Love And War 2 - ghosts

Love And War 2 - ghosts

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


After Charity's first encounter with Constantine Hall, fate throws them back together but this time Constantine has some serious competition and Charity faces an unknown danger from her past.


After Charity's first encounter with Constantine Hall, fate throws them back together but this time Constantine has some serious competition and Charity faces an unknown danger from her past.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Back from the dead

Author Chapter Note

Charity's life is going great without Constantine when suddenly things change.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 06, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 06, 2017



(This book is a sequel and might not make a lot of sense unless read after book one - Love And War1, the contract)

“What are you having?” Charity shouted above the noise.

Her bar was busy this evening, it was busy most evenings to be fair, she’d turned out to be a pretty good small business owner and had quickly become one of the most popular places to go in town.

“Your cheapest lager!” Shouted back the boy, “Three of them!”

“You got ID?” Charity asked this of any fresh-faced individual who asked for the cheapest of anything. In her experience, although the older generation could be as broke as the next person, it was the underage teenagers that didn’t request a drink by name and only required it to be cheap. It was hard to afford to get wasted when all you had as an income was dinner money from your parents.

“I must have forgot it!” Replied the youth, making a mock attempt to pat himself down like he could sense what was in his pockets just by feeling his body.

Charity pointed to the white sign with black italic writing on the mirror behind the bar.

No ID? No service

The boy looked pleadingly at Charity who shook her head and pointed to the door, he left without a fuss which was a relief, Charity had gotten much better at dealing with confrontation in the past few years but she still struggled with Aggressive customers.

Suddenly a bell rang out loudly, Charity looked up to see Amy, waving the wooden handled bell around above her head before shouting,


There was a surge of customers to the bar, the man collecting the glasses put his tray on the side and started helping to pull pints and mix drinks for the rush before they closed.

As the bar began to settle down, Charity started loading up the glass wash, they’d made good time considering it was still the weekend but people tended to like to get back to the comfort of their own homes on a Sunday.

“So”, came a familiar voice, she turned to see Amy smiling at her, carrying another tray of glasses.

“So?” Inquired Charity, taking the tray from her hands and placing it on the side.

“It’s only eleven, the last drunk just staggered out the door, Mike is already mopping… are we going?”

“Going where?” Asked Charity,

“You know, the fair!” said Amy indignantly, “You promised you’d come with me to get my future told”.

“Did I?”

“Yes and you know it!” Scolded Amy, Charity let out a resigned sigh and looked up at Amy in a tired sort of way.

“Can’t you just take Mike? I’m tired”,

“No I can not just take Mike because Mike is already coming and you made a promise to your best friend!”

“But It’s been a long weekend Amy”, attempted Charity.

“And I’ve been right here with you, cleaning tables, mixing drinks and occasionally playing pool when it’s quiet and now it’s time to spend time together in a non work capacity… come on, we’re always so busy here we forget to have fun together”.

Charity sighed again and took out the tray of clean glasses.

“Okay”, she agreed, Amy squeeled delightedly, “But not for long!”


“And no reading into this future telling stuff”, continued Charity.

“No, of course not”, agreed Amy,

“No getting excited or sad or spending the next month telling me this is fate because a lady with a veil on her head said so, agreed?”

“On my honor”, replied Amy.

“That’s what I’m afraid of”, Mumbled Charity.

“Ha! She got you”, came the voice of Mike from behind the door, “So it’s clean out there and I really want to leave!”

“Home?” Asked Charity,

“No, the fair, stupid! Have you already forgotten your solemn, sacred promise to your best friend?”, he answered, indicating Amy, “And your better friend”, he added, pointing to himself.

“Okay, okay, it’s like having dogs who want to go for a walk, fine, just put this last couple of trays away and let me sort out the till”.

An hour later the trio were stood outside a Yellow tent with red trim, Both Mike and Amy were holding a stick of candy floss and Charity had begrudgingly agreed to put on the cowgirl hat Mike had insisted she wear because “if she wasn’t going to be fun she at least had to look fun and fake it”.

“So are we going in?” Asked Mike,

“What do you think Charity, do you think she’ll tell me something I shouldn’t know, like some kind of future knowledge that might make something bad happen, like a self fulfilling prophecy?” asked Amy.

“I’ll be honest with you Amy, and I want you to listen very carefully… I don’t care”, replied Charity.

“You’re not being fun Miss Richards”, cut in Mike,

“I would ask you to differ all comments of that nature to my super fun Cowgirl hat”, answered Charity.

“Okay, let’s do it!” Decided Amy, linking arms with Charity who offered her arm to Mike before they headed inside.

It was exactly as she had expected, a dark tent with fairy lights, a little round table and a middle aged woman in a bad gypsy costume.

“And what can I do for you?” Asked the gypsy, indicating the board beside her.

Palm readings - £5

Tarot readings - £6

Crystal Ball - £10

“Why is the crystal ball so expensive?” Asked Mike,

“Accuracy”, replied the woman.

