The Mini Van

The Mini Van The Mini Van

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This story is a follow up from my last story The One Night Stand: Virgin Edition. What happened after Ashley? In this story I reconnect with an old friend named Erica and we experience 3 great rounds of sex in my grandmothers minivan a.k.a The Love Machine.


This story is a follow up from my last story The One Night Stand: Virgin Edition. What happened after Ashley? In this story I reconnect with an old friend named Erica and we experience 3 great rounds of sex in my grandmothers minivan a.k.a The Love Machine.


Submitted: November 17, 2015

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Submitted: November 17, 2015



The Mini Van


About two weeks after losing my virginity to Ashley, I had started making contact with an old friend of mine whom I met at the age of 14 at a water park called Camel Beach in the Poconos. Her name was Erica. We shared mutual feelings for each other and were probably each other’s first love. Erica lived in New Jersey which made it impossible for us to ever have a relationship, but we treated each other like we were a couple. We would spend hours talking on the phone at night before bed and she would always fall asleep on the phone and I would never hang up the phone just so that I could fall asleep listening to her breathing on the phone. It sounds odd but I guess it was young love. Anyway, Erica and I tried to start things up again and decided to give things a shot between the both of us because we were older now and we had more freedom. I had just turned 19 and she had just turned 18 a week before my birthday.

At the time I was driving a 1992 Jeep Cherokee that was passed down to me as a gift from my grandfather. Erica agreed to let me drive to New Jersey and spend the whole day with her since we hadn’t seen each other in so long. She called it a “late birthday present.” We planned it for the upcoming weekend on a Saturday and I was really excited about going to see her because I know that we were older and we most likely shared a common interest in sex. Now Erica didn’t know this, but I had lusted her for so long. She had these long, beautiful, smooth legs and the clearest skin without any makeup and her body was just calling my name and being new to the non-virgin life, I was feeling really confident that she would agree to sleep with me.

Two days after planning my trip to see Erica, my luck started heading south as one morning I woke up at 5AM for my first day at a new job. I had to drive out to Allentown, Pennsylvania for the whole day to work a biometric screening event. Thirty minutes into my drive after I paid the first toll, my Jeep started to slow down. I tried hitting the gas pedal harder to accelerate and I slowed down even more. That’s when I realized that the Jeep was breaking down. The first thought that entered my head was that I wasn’t going to make it to work on my very first day, followed by me not being able to go see Erica the following Saturday. I managed to get off on the next exit and drive to a gas station where a mechanic worked. He walked up to me and told me that all I needed was some oil and that I would be good to drive again. I bought 4 quarts of oil, but when starting the engine, there was loud banging under the hood and lots of smoke. Times were tough at home so I had no money to tow the car back to New York or to repair it. My dad finally came to pick me up after six hours stuck in Providence, New Jersey. He brought the title of the Jeep and we gave it away to the mechanic for free. It hurt to have gotten there with a car and be leaving without one, mostly because it was my first car and I had it for a year.

We finally got back to New York and I had to tell Erica that my car broke down and that there was a big chance of me not being able to make it on Saturday. The bad news upset the both of us. About an hour later, I remembered that my grandmother had just bought a second car for work and travelling purposes so that she wouldn’t put all the miles on her newer car. It was a minivan and I was dreading the idea of going to see Erica in it, but I had no mode of transportation and that minivan was my only option. I called my grandmother and asked if I could use the minivan to go back and forth from school, which wasn’t a lie because I was actually taking EMT classes at night from Monday through Thursday. She agreed to let me use the minivan as long as I put gas in the car for her. What I didn’t tell her was that I had plans to drive out to New Jersey with it so that I could see Erica.

I woke up at 7am on Saturday because I wanted to be there early.

“Finally! Saturday is here. Today I finally get to see Erica after all these years.” I said.

I took a shower and I got dressed nicely for her. I left my house at around 7:30. Just before taking off I gave Erica a call and let her know that I was on my way to her house. The drive there was about an hour away, but I drove fast and managed to get there in 45 minutes. When I arrived, I parked right in front of her house. I stayed inside the car and called her.

“Hey Erica. I’m in front of your house.” I said.

“Really? Oh my God, okay I’ll be right there.”

