The Boxer's Wife

The Boxer's Wife

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Josh the Gentleman, a once proud and dominant champion, was now a shell of his former self. Out of his prime, he agrees to a rematch with the young, brash Tommy ‘Stun Gun’ Gialoppo. But, Hayden, his wife, fears her husband is biting off more than he can chew. She pays 'Stun Gun' a visit in hopes to persuade him into taking it easy on Josh. What the champ ask for in return, however, is something that turns Hayden's stomach.


Josh the Gentleman, a once proud and dominant champion, was now a shell of his former self. Out of his prime, he agrees to a rematch with the young, brash Tommy ‘Stun Gun’ Gialoppo. But, Hayden, his wife, fears her husband is biting off more than he can chew. She pays 'Stun Gun' a visit in hopes to persuade him into taking it easy on Josh. What the champ ask for in return, however, is something that turns Hayden's stomach.


Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



The Boxer’s Wife

Where are you?”

“Doin’ a little shopping…” Hayden sat in her car, phone pressed to her ear. The petite wife’s blonde hair was tied in a tight bun. “Listen… I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your upcoming—”

Stop!” her husband said through the receiver. “We’ll talk about my retirement after this rematch.”

Hayden sighed. “Josh, I just don’t think it’s necessary. Your injuries are mounting up and—”

One last fight… I promise.”

Hayden bit her lip. “Have it your way…”

Let me get back to training. I’ll see you at the house later.”

“K. Love you.” Hayden hung the phone up, her eyes nervously drifting upwards to the gym doors. A sign above the entrance read:

Sal’s Alliance Gym. Home of Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tommy ‘Stun Gun’ Gialoppo.


The gym was dim, empty of people. Bags hung still from the ceiling. The champ, however, was there after hours. In the ring, Tommy Gialoppo shadowboxed, working on his footwork and practicing his swift combinations. After a moment, he raised his arms while shuffling his feet, imagining his victory. A sliver of light entered the after-hours gym, and he paused, looking over his shoulder to the front door.

Hayden shyly walked inside and approached her husband’s opponent.

“Well, well…” Tommy said, “if it isn’t the mouth for Josh the Gentlemen.”

Hayden rolled her eyes. She could hardly stand to look at him. There was a hate for this man she’d never felt for anyone else. Before their first fight, Hayden did a good job of selling it. She was very vocal and confident in Josh’s ability. She called Tommy a bum and even went as far as to say he didn’t belong in the same ring as her husband. Josh the Gentlemen, however, couldn’t live up to her hype-job. Tommy ended it in the second round with a thunderous uppercut, which shut off Josh’s lights and tangled him in the ropes—a humiliating defeat. She was forced to eat her crow.

“What do I owe this pleasure?” Tommy asked.

“I came to…” Hayden hesitated. “I came to ask that you take it easy on my husband.”

“Wow! Really?” Tommy seemed legitimately shocked. “All that arrogance you had, gone after one fight?”

Hayden swallowed her anger. “It’s just that he’s been getting injured a lot. His body is wearing down.”

Tommy leaned on the ropes and wiped the sweat from his face. “Well, I gotta admit, I like you better talking trash.”

“Are you even listening to me!” Hayden shot back.

“That’s it! The fire,” Tommy returned.

Hayden glared through him, her wide-set eyes piercing.

“Your husband is a warrior, I’ll give him that,” Tommy continued. “But, I want competition. So, if he’s not well, I’ll have my promoter call it off.”

“Well…” Hayden’s face softened. “No. He wants to fight.”

“So, you just want me to spar with him, huh? You know that’s illegal.”

“No one will know but us.”

“And, what do I get out of this?”

“A pay day,” Hayden sharply responded.

“Ahhh… I can get that with anyone.” Tommy leaned further on the ropes with a molesting glare.

Although fully clothed, Hayden suddenly felt it wasn’t enough. She knew what that look insinuated and shivered in repulsion. “I don’t think so—”

“Suit yourself.” Tommy turned back and began shadow-boxing once more. “It’s your husband’s funeral.”

Hayden clenched her jaw. She couldn’t believe what she was about to say. Her palms grew sweaty, heart thrummed rapidly. “Fine…”

Tommy slowly revolved back to her. “Oh yeah?”

Hayden shrinkingly nodded.

With a confident grin, Tommy sat on the middle rope and pushed up the top one, making a way for her to enter the ring.

