Make Me Feel Good

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Simone and Declan return in part two of my short Make Me Look Good.

I wake suddenly, feeling like I'm about to come out of my skin. My eyes fly open and dart around trying to figure out where I am and what that feeling is. I close my eyes tightly and moan as I realize who, what, and where I am. 

  1. Declan, 

  1. His tongue between my thighs, licking my cunt, and 

  1. On the tour bus. 

Oh. My. God! 

Declan's lips and tongue and teeth are working my womanhood like no other has. His fingers dance their way between my thighs and plunge into my folds. They work in and out delivering a kind of pleasure I've never had, wow! My fingers slide in around the back of his head, holding him in place. Slowly his eyes look into mine and I see a new brightness come into his. And now I feel his fingers dancing more rapidly like marching double time. What is he doing to me?  

"Don't stop, not yet, Declan, not yet. Just like that, mmmm." 

It feels so good my nails scrape against his scalp. I don't ever want him to stop. This feels so, so good. I'm so close that I'm sure he can taste it. That sweet honey that drips out just before the honey jar is emptied out all over.  

"Declan, please!" 

Suddenly, everything stops. He pulls back just a little and stares right into my eyes. Those blue sapphires tearing me open. "Do you want it, Simone? Do you need it?" 

"Damn you, you arrogant asshole! Yes! God, yes!" 

He wraps his mouth around my clit, tongue flicking, lips sucking. His fingers never stopped their dance inside me, no, they just start speeding up. My hips rock up and down, fucking his face and mouth and hand and fingers. "There, there, there. Oh God, there!" 

I grip his hair tight in my hand and I push my pussy hard into him. I explode. I'm riding this wild sensation with pure and utter abandon. Declan might be an arrogant asshole, but he sure knows how to make me feel good. 

"Did you enjoy your nap?" Declan's fingers were still inside me, my body still feeling the post-orgasmic bliss. He slowly pulls out and slides up my body, resting on his side.  

"That's definitely a good way to wake from a catnap," I say. "What time is it?" This was not supposed to happen. 

"A little before four in the afternoon." He reaches over me to grab his phone on the table by my side.  

"Shit!" I screech so loud and he jumps back. "Oh, sorry. We need to get dressed. We should almost be there." I hurry out of the bed and scramble to find my clothes that seem to be scattered all over. 

"Right, okay. And where is there exactly?" Declan stands and that's when I realize he is fully clothed. I wonder if he slept at all. 

"Twin Oaks Middle school." I slide on my panties and then my skirt. I put my bra on and reach around to clasp it when Declan steps behind me. His hands come over mine. 

"Let me." Declan fastens my bra and picks up my blouse. Draping it around my shoulders, I turn to slip my arms through. He starts at the bottom and slowly works his way up, buttoning my blouse. I just look at him while he dresses me. This feels weird. Is this what he does with all the floozy women he sleeps with? This doesn't seem like the Declan I know. 

The voice over the speaker interrupts, our whatever this is, and it's the bus driver letting us know that we have arrived at the school. I don't give Declan any time to ask questions before I grab my purse and head off the bus. He follows calling my name. 

"Simone!" Being five foot nine, my strides are a little longer than the average female so he literally jogs to catch up with me. "What the fuck are we doing at a middle school?" 

"Repairing your reputation, jackass. You better be on your best behavior. Remember these kids are eleven to fourteen year olds. Watch your language." 

Before he can respond, a stocky older gentleman approaches us and introduces himself as the principal of the school. He tells us that there are roughly fifteen kids that signed up for the three day Rock Your Grades study. Not what I had hoped for, but Twin Oaks is a small town. If this works out like I think it will, then Declan's reputation will be heading in the right direction. 

After the principal shows us the music room, he goes inside to gather the kids up and get them ready for Declan's grand entrance. This is where I tell him that he has to teach these kids how to play an instrument and read sheet music. Yes, that’s what band class is for, but these kids can't afford the luxery of paying for their own instruments so band was not a viable option for them. Especially when Declan finds out what instrument they are going to be playing.  

