"I Love You, Joy"

"I Love You, Joy" "I Love You, Joy"

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Someone has written "I love you, Joy" in chalk on a walking trail. A woman named Joy sees it and wonders if she is that Joy.


Someone has written "I love you, Joy" in chalk on a walking trail. A woman named Joy sees it and wonders if she is that Joy.


Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012





Joy and Beth were friends and neighbors. They were housewives with kids in elementary school. And every day they walked for exercise. Always the same route. They walked on quiet, 15mph-speed-limit back streets to the elementary school, which had a paved walking track around ballfields. They walked twice around the quarter-mile track, then they walked different streets on the way home.

They talked as they walked, subjects like kids, teachers, other neighbors, gardens, husbands  – the mundane things that they dealt with every day.

Joy was shy, pretty, maybe a little naive. She never said anything bad about anybody. She assumed the best of people.

Beth was more worldly. She harshly criticized the people she felt deserved criticism.

They both felt that the other had a more enlightened view of the world. Beth thought Joy’s humility was admirable and Joy thought Beth’s insights into human nature were far superior to hers.

One day, as they were walking around the track outside the elementary school, they saw that someone had written in chalk on the paved path: “I Love you, Joy” and they laughed.

“Wow. Somebody loves me,” Joy said, thoroughly believing that this was some other Joy, probably some teenage boy’s first love.

And around the corner on the same path, “Forever”.

“Aww,” said Joy, “I envy that Joy, to be loved forever.” Sigh.

But Beth was having a different thought.

“You know, Joy,” she said, “there are a lot of people who know that you walk this path every day. Isn’t it possible that some man who knows you wrote that, knowing you’d see it?”

“Oh please,” Joy said.  “What man would do that? Roy would never do that.” Roy was Joy’s husband of 13 years.

“Of course Roy wouldn’t,” Beth said. “Maybe it’s some shy man who can’t bring himself to say it to your face. Don’t you know some man like that? Someone who might have a secret crush on you?”

“Stop it, Beth. That’s creepy.”

“Creepy? What’s creepy about it?”

“Well, I mean I’m imagining him bending down here and writing that he loves me forever. What’s he thinking while he’s doing it and, oh my god, he’d want to be watching for my reaction when I read it, wouldn’t he?”

They both looked around. There were maybe 10 other people walking around the track but none of them seemed to be paying the two women any attention. They had stopped at “Forever” and an elderly couple was approaching. They walked right over “Forever” without comment. Probably they had walked over it on a previous lap and had their reaction then.

Beth spotted a man in the parking lot standing beside his car. There was something in his hand. Could it be binoculars? She couldn’t say for sure. He was too far away.

She looked away.

“Don’t look,” she said, “but there’s a man in the parking lot standing by his car. Let’s walk that way. See what he does.”

“Beth, you’re really creeping me out!” Joy said. She glanced toward the parking lot, saw the man Beth saw. Was that . . .? No. He was too far away. He was on the far side of his car so only his head was visible, and he wore a cap. The car did not look familiar. Beth started walking faster and Joy tried to keep up with her. “He’s not even looking at us.”

“He was when I first saw him,” Beth said. “I’m not sure, but he might have had binoculars.”

Joy stopped in her tracks. “Beth stop!” she said. “I am not that Joy! Some lovesick teenager wrote that to some teenage Joy!”

But Beth was hurrying on. “Let’s just see what he does,” she called back.

They were still far from the parking lot. The man seemed not to be watching them, but he slowly got into his car, backed out of his parking space, and drove unhurriedly from the lot.

Beth and Joy stopped and watched him pull out onto Greentree Road.

“It could be just a coincidence that he left then,” Joy said. “Did you really see binoculars?”

“He was looking in our direction when I first noticed him,” Beth said, “and there was something in his hand.”

“It can’t be me. I’m not that Joy. No one but Roy loves me . . . forever.”

Beth looked at her friend and smiled. “Probably you’re right. There are other Joys. You didn’t recognize him, huh?”

Joy shook her head. She would admit only to herself that there had been a glimmer of recognition, that that man beside his car might have been a man she knew, a man she . . . liked.

When she got home from the walk, she hurriedly showered, put on a nice dress and drove to the library to see if Jeff Jenkins, an assistant librarian, was at work.

