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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Guy hates the girl he's seeing, good sex though

When I first met her, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  Now, only several months later, she's standing in my kitchen washing my dishes, and I never want to see her again.


That first night though, when we went back to her place, I didn't even have the patience to undress her properly.  I tore her shirt and yanked her bra over her head.  Kissing her passionately and groping her ass under her skirt.  I dragged down her panties, and before she could even step out of them my mouth was on her pussy.  It tasted so good, and I couldn't stop myself from wanting more.  I sucked her clit between my lips, and used my tongue to tickle her from the inside.  I kissed all around her pussy and her inner thighs so she would get wetter and I could taste her wonderful juices.


I remember I fucked her up against the wall. I didn't let her feet touch the ground for half an hour.  Her legs wrapped around my ass as I thrust deep inside.  She bit my collar bone until the skin broke, and I loved it.  When I carried her over to the bed, that's when she really unleashed.  She was squirming and moaning, I thought I was going to have to tie her down.  And then she rolled on top of me.  She rode me so well I swore she could have been a rodeo queen.  She'd come down on me as I'd thrust up and fill her entirely, before she rose back up letting the tight walls of her vagina drag along my throbbing cock. 


She came three times without stopping.  Her pussy getting tighter and wetter with each orgasm.  It made me feel so good that I couldn't hold it back.  I gave her a few last thrusts, the strongest I could, and spilled my load inside of her.  She slid off of me and kissed down my chest, kissed down my belly, and kissed up my cock.  When she reached the head she wrapped her beautiful lips around it and sucked eagerly for whatever drops remained. 


I fell in love with her so fast after that night.  I jerked off to the memory everyday I didn't see her for a week.  But that night was months ago, and everything has changed since.


My love was based on sex.  I guess that was my first mistake.  Maybe I should have learned her religion, or politics, or view of the world first.  But sex was the thing that we shared, and all that other bullshit she could keep to herself just fine.  What she couldn't keep to herself, was her big damn mouth.


I am partially to blame, I guess.  I am a pillow-talker.  After I cum I tend to talk about whatever thoughts pop into my mind.  And she has a gift for getting me to share more.  I told her so many secrets, things I meant to keep private from this world.  But she made me feel comfortable, she made me feel carefree.  I told her about the beatings I received growing up, about the women who have used me, and about the most desperate times in my life, the times you can't help but wincing while thinking about.  She got it all out of me, and to a degree I let her.  But how was I supposed to know that my secrets were her gossip?


Our first fight came when I went to pick her up from the hair salon.  I got there on time, but she said she wouldn't be done for another half hour.  I listened patiently, listening to them talk, and then the girl at the front desk asked if I hated my father.


"What?" I inquired, as any normal person would.


"Do you hate your father?  My husband and I just had our first kid, and we are wondering if we should spank him or not.  We're afraid it will make him grow up to resent us.  Your father used to whip you with a belt twice a week, so I wanted to know if you hate him or not.  We would probably just spank though."


I had never been caught so off guard before.


"Nah, I love my dad.  Beat your kid to within an inch of his life.  Seriously, almost kill him.  That's how me and my folks bonded, and let me tell you, no one has ever been closer."


My sarcasm was not lost on her and she shut up for the rest of the time I was there, leaving me to stew in how pissed off I was that she knew that.  Needless to say, when we finally did leave and got in the car to go home, angry words were spoken.  I ended up forgiving her though.  She told me it was just the salon.  Girls talk at the salon and some things just slip out.  She apologized, but I don't think she meant it, and I forgave her anyways.


Fast forward one week, and we are at a coworker's birthday party.  She had met some of my coworkers already, but not too many.  I'm walking around mingling, sipping on my beer, and I hear her voice pierce through the rest of the noise.


"...that's not so weird.  This one time Jon told me about a girl who had some sort of asshole fetish.  She had him eat out her butthole, tongue in there and everything.  I think he said she stuck a Sharpie in his butt once too."


Why the fuck would she be talking about that?  To the people I work with also, the people I see day in and day out.  The people who I don't want to know that I once had a Sharpie up my butt.  I tried to pretend like it was all one big joke, and none of it was real.  It's still a joke. I get offered mints 'just in case my breath tastes like shit', and people are always asking if they can borrow my Sharpie.  I don't have any Sharpies at my desk.


I yelled at her the whole way home.  She said she was just trying to fit in and couldn't think of anything to talk about.  Since I was the only common denominator between her and them I came up, and eventually that came out.  Her explanation didn't make me any less angry, but she started rubbing my crotch through my pants.


When we got home I was too horny to be mad, although I still tried.  I was stern and harsh, and she was acting like a sexy innocent girl who just got in trouble. She wanted to make it up to me and I wanted to punish her.  I gave her a spanking that night.  I turned her firm little bottom red, you could see my fingerprints on her ass two days later.  But she took it, and she gave me the best head of my life. In the middle of it though, while I was laying on the bed, and her head was bobbing up and down on my cock, she lifted her head up and looked at me.  When I looked up to see why she stopped she placed her finger on my asshole and rested her cheek against my glistening shaft.  Looking up at me through big innocent eyes she asked, "Do you want me to kiss you here?"  Before I could answer her composure changed and she cackled a witch's cackle, giving me a wink and putting my cock back in her mouth.  The fucking bitch was mocking me.


I started to resent her then, but I didn't hate her yet.  I didn't hate her until tonight.  My family was coming over for dinner.  I was going to introduce her to them for the first time, and we were having a big potluck.  Everything was going well, they were getting along fine. I went to the bathroom to pee, two minutes gone at the longest, and when I came out she was telling the story of the time I got drunk in Vegas and bought a hooker.  The embarrassment doesn't end just at that.  I rushed to shut her up, but she was too far into it.  The hooker came to my room and I drunkenly fucked her.  Somewhere in the middle she chained me to the bed with fuzzy handcuffs.  It was hot and I was enjoying it.  She rocked my world.  I was still chained up when my hour was over, and she asked where her money was.  I told her to use the Visa card in my wallet.  I never bought a hooker before and it did not occur to me in a drunken state that they would run a cash only operation.  She took my wallet and gathered my clothes, making me watch from the bed.  She couldn't just leave me there naked and broke though.  Before she left with all my belongings, she hopped back up on the bed, squatted over me, and pissed all over my face.  That was how the maids found me the next day, and what I had to explain to hotel security when I reported the theft.  That was not my finest hour, and now I have the disapproving looks of my father, mother, and grandmother burned in to my memory after they heard that story.


There wasn't much more talking after that and they left quickly.  Now she is cleaning the dishes and I am just lying here.  I never want to see her again, but I can't let it go just that easy.  I want to humiliate her the same way.  I want to ruin her relationship with everyone she knows.  Take the blooper reel of her life and put it on the big screen.  But I know nothing about her.  Nothing except she can fuck like a porn star in heat, and she was put on this planet to ruin my life.

Submitted: January 28, 2014

© Copyright 2021 averagemale. All rights reserved.

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Very nice. I could see and feel your emotions. Well done.

Tue, March 10th, 2015 8:35am

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