Batman Dominated by Poison Ivy: Enter Candace (Chapter 3)

Batman Dominated by Poison Ivy: Enter Candace (Chapter 3)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The mysterious woman now has Batman's "sample" and will soon reveal her evil plan to bring the Caped Crusader down. Batman, having narrowly escaped the three gorgeous vixens, finds his belt at the bottom of Gotham Harbor but has little time left before the henchwoman's boss finishes her deed.


The mysterious woman now has Batman's "sample" and will soon reveal her evil plan to bring the Caped Crusader down. Batman, having narrowly escaped the three gorgeous vixens, finds his belt at the bottom of Gotham Harbor but has little time left before the henchwoman's boss finishes her deed.


Submitted: December 08, 2010

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Submitted: December 08, 2010



SPLASH! Batman hits the water and immediately dives down to search for his yellow utility belt nestled in the sand and dirt of Gotham Harbor's sea floor. The prostitutes, furiously yelling expletives from the warehouse window as the water rings from where Batman entered gradually dissipate.

"Maybe the Batfuck will drown" Lily said carelessly.

Siren, looking down at the dark water, shrugs her shoulders and tilts her head, "Oh well, we were going to let him rot here anyway, such a loser!"

Candy, looking at the other two women with a resolved look, begins to unroll her soiled silk stockings. "C'mon girls, let's get outta here. Tonight has been too dissapointing." The ladies take off their semen drenched pantyhose and toss them on the ground where Batman once lay helplessly. The womens' high heels, clopping and echoing through the room as they leave the warehouse.

Batman sinking fast, spots his utility belt and swims feverishly towards it. A ploom of sediment puffs up as he snatches it and jolts to the surface. Batman surfaces quietly near the docks, well away from the view of the warehouse. A gasp of air as if he had been underwater for a long time. The toxins from the aphrodisiac still surging through his body causing him to fight for every breath, every kick to swim and keep his head above the water. He wades closer to the dock to hold on to a rope anchoring a small boat to the shore. His body still fatigued, shocked by the wild footjobs and oral sex. He opens a compartment in his utility belt and pulls out an antipoison gun. Biting his glove and pulling it off, administers the solution into his forearm. Instantaneously, Batman's vision clears and a revitalizing sensation overtakes his body. He opens the buckle, revealing numerous buttons, each colored differently as they all have special functions. He presses a bright red sqaured button.

The Batmobile's engine engages, computer systems flip on and a radar system pinpoints Batman's location. The vehicle, hidden in an alley near the docks speeds away with a stream of fire coming out of the exhaust. Old newspapers fly up as the Batmobile roars to the rescue. The vehicle screeches to a halt as it arrives to Batman, still clinging desperately to the ropes in the water.


The henchwoman's boss, holds up the small jar containing the Batfilth, to get a better look at it in the crackling light of the fire. The henchwoman in the background waiting to hear praise for a job well done.

"What do you plan to do with it?" the henchwoman asks.

"Iv'e got a little bone to pick with Batman. He's the only one standing in my way and after tonight...he won't DARE cross me again." The mysterious woman's familiar red lipstick, her thick black hair resting on her shoulders, as if it were a shadow over her signature red blouse.

Enter Candace, the former secretary of Rupert Thorne.

"I had a chance at getting rid of that pest and his little sidekick, but I put too much trust in men." Candace said walking away from the fire place, where a portrait of Rupert Thorne hung above.

"You mean..Bane was it?" the henchwoman asked.

"That meatball? Somehow I knew that he would fail me. Too bad for him, he's somewhere locked away, puny and pathetic. But I must admit...I loved him, until Batman ruined everything. Now he's going to pay" Candace said with a smile, sitting behind Rupert Thorne's old mahogany desk. "You see, if Batman hadn't exposed my plan to overthrow Ruppey, I wouldn't have been fired." Candace said as she rested her head back in the leather chair. "Aside from other details, I cooperated with police and exposed all of Ruppey's current crime operations in Gotham. I then sued him for everything he had."

"How were you able to sue him?" the henchwoman asked.

