Lickety Lick

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

It might have taken me a good long while, but here is a response to Benawriter's 'How Many Licks Does It Take?' challenge. Hope you enjoy;)

So a while back there was a challenge of sorts posted by another writer about how many licks it would take to make your partner explode. Now being the dirty little lady I am, I had to participate in some very hands on- or I should say tongue on- experimentation. Science brings truth even if you have to get dirty sometimes. The dirtier the better, right? 

I went at this a few different ways- First, I didn't mention this challenge to my very-willing-but-unknowing test subject. That was an interesting and disastrous explosion. Second, I revealed my motive and jumped right in. Some just can't play by the rules type of explosion occurred here. And third, he took a turn. For the sake of science I took one helluva tongue lashing. Now my conclusion didn't turn out like I had anticipated. Each turn ended differently. Whether it was in a fit of laughter, sweaty, or a creamy mess, I never got my answer. Now where to begin... 

We happened to be off together one day and I thought what better time to start this little experiment. It only takes one look to let him know. One accidental brush along the shoulder to show it. One question or statement for him to rise to the occasion. He's always willing and ready. I know what he likes. The slow strip tease I've mastered to his liking, no bra under the shirt, the shake of my ass as I shimmy out of the thin material covering my dripping wet cunt. I'll slip my finger into my mouth and suck on it like I want to suck on his hard length. He'll know what I want. 

I start off in the kitchen making him coffee. I don't drink the stuff, but he enjoys a cup in the morning and throughout the day. I usually am up before him so I start the dark roast. It's the smell that wakes him and brings his delicious body into the kitchen. He only had on boxers.   

"Morning, babe," I said to him. 

"Sexy," is all he said as he leaned in for a quick kiss. He grabbed the cup of coffee I'd finished pouring for him and sat down at the kitchen table. 

"What would you like for breakfast this morning?" And that's when I turned around slowly and started that strip tease he loves so much. It happened to be faster than normal because I was only in one of his large shirts and just a thong under it.  

"Mmm, I was thinking pussy to start." I could see the opening of his boxers move apart and the head of that glorious cock peek out. I wasn't sure I would be able to withstand my own experiment. This man has a way about himself. Oh, that cock of his.  

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." I shook a finger at him. That same finger trailed down between the valley of my breasts, around my navel, and slipped between the lips of my pussy. I swirled it around my hard little button of nerves and dipped into the very essence he desired. I took my finger out and grinned. He stood up, stalked over to me and grabbed ahold of my wrist. Slowly he brought my finger to his nose, smelling that sweet honey smell. Just as he's about to suck my finger dry, I leaned forward and wrapped my tongue around my own finger, bringing it into my mouth. 

"You dirty little slut." Then he scooped me up and headed to the bedroom. I managed to wriggle my way out of his warm and cozy arms just before he threw me on the bed. Instead, I pushed him down and jumped on top of him. 

"Na uh. Not this time, buddy. You fold your hands on the pillow and rest that handsome head of yours on them." I gave him the 'do it now' look and he complied. "Let's try something different, babe. You keep your hands to yourself while I eat breakfast and I'll let you devour my body any way you want, anywhere you want. Deal?"  

"Fuck yeah!" 

I put my hands on either side of his shoulders and leaned down for a kiss. Not too deep, but just enough. I pulled away slightly and licked along his jawline up to his ear. I sucked on his earlobe and dragged my tongue down his neck.  

"God, I love the taste of you." His only response was to groan.  

I moved lower, down to his chest. I sucked on one nipple and then the other. I nipped his hardened peaks with my teeth and licked all around them. I could feel his cock straining below me, wanting and needing to enter me. I lifted up and slid the boxers down his legs and onto the floor. I returned to my position, rubbing the length of him on my clit. This was becoming torture for me more than him. He knew, he had the grin now. 

"No changing the rules, mister." I knew that look all too well. He was planning something. "Remember, hands to yourself or no devouring." I said sternly. He chuckled.  

Back to business. I lowered my mouth to his stomach and licked around his navel and then lower. Lower still. Lower until my chin rubbed against the tip of his bulbous head. Precum was already there and I wiped it off my chin and licked it off my finger. 

"Mmm, tasty. I hope there's more where that came from." I scooted lower, resting my lower half on the bed between his spread legs. I braced my hands on his thighs and squeezed them. I was like a dog in heat, panting while staring at that monstrous cock standing straight up towards his stomach. I was surprised I hadn't drooled all over him. That came later. 

Instead of going straight to his cock, I went lower and licked his balls. Side to side. Up and down. Never once letting my mouth graze any part of him. I felt a shift on the bed and looked up to see his hands moving down to me. I immediately moved back and shook my head no. He stopped mid way through and brought his hands back behind his head. I continued with the licking of his balls and slid lower to the sensitive spot just below. I added pressure from my tongue with every swipe up.  

