Heat in Louisiana

Heat in Louisiana

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Claudette is a normal girl and like most she has a few dark secrets but her world is about to be turned upside down and it's bound to get hot in the deep south.


Claudette is a normal girl and like most she has a few dark secrets but her world is about to be turned upside down and it's bound to get hot in the deep south.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Heat in Louisiana

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Claudette is a normal girl and like most she has a few dark secrets but her world is about to be turned upside down and it's bound to get hot in the deep south.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 27, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 27, 2014



Claudette pushed the final pin into her tangle of long, crimson hair, holding it into position in a muddled bun on her head. Pulling her rucksack over her shoulder she looked at herself in the mirror, she knew she couldn’t look glamourous in tracksuit bottoms and the old t-shirt she used to work out in but she looked anyway, she always looked because he would be there, like he always was.

She picked up her keys and headed out the door, securing it behind her and walking to the bus stop where she waited with her head phones in. It was a long journey to the gym on the bus, she had started going because there was a free trial and she wanted to try it out but then she had carried on going so now she had to make the forty minute trip every week.

The air outside was cool when she stepped off of the bus but she could tell from the clear skies and the light slowly rising over the horizon of the city that it was going to be warm by the time she left.

She went inside and packed her bag into the locker before heading off to the treadmill, as soon as she began she felt that prickle of heat she always felt when she came in. She dared a glance and saw he was rowing as usual, he didn’t look back, he never did, not for the whole month she’d been coming and running on the same machine but the idea that he might, scared her beyond speech anyway. What would she even say? “Hi, I’m a nineteen year old who’s been watching you for a month, what’s your name?”

An hour passed and he finished his time on the machine, stood up and drank from his water bottle, he was about six three, muscular and sandy haired with a grey vest top and joggers on, she watched for a moment then felt perhaps she was crossing a line to strange so turned and left for the showers.

She did come for the work out, that’s what drew her there originally and that was still mostly the reason she came but she hurt no one by running in the same place, just by looking over occasionally and he hadn’t even noticed her anyway.

She made it home with ten minutes to get ready for her shift at the diner, she ran upstairs, threw her workout clothes on the ground and pulled on a black, skinny tee and her black miniskirt. There was no time for makeup, just flat, black shoes and a mad search for her red apron but she couldn’t see it.

“Shit!” she hissed under her breath, opening the bedroom door and creeping down the stairs, into the dark corridor. She stared at the gap in the living room door to see who was home, all she could make out was one of her mum’s legs beside the sofa. Pushing at the door gently she tiptoed inside slowly and looked around for the apron, her mother was fast asleep on the settee, clutching and a half empty gin and tonic.

“Shouldn’t you be at work?” Came a male voice, her blood ran cold as she looked up to see Ernie, her mums boyfriend, leaning on the kitchen door drinking out of a beer can.

“I am… I just need my apron”, she said back in a low voice.

“This red thing?” he asked, pulling the apron off of the kitchen counter and holding it up,

“Yes”, was all Claudette could manage, she wanted to take it but she didn’t want to be near him, his eyes were like stone, cold and dull and hard.

“Are you going to just fucking stand there?” he asked, she clenched her jaw, hoping so badly that she didn’t look as weak as she felt and walked forward, holding out her hand.

“Aren’t you going to thank me for finding it?”

“Thank you”, she replied, swiping at the apron which he moved out of her reach.

“That wasn’t very heartfelt”, he continued.

“I have to go”, she finally replied, turning and walking towards the door as quickly as she could without running.

“You get back here!” he growled,

“You’ll wake your wife!” Claudette shot back and looked at him almost warningly then ran outside and didn’t stop until she reached work.

As soon as she stepped into the Diner she heard the voice of her boss,

“You’re late Claudette!” he yelled,

“I know”, she called back, “I’m sorry”,

“And where’s your uniform?” he demanded, Claudette bit her lip and looked down at her feet, how many aprons had she lost now? The heat was always bad at this time of year in Louisiana and Jonas had changed their uniform from knee length leggings to skirts last month and had agreed just the other day to order shorts for the girls who didn’t like wearing the skirts, he was a good boss but Claudette just kept costing him more and more in missing things.

“I’ll pay for a new one Jonas, I swear I will, I’ll even have my old one next shift if you just lend me one, I was in a rush is all”, she began.

“Just get one from the store room out back and try not to lose it before the end of your shift”, he replied, “To be honest I want to talk to you in my office anyhow”.