Jeff had shown her how to use the library’s computers a few months ago and he came to sit with her and chat whenever she came to the library. Joy found him easy to talk to and she liked his soft voice, his smile and, she had to admit, his scent. He was always flirtatious, and Joy enjoyed it because she could brush it aside. She was a happily married woman with two children and there was absolutely no chance that a half-serious flirtation was any threat to her marriage. But a declaration of love . . . forever? 

She wasn’t sure it was Jeff in the parking lot – there was a small white car in the library parking lot, but she couldn’t say for sure that it was the car they’d watched leave the school.

She parked facing the library and sat in her car, thinking about what she was doing. Hadn’t she already decided that she wasn’t the Joy who inspired someone to declare their love in chalk on the walking trail?

And what if it was Jeff who wrote that he loved her . . . forever? And what if it wasn’t some stupid joke? Was she willing to give up her life with Roy and the kids? She couldn’t imagine it. She was a mom first. But if Jeff really did love her . . . forever, she couldn’t just ignore that, could she? Anyway, she had to find out. She inhaled deeply, held it for a couple seconds, then exhaled slowly. Then she got out of the car and entered the library.

She went straight to one of the computers, deliberately not looking around to see if Jeff was there. She had been meaning to search for a recipe for chicken cordon bleu and she knew the website she wanted. She started reading through the six recipes she found there. She would decide which one sounded best, then print it out and leave. If Jeff really loved her, he would know she was in the library and come to her.

And he did come. She felt him looking over her shoulder before he spoke.

“Recipes, huh?”

 “Hi, Jeff,” she said, without looking back. “Chicken cordon bleu. This recipe sounds good.”

He took the seat beside her.

“That’s just chicken with ham and swiss cheese rolled up, right?”

“Yes, but you can use different sauces and seasonings. This one has a creamy wine sauce.”

“That does sound good.”

Joy hit the print button and turned to face Jeff. “Were you at Aiken School this morning? I thought I saw you in the parking lot.”

‘Why would I be in the Aiken School parking lot?”

“I was wondering that too.”

Joy studied Jeff – his expression, his eyes. If he loved her, she’d see it there, wouldn’t she? His usual expression when he talked to her was a playful one. He enjoyed teasing her. She saw that playfulness now.

“You look especially pretty today, Joy,” he said.

Alarms went off in her mind, but then she realized that she was wearing her favorite dress, the one she thought made her look most attractive. And her underwear! She realized that without thinking, she’d chosen to wear some of her sexiest underwear, as if he was going to see it. “Oh my god!” she thought, “I really do want him to love me.” She turned away to hide what must be an obvious blushing. But she recovered quickly because she had to find out what she’d come to find out.

“Thank you,” she said. “Do you ever walk on that trail behind the school?” She turned back to study his reaction to the question.

“I’ve walked it a few times,” he said, giving nothing away. “You’re interested in my exercise regimen?”

Joy smiled playfully. “Yes,” she said.

“I mostly swim,” he said, and Joy noticed that they were looking deeply into one another’s eyes. It wasn’t playfulness that Joy saw in Jeff’s eyes. It was desire. She saw clearly that he wanted her, but was it just a physical desire?

Suddenly it didn’t matter. He wanted her body and she felt overwhelmed by his desire. It made her tremble. She wanted to break away from his eyes, but she couldn’t. And when his hand touched her knee and started moving up under her dress, she couldn’t stop her legs from opening slightly.

Someone somewhere in the library chose that moment to clear their throat and break the spell. But Jeff wouldn’t let it end. He took control of the situation, leading Joy to a small storage room in a quiet part of the library building, where he took off her favorite dress and removed her sexiest bra and panties and they did to each other everything they could think of until Jeff was totally spent.

When it was over, Joy felt the enormity of what she’d done. How could she have let that happen? She started to get dressed. Jeff sat leaning against the wall watching her. He took out a cigarette and lit it. She never suspected that he was a smoker. She didn’t like that, and she didn’t like the way he was watching her.

“You didn’t write that on the walking trail, did you?” she asked.


“You don’t love me . . . forever.”

“Sure I do, baby,” he said.

She finished dressing and left the library.

Later that afternoon, Roy called while Joy was making the chicken cordon bleu.

“How you doing today, my Joy?” he asked.

“Fine,” she said, “How’s your day?”

“Going good. I thought you would have called me by now. Didn’t you and Beth go walking today?”

“Oh no,” Joy thought. “Please no.”

“Didn’t you see my message on the trail?” Roy asked.

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