"He made the mistake of firing a woman as beautiful as me." Candace said smiling, in a seductive, yet sarcastic tone. "I plan on becoming Gotham's next crime lord, even more powerful than Rupert Throne." Candace announced as if giving a speech. A large door leading into the room, silently opens and Batman slips through undetected.

"I've got it all. Rupert Thorne's thugs, his money and of course the connections. Now all I have to do is remove Batman from the picture and I'll rule Gotham!"

"But what about the semen? It doesn't add up, Boss." The henchwoman asked as Batman quietly manouvered behind her in the dark, large room.

"THIS, darling, is insurance." Candace said as she stood up and opened a drawer. She pulls out a dildo, with a cap covering a liquid injection port. "I'm going to get myself pregnant with Batman's cum. We all know that he is an honest crime-fighting do-gooder. He won't dare to interfere with the business of his child's mother, especially after I go to the press and make the false claim that Batman had raped me." Candace said with an evil chuckle. "He'll be ruined forever. The women in Gotham won't trust him anymore and with the mayoral elections kicking off tomorrow, this will be the hot debate. The candidates will be tearing each other apart to rid Gotham of Batman." Candace said as she took off her blouse, preparing to pleasure herself in front of her henchwoman and the still undetected Batman.

Candace held up the jar to remove the lid when suddenly a batarang whizzed through the air, hitting Candace's wrist. The jar fell to the soft carpet.

"You again!" the henchwoman gasped in awe. Batman grabs her by her black overcoat and throws her into a corner with ease as if it were a textbook judo move. Candace, wide-eyed, mouth gawking in fear. Distant flashbacks of the fear inflicted on her heart as she remembers her last encounter with Batman. He walks slowly to her as she backs towards the fireplace. Hiding his arms in his cape, he reveals his body, the batsymbol, in a fresh costume.

"There is a special place in Arkham for low-life scum like you. This time, no Bane, no Rupert, no thugs to help you. You can't win Candace, give it up!" Batman said as he closed in on Candace. She turns her back to him cowering her head as if bracing for a punch. Her eyes and slight smirk, revealing her next move. She turns her head back towards Batman as she holds a small shovel for the fireplace. Quickly, she flings the shovel and glowing hot dust at Batman. As he blocks the shovel, the pieces of burning coal fly toward his face, he puts his head down to block it. Suddenly Candace escapes to another corner out of Batman's sight and her loyal henchwoman charges into Batman's side, knocking him to the floor. The henchwoman stands up and removes her jacket preparing for a fight. Batman rolls and jumps to his feet. The two square up and the henchwoman charges again. She leaps into the air, leading with one of her spiked high heels towards Batman. The kick connects with Batman's chest, sending him flying into a wall. Candace, on her knees and hands looking up in amazement at the fight her henchwoman is giving Batman.

Batman recovers and blocks an incoming shin to his face. He answers back with a sweeping kick, knocking the henchwoman on her butt. He attempts to jump on top of her to try and subdue her. The henchwoman quickly reacts and throws him off of her, causing him to land next to the fireplace. The small jar of semen next his hand. Batman notices it and quickly throws it into the fireplace, the jar shattering and its contents being destroyed in the fire.

"NO!" Candace yelled as she held out her hand reaching towards the fire. Her scream, indicative of her carefully planned scheme literally going up in flames.

The henchwoman jumping on top of Batman's stomach, wrapping her polished fingernails around his neck in a choking position. Her shiny black high heels and her pantyhosed thighs, clutching Batman's side, trying to deprive him of breathing. Her gritting teeth and her tightend red lips, showing her hatred of the Batman. He reaches up and grabs the henchwoman by her white collared shirt and throws her off of him. The henchwoman on her stomach, hiding her hand reaching under her skirt to grab for a specialized compact taser hidden in holster strapped to her thigh. Batman lunges over her and she quickly turns up and jabs the taser into his cheek.

The sound of electricity surging, mixing with Batman's yelling as he is electrocuted. He falls over, momentarily crippled by the high voltage shock. The henchwoman straddles him and she again jabs the taser into Batman, this time under his chin. His scream louder this time as the taser connects to the softer skin. The look of fire, hatred, and satisfaction in her eyes as the henchwoman sits just slightly above his pelvis. She releases the taser. Batman moans as he fights the pain and numbness.

