Amy, Corinne, and the Nude Male Model

Amy, Corinne, and the Nude Male Model Amy, Corinne, and the Nude Male Model

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A nude male model visits his young artist at home and she and her mother enjoy the model immensely.


A nude male model visits his young artist at home and she and her mother enjoy the model immensely.


Submitted: December 31, 2013

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Submitted: December 31, 2013



Amy & Corinne

I parked in front of the house, my usual 15 minutes early, and quickly checked the address to make sure I was at the right place. The house was amazing; freakin' huge, and beautiful. I climbed out of my old truck, grabbed my backpack and headed to the door. I'd recognized the address as a nice area, but I didn't realize it was the nicest house in the area. They also had horses, as I could see them checking me out from the pasture off the big barn.

I rang the doorbell, and heard it echo through the house. The door opened and a beautiful woman of about 40, but who looked much younger, said, "Yes, may I help you?" She was dressed in a white tank top and a pair of skin tight riding breaches, with knee high riding boots, and she looked good.

"Hi, I'm here to model for Corinne." I said smiling at the woman.

She looked up at me, her eyes sparkling. "Just a minute, I'll get her."

She turned and I heard Corinne call out, "Mom, that's Jim. He's the model from school, that's here to model for me. You remember, I told you about him last week." She came trotting down the huge curving staircase and came up to the door.

"Come in." Corinne said ushering me into the house. "Mom, this is Jim. Jim, this is my mom." She introduced us and dashed off.

I extended my hand towards Corinne's mom, smiled and said, "Hi."

She took my hand in both of hers and said, "Hi Jim, I'm Amy." Her smile was warm and genuine. I couldn't help but notice her nipples showing prominently through her white tank top.

She took me by the hand and led me into what appeared to be a study or library. "Corinne has her drawing and painting materials in here. She really loves art. I guess she got the love from me. I always wanted to be an artist growing up and took all the art classes I could in school. However, we never had any male models. I would have loved to have drawn men, but we only had female models." She kind of blushed a bit and smiled up at me.

"There's no reason you can't sit in and draw while I model. Corinne asked if I could model for at least 4 hours. She said she wanted me to do lots of gesture poses and a number of twenty to forty minute poses. However, she's the one who hired me, so it's up to her."

"You wouldn't mind?"

"Of course not; I'd enjoy having another woman drawing me."

Corinne walked in, dressed in an oversized shirt. What she had under it I couldn't tell, but her legs were bare up to mid thigh.

"Mom, you want to join us? Jim will be here all afternoon, and I don't think he'd mind if you drew him as well."

"Funny, we were just talking about the very thing." Amy said. "Yes, I would like to join you."

Corinne had a platform set up in front of two easels, with several small tables holding paints, brushes, pencils, and a myriad of other things. I stepped over to a nearby overstuffed chair and slipped off my shirt, boots, and socks, pulled my robe out of my backpack, slipped it on, then slipped off my jeans. I tied my robe shut, and turned towards the two women. Corinne was sharpening her charcoals, and Amy was staring at me, mouth slightly open.

"You're going to model nude?" She asked her voice not much more than a whisper.

"Of course he's going to model nude, mom. This is for a figure drawing class, all the models we have are nude. Jim's the best model we have and according to the Prof, he's the best model they've ever had."

"Corinne, you wanted me to do lots of gesture poses, so I thought I'd start with twenty thirty-second poses, followed by ten one-minute poses, then I'll break and after that I'll do two-minute poses, then if you want I can do five-minute poses unless at that time you'd like me to go back to the shorter poses."

Corinne handed her mom a drawing pad and a charcoal pencil. "Mom, mom, here's your drawing stuff." He had to bump her mom with the pad to get her to take it.

Amy said, "Uh, oh, thanks sweetie," as she took the pad and pencil. She'd been staring at me as I was took off my robe, folded it over the back of the chair and stepped up on the platform and started my poses. I glanced at Amy as I changed poses and she was sitting there staring at me, not drawing, just staring at my crotch. I felt my crotch begin to tingle and blood start to fill my cock. I immediately started into some very strenuous poses to take my mind off my cock. It worked, mostly.

I followed my normal routine, rotating 90º at each pose to make sure they got the chance to draw me from all angles. I'd worked up a good sweat by the time I'd finished the 30-second poses and started into the 1-minute ones. I love doing gesture poses, because it allows me to be very creative, and really challenge my body. It's also fun because I can show off my entire body. I've been told I have an amazing body for a guy my age. I'm 6' 4" tall, weigh about 180 lbs and carry very little fat. My hair is down to my waist, I wear a full beard, trimmed short, and I have several cool tribal tattoos. If I were younger, I'd be the kind of guy a girl wouldn't take home to see her mom. My cock is nicely sized, about 7.5 inches long and 6.5 inches around when fully erect. Well proportioned for a guy my size.

I finished my minute poses and stepped off the platform and walked over to my backpack. I was pretty well pumped and covered with a fine sheen of sweat. I dug a towel out of my pack and dried off, then slipped on my robe. I turned around and nearly ran right into Amy.

