Sex at Seventy.

Sex at Seventy. Sex at Seventy.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Even at seventy, sex can be good if only in my imagination, or was it real?


Even at seventy, sex can be good if only in my imagination, or was it real?


Submitted: May 30, 2012

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Submitted: May 30, 2012




When you reach 70 sex is not supposed to be so important any more.  I shouldn’t obsess over it, I shouldn’t watch porn, and I shouldn’t fantasize about having risky or illicit sex, but I do.  Often, sometimes daily, and certainly at least several times a week I watch porn and I masturbate and I enjoy it.  Even though I could, I don’t act on my fantasies.  I don’t hire prostitutes or the dancers that I see advertised in the newspaper, but I certainly imagine what it would be like.


In my fantasies I imagine calling the phone number for Xtacy, a nude dancer service. I ask them to send out a very friendly girl.  I schedule her for a morning when my wife is gone and I imagine what will take place.  It goes like this.


Its 9:00 in the morning and the doorbell rings.  I’m still in my robe on purpose.  Under it I have nothing on.  When I answer the door a short, nice looking hispanic girls stands there.  There is an older man there with her.  He has on jeans and a tee shirt, but I glance at him and return my gaze to the girl.  


She is about 5’ 7“ or 8.  She has a nice figure; I can see that she has a nice rack under her bright green tank top.  She has a narrow waist, and tight brown jeans that show off her big round ass.  She has on spike heels and they must be at least 5 inches high.  Her long black hair hangs loose nearly halfway down her back on the left side and falls lazily across her shoulder and down to the tip of her breast on the right.  Her lips are full and red and her eye makeup is bold, but not overdone.  Her overall look is meant to appear sexy but not cheap and it does its job well.


I hesitate, take a deep breath and say, “Come in!”


She does and the guy follows.  I look at him questioningly and she says with a slight mexican accent, “He’s here for my safety.  He’ll stay in the other room.  He won’t disturb us and unless I call for him, you’ll never know he’s here”  He looks at me with a “I dare You” stare and I shrug and turn my attention back to her.


She looks me up and down and says, “  You booked an hour.  Time starts when you pay me.  I take credit cards and the charge is $150.  I dance, I take off my clothes, you can do anything you want, but you can’t touch me, no touching, understand?”


“Wow!  That’s not very sexy or enticing.” I say.  “What if I ask for specific poses or moves?” I say.  Frankly, I’m already thinking this is a mistake.  I was hoping for something less clinical.


She slinks toward me.  She’s moving more like a girl who’s interested. “I’ll do most anything you want.  I can be very sexy. You want to play with yourself, go for it.  Want me to talk sexy to you, I’ll do it.” She almost whispers, “I’m good, You’re going to like me.”


I’m still not sure.   I look at him.  He stares back.  I sigh, shrug, and say, “Come with me.”  

I lead the way toward the bedroom.  Its already set up.  I’ve moved the big HD TV into our master bedroom.  I have it hooked to our Bluray DVD player and there’s a high quality porn movie all set to play.


She says, “First you pay,” and holds out her right hand.  


I’d forgotten.  I pull a $50 and a $100 from my pocket and hand it to her.  She turns to the starer and he gets up and comes over and counts it. Its not hard, two bills, but he looks at each bill carefully then nods.  He goes back and sits down in the living room.  He takes out a cell phone, hits a number and says something unintelligible.  She nods and leads me toward the bedroom.


I follow her and take another look back.  I close the door to the room.  I like the way her ass moves. It’s full and it moves with a rhythm and a sexy sway.  She turns and smiles.  She’s more relaxed now.  She says, “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be right with you.  I need to change.”  For the first time I notice she’s carrying a large purse. She goes into the bathroom off the bedroom and closes the door.  I can hear the water run in the sink and I hear rustling and a thump.


I check both of the side tables, one on each side of the bed.  On the right, peeking out from under a book is a $50 bill.  On the left, sticking out from under the radio speaker is a $100.  I’ve read online that that’s how you let someone know that you’ll pay for extra services.  I don’t know if it will work, but its worth a try and I’m certainly hoping for more than a jackoff session with a bored girl and a porno.


Its several minutes and she’s still in the bathroom.  I’m nervous and impatient at the same time.  Finally the door opens.  She’s stunning.  She stands tall in her heels in the doorway.  She has on a florescent red bra with a long glittery fringe that highlights the thrust of her breasts.  They stand up and call for my attention.  I have a tough time taking my eyes off them, but I do.  I scan down to her waist.  Its thinner than I remembered and very tight.  Her hips are full and she has thick, but shapely thighs.  She is wearing a red thong that matches her top.  It looks tiny and barely covers her obviously shaved pussy. She turns around and her large round ass cheeks jiggle on cue.  She looks over her shoulder. She grins, “You like?”


I gulp.  My cock starts to stiffen.  No question, I like.  I nod, then nod again.  “oh my,” I sigh.  That’s me, Mr. Cool.  That’s a great line.


She smiles and begins to dance slowly in front of me. She moves with a grace and sensuality that I didn’t expect.  I can feel my cock begin to rise.  Its been a long time and I’m not sure how long I can keep it up.  Right now I don’t care.  I’m watching her.  She’s watching me. She licks her lips. She moves slowly and sensually to the right side of the bed.  


