Sexual Encounter with Salim !

Sexual  Encounter with Salim !

Status: Finished

Genre: True Confessions


Status: Finished

Genre: True Confessions


Salim begged me again . ‘’’ unless …what shalma …? ’’ I gained my composure and whispered with anticipation and trembling . ‘’ that is …you have to allow me to touch it and feel it ..’’ Salim stunned ..’’ you … mean to …’’ ‘


Salim begged me again . ‘’’ unless …what shalma …? ’’

I gained my composure and whispered with anticipation and trembling .

‘’ that is …you have to allow me to touch it and feel it ..’’

Salim stunned ..’’ you … mean to …’’


Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



First ever Incest Encounter with Salim , My younger brother.


Hi ….friends …

When I have experienced that first ever sensation, I don’t care whether it is incest or not..!

But I am still remembering that with much excitement.


My name is Shalma; an up bring of a conservative Muslim family. We are wealthy and close knit family.

I’m always horny and guy lover. But I have had had no affair until

My first ever sexual encounter and

That too with my Younger Brother, Salim .

He is younger to me by two years.

As per the customs of our religion, I am unable to see lot of youngsters other than our family.

But my body is aching and horny for sex.

My favourite Masturbation tool is long and full carrots with which I will do frenetic fingering on my cunt in my room once the day ended.

The red color of Carrot always reminded me the Men’s Cock.

That Hard and Rock cock is Salim’s; My Younger brother.


He is well built with and exercising regularly in our hall .sometimes; he will do it on the rest room which is adjoined with my room. No one can see this rest room.

I and salim are the ones to rest in it since from childhood.


Allah blessed me incidentally to see Salim exercising furiously.

He is doing push-ups etc., and sweating heavily. Then he sat down and rested in the bed.

I accidentally look at that room and his exercises secretly.

 After sometime, a heavier moaning came from salim’s romm.

In curiosity, I looked over there and bewildered.


Now, salim is exercising madly now again but with his manhood thing.

Yes… he is stroking his penis.

It’s very, very long with veins are throbbing against the skin.

He is half naked and wears nothing below his belly.

His thing is handsome and shaved off hair. That makes it cute and beautiful.

With closed eyes, he held his penis in his right hand palm and stroking it  in full pace.

I am stunned.

As per my religion, it is a sin to even to look at other guys.

But I am now seeing t my younger brother who is now frenetically stroking his phallus.

With his each stroke, his cock dangling around and grow very longer.

My mind is in two minds; one is thinks about the religious codes and the other, the fantastic view of salim’s cock and his stroke.

In the end, my desire and lust won.


I just watched him playing with his cock without any reservations and he completed his enjoyment by exploding with full groan.

I silently ran away and stayed calm.

But my cunt is urging me to caress it and fulfill its desire. So I started to fingering it immediately till I attained orgasm.

I can’t help thinking about his cock and its largeness.

Whenever I thinks it, my cunt became wet and I need to fingered it immediately even at the kitchen or bathroom.

To tell one instance, I did masturbate in the drawing room while watching T.V with my whole family.

I will tell you...How …?

I am wearing an veil ( Purdha ) as per our custom . It hides my whole body from head to toe. So, while watching t.v, Salim accidentally sat nearby my side and looked at t.v . I can saw his whole sitting posture and can even smell his odor.

His odor is real gem and I loved it.

 I too watched just the T.V.

But when a glamorous song of a hindi film broadcasted, I became horny and slightly looked at Salim . he too is somewhat tense and itchy .

I curiously looked at his crotch and became dumbfounded.

As, salim’s penis is thrusting upwards against his pants and fully grown.

Even his shorts can’t hide his bulge and its size.

I am speechless and unable myself from touching my cunt.

As I am wearing a Purdha , I decided to have my way . so I fingered inside my underwear . I am not wearing panties these days so as to facilitate my fingering.

That day too, I wear nothing underneath me.

So without a moan and sound, I merrily fingered my pussy while at the same time watching my Brother’s large pulsating crock.

When that song ended with full sound, I too came and let out a sound of bliss.

Yes… I moaned in pleasure on the attainment of Orgasm .

In that song sound , no one noticed it especially my Salim .

But , I became bloddy horny and decided to prolong this sensation at any cost.


So, I prepared a master plan to touch my brother’s Masterpiece; his full Cock.

During the next day, that is luckily a Friday.

As usual, my whole family went to namaz but salim just stayed back in home.

So, I smelled my chance and pretended to be sick to avoid my going.

So, we both two are all alone in that large house.

So, I just mockingly told  ...’’ salim . I am tired and going to my room. Don’t wake up me  ...’’ then abruptly went to my room.

