew was so scary, and it looks very ugly, She fell silent for a moment and returned to remember her painful past .That Dawn was so painful to me, I sat in the hospital in front of the room of my mother, waiting for doctors to get out of the surgical operating room to tell me that my mother is fine, but after the first five hours of waiting in the morning of that day , an exhausted doctor opened the door and soon he started to wipe his sweat and take away the mask over his mouth , than he said to my uncle Eric:

"She will live, but her condition now is critical and needs to stabilize,"
my uncle Eric carried me and said with a sad smile as he looks to me:

"Your mother will live!! This is so delightful".

I asked him about my father, but his features soon have changed, and the innocence of his happy quite laughter turned to blues and looks soaked with tears and told me then:

"Your father is in paradise now and he inevitably will be happy to stay near the Lord"

I was almost passed the age of six years old when my father died, so I thought that my father is gone somewhere and will return in the near future, but , while my mother's family was little bit happy, my father's family was drowning in sadness for losing her dear son .

That happiness didn’t last more than anew hours m and sonly ended when we got the news of the death of my mother because she had taken off the oxygen mask away of her mouth for an unknown reason; while the doctors thought that she removed the mask only by herself, but the investigation did not find any evidence or fingerprints on that mask! The evidences also mentioned after that the mask was not installed properly and this led to the sliding of the respirator and to her direct death.

The both families lived than with a deep sadness in those difficult days while I was - at that time- playing with dolls whom my uncle Eric gave me m while I was so sure that my parents would be back from Paradise after a little time and they will be younger as known about Paradise, and there is no need to cry, then my mother's family headed by Uncle Eric decided that I should be under their custody .

I lived in untold happiness near my grandfather and my dearest uncle , who was treating me as his daughter , he gave me a lot of care and passion , his pamper to me was so significant, it seemed that he has a strong feelings to me when he gave me some antique dolls back to the fifteenth century m that’s because he was working in the an archaeological excavation, when he found that toys in an old wooden box buried in an ancient abandoned French village France, when he was studying the nature of that village and the ruins lifted behind, so after a long time and the trouble, we could choose some names for each of those dolls (Andy, the chaotic doll for its whole tattered clothes and curly hair and old clothes, while we released the name of Mary the doll with black long hair and Finery strange makeup and its somewhat transparent clothes , and Kevin , the huge and little ugly doll , and finally Johnny the beautiful doll with its aristocracy and elegance of the dress) .

I loved those dolls so much , they were my childhood friends, they share me the sorrow and pain and elegiac of myself for the good old days, where everyone was attracted to my brother, Mike .

I loved my Johnny doll very much because he was so close to my heart, my own feelings toward it was eliminates all senses.

She suddenly stopped thinking for a moment and looks to the street, which ended with two crossroads sides, one to the right and the other to the left, at that time; she resumed talking to herself again with a signs of grief still above her face battered by these events:

  • Which way should I take?

The right way leads to my father's house, while the left branch brings me to my grandfather's house, so after a long confusion and waiting, she turned towards the right branch and was still pale and grief overtakes her face, but although of that sadness, she was still attractive and striking with her lineaments, her white skin, her sharp green eyes, and her thin small lips, while her nose was long and consistent with the shape of her face.

Her hair was chestnut, goes on soft limbs on her shoulders and mid back , while she had a shaped coherent sexy body full of a lot of temptation, she wore a blouse showing her thin arms with black tight trousers wraps her slim body .

She started walking carelessly and still talking to herself with great sadness as if she insisted at the moment to isolate her and live in a world of sadness and painful memories of a time trying to sequent relate the events as she experienced in the past years

My uncle Eric has died one day after he took me to the school in a terrible traffic accident, where his car collided with a huge truck which crash his car at once and led to an unbelievable destruction led d the beheading of my poor maternal uncle and the breakdown of his body.

I was not exceeded the age of eight at that time ,but I strongly rein meted that all those things happen because of me, and fate just threw its curse over me , forgetting that I'm still a child, and do not understand anything ,but I vowed from that time to replace my fun and spontaneous behavior, to isolation and rejection .

My grandparents were so sad to what had happened to their lonely daughter, and then Eric, the young, man who was still in his second decade of his age ,I remember the words of Uncle Eric's to parents before a few hours of his death , and that s what makes them to suspend me the most:

"She needs parental tenderness so we must not deny since she lost them while she was so young".

I attended the funerals of Uncle Eric holding my puppet, Johnny, that I refused to wrested it from the hands when my grandfather wanted to take it, but after fatigue and nerves stress, he have complied without conviction, where Uncle Eric was the their weakness point for them when I mentioned him, which this doll is the only residual memory after his death.

This was the first time I brought to a funeral, I saw a crowd of men dressed in black suits and women wore black dresses with hats and scarf's on their faces; full with irrepressible dignity and deep sadness.