"You're amazing!" She said, looking up at me, placing her hand on my chest, with pure lust in her eyes. Her nipples were standing out prominently, and I thought I could smell her arousal. My cock began to tingle and fill with blood.

I grinned down at her, "Thanks. I try hard to do my best, and I really love doing gesture poses."

I glanced over at Corinne and she was grinning like a Cheshire cat at her mom.

"Mom, would you mind getting Jim something to drink?" Corinne asked walking towards us. "Mom?"

She touched her mom's arm and Amy looked at her and said, "Oh, yeah, sure," and wandered out of the room.

Corinne grinned at me and said, "Mom's been alone since my dad died three years ago, and I don't think she's been with any guy except my dad, ever." Then she whispered a bit conspiratorially, "I doubt that she's ever seen a naked guy, except for my dad." She smiled at me and followed with, "that's one of the reasons I asked you to come over today. You know, if you could show her an erection that would be way cool, and I wouldn't mind seeing it either." She winked at me, her face a big grin.

"I'll see what I can do for you both." I said grinning back at her.

Amy came back in carrying a tray with a bottle of white wine, three wine glasses, and three glasses of water. "I didn't know for sure what you'd like, so I brought both wine and water."

"I'd love a glass of water, and wine as well." I said, smiling at Amy and at Corinne. I took several big slugs of water then picked up the bottle and poured wine in all three glasses. Passing one each to Amy and Corinne, then taking mine by the stem, I clinked their glasses and said, "To the two prettiest women I've modeled for in as long as I can remember," and took a healthy drink.

"Pino Grigio, very nice, thank you! This is one of my favorite white wines." I finished off the glass and poured another, and took a sip.

Amy finished her glass and poured another, while Corinne took a sip of hers and set it on the table near her easel.

I dropped my robe, took another sip of wine, then hopped up on the platform and began my two-minute poses. I decided to do a series of poses that acted out the seduction of a woman in the bar, progressing to the point of oral sex and intercourse. Each pose was 2-minutes long, so I only had 10 poses to get from first meeting to intercourse. It was fun, especially when I got to the point of leading her out of the bar, with my cock getting hard, then kneeling in front of the imaginary woman, my face buried in her pussy, and my cock standing at attention. When I reached the point where I was fucking the imaginary woman and then the final pose of me reaching orgasm, facing directly towards Amy, with pre-cum stringing out of my cock, I thought the women were going to go nuts.

Corinne said, "Jim that was absolutely amazing. Really the coolest series of poses I've ever seen."

Amy was just staring at my cock. "Oh my god! That was so cool! You really are amazing." Amy reached out and touched the string of pre-cum hanging from the tip of my cock, brought it to her lips and tasted it. She looked up at me and said, "It's kind of sweet," with an amazed look on her face, "and your cock in beautiful." She looked at her daughter and blushed.

Corinne was smiling at her and said, "That was way cool mom."

I reached for my towel and dried off, wiping the pre-cum off my cock and where it had gotten on my legs, and reached for my robe.

"You needn't put that on, unless you're more comfortable with it." Amy said.

"I'll forgo the robe if you'd like. I'd just as soon be nude." I replied. I folded the towel on the chair and sat on the towel, my cock pointing up from my lap.

I finished the second glass of wine and when Amy went to fill my glass she saw the bottle was empty. She said, "I'll go get another bottle," and turned to go.

I said, "Mind if I join you?" following her out.

She looked back and said, "Of course not. It's in the kitchen."

When she stopped in the middle of the kitchen, I walked up behind her and put my arms around her. She leaned back against me, pushing against my erection, which was pressed hard against her butt and lower back. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts, so I began massaging them, pinching the nipples between my thumb and first finger. She moaned and leaned back against me harder grinding her butt into my cock. She turned in my arms and stood on tip toes to kiss me. She was tentative at first, then opened up and I ravaged her mouth, my hand sliding down the front of her tights and pressing against her pussy, quickly finding her swollen clitoris and using two fingers I massaged her to an orgasm, smothering her cries with my mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Amy said. "I haven't had an orgasm like that in years."

"That was really cool, mom!" Corinne said walking into the kitchen grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh jesus Corinne!" Amy cried, "You weren't supposed to see me do something like that."

"Why not, it's as natural as can be. Didn't you teach me about touching myself several years ago? By-the-way, Jim. Your cock is absolutely beautiful. If there was an example of the perfect circumcised cock, your's would be it." She grinned and cupped my balls in her hand and stroked my cock, smearing the pre-cum around the head. She knelt in front of me and started to take my cock in her mouth.

I stepped away, with her still hanging on to my cock. "Hey, no way am I going to make love to both you and your mom."

"Why not? Hell at least let me suck your cock a little bit, it looks so luscious!"

