In the Hands of Fate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jeremy and Jess are long time friends. They have known one another ten years. Since the first time they spoke both knew that they would always remain in each others lives.

After a long night of swinging back a bottle of Vodka, Jeremy and Jess have one hot, passionate, crazy night for the first time ever.

Will that passionate night be their only? Knowing that Jess's best friend Kate also is into Jeremy, will Jess step aside to save her friendship with Kate and will Jeremy be able to except seeing Jess growing close to his younger brother Daren?

They are fated but is that fate for them to be together? Jess is torn apart between her friendship and love. In all turn of events, Jess will lose a big part of her-self. Find out who will make it, who will not, who will live happily ever after and who will meet death.

* This story is based on some of my life. The story line is mine, most of the things in here has happened in my life. I share this story because its real, because its erotic and mostly a good story is true. Enjoy!!!

Table of Contents

The Inevitable

Jeremy and Jessica (Jess) have been long time friends. Jeremy convinces Jess to throw her-self a party for her 21st birthday. Jess agrees only to find her-self jealous as her best friend Kate flirts with the one she loves. Like always Jess holds in her feelings, using liquor to kill the pain. As the night goes on, Jeremy doesn't leave with Kate but stays with Jess.
The night starts out playful. Jeremy and Jess wrestle around only to end up kissing one another. In a dilemma, Jess knows her friend Kate also likes Jeremy but will she finally take a risk and stop worrying about everyone else? Will their fate finally bring them together?

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