I told myself while hugging Johnny the doll with all my strength to the level of suffocation, trying to mute the tears which I never shed at all on anyone, even my parents , I just could not shed my tears even of purpose for the moment because I was not aware of what is going on around me .

I was just talking to my doll, Johnny more than talking to myself...

My Uncle Eric is dead now; I do not want to lose you too. Suddenly , when I finished my sentence I launched a deep cry as if it was locked in the depth of my heart and wanted to release long time ago , than I burst into tears which was suppressed inside me a long ago , I kneeled on my knees and still clenching the neck of my Doll , Johnny; at that moment , my grandmother came almost scared of seeing me in that elegy situation m she hugged me and said:

"Take it easy my beautiful little child, you have to pray and recite prayers from the Bible to send

Mercy to his soul ".

At that certain moment , I wanted to answer her angrily and pain , but my tongue did not help me to utter even one word, so I felt like I lost my ability to speak.

Days and months passed, and grandparents kept treating me as their small child , they did not deprive me from anything mentioned m but only from sweets that led to the decay of my back teeth ,I did not want to go to the dentist to pull out my decayed tooth , I didn’t like the way they pursued to make me yield to the order and go! they hidden my doll Johnny and told me that they will give it back to me at the moment that the dentist took off that decay tooth , I remember that moment the feeling that I introduced for the first time I go to the dentist, I was scared to death of the tools used to remove dental .

I sat sadly on the bench and he appeared to talk to me trying to let me open my mouth which I strongly stress not to open it, but after nearly three hours, I went out clenching my teeth and signs of pain and humiliation occupied my gloomy and miserable face; my grandparents new than that the dentist took off my decayed teeth, but, after a strong efforts from the doctor who had to anesthetize my body because I did not response to open my mouth.

So far then, I felt that I am one of the Nobel ladies from the ancient times where I must be with a beautiful looking, where the decayed teeth were only but unfit casually elegant dresses and should not be retained, while I liked the idea which reinforced in me and, hereafter I followed the instructions for a daily teeth washing.

The girl stopped for a little time to look through the glassy façade of one shop to a doll man wearing a cook uniform, and there was a big piece of cake beside, so, she said with a faint smile:

It is the shop of "Acer Mark" But is he still on move?

I used to call him the arrogant mean that he was boasted of his tasty sweet pleasure ,but , although the taste was delicious, I resolved to spoil his happiness on the day of his celebrating of the tenth anniversary of the inception of the business, so I collected a huge amount of various kinds of insects which there were about more than thousand and made them attend the celebration , where at a certain moment I dispersal them in the shop dump without the feeling of existing people and went out bringing my routine sweet box as if nothing had happened, where his supposed happiest day turned suddenly to a inauspicious one ,he was trying sometimes to explain to his customers that this is nothing but pure evil resident of one of his enviousness , and other times scarring his bad luck because he closed the shop for a week, so I felt with a lot of joy for my victory, because he was not like me at all and spoke to me as if I was nothing but scum, and nobody, I felt the pleasure of revenge while seeing the stupidity that dominated him at that moment, he did not doubt that I was behind the calamity that has befallen him, but if he had a little reason to use , he will soon discover that there is no human being wish to hurt him more than me .

She became Silent for a moment and then completed her miserable talk as she was walking with tighten arms with some bitter anger...

After one week of the incident of my victory my grandparents were burned to death , but I have been saved with my four dolls , then I saw the moment when the upper floor of the house collapsed while fire was raging in it as I embraced my Doll Johnny with all my strength , with pain and saddens watching the firemen as they were moving in the courtyard of the house, trying to extinguish the fire that raged tags using their water sprays flowing from a long tube running from the fire engine, while they their attempted to save the grandfather faced a bitter failure.

After a few minutes , the burned bodies of my grandparents were carried on a stretcher, covered with white sheets , I knew that their souls were vanished , so then , I decided to run away as far as I could , but my grandfather and mother ,had been standing before me, holed while I'm trying to remove their hands off with angrily glowing and excited blood , but I failed, my thoughts were dispersed after this shock because my grandfathers tiling was incomprehensible:

"It was the form the anger of the Lord"

"Lord has mercy on this poor girl".

Over a little time, I could understand their conversation that my grandparents died because of their severity behavior with me. I tried to tell them that there are some wrong ideas inside themselves about my grandfather to my mother, but they just said to me, thinking that I was trying to hide something of them:

"Pray on them darling m pray that my lord overwhelms his mighty mercy on their souls, and strive to pray to our mighty lord not replace his mercy with divine punishment"

Here, the questions began to roam inside my mind, crossover between rage and strong fear ...I wondered:

Why darkness prevails my life?

