The River

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The tranquil English countryside nearly kills a beautiful young lady, but she is rescued in the nick of time by a shy countryman. The seed of love and passion is sown.

The River

The English countryside is renowned for its beauty, tranquility and peacefulness, the quintessential green and pleasant land. But every environment has its hazards and every year local papers report the tragic death or injury of someone who through ignorance and inexperience underestimated the potential for danger. So it was this sunny summers day that someone did just that and nearly paid the ultimate price.

Liam was a country boy. At twenty seven he had lived his entire life 'in the sticks' except for a short spell at university when he was forced to spend time living in Nottingham. Not the most major of cities, but Liam hated it all the same, the claustrophobic feeling he had when surrounded by buildings disturbed him and throughout his course he had longed to get back to his wide open spaces, doing so as soon as his degree course was finished. With his education and intelligence he could have chosen any career path, but perhaps inevitably he chose to forsake financial reward to stay in the quiet environment he loved and took a job working for the forestry commission. 

Equally his home was isolated; well as isolated as Middle England gets In modern Britain. He resided in a farm cottage rented from a local farmer, up a farm lane on the edge of the green fields. Across the field at the back of his home ran a river. Not a large river, but in places deep and swift flowing. It was to the river this particular summer evening that Liam was headed to indulge in one of his country pastimes, a spot of fishing, ambling across the field with his rod, a folding chair and the rest of his kit in a rucksack on his back. He was not confident of catching fish until much later at dusk, but as he acted as a bailiff for the controlling angling club he liked to come across early to ensure no one was fishing the river who shouldn't be. 

It was the end of June and it was hot, despite it being Wimbledon fortnight, which most tennis fans will tell you quite often heralds the arrival of torrential downpours of rain. But not this year, not this day anyway, so Liam was dressed in his thin khaki fishing trousers and a tee shirt that showed off his well toned upper body. His job could be quite physical and it kept him in shape. His fair hair was, as usual for him, too long and unkempt, and he only bothered to shave every three days or so, and today not being one of those days meant his face was stubbled. But he didn't care, preening he left to the townie boys. As long as he was clean he didn't give a hoot about his outward appearance, though girls often gave his physical stature more than one glance. If he saw a girl look at him he would more often than not blush and beat a retreat, as he was a shy man and found conversation with the opposite sex awkward. If he only knew how many girls had looked and wanted to touch he would have been very surprised as he totally underestimated his own appeal to the opposite sex. He wasn't a virgin though, he had had several girlfriends, especially at university, but he never made a commitment on that front, not meeting anyone with whom he shared true feelings, and around here anyway girls were not that easy to meet.

So it was that he was surprised to hear girls voices coming from the direction of the riverbank. He scanned the line of bushes that marked the course of the river, but he couldn't see anyone. He followed the source of the sound, clearly girls shrieking and laughing and as he drew closer he could hear the splash of water. They were swimming. Coming up to the river he peered over the edge of the bank, which dropped an average of about four or five feet down to the flowing water, and there to his astonishment were two very blond, very slim and attractive girls, around their early twenties, skinny dipping in the river, swimming and splashing each other and completely naked.

Liam was caught in two minds. His natural shyness demanded he turn and creep away, embarrassed that he had seen them without clothing when they thought they were alone. But he should really turf them out, they were on private land and shouldn't have been in the river. He decided to say something.

"Hey, you two. You shouldn't be swimming here, it's private. Can you get out and leave please."

The girls squealed as they realised they had been spotted, and reactively tried to cover their nakedness with their hands, quickly discovering they couldn't swim and cover up at the same time. Despite his initial embarrassment this made him smile as they struggled to tread water. One of them quickly recovered her composure though and brazenly faced him, her full breasts clearly on view to him.

"Oh, don't chase us out. We are not doing any harm, we are only swimming and cooling off." She could see he was quite attractive and cheekily added "In fact, strip off and join us, the water is lovely and cool."

Liam typically blushed. He knew he was being mean by chasing them out as there didn't appear to be anyone else on the river to be disturbed other than himself, so he chose to let them continue.

"Look, have your swim, but don't be too long OK."