"It's time to get rid of costumed freaks like you!" the henchwoman said as she prepared for another stab. She grabbed Batman by the shirt and pulled up his barely breathing head off the floor.

"Wait!" Candace yelled. "Don't kill him. I've got a better idea!" Candace stood up from the floor and walked over to the henchwoman and Batman. She then reached into her purse on the desk and pulled out a tiny vile. "I managed to steal a small sample from Ivy." She held the vile foward, revealing a familiar pink color. The henchwoman, having her hopes let down of killing Batman, hangs her head low and drops Batman's head back on the floor.

His vision, bluring. The voices of Candace and her henchwoman talking, echoing as the sound of rushing water pulses through his ears. The last vision he sees, Candace and her henchwoman, long legs seeming like four erotic pillars, encarcerating him in a dungeon of sexual fantasies. Their shiny lipsticks, glimmering as they peer down on the Batman.  Out cold...


A few slaps to his face. The red nail polished fingers of the henchwoman backhanding Batman to wake him up. In a cellar of some sort, cold and well-lit. Arms and legs shackled by leather straps to a X-Shaped structure. Upright, a blurry red figure in the background. Coming closer, the red blur emerging into focus. Candace.

"Did you think we were going to let you go that easily Batman? Killing you wouldn't do me any good. Hell, unmasking you and exposing you to the whole world wouldn't even matter to me right now. But, you have a little something that I still need." Candace said in a sultry tone. The henchwoman siting in a chair, holding a video camera, sighs as she has to watch another sexual encounter with Batman.

"You won't win Candace...the public will never buy it." Batman said in a frail voice. He moans as his head hangs low.

"We'll just see about that..." Candace said as she unscrews the top to the tiny vile and pours it into her right hand. She pulls down Batman's underwear with her left hand and exposes his red and purple balls. "Oohh, I see the girls did quite a number on you, I hope they still work!" She said laughingly. Batman moans as he attempts to retort to Candace's insult. With her hand cupping the pinkish aphrodisiac, she grabs Batman's cock from undernearth and begins to work it, jacking off the Batman with the slimy solution sloshing around. As before, his cock starts to get excited. His blood pressure rises and the sensations of sexual pleasure take over his body. The intense mix of pleasure and the pain from his swollen, beaten balls make him moan ever louder. Candace, amazed at the performance of the solution stands up. Her shiny red heels in the foreground and Batman's shackled boots in the background, slightly elevated because of the bondage device.

Candace stands next to Batman, leaning against him. The aphrodesiac flurrying through the room, causing Candace to become incontrollably horny. Her hand, still holding Batman's cock, starts to wank him slowly. Squeezing with just the right pressure to cause his cock to become erect. She massages the rest of the solution into his battered balls, causing the pain to go away. Her finger tips doing circular motions on his nuts soothes the scratches and cuts made by the prostitutes' heels. Candace senses Batman's arousal and his weakened will to fight it and laughs. She throws her dark hair back, exposing her pretty face as she stares into his eyes romantically.

"I may enjoy this afterall Batman." Candace said gently kisses his lips, still stroking his cock with the lubrication running dry. "Do you want me to suck your dick Batman?" she whispered into his ear as he grimaced his face, fighting the temptation to prematurely cum all over her hand.

Candace slowly slides down his side and with wide eyes, looks at his cock, smiling. "You've gotta work on this Batman. Bane makes you look like a little dicklet!"

Batman struggling to fight the toxins again. He looks down at Candace as she grabs his cock by the base and rubs his balls with her other hand. She puts her lips around the tip of his penis, almost like a kiss. The smack of her lips as she tastes his precum echoes in the room. Her lips, much more soft and full than any of the prostitutes, engulfes the tip of his cock. Batman grunts as it nearly makes him cum.

"Ohh, not yet Batman. We've just started!" Candace said, looking up into Batman's furious eyes. She sticks out her tongue and runs it from the base of his cock to the tip. From the tip of his cock, she wraps her lips around it and moves carefully down the shaft of his rock hard cock to his balls. Her lipstick rubbing off on his cock. With Batman's cock entirely in her mouth, she starts sucking, using her long tongue as if it were a brush stroking the underside of his cock. Batman desperately tries to resist, precum drips out of his cock. Candace spits out Batman's cock.