Why everyone I love must die?

Is this a curse or an ominous inauspicious?

But , when I utterance the word ominous , I realized that I was the same inauspicious itself ,so I preferred to isolate myself and stay alone , and piled up on myself trying to remove all feelings of love inside of me; so for , to give the rest of my family some chance to stay a live without the curse of me which can rob their lives in a most brutal way .

My grandparents tried so hard to take me out when I was overwhelmed by the isolation and the tough , sever loneliness m but no avail, so far m I remained for more the one year , treating them with so contempt , however, I was the sweet darling for both of them , and they have cemented in their minds that everything I do is just because of the cruelty past years , and what became of my life, they were not irritated at all to what I do for them , because there were only concern about how they can provide me all I want it to make my life seems better than before, even apparently, how many times I shouted at them , with my rigid speaking and cruel vulgar words , but they insisted to treat me with best treatment, although I did not have the passion toward them , but the curse of inauspicious replaced, so , their car turned over at the bridge and they died instantly.

The idea of inauspicious sparkled in my mind again , so I realized so clearly that my inauspicious is not due to my love for others, but because others love me , at this moment I began to understand what missed me in the past days and that my

Love is nothing in front of the love of all who have died as a result of that inauspicious love.

I was so happy of the moment when my aunt and uncle refused my custody; although I was barely exceeded ten years old , while I still remember very clearly when they said :

"We are seriously afraid of our lives and the life of our children from the curse of death that pours on every one receives this girl at home."!

I felt that I would be able to live alone without any intervention of me, or I should receive a bullet on my forehead and got killed , so , the foreboding inauspicious which clouded my previous life will die , but as they said before : wind runs not like ships wish.

I moved to live in the shelter, I remember that day, when I felt so sorry for all who will die because of my love, but I wished that the idea of doom that enveloped my life the nature with death and grief for six years to spread, so far, my wish came true because when I came to the shelter, I noticed the secretly looks of the girls, and whispers they were alternating between them:

"This is the girl who brings death for every one receives her ".

"We should not approach close to her; let us stay far away from the curse of death that she pours on every one approaching her ".

"It looks like she is spiteful girl like the mucous witches ".

"We shall provoke her out and make her suffer; we have to make her run away and flee from the shelter or even kill herself".

"Look at her, holding her doll box, she seems so foolish and clumsy".

"I am afraid of her; she may empty her all of her anger among us and kill us all without feeling."

"She's cursed by the damn curse of love m but not the curse of wrath."

"I hope that she stay trapped in her room and never leave it but a dead body."

While the nuns were praying their worships, the moment I passed in front of them, I felt that the tension and fear of the whole world were stuck on their faces.

The director of the shelter also received me with harsh words, shows that I am crazy or dysfunctional:

"Will, Dr. Milz shall focus on your treatment".

"But I'm not sick!" I answered.

"Don’t argue with me young lady, I have already decided this, and I'm not going to irreversible my decision , furthermore , you will be jailed in your room and will not go out to attend the course or even to pray without the nuns company , do you understand that ."

That day, I was looking at her feeling so glowing with anger, she was treating me as if insane or hit by a dangerous contagious and deadly disease.

In fact, I knew very will that her all fear inside herself was about that shelter from the curse of doom known about me, I spoke to myself that this is the perfect solution for the survival of the external environment to be safe from the moments of doom happens because of me, but the director did not stop at that point m she wanted to grab the my dolls away from me, when I saw her carrying may dolls box to take it away, I asked her with some concern:

"What are you intending to do with my box?"

"This is not of your business"

"But I think that her ugly body alone can bring doom."

Suddenly, I found myself jump towards her so swiftly, and trying to snatch my dolls box angrily talking to myself:

"These dolls will not be cursed ".

She felt that she was taken over by fear of red, while her face turned to red and her astonished gazes from the way I snatched my dolls box, while my looks were announcing for a bad omen she may get, she tried to balance herself, gathering her power, and said to me, while pressing the call button in order to try to return to her normal and natural condition:

"You may have this box now, but I warn you if I all see it outside your room"

Her cruelty behavior was not only unnatural, but was also beyond the reasonable, everybody in this shelter thought that she gathered all her hatred and anger and fear inside herself to pour them altogether on me; that’s way she insists to lock me for several times and for many days inside a dark garret room full of mold and rodents and spiders waste, which added more awe.

No one of the orphans in this shelter has ever interred that room, so I was the first visitor for nearly a hundred years.

The director bleated me with whips for many times ,because she thought that I was taking my dolls out of the room to terrifying the girls in the orphanage who I would not forget what they were doing to the director to increase more severe punishment on me , how many times we argued with each other , where we were making fights with hands, hair-pulling of what they lie for me and because of their bad and nefarious actions like putting insects in my own carrot soup, and staining my bread in dirty sand after they trampled upon, or in the class they accused me searching the nun drawer, and poured the ink on the Scriptures while the punishment includes to make me compulsory appear in the hands of Father Gerald and to try to atone for sins I did not commit.