My strokes became longer from bottom, over his balls, and to the base of his cock. And then up a little further with each up stroke. And then further. Further yet. Further until I reached the tip. I was rewarded with more of that tasty treat on top. Yum! I swirled my tongue around the head, lips almost touching. I knew he could feel the heat from my mouth, my breath a whisper of a tease.  

"Ah, Steph come on. Wrap those lips around me and suck me hard, baby. Be my dirty little slut." He grunted out in frustration. I rolled my eyes up to him and stuck my tongue out, licking him like I would lick my favorite peanut butter ice cream on a cone. Up. Down. Down. Up. Faster. Harder. All around. He grunted and moaned. He jerked his hips up, but still I only licked.  

Apparently he had enough. In one quick move he grabbed my hands and pulled me up and slammed me down on his hard cock. 

"Ooooh Gaaawd!" I yelled out, loud. He thrusted up while forcing me down and I couldn't help but follow his lead. He took control. Our bodies slammed on to one another, hard and rough. I loved it. My hands gripped the dusting of hair on his chest and held on for the ride of a lifetime. My head fell back and the screams that came out of me would've had the cops pounding on the door had the neighbors been home. I squeezed my hands harder on his chest, my nails digging into his skin and I exploded around his throbbing cock. I could feel the sweat dripping down my body and on his chest. He stilled after one last thrust up and released an explosion of his own deep inside me. 

But wait, my experiment. Utter failure. I couldn't have stopped, though. It had felt too good. I should have told him about my little experiment, but I thought this would've been more fun. Maybe I should've tied his hands to the bed. I do have that hundred foot of rope. 

Instead of dropping on him or to the side of him I slapped his chest. "You cheated. That's not fair." I pouted at him. 

Still slapping his chest, he grabbed my wrists and pulled me to my side. He held my wrists above my head with one hand. His other hand rubbed slowly down and up my side causing goosebumps. I started to squirm. Damn him, he knows just how ticklish I am. I squirmed and squirmed in his hold. His fingers started poking more than rubbing and now I was in a fit of laughter. I couldn't stop.  

"Now tell me what all this lickety lick was about." He stopped tickling me and held me closer, waiting for my explanation.  

"Well, it all started..." I told him all about the challenge and even read him the stories that were in response to it. He called Benawriter clever. I laughed and he laughed, but then I felt something move between us. He was getting hard all over again.  

With theory one out the window, it was time to move on to the next one... We had all day to explore this adventure. 

Submitted: March 01, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Awoken. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Girlie, that was finger licking good. Or is that cock licking good! LOL! No way the poor guy could stand all that without wanting to do as he did. Loved it all! :D

Wed, March 1st, 2017 6:14pm


Thanks, Amy. I have to agree with you there, I loved it all too! Thanks;)

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 5:59am


I would love to have you make breakfast for me. As far as I am concerned pussy is the only thing that tastes better than bacon when I wake up hungry. I don't drink coffee either so yu wouldn't have to waste any time making me any. A mug of hot chocolate later to wash breakfast would be the perfect dessert after dining at your yummy little restaurant.
XoxoX Ron

Wed, March 1st, 2017 6:23pm


You sure know how to make a girl blush, you dirty old man! Thanks so much;)

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 6:00am


I meant to say 'wash breakfast down' not 'wash breakfast'. :-))

Wed, March 1st, 2017 6:26pm


I figured. No worries.

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 6:00am


This was awesome, funny and erotic at the same time. I know there are many guys who join me in envying your man. But now you must tell us how the "other side" of the experiment went......

Wed, March 1st, 2017 9:23pm


Thanks, Ben. I appreciate the comment. I honestly wanted to fit all three sides of the experiment into one, but it would've been way too long for a short story. If that's what your really want, I could be persuaded to post the other results... Thanks again, darlin, for this lovely experiment;)

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 6:05am


Love love love!!!

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 1:19am


And I love that you loved it! Thanks, lady;)

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 6:06am


That's an Awakening experience I'd give almost anything to endure! Thank you Awoken, for awakening our minds & senses to exctasy incarnate! It's a real awakening, to be sure!

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 12:00pm


Upon awakening your minds, I've seem to awoken my very own desires of exctasy. So glad you enjoyed my little experiment, I sure did;) Thanks for reading and commenting!

Thu, March 2nd, 2017 6:11am


Any chance of a private ! You do it Soooo well Awoken , that is an awesome wake up call. Your descriptions paint a sweet image of loving attention to detail in your performance for your partner. Just keep on practicing Missy and eventually you will get it just right haha...practice makes perfect....lucky dude , I'm jealous lol XO

Sat, April 8th, 2017 10:11am


You're outta luck on a private performance, but I'm sure you could picture it just fine with that dirty mind of yours, E. I don't think I'll ever stop practicing...

Thanks again!!

Sat, April 8th, 2017 4:35pm


girl you sure know how to put a fertile dirty mind to good practical use.
I could read your stories all day.
Are you available for coaching lessons ha!

Mon, September 21st, 2020 3:24am

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