"Do you wanna cum for me? Do you Batman? Give me that batload, bigboy. You can do it, c'mon...cum all in my mouth you sick pervert! Hahahaha" Candace said as she knew that Batman was helpless to fight back. "I'm going to humiliate you!"

"And I'll make sure you get locked away with Rupert and Bane in one cell!" Batman said struggling to resist the urge to cum. His cock pointing to the ceiling, throbbing as Candace stood up.

"Let's put a gag on that trap." Candace reached down to her high heels and took them off, echoing as each hit the tile flooring. She then unrolled one of her nude-colored stockings, rubbing it in Batman's face. Placing the insole side of the shoe over is mouth and nose, she used the stocking to tie it onto his face. Batman is now forced to breathe the putrid smell of Candace's foot from her red high heel.

"You like that Batman?" Candace said grinning. She then knelt down gripped his thighs as she begun to suck on his cock. Using just her neck, she bobbed her head back and forth as if making Batman mouthfuck her. Her hair fluttering as the smacking and slurping sounds echo through the room. Batman, sounding as if he is getting electrocuted again, groans behind his teeth as the urge to cum is beginning to be irresistable. Candace looking up at Batman, whose face is buried into her high heel smelling the odor of her foot, slows her pace and lovingly, sensually sucks his penis. Her head now slowly moving in random directions, all the while keeping her soft, full lips in contact with his pulsating cock. She continues the pattern as she enjoys watching Batman squirm and moan. She finally spits out his cock and starts to wank him, faster and faster. The smooching nose from her hands and his cock, jacking him off machine guns in his ears. Each stroke, seemingly stimulating a new part of his small cock.  Batman, getting ready to cum.

Candace suddenly stops, her hand letting go as she unbuttons her shirt. Batman squirming and watching his cock throb and ache simultaneously, precumming onto the floor and partly on Candace's red skirt. She stands up and removes her skirt, exposing her white lingerie. Walking around to his side, she adjusts the structure and leans it back so that Batman is now parallel with the ground. The structure locks in place and Candace straddles Batman.

"You want me to sit on it? Feel my warm pussy all over your pathetic hard-on?" Candace said, toying with Batman as he struggled to breathe through her shoe. Candace grabbed his precumming cock and with her other hand pulled her underwear to the side to expose her shaved vagina. In circular and back to forth motions, she rubbed Batman's cock around her pussy, occasionally letting him feel the gooey inside with just the tip of his cock. Batman moans and gasps as the new feeling of her pussy nearly causes his batjuices to explode out. Candace then sat all the way down on his cock. Her pussy, warmer than her mouth, slippery, easily fitting in. She looks at him in disappointment.

"Is that all?" She exclaimed followed by a sinister laugh. She began to fuck Batman. Bouncing up and down on his cock in short quick motions occasionally his cock falling out as she bounces too high, she moans sarcastically as Batman is unable to please her. She arches her back, causing her perky breasts to jut foward as she leaned her back trying to enjoy the less-than-satisfactory cock. After a few seconds of this, she stops and looks over at her henchwoman, signaling to record with the camera. The henchwoman sets up the camera at just the right angle in order to make it appear that Batman is raping her. She then walked behind Batman, and started manipulating handles on both sides of the structure he was shackled to. Pushing and pulling the handles, Batman's pelvis was forced to move up and down, effectively forcing him to fuck Candace. She yelled out in a fake pain.

"No please Batman, stop!" she said nearly laughing. Batman's body tensed up as it became excruciatingly difficult to resist cumming as Candace's slippery pussy grinded his bare cock. The henchwoman repositioned the camera on Batman's grimacing face, screaming in agony, dripping with sweat. Candace gets off of Batman and the agony subsides momentarily. The henchwoman then walks over, undoing her beautiful dark blonde hair from a neat bun. She removes her collared shirt to reveal her skimpy black bra. She removes her skirt to show her matching thong panties. A look of disgust in her face as she is about to sexually pleasure the superhero whom she despises. Candace's eye contact reaffirming the extra pay she'll be receiving for doing Batman.