Father Gerald was the only one who believed that I have not committed any of those alleged things; he told me once that my life will change just when I believe in what is going on inside me:

"Trust your internal faith".

He knew that his life will end within days, but he insisted to stay for telling me about all those people whom were luckless.

He told me about Frederic the luckless cook , who has lived all his life serving the king, without feeling that he was injecting poison to him, and about Tom, the negro boy whom accused of killing his master, while he is innocent and killed by shooting him with eleven bullets, and later on , the killer appeared , it was his wife , and about the girl whom was telling her villagers every day, about what will happen to them due to her predict talent in seeing the future through her dreams, while her people turned sleepless with dry eyelids because of the ugly and sad thing she was saying , but finally , they decide to kill her and hung her body on the front gate of the village, declaring that her spirit was disgraced by the devil, so she transformed their quiet life to horror and anxiety.

He also told me about a child whom his life was desecrated by the devil spirit , believing that his life will change when he will have a spirit like the spirit of devil ,but after a period of time , they did not find the boy or his body.

He was telling me these stories and events, just to through the ideas of doom away from myself; so that I can live without the feeling that what had happened to others of death was because of me ... when I was living in my home, I did not use to visit the church every Sunday to prayer and ask for forgiveness. But in that first year I spent in the shelter , I used to go every Sunday, not to pray, but to listen to the interesting speech and interview of Father , he richened my life with a different kind of feeling that I never experienced before, so I became a lover, and dreamy girl , and fell in love with those stories he was telling , he told me the story of the boy who sacrificed his life to save the girl that he loved from the evil that has been restored in their village and had everything under control, but with his sincere spirit of love, he killed the devil before he got his girl, and after that , the memory of his sacrifice and truth turned to a story that the villagers were telling their children every Eve; to praise nobility of that boy and what he did to save his village from evil.

Father Gerald was certain that he will die soon, so he asked me not to ascribe his death to me, it is because of the strange psychology happening in the world, and I am able to resolve it.

When I tried to bribe him to tell me about what is going inside him about that psychology, he told me while he was blowing the candles of the sanctification, in front of the Grand Cross of the tutor on the internal façade of the church:

"Don't bother yourself in thinking of the psychology, but you have to think of what you must understand what you have faced in your life" what may pass over your life"

I then, became afraid of his incomprehensible talking , I stood up to help him to spray the holy water around the seats of the church , talking to him with some of plausibility:

"Father, as long as your mind refrains from talking about that psychology, so tell me what should I do?"

He looked at me smiling and said while he was still sprinkle the holy water from a bottle on my head and driven it towards my heart,

"You have a heart, so used it."

I didn’t understand what he meant by that, I ran out of the church and, almost desperate with an internal feeling in me telling me that father Gerald has a solution for my dilemma which pervading me, but he does not wish notify me about it .

I embraced reading the most books of in the holy library trying to access something that nullifies the curse of bad luck which escorting me , so , in that days , the news spread so fast that I am decided to be a nun , but , all that readings did not was only wasting my time and tempering with nothing , so I turned back to the zero point , feeling so tired , flagging , disclosing my sorrow and anxiety to my dolls , so , perhaps she can change some of the pain inside me, sometimes I feel that the world is on the brink of collapse and I feel that I am not bled to withstand any more pain ,so I pulled Johnny among his friends and hug him with an overwhelming force as if he was real, while talking to him with pity :

"Oh my dear, if you were not a puppet, you should be my sweetheart."

I fall in a deep sleep without thinking about what might happen tomorrow, which not wake me up from but the director suffocating me with her angry looks willing to kill me, but father Gerald advising her that what she intending to do is a sin committed against me, I looked at her after putting my Johnny off my arms and lifted my hair back, than I said quietly and stupidity:

"It's Sunday".

She approached to me while her angry glances were still trying to pluck me up from my place, than she said quietly accompanied by an intense anger:

"Father Gerald have been killed this morning,"

I looked at her startled of what she has already said, I was not awaken yet and did not realized what she has just said, but only when I jumped out of bed and went out so quickly with barefoot and sleeping shirt, just to arrive to the church, where I saw blood near the door, while father Gerald was carried on a stretcher, covered with a white sheet stained with blood from the head area.

I've found the priest lying on the doorstep of the church, his eyes were bleeding blood, and the investigation carried out and that have baffled many others assured that there is some kind of poison which had been established to pre-date has placed within the eye drops which he was using every morning before entering the church, causing disruption of nerves of the brain and that paralyzed to a certain and fast death without being able to even move , or ask for help , they did not find any fingerprints on the medicine vial of Father Gerard.