I waited in the car until I saw her front door open and watched her as she walked slowly to me. I got out of the car and she ran to me and hugged me for so long. She didn’t want to let go and she started crying because she could not believe that I was actually there in front of her after so long. In this time, her breasts were pressed against my chest and her vagina was pressed onto my penis because of how tight she was holding onto me. After letting me go she said,

“I can’t believe you’re really here. I am so happy to see you!”

“I can’t believe that I am here either. I have waited so long for this day to come and I am finally here” I replied.

“What do you want to do first? Want to go to the mall? Or eat some breakfast? She said. Honestly, I didn’t care what we did. I was there to see her and her presence alone made me feel good. So I told her,

“We can do whatever you want to do. I’m just happy to be here.” The biggest smile grew on her face. I have always loved that reassuring feeling when someone still feels a strong way about you as they did when they first met you.

“Well in that case, I can show you around Amboy. It isn’t much, but it’s where I live and we can start with the mall.” She said. After looking through the mall, we went to eat at Taco Bell. It was still morning time and I had an odd craving for taco’s.

“I want to show you a place where people go to hangout by the water.” She said to me.

“Okay sure, that sounds cool.” I replied. In my thoughts, I was discouraged thinking that there would be a lot of people there. Upon arrival of the hangout spot, I was surprised to see that it was empty. There were only 2 other cars parked on the gravel roads by the water so I did the same. I told Erica,

“This is a nice view of the water. I’m glad you brought me here, but now that we’ve eaten and we’ve got it out of our system that we are with each other at this moment I would like to tell you something.”

“Sure, what is it?” She said. I took a moment to gather my thoughts while realizing there was a gap in between the driver seat and passenger seat. So I told her,

“Actually, can we sit in the backseat? I don’t like the big gap in between us and I want to be closer to you.” So she went to back seat first and I followed, but I took off my sneakers and left them in the front seat because I wanted to be comfortable. After getting in a comfortable sitting position where we were facing each other and she had her leg on top of mine I told her,

“Do you remember the promise that I made to you when we were younger? That when I got my license and car, I would come to see you?”

“Yes I remember and here you are.” She said as she smiled.

“I told you that I would come. I know you have had doubts of this day ever coming, but I told you that I would and I’m really glad that everything is going the way that I imagined it happening. We still have those feelings for each other.” I replied.

“It really does mean a lot to me that you kept your promise.”

At that moment, I leaned closer to her and put my right hand on her leg that was resting on top of mine. I went in to kiss and her and she leaned back to lay down. Unfortunately, the backseat wasn’t a mattress, so I lied her in a position where her head was hanging off the seat which saved me the trouble of having to keep her head rolled back. I started arousing her by giving her a small painless bite to the chin and licking down the middle of her neck to her breasts and breathing out softly back up to her chin on the trail of saliva causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up. I lifted her shirt and bra and squeezed both breasts to the amount where it pleased her and didn’t hurt her. I took my tongue and licked around the outline of both breasts. I went to her left breast and put her nipple in my mouth. I had never bitten a nipple before and I decided to test it out on her, but instead of biting I sucked on her nipple to the point where it was getting caught in between my front teeth. She let out a loud moan, so I assumed that was a good thing. So I did the same to the other nipple as she moaned again. She stopped me for a moment and said,

“That tongue thing that you’re doing… it feels really good but it’s also kind of hurting me. Try to take it easy on them.”

“My bad. I heard you moaning so I thought you wanted me to keep going.” I said.

We laughed and we continued, but I decided to make my way down to her vagina. I sat her up and I unbuttoned her pants. Sitting next to her I stuffed my right hand down her pants, and with one finger at a time in started playing with her pussy. First with the middle finger, I tapped on it just like testing the water to see how it felt and then entering. She gasped as I went in. I thought to myself,

 “If one finger made her gasp, then two fingers would make her scream.” So I went and joined my ring finger with my middle finger and she gasped again. I was wrong. She did not scream, which encouraged me make her want to scream and I made that my goal, so I lied her down again and I took off her pants completely so that there was no restriction. I grabbed her right leg and moved it to my left while she moved her left leg and kept it spread herself.

“I am going to be rough with you right now. Are you ready?” I said to her, and while biting her own bottom lip she replied,

“Mm hmm.”