She reaches up and feels her breasts through her bra.  She pushes them together then rubs them together and pinches the nipples. Now she reaches back and undoes the clasp in the back.  She brings one of her hands to the center of her chest, drops the ties behind her back and moves the bra around over first her right then her left breast. Then she drops the bra on the nightstand on top of my $50.  


She moves closer to me on the bed.  Now she reaches over and undoes the tie to my robe.  She licks her lips and smiles.  “Remember,” she says, “You can’t touch me.  I can touch you though.”  With that she puts one hand on each side of me and leans in and begins to slide her breasts up my chest.  I gasp.  I look at her breasts as they slide up my chest and near my face.  Her nipples are large!  Not gross, but stunningly brown and   pert and surrounded by very large areolas. 



Oh, my God.  She rubs then on my face, now across the lips.  I open my mouth.  She pulls back.  “No”, she says.  “That counts as touching.”  


But she smiles.  I close my mouth, but I raise my head a little and she rubs against it, pushing her nipples into my eyes and squeezing her large tits so that my nose is between them and I can’t breath temporarily.  I sniff and I can smell her body.  Its sweet, sensual and kind of like rose oil.


I move my head back and forth and she responds by rubbing my face more slowly and now she moves over me straddling me.  I’m breathing hard.  She seems to respond a little.  Now she sits up straight and rests her ass cheeks on my chest. She moves up and down, forward and back.  She’s grinding her pussy into my chest.  She puts her hands on her thong straps, stretches them out and lowers them so that the red thong fabric no longer hides her pussy.  


Moving back and forth, up and down she slides farther and farther down toward my hips.  When her butt reaches my cock she smiles, settles in and rides it for a moment.  Now she moves back up my body, sliding her red cloth covered pussy on my skin and sending shivers up my spine.  When her crotch is nearing my chin she lowers the cloth again and I can clearly see the lips of her pussy.  I can see a slight bit of moisture there in the crack.


Now she stands up still straddling me and steps out of her thong.  Oh my God, her pussy is right there straight above my head and I’m looking directly at it.  Its right there.  I want to reach up and touch it, but I remember the rules.  I don’t move my hands.  


She reaches over and drops the panties on the left hand nightstand right on top of the $100 and smiles.  She squats.  She brings her pussy close to my face.  She spreads the lips and it is pink.  Pink with dark tan lips that puff out and seem to cry out for me.  I long to lean forward and kiss her pussy, to lick it and sniff it.  I can smell it now, its so close.  It smells fresh and yet slightly fishy.  My cock is really hard now and it stands up firm and proud.  It hasn’t felt that big and firm in years.  I moan quietly.  She laughs a little and brings her pussy closer to my face.   I can see her smile above her pussy lips and between her tits.  I moan again.  


Now she brings her pussy down on my mouth.  I’m startled, but I open my mouth and thrust my tongue into her pussy.  I can see her expression.  She nods, rolls her eyes, and moans softly.  My god, it tastes so sweet. I thrust my tongue into her pussy then pull out and up.  I find her clit.  I rub it with my tongue. Thrust, lick, thrust, lick, again and again.  Without thinking I reach down and feel my cock.  It is big!  I almost don’t recognize it. 


I’m licking and thrusting and she’s moving up and down and grinding on my mouth.  Suddenly she reaches back and feels my cock with her hand.  She stands up and shakes her long hair out.  I start to sit up and she leans down and puts her hands on my chest forcing me back down on the bed.  She backs up and now she squats right on my cock.  Oh my God!  She slides her moist pussy down on my standing cock burying it deep in her pussy.


Holy shit!  She’s fucking me.  I’m fucking her.  I thrust up she moves with me and rises until my cock almost comes out then trusts her hips back and down. I reach my hands up and grab her breasts.  She doesn’t resist.  She moans and moves and rides up and slides down my cock.  My God its good!  Her nipples are stiff, she is breathing hard, I’m nearly panting with excitement and desire.  Thrust and slide; move and moan; thrust again.


And then I’m coming, a thrust, another, a shudder, I arch my back and I feel a rush, a surge and in my head an explosion of light and thrill and almost a taste of sugar and carmel.  Holy shit.  I haven’t felt or sensed that in years.  My god that’s good.  I shiver and sigh and all of the tension flows out of my body.  She settles into my cock with her pussy and moves back and forth then in slow circles finally slowly pulling back with a slight shudder.


She looks at me sadly and I see a tear in her left eye.  “What’s the matter?” I ask, puzzled.


Her head is down now, she rolls off me and lies crumpled on the bed.  I move to her to comfort her.  I smooth her hair from her face and move closer.  “What’s wrong?” I repeat.  “It was great, I loved it.  Did I hurt you?”  


She looks at me bleakly.  “No,” she says.  “I liked it, that’s the problem.”  

Now the words gush out,  “I’m not supposed to fuck you, I’m supposed to stay under control, otherwise how will I ever be a good nude dancer.  I’m not supposed to fuck you, I’m not supposed to enjoy it.  I’m never going to be a pro!”


I laugh, I move closer, I say, “You were great.  I loved it.  Your are the best ever.  You are perfect, a working girl who loves her work.  You will go far and I’ll make sure you get a good recommendation.” 


We smile.

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