The curse ceased me again with the death of the father Gerald, the girls of the shelter started to make all kinds of tricks and gimmicks to broadcast a kind of madness in me, for the first glance, I thought that they were able to do that, when I escaped away from the shelter, but seized by the guard, whom was ordered locking me in the attic and leave me for two days, until I come rottenness, as a punishment to took off from my madness, but the idea of my escape was not a crazy move , but some kind of a solution to the dilemma of doom that had surrounded my life.

That idea has become increasingly entrenched in my internal self and coming more and more in determination when I wake up and see glimpses of light entering the room.

Every day I run out from the attic , the guard brings me to the attic again for the same reason, until I felt that that my attempts do not assume but have so changed thinking about running away; that these attempts did not bring me but only pain, beatings and coercion, in addition to disappointment, and the more I think about those who were telling about me and expose my secret , I only find my dolls who are knowing my tactics and arrangements perfectly ,but I know that they are impossible to dare to harm me , and realized that the psychology of doom returned to latch its walls over me again and imposed its deadly siege.

The fates willing, ordered that Sardine, the stupid girl was in the list of wanted to die, she have tried several times, for almost a month, to tell me about her desire to be my friend, and to repel on me some types of victimization which the shelter girls were pouring, so she became accustomed so much to me than I put her under the list of the daily routine.

She was talking with them in a sharp angry voice in a try to prevent them to execute what is going on their silly minds of hatred and rancor plans they are trying seriously to do that on me wishing to cause me die , but when they were feeling that their plan was failure for the first time ,they soon plan for another one but more compact than the previous one thinking that they can getting rid of me; and that will bring the serenity which was stolen from them for a moment I have been caught and brought me back to the prisons like one of the "dangerous criminals".

But fate did not make their minds rest in those days m letting them in their fear of the curse that may affect any of them.

Sardine , who was pursuing me as my shadow, in a try to make me feel satisfy and satisfaction of their acceptance as a friend to me, and sharing me the feelings of grief and pain of what happened to my life in the past, and her desire took me to talk about what happens to the girls whom were the taking boys as friends , and impressing them in the way they walk , and what are boys do when chasing them trying to seduce them surreptitiously without the knowledge of nuns who grow used to take them to the city every Sunday , and how some nuns revealed the emotional adventure for some girls when they saw them between the arms of the young men, kissing deeply.

She was not only feeling enough with these conversations, but also touched on to talk about movies and its wonderful films, and how many time she tried to convince me to go with her to watch a movie but I was not listening to her or even give her any attention and a slightest interest, but what was increasing my disturbance was when she was constantly repeating as a radio, or a parrot:

"Please do not be hard on yourself because of your life, don’t to seclude yourself inside your sad room, what happened was not your fault."

She doesn’t know that I buried the feelings of involuntary sadness inside me just in the moment I received the news of the death of Uncle Eric, and I used to answer them with a shrug as I eat the biscuits pieces:

"I don't need a dysfunctional girl to cite what I'm not unable talk about or to believe that I'm suffering from the pain of losing of my beloved .so disappear, or I, all tuck your face with mud".

But , as her usual daily habit, she tryst to shake my hand, while this movement has always admired me whenever she did that, I should of know at that moment that she is not but an insane girl

I did not care about her , nor for what she feels about , but, because I am looking for a friend to be more fun of her , and a brilliant speaking and more precisely deserve s my friendship, I stripped myself from the pain feeling that I am the only one whom the wall world is concerned about and my life is the basis of doom which is stocked in it , and that just if I became closer to anybody ,or from his passion , his life will be coated with the cover of death, so , I knew in advance that I'll stop thinking of that as a result of my fond of the interviews of Father Gerald.

Then came the day I was waiting for the hearing of the death or rather the killing of Asardin, where she was found in the yard of the shelter dumped on her face while the blood coming out of her mouth and nose, and later , it was approved that she committed suicide on herself , after they noticed some bruises falling above her whole body, and found that she threw herself from the top of the building and left a message in her rood admit that she wanted to do so in order to rest from the fatigue of grief and loneness that cover her life ...

That day I did not have exceeded almost fifteen years, and that the trick of fate did not apply to much on me , I know that the doom was behind all of that , only when she loved me in a right way which was so similar to the way in which the former ones did , which caused their deaths.

I realized at that moment that nothing will be able to remove the doom planted inside me, but the psychology that Father Gerald has talked about, but he himself is dead now because he did not pay attention to the fact that I will suffer for them, so , he repeated his visits to the library and read the most of the books that could guide me to that psychology father Gerald talked about with few not understood words or von med to solve the problem of doom, while a lot of girls and nuns thought that ,I ,all be a miserable nun for the second time; because of my long stay between the large number of those books that dates back to the past centuries..

