The Student Union Painting

The Student Union Painting The Student Union Painting

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is a true story. (I’m amazed how much of this story I remember vividly. Much of the language is almost word for word what was said.) This was the beginning of an affair that lasted several months and I still fondly remember Kari, pronounced car-e.


This is a true story. (I’m amazed how much of this story I remember vividly. Much of the language is almost word for word what was said.) This was the beginning of an affair that lasted several months and I still fondly remember Kari, pronounced car-e.


Submitted: December 26, 2013

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Submitted: December 26, 2013



The Student Union Building Painting

This is a true story.  (I’m amazed how much of this story I remember vividly.  Much of the language is almost word for word what was said.)  This was the beginning of an affair that lasted several months and I still fondly remember Kari, pronounced car-e. 

It was the spring of 1976, and I was standing in line at the student union building cafeteria, essentially brain dead, waiting to get a cup of coffee.  I’d been up late the night before studying and seriously needed the coffee to wake up.  I noticed an attractive young woman standing in line ahead of me looking at the wall, and then looking at me.  She repeated this several times, and then asked, “Is that you?” 

I looked to where she indicated and said, “Uh, yes,” staring wide eyed at the painting on the wall, which happened to be a full frontal nude of me.  I’d started modeling for the art department the semester before as one of many part-time jobs I had to pay for college; however, I had no clue that drawings or paintings of me were going to be displayed in the student union building for everyone to see. 

“Very cool!”  She smiled up at me.  She was a delicate looking young woman with beautiful, red-brown hair nearly to her waist, and bright blue eyes.  She had a tight body and her face lit up when she smiled and I couldn’t help but grin back at her.

We finally got our coffee and I scanned the seating area and saw an open booth back in the corner of the cafeteria.  With our large containers of coffee in hand I lead the way through the crowd and snagged the booth.  She peeled off her jacket and slid into the booth.  I couldn’t help but notice her prominent nipples showing through her tight white sweater.  We settled in and she reached across the table, took my hand, and said, “Hi, I’m Kari.  It’s nice to see you, all of you,” she included with an impish grin and a wink. 

She held on to my hand, and I blushed and said, “I’m Jim.  It’s nice to meet you Kari.”  Why I was embarrassed, I didn’t know, except that I was very attracted to this young lady, and I was caught off guard by seeing the painting in the most prominent location in the very center of campus activity. 

We talked easily about school, and other things that we were both interested in.  It felt like she and I had been friends for a long time.  She was from Boston and I was a local.  Kari told me that she was taking theater as a minor and she loved acting out scenarios with her friends.  She asked me about modeling and I told her it was a lot harder than it looked, that I had to stay motionless for up to 30 minutes at a time.  I also remarked that often it became quite uncomfortable, and how hard it was not to move sometimes, especially when I got an itch. 

“How do you keep from getting hard?” She asked earnestly.  I told her that it really wasn’t a sexually charged situation and that after the first week or so, I hadn’t had much trouble with that.  She kept reaching across the table touching my arm or my hand when she talked and I could tell she liked me.  Every time she touched me it was as if she was pressing a button that would send a jolt of electricity to my groin. 

It wasn’t long before we had to head off to class and she said, “I’d really like to see you again.”  She winked and smiled, “Maybe in person?”

“I’d like that very much.”  I replied, grinning.  “I’m out of class at 3 this afternoon and don’t have to work until tomorrow.  If you’re free, maybe we could get together.” I said hoping that would work with her schedule. 

“This next class is the only one I have today, how about you meet me at my apartment after your class?”  She said, writing her address and phone number on a piece of notebook paper.  I noticed that she lived on the street just to the south of campus, just beyond the girl’s dorms.

She hugged me, gave me a quick look in the eyes, and I thought for a second she was going to kiss me, then she turned and left.  I hadn’t realized how small she was before she’d hugged me.  She couldn’t have been 5 feet tall, and next to my 6 feet 3 inches, she seemed tiny.  I stood there staring at her tight little backside as she hurried through the crowd and off to class.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about Kari and her sparkling blue eyes and of course her prominent nipples, and trying to hide the erection that made itself known every time I thought of her. 

I arrived at her apartment door at 15 minutes past 3, after nearly getting run over as I sprinted across campus and across the street to her apartment.  I stood for a minute to catch my breath and heard one of my favorite songs playing on her stereo and knocked on the door. 

Kari opened the door and said sternly, “You’re late, I expected you here promptly at 3:00 for your modeling session.  Now hurry and get undressed and start your first 20 minute pose.”  She had a serious expression on her face, but I could see her eyes sparkling with delight.  She’d changed her clothes and was wearing a halter top and very short cut-off jeans. 


