My Dragon Warrior

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Outer_Limits

Ms. Awoken has been gifted the honor of taking care of her very own Dragon Warrior. This is for my very own Mr. H... enjoy ;)

 This is just awesome, I'm soaked to the bone in mead and I didn't get to have any. Stupid drunks! Why oh why did I get a job at the local tavern? Oh right, because it's the only thing a woman is good for- serving our finest brew to the laziest people in town. I wish I lived near the castle where the more respectable patrons and knights lived. 

Just as I'm about to clear a table, the wooden door swings open and the most beautiful and handsome man walks in. He looks ruggish and exhausted; his armor stained in blood, his royal sash indicating that he is of high authority- maybe a captain or possibly a general. I wouldn't really know, they don't usually venture this far out.  

The tavern goes breathlessly quiet as this Knight walks in and takes a seat at the bar. The looks he's given show respect. It's as if they know who he is. Why don't I know? Oh right, only a barmaid. 

"Don't just stand there, wench, give him our finest of fine meads." William- the jerk of an owner- whispers to me. I do as he say's and hand the Knight a stein filled with mead. He looks up and accepts the stein with a nod of his head.  

I'm shocked to see beautiful eyes peering into mine. Like he can see through me, to my soul. A strange feeling passes through me and I swear he feels it too. The look in those eyes prove it. 

"Is there a place I can wash up and rest?" He spoke. He spoke directly to me, a lowly wench. Wow! He cocks his head to the side when I realize I've taken entirely too long to respond. 

"Um... yes... sir. We have um... a few rooms upstairs. I could prepare... um... a bath for you and set your things in one of those rooms, sir." I don't know how I was able to speak, but I managed, barely. Whew. 

"Thank you, my lady." He throws back the rest of his mead and sets the stein down. "I'll just follow you up then." 

I set the cloth I was gripping for dear life down on the counter and make my way to the stairs. As I'm going up the stairs I can feel his eyes on me. My body has a mind of its own and my hips start to sway more than normal. I'm not sure how to stop it, but I'm not really sure I want to. Reaching the top, we go to the right and head for the room to put his things in. Luckily the room has the adjoining washroom so he doesn't have to walk around with a towel draped over that delicious looking body of his for everyone to see. 

Once in the room, I head straight for the wash basin. I grab the things needed to warm up the water that’s already in the basin and begin. I don't hear the Knight enter the washroom until I hear the clanking of his armor coming off and hitting the floor. I jump, startling at the noise and turn around facing him. 

This man in glorious and delicious and holy shit this is only the backside of him. I'm not sure how one could have an ass like that, but his ass is so perfect, so round, so hard, so grabable. I just want to bite it. Rein yourself in girl.  

I quickly gather myself together and begin to collect his armor. I notice it's not like other armor I've seen. It's more... 

"Are these dragon scales, sir?" I ask before I realize I opened my mouth. 

He slowly turns around facing me and has a slight grin on his face. 

"Yes they are. Do you like?" He hands me his gauntlets and I look even closer at the armor.  

"Oh my God. Sir, are you... oh my... you're the... this can't be, but-" He cuts me off by raising his hand. 

"Relax, Miss or Ma'am is it?" 

"Miss," I say as if it really makes difference. 

"Good to know. And yes, I'm the dragon Warrior." Words have escaped me as well as my breath. Breathe girl, breathe. "There have been sightings not too far from here of a dragon. I followed the trail and found him. If I waited any longer this village might've been next to be burned down by that fire breathing beast." 

He drops the last of his armor and stands in front of me in just a cloth covering his mid-section. This cloth leaves nothing to the imagination. My God he really is glorious. The actual Dragon Warrior is here and standing in a washroom, practically naked, in front of me, a wench. 

He steps closer to me and leans over to my side. My breath hitches in my throat and my eyes close. What's he doing? Seconds go by and then I realize he was testing the water. Water? Oh right, he want's to wash up from the dragon battle and saving our village. Stupid me. 

"Here, sir. I'll close up the fire." I reach for the small pitcher with water to put out the flames warming the basin, but his hand pushes mine out of the way and does it himself. 

"Is there something else you need from me, sir?" I clasp my hands together and wait for his reply. He just stares at me for what seems like eons, but in reality is more like seconds. 

"Wash me." He commands rather than asks. He turns right away, drops the cloth covering his med-section, climbs in the wash basin, and settles in the water. I get to put my hands on him? Hell yeah I'll wash him! 

"Certainly, sir." I grab a cloth off the small table to the side and head over to him. 

"No. Use your hands, not that cloth. I find those to be too rough." He grins at me. "I'd like to feel your silky fingers brushing along my body." His face is straight and unreadable. "Actually, remove your tunic and join me. It'll be easier to wash me if you're in here as well." 