I'm now no longer the girl who has dreamed of stories or novels, which Father Gerald talked about; for this I did not pay attention to those shelves that contain the most beautiful stories and novels, which in turn attract many people in the library to borrow them and read the stories of love that I did not dream of one day.

During the days of my reading the books, a doom omen seized on the mind of the Director's that an another omen may hit the shelter , so she decided to subjecting me to a psychological treatment ; trying by this to block the doom that I may release behind because of this great insatiable to read all of these books, but , the most painful thing for me giving the motion of my treatment to a doctor called Mliz whom was at the beginning of her third decade , which she admitted that I was one of the most sensible girls to my ability to maintain so composure in not to trespass into any matter relating to me. She told me once with great admiration, while looking at me with a smile:

"It seems that these events template you as very reason and I did not find that in any other patient who suffered could not handle even fifth of your pain ".

I replied proudly sad:

"So, you should have to others".

That was the only time she addressed rationally because I did not want to speak, and whenever she tried to ask me a question on something, I was answering with only "yes" or "no."

Doctor Milz did not refrain from trying to put me on her side , so that they can understand what is going on and wanders in my mind, so she has been buying me books similar to what I was reading in the library, and I remember when she gave me the book "Legends of Doom" while I got up holding it feeling so nervous without looking around :

"It seems that the curse will happen soon ".

I discovered later that it would be foolish for uttering these words in front of psychiatrists; Dr. Mliz seized the book from me and talked to me with a little slag try to steal the answers:

"Tell something about your life Rossine ".

She was close to know that I am stronger than oppaying that, and when I felt that there is no point of following that way, she intend to change its approach and follow the approach of cruelty, did not be useful at all, while all her attempts sent in vain and gone with the wind, she was that it is difficult to spark any information from me.

Days passed, while I was trying to understand what goes inside me of pain when they talk about the death of anybody killed because he loved me, but I did not reach to a satisfactory outcome. Until the day when Dr.Mliz, was killed but the evidence of my innocence were in my side this time , because I was trapped in that dirty attic after I put the beetles in the girls bedrooms to make them get worried and , at the dawn of next day ,when the manager came to visit me , I knew that something had happened, because her full anger and gorge coming is not habits; but she just came to tell me about a sad event .

When the manager told me about the death of the doctor , and how she had written a paper that the doll girl has nothing to do about it, I felt such a pain in my mind which strikes every time I hear about someone's killing .

I can't handle that pain anymore , so I decided that moment to escape, and finally managed to evade the guard and run away, then I heard sirens announcing my escape , but this time without a return.

I stopped talking for a moment and completed its ... Oh what a sally fate , I was soon arrested in every time I attended to escape and the sirens echoed, but only this time , I feel that this my lucky day? ...

She became silent again for the second time, then she ironically spoke to herself again ... shouldn’t they put my name in the Guinness World Records in the many attempts of my escape and the doom, which affects around me? ... But this is not important now, my freedom is most important, in which I obtained at a later time.

It has been a lot of time since I saw these places, that’s because I did not got used to leave school as a kid for the large time I spend in the library, the city has changed since the last time my eyes fell on its landmarks, the buildings were not so magnitude, the moment I left them and the streets were not arranged so good like this! Oh, how stupid I, am, its nearly eight years have passed since I left them,

She turned in silence again , than stopped walking to look at a large old-fashioned house , of two abandoned floors irredeemable as a result of the elements of nature factors and neglect, than she said some desire :

- This is my home ... she walked a few steps toward the house and entered the park looking in contempt gazes ,wondering how the herbs and plants got dried and the land become barren as a desert, while the darts spread everywhere, than she started telling herself with un satisfaction :

I cannot see the park in this miserable condition before , my mother was one of the those who like to show her strength and demonstrate their ability to coordinate the gardens in a beautiful and decent ways , but now the trash are dumped everywhere.

She started walking trying to suppress her anger and gorge, until she reached the front gate and looked towards dusty plate, she removed the dust with her hands, then she red what was written: "House of Robert" and checked with her eyes towards the window while re conquered her hands from her trousers pocket and extended one of them to the wom flowers basin talking to herself:

- I used to hide the house key in the dust of this basin ... she stacked her hand into the soil, then she pull it out holding a key, she shacked the stocked dust of her hand then she put the key in the hole of the door, moved the handle, then the door opened at that moment, accompanied by squeaky annoying sound, and then, she entered the dark house and closed the door behind her

She used her hands to feel the objects, the light which come from the windows is not sufficient, so she needs to have candles or lamps, but any way, she used to stay in the darkness for many hours that she spent starring in the darkness...

She walked heading into the kitchen; she did not find any difficulties to know where things are, as if she was walking in a luminous place.