I stared at her for a minute, and then realized she was acting out a scenario and I decided to go with it.  Why not get naked in front of her?  It’s what I wanted to do since the moment I met her; although I wanted her naked as well.

“Oh god, I’m sorry I’m late.  I’ll get ready immediately.  Where should I change?”

“Right here, I don’t have time for you to go anywhere else and change.”  She said, trying hard not to smile.

I stepped over to her couch and dropped my jacket, peeled my T-shirt over my head, slipped my boots and socks off, undid my belt, and began unbuttoning my Levis.  I looked up at her and her eyes were glued on my hands at my fly.  I was hard already and my cock was extending down my right pant leg.  I slowly unbuttoned the last three buttons and pulled my hands away.  About 2 inches of my cock were showing through my open fly. 

“Well, what are you waiting for?  I don’t have all day, you know.”  She stated, her nipples obvious through the thin cotton of her halter top.

I stifled a laugh and slid my Levis down, my cock springing free and standing up at a sharp angle. 

I heard the sharp intake of her breath and looked up at her.  “What kind of pose would you like?”

“I, uh, I’d like a standing pose, with some twist in it.”  She stated looking me up and down.

“Hair tied up or loose?”

“Hair loose.” 

I took the elastic out of my hair and shook it out and took my pose.  My hair was well past my shoulders. 

“Now, you are not to move for the next 20 minutes.  If you move I’ll stop doing what I’m doing and you’ll have to get dressed and leave immediately, understand?  I’m setting a timer and when it goes off, you can move.” 

I was a little unsure what she had in mind, but I was willing to go along with her for now. 

She walked around me as I stood there, my body motionless and my gaze fixed on the chair across the room.  “For example, if I was to do this,” She said as she wrapped her hand around my cock, just below the head and lightly stroked me, “and you were to thrust your hips forward, I’d stop what I was doing immediately, and you would have to leave.”  She looked up at me wickedly, and all I could do was look at her with my eyes, not moving my head.  She released my cock and I groaned.  She walked behind me and ran her fingertips from my balls, lightly along the crack of my ass and up my back under my hair to the base of my skull.  I moaned, and it was hard not to turn to her.  “You like that, huh?  I’ll remember that.”  She chuckled wickedly. 

She walked back around in front of me and with her back to me, bent over forward and placed her palms on the floor about a foot behind her heels.  She looked up at me from between her smooth well-muscled thighs, and said, “I was a gymnast, and I’m very flexible.”  She smiled and placed both palms on her tight little butt, her shoulders between her thighs and her elbows behind her knees. 

I groaned, my cock jerked and drips of pre-cum began stringing out of the tip and running down its length.  It was all I could do not to look directly at her.  Luckily she was almost in my line of site.

“You like that, huh?”  She smiled and placing her hands in front of her and did a slow walk over, which stretched the fabric of her halter top taught against her breasts as her upper body came upright.  She leaned back and did a back bend looking up at me, her hands were nearly against her feet, and the halter top was again taught against her breasts. 

She turned to me and kissed my nipples, nipping them with her teeth lightly, then licked and kissed her way down my chest to my stomach.  She slid her tongue into my belly button; the head of my cock was pressed against the underside of her jaw.  She smiled up and me and it was all I could do not to look down at her.  Her lips enveloped the head of my cock and her tongue probed into the slit.I groaned. “Mmm you taste good, a little sweet, and a little salty.”  She licked the length of my shaft and around the head, and then took the first 5 inches of my cock into her mouth, the head pressed against the back of her throat.  She swallowed and swirled her tongue around the shaft and slid back off my cock, the suction causing a loud pop, when the head slipped from her lips.  “You’re cock is long, the longest I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with,” she purred. 

“Oh my god, that felt good.”  I moaned.

“No talking or I’ll stop.”  She smiled up at me. 

She stood, cupping my balls in her hand and lightly squeezing them.  Turning away from me she reached behind her and untied the bottom of her halter top, then slipped it over her head and tossed it aside.  Again she leaned back and did a back bend into a walk over and when she stood she was pressed tight against the front of me, my cock pressed into her back.  It was all I could do not to reach around and take her breasts in my hands.  I strained my eyes to look down and I could just see the tips of her nipples extend out from her slightly up turned breasts. 