I don't hesitate. Looking down I remove the leather belt from my waist and slide the straps from my tunic dress down my arms. It falls to the floor in a puddle at my feet. I step out of the puddle and remove the slippers from my feet. I finally look up to see this dragon warrior feasting on me with his eyes. He stands up from the water and reaches for me. 

I don't move. Instead my focus is solely on the gigantic, solid and hard looking member rising between his legs. If he didn't kill dragons for a living I'd say what he has between his legs is dragon enough. Fuck!  

I take his offering hand and step in the wash basin with him. Thank goodness it can hold more than one, otherwise it'd be a tight fit. Hmm. 

I reach over to grab the soap and start to rub it all over his chest and shoulders, taking my time and enjoying the feel of a real man. A warrior. A knight. My very own knight. He's not yours nor are you his. 

He leans back against the water basin and spreads his arms across the edge of it. He stretches his legs out and I reach for one to clean. I start at his foot and slowly work my way up his muscular leg. I stop as soon as I get close to that dragon of his and reach for his other leg, repeating the same action. When I put his leg down he leans forward and grabs ahold of my milky breasts. He squeezes and pulls gently until I move closer to him. 

"Are you afraid, girl?" He holds me close to his chest causing me to straddle him, legs on either side of his waist. I can feel his dragon rising up and up, closing in on my heat. 

"Sir?" I question him and his intentions. I'll gladly give myself over to this man. I'll give him everything. 

His hands slide up my bare arms and up over my shoulders. I gasp as he trails his fingers over my soft skin before tracing over my jawline. He looks me in the eye and then his lips are one with mine. My eyes are still open from shock of what's happening. The more intense the kiss becomes the heavier my eyelids feel so I finally close them and give into the kiss. 

His tongue slides against my lower lip before his teeth start to nibble on me. I open my mouth with a slight gasp and it's all he needs to slide his tongue in. His hot mouth and tongue devour mine and his hands grip at my waist, pulling me up. Just as I'm about to pull away he slams me down on his hard dragon. I let out a scream, but he captures it with another soul searing kiss. 

"Aaahhh-" Up and down, he pulls me. I slide back and forth, not being able to help myself. It feels so right, so fucking good. His mouth leaves mine and my head falls back. His lips trail heavy, hard kisses down my neck and towards my softly rose colored nipples. I grasp his shoulders tight as his teeth bite down on a nipple causing pain and pleasure all at once. 

"Oh... oh-" I screech and buck and jerk against him, his dragon piercing me hard. Then, all of the sudden I feel his fingers on my ass, spreading my cheeks apart. He slips one finger in just past my tight muscle. "Oh God-" I gasp. 

"Ssshhh, my sweet girl, let me take this sweet bum of yours. Let me feel you squeeze my cock buried deep in your pussy as your sweet bum grips my fingers tight." With that, he inserts two more fingers. The pain is unbelievably wonderful. I can't help but scream out in pleasure. When did I become a screamer? 

"Oh fuck... oh yes... take me, sir! TAKE ME!" He slides his fingers in deep just as his dragon slams up inside me. This feeling I have starts in the pit of my stomach and builds and builds throughout my entire body. I can't hold on much longer. 

It's as if he senses it. "Come for me, my lady. Give it to me. Wash me with your essence. Cleanse me with your body." And I do, I let loose. All of me comes undone for my Dragon Warrior. 

"Ohhh... aaaaahhhhhh... Mr. H-" 


I'm startled back into reality by non other than my boss, Mr. H, yelling at me. I must've been daydreaming. Oh God, I hope I wasn't moaning. I sheepishly look in his direction and boy does he look mad. 

"We're trying to hold our quarterly meeting while you're off lollygagging over there." 

"I'm so sorry, Mr. H." I can't look at him. Not at my real life dragon warrior. I start to blush and look down. 

"Meeting adjourned. Everyone knows what needs to be done so let's get moving." He eyes me knowing I have no idea what I needed to do. 

Everyone gathers their folders, pens, and laptops and heads out of the conference room. "Stephanie, what were you dreaming about? I know who, we all do." Dana whispers in my ear as we gather our things up. 

"Oh God, I didn't moan Mr. H's name did I?" She nods and I become even more mortified. 

"Ms. Awoken." Mr. H calls for me. "I'd like for you to be in my office in thirty minutes so we can discuss the consequences for what happened here." I hesitated. "Now move along." His commanding tone is so hot. He turns to walk out of the conference room and my God, that ass is something else. 

"Yes, sir," I say as he leaves the room. 

"Damn girl." Dana smiles my way. "Your reading Hobby has taken over your work life and Mr. H has noticed. Wonder what he has planned for you... maybe a few spankings-" She trails off mumbling as she walks out of the door. 

What I wouldn't give for him to throw me over his knee and spank me good and hard. I'm so fucked.  





Submitted: April 19, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Awoken. All rights reserved.