A few seconds passed, until the candle was lit.

Rossine began talking to herself after she remembered a little of her beautiful memories:

I was able to walk the darkness and feel the things since my childhood, when I accustomed myself in those days when my brother was the center of family to invent things that help me to spend my boring time manipulating the operator of electricity and the water engine, and steal the nice sweet without feeling , where I was able to repress my breath and my routines for a full minute, with the assistance of dolls , I was accomplishing all I would like doing with a resounding success and without impunity .

When she turned silence, the sadness overwhelmed her face, and sat on a bench covered with dust and cobwebs when she felt with a deep weakness in her feet, she said tiredly and quietly:

_ I am tired, then she dropped her head on the dirty table, soiled and dusty, then she continued … I need you, Johnny ... Where are you? Where did you disappear?

Then she fall in deep sleep.

Chapter One

Somewhere in the City...

A tall young man does not exceed twenty-sixth years old ,was strolled the floor of the old room, which looks like the police offices, with his irony table in black and gray, where the documents and papers where lined up above with a small phone and chair made of leather.

The young man was talking to himself with a voice of vengeance concern and tension...

Whether the crimes rolled because of the unreasonable girls ominous, so this will be a clever will do plan to avoid justice.

She committed her first crime on her brother first, and now ended on the death of her doctor , now I do not know who will be her next victim killed the following must confess that it succeeds in its optimal methods in the commission of such , she admitted that she played her roll perfectly without any evidences of her crimes that innocence offends ...

I've red almost a million time about the all relation of that girl, but I found nothing strange in her life but with a little preservation and hang with dolls until this time, while the girls in her age are still seeking for being more reckless and evasion of responsibility, and when they wall fall in love, they shall cry their luck after a failed relationship, just when they knew that all aborted by making love with those kids is not but only a fancy to have, they will feel so miserable after they finish making love , and then they try to do something else may be more reasonable ,but , when a short time passes a way , they return to make love with boys again , trying to mute the what they feel inside themselves of euphoria, anxiety, grief while this is the comminute of them.

The second type is the gawky girls who still studying and does not find the time to take care of themselves , what makes young people do not come close because of their shape or neglected repelling clothing , and shoe them ridicule behavior whenever they noticed their shadows pass nearby.

Finally, the third type, which is characterized by slag and cunning, by calming sickness sometimes or reason at other times to reach their disguised aims , and that’s for steno men the love of that young man who does not care too much and about her by transmitting her sense of ability to pull him to have sex with him , then leaving him suffering and bagging her to return to him , but with doing this , she gets what she wanted , or by launching anger on every one they meet in their way and prevent access to what she wants .

He got silence for awhile, and then said with a smile, while he has changed his face anxious to a happy one:

- I've found it...

He sat on the seat, putting his hands on the table, talking to himself so peacefully and complete silence...

-I will try to make her believe that I love her and my handsome face will play an important role and patron of me then, and with approached her step by step, I shall find out the best way she follows for the commission of her crimes, than, I shall arrest her even if that will cost me my life and have fallen under her hands; but to be the last victims...

She insisted to reopening her case file because I have never been convinced of what was said or common or what reports had demonstrated about the von modify of their innocence, because she only have the key to the mystery and I must find the solution.

Mean while then…

A brown asymptotic age Youngman, but with larger body than his, thus, he said while putting some papers on the table of the Office:

  • I have brought you the latest information concerning this girl called Rossine Robber, but I'm not convinced that you can handle this case, her fame has been spread in the entire city as a whole, and it's possible to get killed without reaching any solution, and with this off course we will lose the all evidences condemning her.

He smiled sarcastically, and said quilt while collecting his papers:

  • Do not worry my friend; her craftiness will not pass through m because I'm tending to pursue the matter in its entirety.

He turned silence for a moment, and then, he strode up and continued...

  • Do not be so obtrusive as usual.

- Tony, but...

He interrupted him telling him to shut his mouth up, and then he said in a sharp tone:

Trust that the truth will appear on my hands, but I warn you of intrusion, because is sure that I would not stop dismissing you from you position.

The large young man gestured with approval, but feeling with some pity for Tony who may get killed because of the bad omen of this girl and of what he knew about him, because he will not stop him from taking the case but if he turned to corpse, as the case was his only concern since the murder of the girl Sardine, and how it was not possible to take it?.

Another person took the investigation in which proved the innocence of the girl very easily, and will only feel comfortable when he gripped her red-handed.

On mettle, a smile rose on the face of Tony and said as he was dropping out:

- Do not worry, dude, I'll get out safely, see you later.

The yellow skin Youngman went out with a full hope to solve the issue, while his lineaments, with his blue almond eyes and blonde hair flying back on his shoulders, over flow with determination, and his steps which were quiet rapid indicating great confidence in access to what he wants to prove, Here are the documents of the case outcome of the long-awaited and nothing will provide him now from solving this case.