"You're not coming in then?" the girl asked.

"No, I don't think so thank you." Liam beat a hasty retreat from sight of the two girls, who he could hear laughing again, probably at his obvious discomfort. He moved further down the bank and dropped his fishing gear, thinking he was going to stay in earshot and make sure they left soon enough. It was only a few minutes later he heard one of them scream, followed by a panic shouting for help.

"Help me, help, she's drowning." The girls voice was frantic. Liam jumped to his feet and ran back up the bank to where the girls were. His blood ran cold as he looked on them for a second time. The brazen one of the two was floundering, being pushed back by the flow of the river, her head dipping under the water, her long blond hair flowing out behind her in the current.

"Help her," the other one screamed at him, "her legs caught." Liam had come to that conclusion already in the few seconds he had seen, it was obvious the girl had lodged her foot on an underwater snag, couldn't free herself and the current was pushing her backwards and dragging her under. If he didn't do something fast she was going to drown. Without thinking he scrambled down the bank and into the river, unsheathing his fishing knife from his belt as he went. Quickly he swam to the girl and pulled her head back above water and she gasped a raking breath, but she was panicking badly. With her panicking and the push of the current he couldn't get her upright enough and her face kept going under as she thrashed about. He knew he had only one option and that was to free her leg, otherwise she was dead.

Taking the plunge he turned turtle and dived under the water, following her leg down. The water clarity was poor, but he could see her foot was caught in a sunken branch, wedged in the v where the one bough became two. The offshoot was quite slender and he grabbed it and cut into it furiously with his knife. He was so relieved when it broke and he saw her foot come free. He kicked for the surface, gasping for air as he came up. Quickly he looked round and saw the girl floating away, still underwater. His heart jumped, he hoped he wasn't too late as he swam after her, catching her up and grabbing hold of her arm, dragging her head up into fresh air. He was relieved to feel her kick out, still panicking, coughing and gasping for breath.

"Stop panicking," he shouted at her, "I've got you, you're OK. Keep still or you will drown us both." His words hit home and thankfully she stopped fighting him, allowing him to drag her to the bank. They were now a bit downstream of where they went in and Liam scanned the bank for a low point to climb out. Spotting one he guided the girl over. He clambered up and pulled her none too gently from the river and pushed her to the top of the bank where she collapsed into the grass, coughing and retching river water. Her friend came running down to them, totally oblivious to her nakedness, tears running down her face.

"Susie, Susie, are you OK?" she all but screamed as she dropped to her knees alongside her friend. Liam popped over the bank and crawled over to the girls. Thankfully Susie was recovering her breathing and he thought she would be OK.

"Jesus, that was close," he murmured, coughing water himself.

"Oh, thank goodness you were still here, I couldn't help her, I wasn't strong enough. Thank you for saving her," Susie's friend said, her voice shaking as her body trembled from the fear and adrenalin pumping through her.

"You're welcome," was all he could say.

Susie started to shake. She was shivering almost uncontrollably, looking blankly at the ground. Shock. Liam recognised that the girl was going into a state of shock and needed warmth and treatment quickly.

He turned to the other girl. "What's your name?" he asked her.


"Lucy, go and get her clothes, whatever you have, we need to get her warm. Then we shall have to walk across the field. My cottage is over there and we can get her a hot drink and decide if she needs the hospital."

Lucy got up and ran back to their clothes, returning quickly. In the meantime Liam gathered the naked Susie in his arms cuddling her in an attempt to warm her shocked body. Susie started to cry uncontrollably into Liam's chest, sobbing with fear and relief at the same time, the after affects of a huge adrenalin surge. As Lucy came back Liam said "Lucy, just cuddle her from the other side as well, try and get her warm, OK?" Lucy did as she was asked pressing her body close and wrapping her arms round her friend. Liam gently whispered to her that she was alright, that everything was OK. With their bodies close and the sun still warm, Susie gradually warmed, calmed, stopped crying and the shaking diminished. Liam let her go and looked at her.

"Feel a bit better?" he asked. She nodded. "OK, do you think you can get dressed?"  Susie nodded again. "Help her get dressed Lucy." Liam turned away, suddenly conscious of the fact both girls were still naked.