Kari rose up and down, her back against my cock using the dripping pre-cum as a lubricant as she stroked me against her.  I groaned and gritted my teeth clenching my jaw trying not to thrust against her.  She turned around and slid down to her knees, again taking the first 5 inches of my cock in her mouth, and then she swallowed several times and took the rest of my cock, the head and part of the shaft going down her throat.  She stroked me several times, taking the head of my cock and a little more down her throat.  It was the first time any girl had done that to me.  I groaned and was straining not to come.  She slid off me and said.  “No coming, not yet anyway.”  My cock was throbbing, and a little cum oozed out. 

She sashayed away from me.  Looked over her shoulder and unbuttoned her shorts.  She bent over and slid them down her legs in one quick move and stepped out of them, I swallowed hard, no panties.  I could see her pussy.  She walked up to me and swung her right leg out to the side and up and placed it on my left shoulder.  She pressed herself against me, her hard nipples poking against my lower chest.  I could feel the soft hairs of her trimmed bush against the upper part of my thigh.  I was amazed at her flexibility. 

I had reached the end of my rope and was just about to break my pose and take her right then and there when the alarm went off.  She tried to step back, but I grasped her instantly by the hips.  I stepped to the side and scooped her up in my arms and set her on the couch.  I slid my body over hers, pinning her down.  She had her hands against my chest, and was pushing me away when I leaned down and kissed her.  She held her lips tight for a heartbeat or two, and then I felt her relax.  I played with her lips with my tongue as I was placing small little kisses on her lips, upper, lower, and the corners of her mouth.  I slipped my tongue between her lips and she opened up.  Almost immediately she was kissing me back aggressively. 

I slid up her body slightly until my cock was between us and pressed the shaft of my cock against her wet pussy.  Kari groaned and thrust up against me.  I began to kiss my way down her body, focusing on her beautiful breasts, licking and suckling her nipples, and kissing the underside of her firm breasts.

I kissed my way down her belly and down her right thigh, kissing and licking the soft smooth skin.  I could smell her arousal and it was heavenly.  I kissed and licked my way up her left thigh and sucked the junction of her thigh.  I parted her nether lips with my tongue and dipped into her pussy.  I laved her from perineum to clitoris and she arched up against me and moaned.  I circled her hard clit, poking out from under its hood, with my tongue, and then sucked it between my lips and probed it with my tongue.  Kari grabbed my head and pulling my face against her, arched her back and came.I kept licking her, being more and more gentle as she continued to come. 

After a minute or so, she pulled me up and kissed me.  She wrapped her legs around me, reached between us and guided my cock into her.  I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy and gently pushed and the head slipped into her.  “Gentle, please.”  She purred.  I pressed a couple of inches into her, she was very tight, and then backed out, leaving only the head in her. “If feels so fucking good.”

I slowly pressed forward moving about three or so inches into her and stopped.  “You are so tight!”  I whispered in her ear.

“There’s a reason I’m so tight.  I’ve never had a cock in my pussy before.”

“Oh god, you would tell me that now.  You’re a virgin?”

“I just haven’t had a cock in my pussy.  Don’t freak out, just fuck me.”

I pulled out again and slowly buried my cock in her, the head pressed against her cervix.  “Oh fuck, that feels so good.  I never thought it would feel so fucking good.”  I held myself there as she accommodated my size and as she relaxed I drew back and slowly stroked in again.  She was able to take all of me then and I did it again, only a little faster.  I stroked into her several more times, each time going a little faster. 

“Oh my fucking god!” She yelled as she came.  She was squeezing me so hard I couldn’t believe it.  I couldn’t hold off any longer and came with a shout. 

“That feels amazing.  Feeling you flood me with your come was too cool.”  She held me tight and I slowly stroked into her. 


Back in those days I could stay hard for what seemed like forever and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening making love to each other.  We made love just about everywhere during our time together, on my motorcycle, as well as in and on my jeep.  We made love in the mountains, down in the desert, and in all the local reservoirs and lakes.  As long as we were making love we got along fine, but other times, well, that’s why we’re not together still.

One thing that was pretty cool was to have her sit on my lap with my cock against her belly and realize how far into her it went when we fucked.  I’m not exceptionally hung, but I guess I’m longer than average (7.5 inches or 19 cm for all y’all across the pond.)

This was the 70’s and you didn’t have to worry about fatal STDs, like AIDs and things like that, in addition, nearly every young woman used oral birth control, so the use of condoms was very limited.  Oh, the good old days.  LOL

I hope you enjoyed the story.  It’s a true story, and as I stated at the beginning, I can still recall almost all the dialog, and can still recall the smells and feelings at the time.

Oh yeah, she was my one and only virgin.  She’d had lots of sex before we met, but she’d never been penetrated vaginally by a cock before me.


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