"Are you sure you need me?" the henchwoman asked as she leaned over Batman's thighs.

"If there's more than one woman that it looks like Batman has raped, we'll get twice the results!" Candace said as she fluffed her hair and powdered her face some more. She sighs and rolls her eyes. Batman watching the henchwoman sternly, braces for the next round of suffering, torment, and wild sexual adventures. His cock, having had enough to time relax and the sensations to subside, are now in for the pleasures of the gorgeous henchwoman.

She grabs his cock roughly and spits on it. Her hands, tougher and her long fingers almost too much for the size of his cock. Her slender hard fingers begin to work his cock. She glares at his cock, counting the moments until it finally erupts so that she can do what she does best, kill Batman.

Candace, noticing the lack of enthusiam says "suck his cock, but don't make him cum yet."

The henchwoman puts the whole cock into her mouth, sucking and using her firm lips to massage every part. The new feeling of a different woman's mouth on his penis sends chills through his body. Her lips, tighter, firmer than the rest. Once she is happy with the stiffness of his cock, the henchwoman straddles Batman and Candace walks over to manipulate the device.

The henchwoman's pussy, tighter than Candace, has slightly more difficulty swallowing the Dark Knight's cock. Candace starts to push and pull the handles up and down while Batman has no choice but to fuck the exotically beautiful henchwoman. She leans foward and starts to choke Batman while trying to enjoy him. The device, creaking as it bends with each pump from Candace. Batman starts to tremble as he prepares to cum and black out.

"Must...not...cum!" Batman groans behind his teeth, sweat running from his cowl. The women laughing hysterically as they dominate Batman, humiliating him on camera.

The henchwoman stops and just sits on Batman's cock. Panting from holding his urge to cum, Candace leans over him. "Alright Batman....time to cum!"

Candace walks around to the side of Batman while the henchwoman steps off of him. Candace turns the structure upright again and faces him towards an old worn-out desk. Candace then walks in front of Batman and sits on the desk, spreading her legs. Just before inserting his cock into her juicy skin folds, she jacks off Batman a bit more. He tilts his head back, gasping in awe of the sensations her soft hand sends though his body. The henchwoman starts pumping the device and Batman starts fucking Candace on the desk. She yells out in fake screams once again. She places her feet on Batman's chest for support, massaging him with the balls of her feet. She starts to finger the upper part of her pussy and then sucks on her finger as if missing Batman's cock in her mouth. She then turns over, showing her full bare ass to Batman as he is forced to fuck her doggystyle. The henchwoman pumps the device harder and faster, Batman can resist no more.

His cock sliding in and out of of the wet pussy, his thighs making a slapping sound against Candace's ass cheeks.

Creaking from the bending of the structure holding Batman prisoner, getting louder and faster.

The henchwoman laughing in delight of Batman being dominated as her high heels grind against the floor while she manipulates the device.

The Cape Crusader, unable to withstand any more of Candace's hot pussy, his body tenses....Batman is ready to cum.

"Cum for me Batman!" Candace yells out in excitement.

Suddenly, a vine creeps through the door, breaking it from its hinges. One vine grabs the henchwoman and throws her into the hallway, subduing her. Another grabs Batman, freely him from the bondage device. The last vine, ties up Candace's half naked body. Poison Ivy walks through the door.

"What are you doing Ivy? We had a deal!" Candace yelled in disappointment.

"After some time to think about it Candace, I decided that there's only one woman in Gotham who can have Batman. And that of course is me." Ivy said placing her hands on her hips.

"I'll get witch!" Candace yelled, trying to fight through the vines. Batman, squirming as his cock was just about to cum, looks over at Ivy.

"I guess I should thank you. But you're going back to Arkham, where you belong." Batman said, as he recovered.

"Hmm, big words for a small..." Ivy stopped as she looked down at his member. She walks over to Batman and touches his lips. Instantly his body becomes responsive again and he struggles through Ivy's vines. But it was too late, she had gone. Batman looked down at Candace and shook his finger side to side and smirked. He then cuffed her.

On the ground, a note was left behind. "Till we meet again...xoxo." Batman looked and up said, "Till then Pamela."


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