I came up with this idea after watching a T.V. movie. I pitched it to the label and they thought it was great. They even supplied over fifty instruments for the kids. I would straighten Declan out for sure by giving him the responsibility of those kids and showing him how he can positively affect them. 

We can hear the principal loud and clear. He's giving them a lecture on proper behavior. Declan glances through the window in the door and then back towards me. He slides in front of me, my back facing the solid part of the door. Oh no. He has that Declan look again.  

"Declan, what are you doing?" He steps closer to me and my back bumps up against the door. I turn my head and look through the window. I hear nothing but Declan's breathing in my ear, but I can see the kids and the principal chatting away. I slowly turn my head back towards Declan and his lips graze my cheek and then rest on the corner of my mouth. 

"This what you want? Me to be the ideal role model, my sweet Simone?" He whispers against my mouth. I must look terrified because he adds "Don't look so worried. No one can see us." 

I can't seem to get my hands to work to my advantage. Instead they just stay at my sides. I can feel a trickle of sweat slide down my spine. Spine. Yes, spine. Grow a spine Simone. 

"Dammit, Declan!" Finally my voice breaks through and my hands and arms work. I shove them between us and push him away. Just as I am about to tell him like it is, the door opens, shoving me out of the way.  

Declan smiles and walks past me, but not before having the last word. "Later my sweet cock blocking Simone." He whispers to me before disappearing into the music room. The door shuts and I can finally breathe. Oh hell, now what have I got myself into?  

It's been two hours and Declan has not come out to ream me for this lesson. I was sneaky in what instrument he would teach these kids. It happened to be the instrument he first learned music on. The cello. Not many people even know that, but Gary told me and then bam! Here we are. 

A few minutes pass and the door opens, the kids come out with smiles and praise. And then I see Declan talking to the principal. They shake hands and Declan calls over his shoulder as he walks away from him. "See you tomorrow." 

"Well teach, how'd it go?" I smile asking him. He doesn't say anything. He just walks past me and heads outside to the bus, I assume. I follow behind. Maybe he really is pissed. Well he's just going to have to get over himself now isn't he. 

He's already on the bus. I talk with the driver and tell him to take us to the hotel. Instead of riding in the back with Declan, I opt for the front with the nice, quiet driver. Ten minutes later we are pulling up in front of a three story bed and breakfast. Apparently the only lodging in Twin Oaks for miles. I head inside to check in. Once I have our keys, I hand the driver his and tell him the night is all his. He takes off like a bat outta hell. I turn towards Declan and shit! He's got that look again.  

"Here." I shove his room key at his chest and turn on my heels. I quickly hurry up the stairs and down the hall for my room. Just as I'm about to turn the key in the lock, a warm body presses up against my backside. The body pushes me against the door. Declan.  

His hands slide up my arms and grab on to my shoulders. He leans in even closer, if that's possible. I can feel his breath on my neck, my ear. I feel the wetness of his tongue following the shape of my ear and down along my jawline. 

"Where are you off to in such a rush, my sweet Simone?" He snickers in my ear. With one hand on my shoulder, the other wraps around my hair and tugs my head to the side. His lips connect with my neck and then his teeth nibble down.  

"Declan, please stop. We can't do this." It's coming out more breathy than I want. I'm so screwed. 

"Shhh. Relax." He says this while his hand drops to my hip and back towards my ass, grabbing the flesh and material covering it. Roughly, he tugs my blouse out from my skirt and dips his hand beneath the waistline. He's bypassing the thin scrap of material us ladies call panties. 

He can't do this to me again. I seem to turn to mush around this man when we're alone. My mind speaks of truths, but my body speaks of feeling, touches, lust and pleasure. We're standing right there in the hallway. Anyone can happen across the two of us in this precariously provocative position and I'm so turned on by this, I push my ass back against him. I can feel his hard length press along the crease of my ass.  