“Accuracy?” parroted Charity, “From a glass ball?”

“I want accuracy”, but in Amy, “But I don’t think I want a whole ten pound’s worth of accuracy so I’ll take a tarot reading.

Amy took a seat in front of the woman who smiled and withdrew a deck of cards from inside her robe.

“You must shuffle these”, Said the gypsy, handing them over, Amy shuffled them excitedly and passed them back, the gypsy put one on the table face up.

“What does that mean?” Asked Amy,

“Just a moment”, replied the gypsy, pulling another card and placing that beside it and finally a third.

“What I see here is you have been hurt before”, she began.

“Yes! I have!” Agreed Amy, looking up at Charity in amazement who looked at Mike in a tired sort of way, he smirked back.

“I see you have good friends in your life and they will help you with some troubles ahead, have you been having troubles or concerns?” Asked the gypsy.

“Yes! Oh my god, my cousin fell out with my mum and then I tried to help and now she’s fallen out with me too, it’s been so stressfull!” answered Amy, “Isn’t she good?” She said, turning to Charity.

“Yes, amazing”, agreed Charity, “So I suppose it’s time to go home now?”

“No! It’s your turn”, Instructed Amy, leaping from her seat and pulling Charity bodily into it.

“I don’t think so”, said Charity.

“I’ll pay”, offered Mike, throwing down the cash and smiling wickedly at Charity.

“How thoughtful”, said Charity, “I’ll be sure to remember this as I’m your boss, you remember that, don’t you, Mike? That I am your boss?”

“Charity, stop making threats and shuffle the cards!” Commanded Amy, Charity looked up to see the gypsy with the deck in her hand, extended to outward.

Charity sighed and gave them a half-hearted shuffle, then handed them back.

Again, the gypsy woman laid three cards face up on the table and looked them over critically.

“Hmmm”, she said, “I see here you are in love”,

“I don’t have a boyfriend actually”, said Charity,

“I did not say you did”, retorted the gypsy, “It looks like you are undecided”.

“That’ll be you know who”, mumbled Amy to Mike.

“Oh my god, the billionaire she rejected because she hates money, joy and handsome men?” replied Mike.

“And I see a second man”, continued the gypsy.

“Well unless you’re talking about Mike, that is definitely wrong, no men in my life”,

“Ew”, said Mike, jabbing Charity in the back.

“He is a stranger still but he is coming, you will be torn between the two”, explained the gypsy.

Charity nodded and smiled then turned to Amy.

“Are you satisfied now?”

“This is so exciting!” Replied Amy.

“Yes, riveting”, added Charity, “Well thank you” and with that she exited the tent.

Mike and Amy came running after her into the lights of the fair and linked arms again.

“What is going on?” Demanded Mike, “I wouldn’t usually care but I just finished a really good series I was watching and now my life feels a little empty”.

“Nothing is going on”, Charity assured them, “I just don’t like talking about… you know”,

“But sweety, you’re going to meet another man!” sang Amy,

“Yes Amy, I’m sure one will just fall into my arms by morning but now if it’s okay with you two I really, really want my bed!”

“You let us have a drink at yours before bed and I promise we’ll leave you alone until work tomorrow”, suggested Amy, Charity nodded and the group headed away from the fair.

One drink had quickly turned into two and by the third Charity could feel her head swimming with liquor.

“My mum just never listens!” Moaned Amy,

“That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you”, slurred Mike, sloshing his glass of wine back and forth, “it might just be because you’re just boring”.

“Hey, guys, why are you all still here? Didn’t we say one drink?” Asked Charity,

“Well how many’s this?” Asked Mike,

“I’m only holding one”, added Amy.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Who in hells, helly, hells is that now?” Slurred Mike.

“GO AWAY!” Shouted Amy before breaking into broken, wheezing laughter,

The knock came again.

“THIS IS A BROTHEL!” Shouted Mike at the door,

“Why would you shout that?” said Charity, slightly tripping up on her words,

“To scare them away”, answered Mike,

“What if they’re looking for a brothel?” Asked Amy

“Oh… IT’S A PRISON!” Corrected Mike.

“Shur’rup!” Hiccupped Charity, heading for the door as the knock came again.

She heaved on the handle and to her utter shock, a man came toppling forward into her arms and knocked her to the ground with a shriek.

“Bloody hell!” Shouted Mike,

Charity turned him over to look at his face and went pale.

“Oh my god! Who is it?” Said Amy, pulling herself up and running over.

“I’ve seen him in photo’s… it’s… it’s Killian!” Gasped Charity.

The man had messy, dark hair that looked in need of a good cut, he wore a white shirt with blood stains on it where he’s been cut in long streaks across his back and torn jeans.

“Killian? You mean-“

“Constantine’s dead brother!” Cut in Charity, looking down at the very alive, very unconscious body of Killian Hall in her arms.  

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