Forbidden (Conquered Sequel)

Forbidden (Conquered Sequel)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


A Conquered sequel. Seven years have passed since the war and Shane and Laira are preparing for their upcoming wedding. Evangeline and Liam's relationship is on a knifes edge since Jack died. Kaleb wants his daughter back and a new threat emerges from the shadows.


A Conquered sequel. Seven years have passed since the war and Shane and Laira are preparing for their upcoming wedding. Evangeline and Liam's relationship is on a knifes edge since Jack died. Kaleb wants his daughter back and a new threat emerges from the shadows.

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Please do not read this if you haven't read Conquered first!!!<br /> If you have then enjoy :)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 30, 2016



It’s a bitterly cold winters afternoon, the sky is grey and it is pouring with a surprise shower. It sounds like there is a storm brewing but that is only the sound of people’s feet thundering against the soggy pavement, racing to get out of the rain. The heavens have been crying a lot recently but this has not deterred Laira from wanting to get married. When she was younger her parents told her that weeks of rain is a bad omen and almost all of the time they were right. With her wedding coming up in a few weeks, Laira refuses to let anything bad happen.

Laira is waiting outside the school gates to collect Jasmine but she is unusually late. Other children have run to their parents and are on their way home by now but, Laira has been waiting for ten minutes and still no sign of her. Laira paces into the school playground, weaving and dodging the excited children and tired parents. She stops outside Jasmine’s classroom door to find her still inside being spoken to by her teacher, Miss Mills. Laira gently knocks the door getting Miss Mills attention before she enters the classroom, folding her umbrella and hooking it onto her arm.

“Is everything alright Miss Mills?” Laira questions walking over to Jasmine who is looking at the floor with her fists clenched by her sides.

“Jasmine got into a fight today at school with one of the other girls.” Miss Mills explains not taking her eyes off of Jasmine.

“It wasn’t my fault.” Jasmine mutters.

“I don’t understand, what exactly happened?” Laira enquires placing her arm around Jasmine’s shoulder.

“Sophie was a good friend to Jasmine but they got into a squabble at lunch time. Sophie said some things about Jasmine’s father and she hit her.” Miss Mills explains further her tone serious.

“She hit me back.” Jasmine utters.

“How can I believe that when there isn’t a single mark on your face Jasmine? You broke Sophie’s nose and gave her a black eye.” Miss Mills does her best not to snap at Jasmine.

Laira sighs pulling Jasmine into a hug, “I will talk to her at home.”

“She is suspended for a week Miss Shivanz.” Miss Mills states harshly folding her arms across her chest.

Laira nods and reluctantly replies, “I understand. We will see you next week then.”

“Yes and I hope her behaviour improves by then.” Miss Mills says peering at Laira.

Jasmine rushes out of Laira’s hold to grab her jacket, throwing it on along with her hat, scarf and gloves. She bounds outside ahead of Laira who immediately races after her through the playground and out of the school gates. Catching up to her Laira tenderly pulls Jasmine into a loving embrace allowing her to cry. Laira rocks her side to side softly calming her down before guiding her to the car. Jasmine gets in first buckling herself up as Laira sits in the driver’s seat and starts the engine before driving home.

“It wasn’t my fault mummy.” Jasmine speaks quietly wiping her tears on her already wet jacket.

“What did Sophie say to you?” Laira asks glancing at her through the rear-view mirror then looking back at the road.

“She said my daddy doesn’t want me because I’m ugly.” Jasmine sniffs and starts crying again.

Laira’s grip tightens on the steering wheel angered by what Sophie said to her daughter, “You are not ugly Jasmine. You are the most beautiful girl in the world.”

“So why doesn’t daddy want me?” Jasmine questions between sobs.

“Jasmine,” Laira sighs heavily, she wants to tell her how horrible Kaleb is and how she would be better off without him but she knows she can’t do that so she says, “Your daddy does want you. He doesn’t want mummy and mummy doesn’t want him that’s all, it has nothing to do with you.”

“But daddy Shane wants me and he isn’t my daddy.” Jasmine states bluntly.

“Daddy Shane was there when you were born, he named you, he raised you, fed you, clothed you. You may not be his blood but you are his daughter Jasmine.” Laira tells her a little too forcefully.

Laira pulls up outside their grand house in Chelsea. Since Shane got his job back as a designer and Laira getting a job as a makeup artist, they moved to Chelsea for a fresh start, also for more space. Laira had her heart set on this house when Jasmine turned three and Liam bought it as an early wedding present for them. The interior is modern with a fully integrated kitchen, four bedrooms, garden, garage, two bathrooms- one on each floor, and a large living room.

Laira enters the house with Jasmine following lazily behind her. Jasmine kicks off her black school shoes and strips out of her jacket, hanging it on the coat rack by the front door.

“Have you got homework?” Laira asks hanging up her own jacket.

“Yes.” Jasmine replies opening her bag and taking out a yellow folder.

“Go and do it straight away please.” Laira tells her.

