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Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance




Submitted: January 10, 2019

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Submitted: January 10, 2019



My master will be home any moment, I think as I pleasure myself with my fingers. I’ve been put in the basement, chained to a bed by my ankle because I disobeyed him a week before.


Today I am to be released but I’m not allowed to please myself. Down here I am only allowed to please my master. If he catches me doing this I will surely be punished again and forced to stay chained up longer. However I can’t help myself. The memory of sucking my masters cock this morning and him feeding me with his hot seed has made me hot with lust.


I squeeze my breast, digging my nails into the plump flesh as I slip two fingers inside my dripping pussy. I imagined his thick cock fucking me, filling my hole and stretching it. 

“Oh fuck.” I breathe heavy and moan as I close my eyes. 

I haven’t had any release in a week. I am close to my climax. I desperately want it.

“Slave, what do you think you are doing?” I hear my masters voice by the door.

I immediately stop. I kneel with my head lowered and say, “I apologise master.”

“You’ve disobeyed me again. You will have to be punished.” His husky voice tells me and although i know what is to come, he makes it sound appealing.

“Yes master.” I reply my heart thundering in my chest.

“Get on all fours.” He demands.

“Yes master.” I daren’t look at him as I obey his command. I see his feet walk past me to the place where he keeps his toys.

The hairs on my arms stand as the cold leather from a riding crop strokes against my already bruised rear end. My breathing becomes heavy and the palms of my hands turn clammy. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. I already know what my master is going to do.

“You must stay perfectly still, do you understand?” He tells me. 

“Yes master.” My response is quiet. I know if I move, as I have done so before, he will hit me harder. Enough to cut the skin.

“20 lashes for you this time.” His voice almost growls. I know he enjoys this.

I take each single lash against my skin. By the half way point, tears well up in my eyes. I mustn’t allow them to fall. I won’t let my master see how much this hurts. My body becomes stone-like. I do not move. Not even an inch. I bite my bottom lip hard so as not to make a sound. My masters shaky breathing and the sharp cracking sound are the only noises that can be heard.

I count the lashes in my head- number 18 almost done. The last two are worse and I cut the skin on my lip from biting too hard. I hear the riding crop fall the ground. I think my master is going to leave as he usually does after a punishment but this time is different.

“Lay on your back. Legs spread.” He commands and I obey.

I look up at him in anticipation. I wonder what he’s about to do. His cock is standing to attention and twitching. I want him inside me desperately. I know he won’t give me what I want. My masters eyes are glazed and full to the brim with lust. I watch as he pleasures himself. I can’t help myself. 

“Please master.” I beg. My pussy aches. She wants to be touched too.

“Please what?” He smirks. He knows what this does to me.

“Can I touch myself too, please master?”

I plead with him.

He chuckles quietly to himself and kneels between my legs. His hand still firmly wrapped around his cock. I can see some pre-cum leaking out of the tip.

“Master?” I don’t want to be punished again for moving. I have to get his permission.

“Yes slave, what is it?” He tries to hold back his moans of pleasure but they escape.

“Please May I touch myself?”

He smirks again and to my surprise he pushes himself into my pussy. His cock easily slips in due to how wet I am. This is too good to be true. He’s giving me what I want. I’m loving it. His eyes lock onto mine. He’s deep inside of me. Touching every inch of my hole. He wraps his hand tight around my throat as he fucks me. I moan loudly, calling out his name. I’m close I can feel it. Just a little more. 

“Please don’t stop master. Please!” The ecstasy I feel is intense. I don’t want this to end but I want to cum too.

There’s a strange noise in the distance. It’s distracting me. My master is gone. The chain is gone. The basement is gone. The noise becomes louder- an alarm. I open my eyes. I’m in my bedroom.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” I mutter to myself realising it was just a dream.

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