"Corinne, your dad wouldn't let me do that for him, he thought it was disgusting, but I've always wanted to try it." She knelt beside her daughter and licked my cock from balls to the tip. "You are so smooth and so big." Amy said as she took the head of my cock in her mouth, pressing the tip of her tongue into the opening. She slid her mouth down my cock, taking as much as she could and swirled her tongue around the head and shaft. Corinne licked my balls, sucking them into her mouth and licking my perineum.

"Oh my god, woman! If you've never done it before, you're a natural." I moaned and she scraped her nails across my perineum and my cock convulsed. I groaned and threw my head back, and slid my fingers through her hair, holding her head in place and I slowly stroked my cock into her mouth.

I continued to stroke into her mouth for a few minutes, as she sucked hard and swirled her tongue around my cock head. I reached down and pulled her to her feet, peeled her tank top off and engulfed her hard left nipple in my mouth. I suckled on her and she pulled my head against her breast encouraging me to suck all the harder and her nipple got even harder. I pulled on her nipple with my teeth and she moaned. I took her other nipple in my mouth and worked on it as I slipped my hand down the front of her riding tights and shoved two fingers into her wet pussy. I dragged my soaking fingers up over her clitoris and circled it rapidly, then took two fingers stroked from her pussy to her clit quickly and with significant pressure. She came again, hard, her legs buckling. I caught her and lifting her, put her on the counter. I took her tights by the waistband on either side and pulled them and her thong off and down over the tops of her boots. I was instantly on my knees and began to kiss and suck the insides of her thighs working my way up to the junction. I parted her nether lips with my tongue and circled her clit with my tongue, then dipped into her pussy and sampled deeply of her nectar. I laved her clitoris with the flat of my tongue then sucked the hard nub of her clit between my lips and rubbed it rapidly with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh my god! I've fantasized of someone doing what you're doing to me! It's better than I ever dreamed. She grabbed me by the back of the head and ground her pussy against my mouth. I buried my tongue in her pussy, fucking her with my tongue. I licked her from anus to clitoris, sucking her clit between my lips and rubbing its little head hard with my tongue. She came again hard, bucking against my face.

Amy worked her boots, socks, and the rest of her clothes off her feet and wrapped her legs around my neck. I stood up and with her ankles wrapped around my neck I slowly buried my cock to the hilt into her; she was tight, hot, and very wet. I thrust into her again and again, varying from long slow strokes to short rapid to full depth thrusts, bringing my cock nearly completely out then ramming it into her. She started to come and I kept thrusting into her, grinding my pelvis against her clit at each thrust.

"Oh fuck, oh my god, you've got to let me rest, I can't take it. Oh, fuck, here I go again. Oh, oh, oh jesus." She screamed again and I came, hard, pumping her full of my cum. I leaned heavily on the counter, my still hard cock buried in her hot, tight, pussy.

I could feel her pussy continuing to convulse against my cock, so I pulsed it in her, and her eyes got big and she said, "You're still hard. Didn't you come?"

"Oh yes, I came." I panted. "I often stay hard after the first orgasm." I grinned an evil grin.

"Then it must be my turn." Said Corinne, who had been massaging my ass cheeks, playing with my balls, and finally stroking my anus.

"I've got to catch my breath anyway, so you two go for it." Amy said as I pulled out of her pussy. My cum and her nectar oozed out onto the counter.

I turned and Corinne was already on my knees and took my cock, shiny with my cum and her mom's juices, in her mouth all the way to the hilt, the leading couple of inches going down her throat. She bobbed her head rapidly on my cock, fucking me hard with her mouth. She grinned up at me then sucked on my balls. I pulled her up to her feet and grabbing the hem of her shirt and pulled it off over her head. She stood there naked in front of me, shaved pussy and all. I picked her up and set her down on the island in the center of the kitchen, spread her legs, and began to shove my cock in her pussy. She was wet, and incredibly tight, but she arched and pressed her pussy against my cock and soon my pelvic bone was jammed against her clitoris, the head of my cock against her cervix. I withdrew my cock until just the head remained and shoved it into her hard, my balls slapping against her ass, and did it again, and again.

"Oh my god, you feel good! Do it again, harder! Oh yes, like that, just like that! Oh, I'm going to come! Oh yes!"

I just kept driving my cock into her over and over, harder and harder and she continued to orgasm. She was laid back on the kitchen island and arched her back. I had hold of her hips and kept pounding my cock into her as she squirmed there on the counter, her ass lubricated by the nectar emitted by her beautiful pussy.

I kept fucking her until she'd orgasmed several more times and I finally came again with the help of Amy, who was fondling my balls and tickling my anus.

"Shall we get back to the modeling?" I asked after we'd drunk another glass of wine and recovered a bit. I modeled for them the rest of the afternoon with several sketches made by Corinne of her mom sucking my cock, and of me licking her pussy. Then there were drawings done by Amy of me fucking Corinne, and of her sucking my cock. All-in-all we had an amazing afternoon.

Amy asked me if I was going to stay with them that evening and I told her that I had to get back to the ranch to take care of my animals, but I'd love to come back any time and model for them. I now have a standing appointment every weekend to "model" for them.

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