In the next morning...

Rossine woke up so scared by the sound of the children football which hit the window.

She got up from the bed nervously and walked sluggish, putting her hand on her forehead to try to wake up completely, while talking to herself in terribly anger...

Those nosy kids appalled my quietness m she Current that, Woe to them ... I am so tired and exhausted and I want to pee...

Then she headed towards the bathroom opened the door and when she entered, she noted the whole dirty dust accumulated by the years, and the spider web fills the place, she said with a little boring:

I must clean it first then I will pee.

Not only the bathroom seems this way, it was a whole house, descended with the chaos of old years , the dust did not only cover the floor and stairs, but every inch of the house, the images attached to the walls were saturated with dust so that the painting is no longer possible to be distinguished at all, while the masterpieces and objects were distributed in different places of the house missed its prettiness and upwind of color losing its disappeared luster with a pile threads of which it took from each side, while the furniture which were covered with white sheets have been eroded now because of the mites, and dust over them, and what increased the luster of the dread was the spider web which was in a consistent arrangement, so , there was not any features of luxury shown which was famous of .
She did not only pee, but made a shore also when she noted that the dust covering her hair and clothes. When she finished all that, she turned back to her room started to talk with herself with on mettle feeling of the happiness of that old days, reflective everywhere she steps to...

It is nice to be here, but the home seems so ugly like this ...she has got silent for a few seconds and returned to talk with herself again...

  • I'm not used for this shit before, but I think that I have to accept that now, I don’t belong to that shelter anymore, and not in that room with its arrangement and routine

Cleaning, where the director did not agree to change her habits by making the girls clean their rooms with water and

Disinfectants for the accompanying obsession about that filth.

She then entered her room, however it has a repugnant view, but a sudden smile shone on her grim face, then she happily rush and pick up one of the Dolls and said:

- I am happy to see you at the best condition, I have been worried the moment I left the shelter and left you behind...

She bowed to it and carried them all, hugged them strongly closer to her chest, as if they did not seem to hold up long ago, and then, she put them aside except one doll she kept holding and headed out towards the window, talking to herself with

A significantly sadness...

It has been a long time to overcome the threshold of this room, but time must do it again, is not that Johnny?

She turned silent for a moment, than she talked again with her hands as usual catching on the neck of the doll with some force, as if she wanted to strangle it to death...

When the human being distinguished with something unique, he needs a person standing with him and pushing him forward in the moment of weakness and lack, and that’s what makes you different because whenever I need you standing in front of so lofty, with your blaming eyes for my ugly weakness, and helping me in everything that happens to me, while your doll friends were so much careless about what is happening around me, like Andy, the chaotic one which doesn’t know the meaning of sympathy and Mary would prefer to see everything that is enjoying it with the same fun, but moon regnant Kevin is pleased to see me in flagging power...

Everything however, but you, I found you a loving calm bleak in many days, and in the moment when I ask you about the cause of this grief which aged your eyes , you prefer to keep silent inside of you; because you don’t want to make me worry or greeting the grief that drowned me in that period.

She placed the doll near its other doll friends and walked to the mirror, then completed talking but in a loud voice this time with some sadness:

Oh, it has been a long time since passing the threshold of this room, but time must reiterate once and again, is not that right Johnny? .

She turned silent for a moment, then suddenly, she resumed talking while her hands wringed the neck of the doll, as usual, but with more power this time , it seemed as if she desired to strangle it to death...

When such a human being is excelled and characterized by something very unique, he seriously needs to a person standing with him, propelling him forward during the time of weakness and when become lack of hope and perception, all that were in you ,I used to find that in you whenever I needed you , you were there all the time , standing in front of me , firm , and lofty, staring at me with your blaming gazes for my odious weakness, helping me , and giving me your hand to bear everything that happens to me, while all your other doll friends, were so careless and much indifferent of what's happening around me, like Andy, with his peevish , chaotic temper, he even doesn’t know the meaning of sympathy and consolation , and Mary , that bitch who prefers to see and feel everything delighting and exhilarating herself with enjoyment and fun, but moon regnant Kevin, is so pleased to see me weak and powerless, but you, you are so different, I found you so loving and altruistic, so quiet, doleful all the time , and when I try to ask you about the reason of this deep sadness which contemporaneous with your eyes, you preferred to keep it silent inside yourself , because you do not want to disturb my ease or increasing the grief which drowned me in that period.

Thereafter, she put the doll near her friends and walked directly towards the mirror resume talking with an audible sadly voice:
- Don’t I seem to you like a woman now?

This means that I am perfectly able to do what so ever I like, but oh, I feel th

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