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So.... Will you tell us what happened at his office? ;-)

Thu, April 20th, 2017 3:06am


Well... there might be another story in the works for Mr. H and myself. Oh, and maybe his Dragon too! Thanks for reading and commenting, Babylove. I do appreciate it:)

Wed, April 19th, 2017 8:12pm


Yes!!!! thank you! Love your stories. I'm pacing myself but I've read a few already. I've found another great author that's so addicting! I'm so looking forward when you make books tho I'm not saying your short stories are not good. Just that I want more! :-) :-) :-) 'Kay. Back to trying to pace myself and not gobbling all of your stories all at once and have them all jumbled up inside my head. Xoxoxo

Thu, April 20th, 2017 11:34am


Haha! Thank you very much. What a compliment:) Small doses, girly, small doses. That's my advice. Thanks again:))

Thu, April 20th, 2017 9:03am


Oooohhhh...That is a delicious little Dragon's Tale ...........Oh to be the lucky Dragon...I could be an Irish Dragon from the Mists of Time Cumming to save you but you would really need a good spanking with my Tool for being such a Bad, Nasty, Horny little Wench,
Lovely jov as usual Ms Awoken .............Eadigoo.

Thu, April 20th, 2017 11:44am


There was nothing little about that dragon! Whoowee!! Thanks for enjoying the my adventure, dirty Irishman! Glad you loved it:) We're gonna leave the spanking to Mr. H for now, but thanks;)

Thu, April 20th, 2017 9:17am


What a sweet tale with a sweet twist at the end. Delicious writing, loved the dialogue, loved the sex. No doubt she'll get more from Mr. H. but I have a feeling he will be the real victim of lust.

Thu, April 20th, 2017 12:06pm


I do like to make things adventurous, keeps them interesting with that certain twist. Ah yes, Mr. H won't know what to do. Never underestimate the power a woman has! Thanks for reading and commenting, love your feedback:)

Thu, April 20th, 2017 9:24am


Daydreaming about fucking your boss and that too in a meeting! Wow! i know what i would have done if i was ur bosss! LOL! very hot story indeed.

Thu, April 20th, 2017 12:18pm


Yup, the boss and in a meeting. How embarrassing would that be to moan out his name in front of everyone, oh goodness. I think I can imagine what you would've done, probably the same as all the others... send her home right? Haha;) Thanks for joining in on the fun and commenting.

Thu, April 20th, 2017 9:30am


You so had me in the story that I don't think I could have finished the meeting! I think the other board members would have gotten splashed! I didn't even realize that my Princess wench had such a high opinion of her Dragon hunting boss!!
LOL!! Loved your story! Would love to see the rest in print... Even though I know how it will end! How could any of us not?!?

Thu, April 20th, 2017 11:19pm


Oh yes, sir. That Dragon boss, Mr. H, is one fine specimen indeed. Mmm mmm good!! It's easier to clean up the screen than to dry out a paper. Glad you liked it, Spy. Thanks for the read and comment :)

Thu, April 20th, 2017 7:01pm

Amy F. Turner

Frankly this was a deliciously fun, sexy set up that had me hot and laughing my ass off. Mmmm mmm indeed! I have had some meetings filled with daydreams galore with a hot boss in my time but never to such extremes as to reveal as our heroine. Fantastic writing as usual, girlie, and love the addition to the outer limits house. I so look forward to more about either reality. ;)

Mon, April 24th, 2017 1:11am


There might be something more to those daydreams... Maybe. She just couldn't refuse Mr. H and I wouldn't want to, that's for sure. I like to keep things fun and sexy, so thanks for reading and letting me know what you think.

Sun, April 23rd, 2017 8:11pm


Love this AWOKEN. You're not fucked yet but before you leave Mr H's office i am sure you will be. Office sex is one of my favorite type of story. Throw in a Dragon Warrior and you have one hell of a hot story. I agree that you should republish this as a book. There is so much you could do with it. Special assignments, taking dicktation on his knee, getting spanked for screwing up, getting caught having sex with him by a fellow worker and having him or her join in with the two of you. The possibilities are endless.
XoxoX Ron

Thu, April 27th, 2017 11:03am


I'm not sure I can handle Mr. H... he's quite the handful ;) I think the possibilities are endless with the way I left this piece, so we'll see how my warped brain comes up with. Thanks for thinking it's hot and commenting!

Haha!! Dicktation ;)

Thu, April 27th, 2017 10:16am

Dirty Wil

Excellent story and I love the twist!!

So tell me, was this inspired by real life? Lol

On to part 2 ;)

Tue, August 15th, 2017 3:07pm


Why thank you, Dirty Wil. I love leaving my stories with a little twist here and there. Makes it more exciting.

Now, a girl never kisses and tells;)

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Wed, September 20th, 2017 7:28am

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