Jasmine groans trudging upstairs to her bedroom slamming the door behind her. Laira sighs deeply walking into the kitchen to start prepping for dinner. Laira gazes at the photograph stuck on the fridge of Shane and Jasmine, both of them grinning happily on Shane’s birthday last year. Laira knows Jasmine loves Shane but she can understand being upset that her biological dad doesn’t see her enough. In the seven years of Jasmine’s life, Kaleb has only seen her four times which not only hurts Jasmine but angers Laira.

Laira looks in the fridge to figure out what to cook and as she sees there are steaks, she decides to make steak and chips. Snowflake curls around Laira’s ankles meowing quietly as she seasons the steak.

“It’s not for you Snowflake. I will feed you later.” Laira chuckles to herself watching Snowflake prance out of the kitchen.

Laira takes out a wine glass from the cupboard along with a bottle of rose wine from the fridge and pours herself a glass. She has a sip whilst waiting for the oil to heat up in the frying pan. Jasmine races downstairs and into the kitchen with a massive grin plastered on her face. She sits down on a stool at the island in the middle of the kitchen, taking in the delicious smell of steak.

“You’ve cheered up.” Laira states as she fries off a steak, the beautiful aroma making her mouth water.

“I finished my homework and I had to write about my hero.” Jasmine says placing a red book onto the island top.

“Who is it about?” Laira questions taking another sip of wine.

“You have to guess mummy.” Jasmine sings beaming brightly.

Laira giggles at Jasmine’s excitement and scratches an imaginary beard which makes Jasmine laugh.

“Is it me?” Laira asks turning the steak.

“No.” Jasmine chuckles drumming her fingers on her school book.

Laira pouts jokingly and shrugs, “I give up.”

“You can’t, you only said you.” Jasmine whines folding her arms across her chest.

“Tell me who it is.” Laira laughs at her dramatic attitude.

“Daddy Shane,” Jasmine says proudly her eyes gleaming. She opens the book and begins to read, “My hero is my daddy Shane. He is my hero because he loves me and my mummy even though my real daddy doesn’t see me. Daddy Shane always makes me feel better when I am upset or hurt. He is really fun to play with and really really strong. I hope I can be strong like him when I am older.”

Laira’s heart feels like it’s being pulled listening to Jasmine’s speech about Shane. She is only young and doesn’t understand why Kaleb and Laira aren’t together but she has accepted Shane as her dad. This makes her melt and she can’t help but shed a few tears.

“Don’t cry mummy.” Jasmine jumps from the stool and hugs Laira tightly.

Laira wraps her arms around Jasmine hugging her tightly, “I’m not upset Jasmine. Daddy Shane would be happy to hear that he is your hero.”

“I do love daddy Shane mummy but, I wish my daddy would see me more.” Jasmine mutters wriggling out of the hug.

Laira sighs stroking Jasmine’s hair, “I know you do. Christmas is coming so why don’t you go and write a letter to Santa.”

Jasmine’s mood soon brightens again as she races back upstairs to her bedroom. Laira finishes off the steaks leaving them to rest and sets to work slicing the potatoes. She backs the rest of her wine before pouring another glass.

“I’m home.” Shane announces entering through the front door. He waltzes into the kitchen and straight away circles his arms around Laira, hugging her from behind.

“How was your day?” Laira asks smiling.

“Really great actually. I managed to fix up five cars today and two of my designs have been approved for a new car.” Shane replies planting kisses on her neck.

Jasmine bounds downstairs running into the kitchen with her arms extended to Shane. He unwraps his arms from around Laira and catches Jasmine as she leaps into his arms. Shane picks her up, spinning her around as she giggles hugging him tightly.

“Jasmine got into a fight and is suspended from school for a week.” Laira tells Shane bluntly.

Shane stops spinning and puts Jasmine down looking at her with a disappointed expression. She glances down at the floor chewing her bottom lip nervously.

“Why?” Shane questions kneeling down to her level.

Jasmine looks at Laira then Shane and tears start to form in her eyes. She lunges at Shane wrapping her arms around him, bursting into tears on his shoulder.

“Was it that bad?” Shane asks and Jasmine nods. “Did someone call you a rude name?” Jasmine nods again crying louder and as her emotions become uncontrollable, her wolf features show. Two white wolf ears grow on top of her head and a slender white tail grows from behind her.

“Did you beat them up badly?” Shane whispers so only Jasmine can hear. She giggles and nods which makes Shane smile. “That’s my girl.”

Jasmine’s tail wags side to side slowly and she breaks away from the hug. She sits back on the stool by the island and gives her book to Shane who happily takes it.

“Read it.” Jasmine tells him eagerly.

“Ok.” Shane walks over to the fridge and takes out a clear bottle filled with blood. He sits next to Jasmine having a gulp of his drink as he reads what she has written. Shane’s eyes widen in surprise and his lips curve up into a huge smile.

“Do you like it daddy Shane?” Jasmine asks in anticipation.

“It’s lovely Jasmine, thank-you.” Shane closes the book, placing it on the island top and squeezes her tightly.

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