With the same two fingers I began rubbing on the outside and I slowly inserted both my fingers into her pussy, releasing her tension as she released her lip, leaving her mouth open as she moaned. Then I started to go faster because I wanted more than a moan. I wanted her to scream and I became obsessed like I had to have it. Suddenly, I felt so dominant like I needed sex to cleanse my soul. I felt like sex brought a beast from inside me so I fingered her faster and harder until this water started splashing everywhere.

“What is this water? First blood from Ashley and now all this water?” I said in my head

I picked her up and put her in a left lateral recumbent position and I took off my pants and put on the condom that I was carrying in wallet. She watched me as I put it on and I could not understand why her messy hair, her heavy breathing and the way she looked at me brought this rage out of me. It made me grab her and I went to put my penis in her vagina and this time we had light, so I was able to put it in by myself without asking her for help like I had done with Ashley. Things were done differently as I stroked slowly this time and slowly gained a rhythm and sped up. She grabbed onto my right arm that I was using for support for the position I was in and she sunk her nails into my arm and again, leaving scratch marks and blood on my arm, but the pain only motivated me further to go deeper and faster. I said to myself,

“What is with these girls clawing me? Is this going to happen every time?”

I noticed another car driving up next to the parking spot that we were in and I lost all my concentration and I came. I told Erica,

“Quick! Put on your pants. Someone just parked next to us.” She had only put her pants back on. Could not find her panties fast enough. The windows in the minivan were tinted pretty dark though so it was hard to tell if we had been spotted or not. Erica and I were highly satisfied with our session. She said,

“These guys could have parked somewhere else. We should move further away from them.”

My eyes widened because I thought we were done. She wanted to go for round two, but I only brought one condom.

“Is there a 7/11 around here so I can buy a pack?” I asked.

“Yea there is one right around the corner.” We both got back in the front seat and went to 7/11. I told her,

“Wait right here, I’ll be back quick.”

Suddenly the word “quick” took a little longer when I saw the different options of condoms I could buy. Trojan: Her Pleasure, Trojan: Max, Trojan: Extended, Trojan: Hot & Ice. It felt like one of the biggest decisions I ever had to make, but I went with the “Her Pleasure” pack because the name explained itself. The pack came with 3 condoms. We drove back to the hangout spot and parked. We jumped in the back of the minivan. She took off her pants and I just lowered my pants below my knees and I put on one of the new condoms. I put her sitting down and I held her legs to her head and started round 2 when I noticed a guy walking in our direction, walking his dog. I lost all concentration again and busted. Being disrupted twice in a row made me very upset. The guy and his dog walked away and I went to switch condoms, but I had encountered another problem. After putting on the second condom of the pack, I could not get hard again. I told Erica,

“I cannot get hard. Here. Kiss me. Grab my penis and jerk me off. Do something to wake it up again.” It was not working out. That condom ended getting taken off and thrown out. I was becoming impatient because I wouldn’t get hard again so Erica tried to calm me down and said,

“Just take a break okay? It will come back up.”

So she sat on top of me and we talked about something else, but the feeling of her bare legs and ass touching my bare penis and legs woke me back up. I told Erica,

“Okay this is working. I need you to rub your ass on my dick. Move back and forth.” So she did and I was ready for round three. For round three she was going to ride me. She stayed on top of me just as she was already doing and lifted herself up momentarily to grab my dick and she guided it to her pussy and she sat down on it slowly. The feeling of her sitting down slowly on it, the way it just slid in and the walls of her vagina hugged my penis drove me mad. She started riding me and I just let her. I never did that position before so I thought I was just supposed to sit there and let her do all of the work. Round three was the best round. My pants were all wet, I was out of condoms, Erica couldn’t feel her legs and round three lasted the longest without any interruptions. I told her

“Man that was so great. I can’t believe we did it three times today.”

“Yea? Well I can’t believe that we had sex. I have always thought about this day happening, but I never thought that it would happen.” She replied. It had gotten dark out and I needed to get home, so I took her home and I drove back to New York. On the drive back, I looked in my rearview mirror and smiled and named my grandmothers minivan “The Love Machine” based on what happened with Erica in the backseat.

Erica did not stick around too long after that. She had always been so emotional about her and I being so far away from each other and we were constantly on and off. She claimed that it hurt her so much thinking about me and knowing that we would never work out because of the distance and she didn’t want to cry anymore, she stopped texting and calling me for weeks, but she came back.

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