“Right here?”

“Right now… or no deal.”

Hayden set her purse, phone aside. She apprehensively climbed the steps to the ring and eased through the ropes. Tommy stripped out of his tank-top and tossed it aside. Hayden eyes lingered on his ripped torso, shredded abs glistening in sweat. She rubbed her perspiring palms on her black leggings.

“You’ll enjoy this,” Tommy brashly stated. He gripped her shoulders from behind and planted a kiss on the nape of her neck.

Hayden’s lips curled in disgust. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“After you…”

Hayden timidly slid her spandex pants down to her ankles and stood right back up. She impatiently placed her hands on her hips, awaiting his next move.

“Oh no.” Tommy swatted her round backside, the place where the skinny girl held her weight. “I want to see you, all of you.”

Hayden sighed deeply before removing her halter top. With help from Tommy, her bra fell to the mat as well. She stepped out of her cross trainer shoes and kicked her leggings aside. They caught the rope, suspended in the air like her husband after the embarrassing loss.

Tommy circled, mouth salivating and eyes squinting in anticipation. He took her slender breasts in his huge paws, massaging them gently. His boxing shorts did little to hide his growing erection. He kissed up her shoulder, to her neck, and into her ear, he said, “On your knees, please.”

Hayden’s legs trembled from the inevitable next move. Blood rose to her cheeks. After a long pause, she finally knelt before him, nose to nose with the protrusion in his shorts. As he removed them, she gasped and looked away—out of gall and of size. He was well endowed, and although she hated to admit it, much more so than her husband.

“Told you you’d enjoy this,” Tommy said, his voice oozing confidence and arrogance, which made Hayden sick to her stomach.

“My husband is bigger,” she lied.

“Sure he is…” Tommy sarcastically agreed. He reached down and placed her small hand on his large cock.

Hayden went right along, stroking it. His cock throbbed in her soft palm, hardening with each beat. Her eyes, however, remained staring into the dark depths of the boxing gym. Tommy reached down and grasped the back of her blonde bun. But, Hayden stiffened her neck. “No,” she said with conviction.

“You sure?” Tommy sternly looked down, which reminded Hayden of her husband’s fate.

Hayden cleared her throat and finally turned to the thick cock. She expelled a heavy breath and proceeded to do the unthinkable. She slowly slid his member between her pouty lips. He tried to assist her further, putting pressure on the back of her head, but she pulled away, gagging. Her drool dribbled from the tip of his penis, but she wiped it away before going back down for seconds. She sucked slow, robotically, just going through the motions without any heightened appeal. Her outstretched jaws began to ache, and once again, she pulled away and daintily cleaned the slobber from her chin. “Are you ready yet?” she growled.

“Oh yeaaahhh…” Tommy licked his chops and positioned Hayden on her back. He eased between her warm thighs. Her tight clit snugly hugged his cock, and he sighed in pleasure. “Wow… I thought you said your husband was big—”

“Just go!” Hayden rudely interrupted, her patience wearing thin with the sexual act. She laid her head to the side, avoiding his domineering leer. He stretched her cozy center, and she ground her teeth but didn’t let out a peep. He began to softly thrust, soaking his cock in her juices. The pain slowly sloughed away, replaced by a tickle she tried her best to ignore.

Tommy gradually moved his hips faster, his cock now sliding in and out with ease. “Who… am I?”

Hayden didn’t reply. She continued looking away as her breasts bounced back and forth. A shiver ran up her spine. Chill-bumps covered her unblemished skin. And, her pink nipples hardened.

Tommy held her chin and directed her sight to him. “Who. Am. I?”

“Go…” Hayden hesitated. Although she knew what she wanted to say, she was in danger of releasing a moan every time she opened her mouth. She gnawed on her lip. “Fuck yourself,” she breathed.

Hayden’s attitude appeared to arouse Tommy even more. His hips sped up, vigorously pounding. “Quit holding back. You know you like it,” he said.

Hayden, again, clenched her jaw. But, not out of anger. She hoped to keep the pleasure locked away behind the prison bars of her clamped teeth. She simply shook her head at him, keeping the act up.

Tommy picked her legs over each muscular shoulder, giving him a better position to dig deeper. He heaved with power, but Hayden squealed. “Oh… sorry,” he apologized, “How ‘bout this?”

