Hunter's Price

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two hunters face a challenge so great that it may ruin a love so deep. Trolls, witches and sorceresses, strong ale and topless barmaids, and an adventure to save a town lies in the hands of two lovers. Join the adventure with Hobin and Awoken and find out who wins in the end...

This is a collaboration by Hobby and Awoken. The mastermind behind this story is all Hobby, don't let him fool you. We hope you enjoy and leave some feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks so much ;)

Table of Contents

The Buckling Goose Part 1

    Tankards of ale can be heard slamming the tables accompanied b... Read Chapter

The Buckling Goose Part 2

The sun was barely peeking through the curtain hanging over the window. Just a sliver of light. It was enough to show the g... Read Chapter

What is Owed

    The sun was lazily dipping below the horizon when Hobin and Awoken reached Tal... Read Chapter

What is Owed Part 2

The warriors made their way through the streets of the small town of Talir. The previous night had been cold and small spir... Read Chapter

What is Owed part 3

Saristin pinned Hobin to the ground gazing at the roof for a second mumbling a few words before spitting onto Hobin's&... Read Chapter

Shadow Among the Light

Awoken fell to Hobin's side. "Hobin! Hobin!" She yelled.  He remained motionless as she tor... Read Chapter

Just a Dream

The dream plane was a dangerous mode of transportation for dream walkers. Hopping from sleeper to sleeper with any of their drea... Read Chapter

Deep in the Layer

  "Come my darling, over here." Vigor stretched out his hand for the lovely Clover. She took h... Read Chapter

The Path of a Dreamer

Shroom's inn cracked to life as the trio from the Buckling Goose burst through the door lead by Awoken.  "Hobin... Read Chapter

To Wake in a Nightmare

  The band that was left at Shrooms Inn followed Tren, the walker, into the small lodging where Hobin had laid. Tren t... Read Chapter

Mt. Glor

It was only mid-morning by the time they reached the bottom of Mt. Glor. Tras seemed to be a man on a missio... Read Chapter

The Battle of De

The group mounted their horses, turning them toward the trail back down.  "Let's move." Called T... Read Chapter

Forgotten Sins

The swordsman Hobin had travelled a great distance from where, in his cursed state, he believed he had left ... Read Chapter


  The sun's light was but a few hours away as Hobin and his new band of companions reached&n... Read Chapter

Deep within the Roots

  Falling. Falling. Screaming and falling.  The Woodling holds tight to De as they fall from the clif... Read Chapter

Despair Reunited

Back at Shroom’s Inn, the mountain of a man, Shroom, paced outside one of his lodgings eagerly awaiting&nb... Read Chapter

By the King's Order

A scout of castle Talir, serving King Rasit, rushed to the royal chambers. "My lord, forgive my i... Read Chapter

The Queen of Withered Peak (Part 1)

  Vigor stopped, looking to the remains of Queen Tamira's kingdom. The sky serpents had long... Read Chapter

The Queen of Withered Peak (Part Two)

  "Swordsman, I strongly suggest we leave now." Vigor said.  "I need her, Vigor, to h... Read Chapter

Nothing like a little Deceit

Vigor and Hobin safely land in what seemed like a quiet part of the desolated ruins of a once beautiful forest. T... Read Chapter

Long Awaited Return

The group rode hard, south, pushing their horses to exhaustion and not daring to rest until they were well clear of the Tal... Read Chapter