"Hey, she's bleeding," Lucy suddenly said. Liam span back round. Lucy was pointing to a gash on Susie's ankle. He bent to have a look. It was a clean slice across the ankle, not too deep, but it was bleeding rather badly. The foot was also raw from chafing on the branch in the water as Susie had struggled.

"Damn, I must have caught her with the knife when I cut the branch." Liam said. He looked at Susie. "I'm sorry, I think that was my fault." Susie spoke for the first time since her ordeal.

"Don't worry about it. Better a cut foot than being dead. Thank you for pulling me out. What's your name?"

"Liam," he replied.

"Thank you Liam," She even attempted a smile.

"No worries," he said and smiled back at her. "Get dressed and we'll get you sorted. I need to clean that wound for you." 

He thought a minute. With her damaged foot Susie would struggle to cross the field. "Lucy, stay put with her here, I'm going to get my Land Rover, OK?"

"OK," she replied.

Liam set off at a run across the field and vaulted the small gate into his back garden, up past his well tended vegetable garden, up the steps to his patio, running straight indoors for his car keys and straight back out again, heading for the front of the building this time where his Land Rover Defender was parked. Driving down the unmade lane he turned left on to the tarmac road that led up to the river bridge and the main gate to the field. As he reached the bridge he saw two bikes chained up in the hedge with pannier bags attached. The girls were obviously cycling. He jumped out and opened the gate so he could drive the Land Rover into the field, not bothering to close it again as there were no animals grazing. It was handy working for the forestry commission as he got the 4x4 as a tool of his job, the logo on the side of the vehicle declaring the fact. He drove along the bank and back to where the two girls were waiting, seeing they were now dressed in shorts and halter tops, and sitting on the grass studying Susie's foot.

"How is it?" Liam asked.

"Sore, but not too bad. But I can't get my shoe on," Susie replied.

"Let's get you back to my place, then I can clean and dress it for you. I have first aid stuff indoors."

The girls climbed into the back of the car, Liam half carrying Susie as she hopped to the vehicle. Liam started up again and drove further down the bank first to collect his fishing gear before heading back to the gate.

"Are these your bikes?" he asked, and they confirmed they were. They were taking a few days cycling break in the area they told him, stopping at B&B's overnight. They had got hot cycling today and thought a swim would be a good idea as they crossed the river earlier.

"I'll put them on the roof rack," Liam said, "can you unlock them Lucy?" Lucy did so and Liam picked them up one by one to set them on the roof rack of the Land Rover. Lucy couldn't help but notice how easily he lifted the loaded bikes above his head onto the roof rack, his arm and chest muscles standing out as he did so emphasising his broad shoulders and narrow waist. Making sure the gate to the field was closed Liam got back in and drove them to his cottage. 

Helping Susie round the back of the old red brick farm cottage, which would once have housed a family who worked for the local farmer but was now let as part of the farm's income, they entered via the back door into the kitchen. It was a modern kitchen, updated to improve the letting potential, but still of a rustic design to suit the country style of the house, with an Aga oven, oak cupboards and dominated by a heavy oak kitchen table sitting in the middle of the slate tiled floor.

"Sit yourselves down, I'll make some tea." Liam said. He put the kettle on as the two girls settled at the table, then went to fetch some antiseptic, cotton wool and dressing for Susie's foot, also taking the opportunity to ditch his own wet clothes to put on a fresh tee shirt and cut offs. Returning to the kitchen with the first aid materials, he made the tea first, pouring three cups and insisting Susie have sugar in hers despite her protests, to get her blood sugar levels up he said following her shock reaction. He sat down alongside Susie, placing a bowl of hot water on the table and tipping some antiseptic fluid into it.

"Here, give me your foot, so I can clean the cuts," he told her. Susie lifted her foot into his lap. "This is going to sting," he warned her. To her credit she just winced slightly as he cleaned the wound with sterile lint cloth soaked in the antiseptic water solution and dabbed it dry with cotton wool.

"There, that looks better, it looked worse than it is I think, it's not as deep as I feared. You shouldn't need stitches but if I were you I would get a tetanus jab though."