“Don’t you dare!” came the southern tones of Sarah-May who came marching over, tray in one hand, “I have been covering my own section AND Claudette’s all day because Tracy never came in to do the afternoon shift, not to mention that Katrina over there is as much use as drift wood in the dessert!” she scolded, pointing to a slim, attractive girl, leaning on the waitressing station, staring at her nails.

“Oh miss”, said a man seated behind where Sarah-may was standing, “Are those our drinks?”

“If you take her off and start chatting about damn uniform for twenty-five minutes I swear to goodness, Jonas, I will walk right out of this diner!” she continued.

“Miss, it’s awful warm and we’ve been waiting a while now”, said the customer.

“Ok, fine, we’ll talk later though!” said Jonas, pointing to Claudette who nodded hurriedly,

“After her shift!” intoned Sarah.

“Oh miss?” insisted the man,

“Oh for the love of baby Jesus! Can’t you tell I’m talking here? Some people are so rude!” snapped Sarah, slamming the tray down, handing over the drinks and marching away leaving the man and his wife looking appalled.

“Those are on the house”, said Jonas to their stunned faces as he headed back towards his office to escape the wrath of his female staff.

“I don’t know how you manage to look such a mess every day Claudette”, Sarah-may sighed, “Your hair’s just a tragedy and the apron, again?”

“I came straight from the gym, I didn’t have a lot of time”, Claudette protested.

“You and that dang gym, just so you can check out some guys abs, you can see stuff like that on the internet you know, anyway they aint nothing special, I once dated this boy when I was a girl and he had a beautiful body but he was showing them muscles to just about every other girl in town”, said Sarah.

“Are we talking about boys?”

They both looked up to see Katrina twiddling her hair, eyes shining with pleasure at the prospect of male gossip.

“No, WE are talking about boys”, said Sarah-may, indicating herself and Claudette.

“I just love em’ big, yano? And strong”, Katrina continued, staring dreamily into the middle distance.

“You just love em’ with a pulse”, Sarah-may muttered.

“If one of you girls does not come and take this order I will come out there and cut someone!” came the voice of the Russian cook through the pass.

“I’m here Cooky, where am I going?” Asked Claudette.

“Table ten, you tell them they take how I cook it, they want no onion and more tomato? Go make at home!” replied the chef, a large, grease covered woman sporting a scar on her chin and an eye patch.

Claudette was good at her job, it wasn’t particularly complex but it was fast paced and involved people yelling at her or thinking it was appropriate to say something loud and crude about her backside as she walked past. Claudette was good at just getting on with things, smiling politely and spitting in Mr Olson’s drink every time he said “Look at that boys, it’s like a little peach, makes me wan’na take a bite!”

She managed to get through the evening without making any mistakes and her shift ended sooner than it had begun. She wiped down the tables with Katrina while Sarah-may swept up and Cooky banged about dramatically in the kitchen.

“Tomorrow’s gon’na be a bad day”, complained Katrina eventually,

“Why, you going to the clinic?” asked Sarah-may, Claudette shot her a smile that was half amusement, half disapproval.

“It’s gonna be busy, we’ve got some kids birthday party booked in”, Katrina explained.

“Thank god it’s my day off”, Said Claudette, emptying the contents of her cloth into the bin.

“Claudette, can I have a word with you?” Asked Jonas from the door of his office, Claudette nodded and wiped her hands off on her new apron then followed Jonas into the back.

“Ok, before you say anything, I’m really sorry, I don’t mean to be such a mess and so late and so useless, it’s just me rushing around and being a dreamer, I promise I’ll pull it together Jonas, I didn’t mean to cause you any-“

“Woah, woah! Calm down Claudette, I just wanted to make sure you were ok… everything fine at home?” cut in Jonas,

“Yeah, of course, why do you ask?”

“Just you turn up late an awful lot lately and that’s a terribly big bruise on your leg”, he pointed to the purpling mark on her shin and she thought of Ernie catching a hold of her when she’d tried to run and throwing her into the centre of the livingroom where she’d made contact with the coffee table, the flash of pain washed over her again at the memory.

“I fell”, she eventually said then smiled as best she could,

“And what about those little marks on your arm there?” Jonas continued, pointing to her upper arm, “Those look a lot like fingertip bruises, someone had a hold of you Claudette?”

“No… you know what, the other day I almost missed my footing when I was at the gym and someone caught me and it must have been too tight a grip, it doesn’t hurt though, don’t worry about me”, she finished, absentmindedly covering the marks on her arm that her step father had left there.

“I do worry about you Claudette but if you say you’re fine then I just have to believe you… but if there ever is a problem… please tell me?”

“Of course I will, is that everything, I just don’t want to miss the last bus”, she said, already heading for the door.

“Good night Claudette”, he called after her.



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