I feel so wanton, so alive. He jerks his hand out from my skirt and turns me to face him. He doesn't say anything, than again, he doesn't have to. That damn Declan look turns feral. He reaches down and slides my skirt up. He grabs ahold of one of my legs and lifts it. I wrap my leg around him. I'm not sure when he unsnapped his jeans and pulled out that glorious cock of his, but in one split second he's surging forward, sliding my panties to one side and thrusting hard into me.  

"Fuck me!" I shout. 

His one hand grips tighter on my leg and the other covers my mouth. I look into his eyes. Those beautiful sapphire eyes are now black as night. I lick his hand as he thrusts harder and harder and harder. I hear a low rumble coming from his chest. Growling like an animal, grunting like a beast, he pushes further into me. Deeper and deeper he goes. My head falls back on the door with a thud, it doesn't hurt. Nothing can hurt with the pleasure Declan is giving me right now.  

I hear the sounds of footsteps on the stairs and my eyes open wide. His hand is still over my mouth, but I manage to moan my concerns. He just plunges deeper. I hear the fabric of my skirt rip and Declan lifts the corner of his mouth. He crashes those soft but hard lips on mine and thrusts his tongue into my mouth as my orgasm soars through me. One last surge into me and he stills, his cock twitching through his own orgasm. He drops my leg quickly and wraps his arms around me. He turns us slightly so his back is facing the stairwell just as the owner of the bed and breakfast appears.  

The owner stops and just smiles. He shakes his head and heads back down the stairs. I'm pretty sure he knows. I'm about to pull away, but then Declan whispers into my ear. 

"You make me feel good. So damn good."

Submitted: February 13, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Awoken. All rights reserved.

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You have such sweet and decadent things running through your mind! Wonderful episode here; I love how she tries to resist him, knowing she really can't. Hot !

Mon, February 13th, 2017 3:49am


I can't help it, I'm a romantic at heart. It usually starts out sweet, but then those naughty, filthy things cum into play and then all bets are off. Resistance is futile. Glad you liked it and thought it was hot! Yay;) Thanks for the read and comment.

Mon, February 13th, 2017 1:51pm


Sex in the hall outside her door. I can picture the look and the grin on the pwner's face coming on a scene like that. Hot and erotic as usual. I loved the concept of them having sex in places they could be watched. Voyeurism in reverse when their lust gets AWOKEN. ;-))
XoxoX Ron

Mon, February 13th, 2017 3:58am


It's the thrill, the knowing anyone could happen by, such an adventurous turn on. Nice play on words, sir. Thanks for reading and commenting;)

Mon, February 13th, 2017 1:52pm


This TURNS ON ENOUGH. thank you for not writing some more. :)

Mon, February 13th, 2017 9:23pm


Oh, there will be more, darling!! Glad I could turn you on a bit;) Thanks for reading and commenting:)

Mon, February 13th, 2017 2:00pm


Heavy panting. This was ridiculously sexy.

Tue, February 14th, 2017 9:46pm


Thanks, lady. I try:)

Wed, February 15th, 2017 6:07am


So engrossed in love you made the couple that they did not stop even after a stranger comes upto them. That is the kind of hot, dirty thrill i love to see. Very well put together.

Thu, February 16th, 2017 11:58am


Thanks very much. I aim to please;)

Thu, February 16th, 2017 7:07am


I loved that they have sex in mysterious places. Places that are forbidden. Great story hun. Naughty Declan.

Thu, February 16th, 2017 9:53pm


He sure is a naughty one;) But we wouldn't want him any other way:) Thanks for the read and comment, lady!

Sat, February 18th, 2017 4:04pm


Hot, hot, hot... Showing all the town, what the hell he's got!

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 12:13pm


And then some...
Thanks for stopping by for another one of my adventures. Hopefully soon I'll have a part three up. Thanks for the read and comment, mister!

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 6:12am

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