As the sharp pain abated, Hayden relaxed back. She could feel his cock, inching in and out in a rapid motion. Her fingers and toes tingled. Although she’d done a decent job at keeping her emotions from flooding over, the sloshing sound of her wet vulva gave away her true feelings. She squinched her face, as though fighting a sneeze.

“Let that pressure out, baby girl,” Tommy teased, her enjoyment easily identifiable in her strained expression.

Hayden expelled a heavy sigh with a bit of a whine on the end. Her mind grew fuzzy along with her vision, and she widened her eyes to focus. The pressure of pleasure was nearing the boiling point. Black dots began to blot her sight, but before her vision completely darkened, Tommy pulled out. She grunted, partly growled, as he removed his cock within seconds of her orgasm. She rolled to her side, breathing rapidly while holding her pulsating crotch.

Tommy hovered over her with an autocratic smirk. He stroked himself while eyeing the trembling blonde beauty.

“Are, uh…” Hayden stammered, collecting her thoughts. “Are we done now?”

Tommy didn’t reply. Instead, he positioned her on all-fours. He knelt behind her and hardily wiggled the head of his cock on her outer lips. She huffed, her body uncontrollably lurched forward. He chuckled under his breath and gingerly entered once again.

Hayden clawed at the padded canvas of the ring. The orgasm started to build once more. Her mouth hung slightly open, and sharp, but faint, bleats came forth. Tommy handled her blonde bun and pulled her head back. It stayed in tact for the most part, with a few loose strands fraying out. His powerful hips picked up its pace, and Hayden’s soft whimpers began to have bass.

“Who am I?” he asked her again.

“I… Uh!” a moan slipped out her mouth. “I, ahhh…”

“I’m a champion,” Tommy answered, he rambunctiously thrust and sent ripples through her bubble butt.

“Yes…” Hayden agreed, winded.

“Say I am the champion!” he ordered.

Hayden breathed a long, shrill cry. Her back bowed. “You, uh, uh, are… the champ…”

“I am your champ!”

Hayden dropped her head to the canvas, her backside still in the air. A wave of euphoria tensed her muscles. Her pussy was now drenched in anticipation. Like a rocket, her body shook, and she finally exploded all over his cock. She made a low grunting sound as though kicked in the stomach, losing air.

Tommy didn’t give her a break though. He removed one of her cartoon socks and gripped the two ends, stretching the fabric out over her mouth, like a horse bridal. There, he kept her head up and in place.

Although she looked miffed, not totally sold on being treated like an animal, she lacked the energy in her arms to pull it away. The sensation was great, overflowing. And, she forgot how much she hated him at the moment.

Tommy directed her head back with the sock and leaned into her ear. “Say it.”

“You… are my,” Hayden hesitated. She could feel the tickle growing inside her again. “Champion…”

“Again…” Tommy commanded, sweat dripping down his chin to her lower back.

“You’re, uh, my champion,” she shuttered.

“You’re my champion!” Hayden loudly bemoaned. The orgasm was so intense it filled her eyes with tears. She looked into the opposing corner, her sight bleary. She suddenly lost her motor functions and flopped belly-down to the canvas. But, Tommy followed right behind her, not giving her an inch. Her legs stiffened backwards, her toes curling.

“Again!” Tommy breathed.

“You’re my champ—”

Tommy pulled out, jumped up with his cock in hand, and finished himself off on her face. His body bucked as he squeezed the last of his seed out.

Hayden looked stunned. She would’ve been mad at the audacity of him cumming on her face, not even her husband owned that privilege, had her thoughts not been so scattered. Her face flustered. Her legs quivered. And, her blonde hair disheveled; half still held in place by the bun. She didn’t grab her clothes nor wipe the semen from her cheek. She just sat there for a moment in the middle of the ring, enervated and confused, not much different then her husband after being knocked out.


Hayden brushed through the front doors of Tommy’s gym and out into the parking lot. Her bun was now in her hand, her golden locks flowed over her shoulders. She plopped down in her car and punched the steering wheel. Now that she had her wits again, she was infuriated. Against her best hopes, she had given him everything he wanted—her body along with her pleasure. She hated that she enjoyed it so much. She sighed and shook her head, warding away the memory forever. Yet, as she started the ignition, her phone beeped. She rummaged through her purse, tapped the face, and noticed a new text from her husband. It read:

Sorry. Couldn’t call. Ruptured disc while training. In doctor’s office… I think you’re right. It’s time for me to retire…

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