Salim nodded and smiled.

Within just a minute,

I slowly looked up through the peeping eye hole and saw salim caressing his cock .

I smiled with satisfaction and glee in my cunt.

I waited with batted breath for salim to undress completely. He did that within the next two minutes.

He usually masturbates with all other wears is intact.

But as we are all alone, he just casually tossed his dress aside and started to stroke his penis. Which is now a monsotrous one and magnificent one?


I hastily went and without knocking the door, just opened it to the bewilderment of salim .

 he is all naked with his one hand in his huge cock .

That is an scintillating sight for me and bewildering one for salim .

‘’ shalma ….shal …’’  he blurted .


‘’ I straightly looked at his cock and  said .

‘’ what the hell you are doing with this …’’ I pointed my finger at his penis.

My gaze went away from that magnificent penis. I am fascinated by its size and fullness.

He blushed .’’ no …it is paining . so …’’ he is blushing even more now.

As I stormed so suddenly , he is unable to cover his body since throw away all his dress so far .

He is still totally naked and not knowing what to do .

I commandingly told him . ‘’ no ..salim . I know what you are doing . you are masturbating .is it right ..’’

Salim looked down and softly pleaded with me .

‘’ oh ..sorrry .shalma . I’m so hot and tried some little. Please don’t tell it to others…’’

I sensed my chance and ordered.

‘’ no ..salim . I am going to report it to papa . unless ,..’’


Salim begged me again . ‘’’ unless …what shalma …? ’’

I gained my composure and whispered with anticipation and trembling .

‘’ that is …you have to allow me to touch it and feel it ..’’

Salim stunned ..’’ you … mean to …’’

‘’ yeah .  I want to touch your penis and feel it . if you refused me , I will report your abuse of it . are you ready …’’ I coaxed  him .

Salim blushed more and ‘’ hhmm . if that’s you want , o.k. but don’t tell about me ..’’ he told .

Then he calmly came over to my side and looked down with his still throbbing cock and me in fear.

I suddenly touched his cock and held it in my palms.

The cock is beautiful and large one . I liked it all the more because it is my brother.

I feel the veins and the fullness and started to stroke it slowly .

Salim pleaded again .

‘’ shalima …please stop now . I can’t stop from …’’

‘’ enjoy it salim . I am here to enjoy you and giving some in return for it . do you want to see my breasts ..’’ I asked him softly.

Salim became bewildered and looked at me .

I removed my purdha and tops to show him my full cleavage and full tits.

They dazzling and dangling from side to side.

Salim became speechless ; I took his right hand and guide it to my right cleavage.

‘’ mmm touch it and play in it …salim . is that you want all time ..? are you not masturbating without fantasizing about my tits..? ‘’ I said.

Salim now knowing all and my eagerness and became bolder .

He boldly touched my tits and cupped them with pleasure.

I moaned while I speedily stroked his cock.

Salim then knelt down and opened my left tit and started to suck them feverish pace.

I am in heaven and felt the heat in my pussy .

I guided his right hand into my wet pussy and  ordered him to insert his finger.

Salim obeyed and inserted his middle finger .

I groaned and pulled him more closely and played with his cock in happiness.

My stroking and his fingering going on for long long time .

We’ve started to kiss each other and exploring our mouth hungrily while all the time doing wild stroking .

Then in a sudden spasm, salim exploded and his penis produced such large dose of white semen . I loved at that sight and became more horny .

Salim now preoccupied his whole thoughts on my pussy and started to lick them with expert lip.

In the end , I too came with a sound of thunder and rested on his well built thighs .

I still looked at his penis which is now flabby and tiny . It is even more beautiful now.

‘’ thank you ..salim . you’ve just made me come and that to with your hand and lips only . you are great…’’

Salim kissed me again and said.

‘’ shalima . I love you and beg you to have your tits more often . do you allow me ..? ‘’

I became stunned but felt the heat in me and said.

‘’ yeah .. I wanted it to be one time affair . since you’ve asked it now , I too now agreeing with you . you can have me as much as you want but only in the night time of our room . o. k …’’

Salim kissed deepily and thanked me .

I watched his merry gait and the still throbbing pulsating cock of his with much content.

Thereafter, both salim and me continued our exploration of each other’s bodied with our hands and lips . we became an experts in fondling and cupping .

But we limited ourselves upto it and reservedreal intercourse for our forthcoming partners.

The show is going on for a long time and we both two are happily married now and having plenty of children .

But still now , whenever we have the chance or privacy , we will indulge into it as that first ever sexual bliss.

It is up to you now to intiate incest or involve in incestuous affair.

But you can never refuse one thing; that incest is the most common and

Stimulating one .




Shalima .

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