"How come you know so much about this stuff?" Susie asked him.

"I have to do first aid as part of my job. Working with dangerous tools, like chainsaws and axes, we have to know what to do if someone gets hurt."

"You are very good, strong but gentle hands too...." Susie tilted her head looking at him admiringly and saw him blush again. She thought his shyness and modesty was very endearing.

"Look, I won't finish this dressing until you have cleaned up," Liam said, "I'll just tape it together for now. That river isn't that clean, do you want to take a shower?"

"Don't worry," Lucy said. "we need to find a B&B to stay in tonight yet, we can clean up there, but thanks anyway."

"Susie's not cycling any further today with that foot," he replied. "You won't get half a mile. Why don't you stay here tonight? There's plenty of room. You can have my double bed if you don't mind sharing and I have a single bed in a spare room where I can sleep. It's no bother to me."

The two girls looked at each other. "That would be lovely if you don't mind. We have clean clothes on our bikes." Susie said. Liam fetched their belongings in from their bikes and sorted them some towels before showing them where his bedroom and bathroom were. He went back downstairs to fix them both some dinner.


Susie and Lucy sat on Liam's bed. Susie suddenly looked very fragile again and Lucy hugged her. "Hey, you OK?" she asked.

"No, not really," Susie replied. "I just thought about it again, going under the water, totally helpless. That scared me shitless to be honest, excuse my French. I could have died if it weren't for Liam. How stupid, it happened so fast and I just panicked didn't I?"

"We both did. I was no bloody use, I just screamed my head off," Lucy berated herself.

"I'm glad you did, obviously Liam heard you."

"He was fantastic, he just went straight in after you, he knew just what to do. He's rather cute too...." Lucy added with a giggle.

"He is, isn't he? So shy though. Perhaps we should thank him properly later, what do you think?" Susie now had a mischievous look in her eye.

"What? Do you mean........?"

"Yeah, why not? You and I have slept together before. How about we share Liam tonight as well and say thank you to him for saving my life in a special way? Susie suggested.

Lucy giggled. "That would be fun. He is so shy though, I wonder if he will."

"He's so bloody gorgeous, I shan't really give him an option, shy or not. Perhaps it's a post reaction to the shock, but I feel I need someone to hold me and make love to me. Liam's going to be that someone. And you of course beautiful." Susie lent her head over and kissed her friend on her mouth.


Downstairs Liam was sorting the girls some food. After the initial rush, things were calming down and he was thinking about the recent events. He had been lucky, Susie had been luckier. If that branch hadn't broken when it did, had it been a bit thicker, he wouldn't have been able to free her. 

But he felt proud of himself that he had managed to save her. He thought about the events after. He felt all tingly when he remembered holding her on the bank. Despite the circumstance he could remember how good her slim frame felt to hold as he cuddled her close trying to keep her warm, he could still feel those large firm breasts pressed into his chest and that made his cock stir in his cut offs that he had put on. They were both very pretty girls. Both blond, Susie taller, hair longer than Lucy who had hers cut in a bob style, while Susie's was long and straight. Susie's breasts were larger, definitely. Susie had blue eyes and Lucy's were brown, Lucy's face was more oval with fuller lips, Susie's longer with finer features. Yes similar, but different too, but certainly both very attractive young ladies.


Feeling clean and fresh again the two girls came downstairs to find Liam. He had made them some pasta with a bolognese sauce.

"Sorry, it's not much, it's the best I can do tonight at short notice," he said.

"Oh, you shouldn't have, that's lovely." Lucy told him. "Pasta is just fine by me."

"Me too," Susie said, limping over to him. She reached up and kissed his cheek. "You're very sweet, Liam, thank you so much." Liam blushed profusely.

"I'm going to shower now, I must smell like a badger," he said, making his excuse to beat a hasty exit.

As he disappeared Lucy said "My, he is shy isn't he."

Fifteen minutes or so later Liam reappeared. The girls had pretty much finished their food.

"Here Susie, let me finish binding your foot," Liam said. He sat down on one of the kitchen chairs again facing Susie and took up a dressing and bandage, and with her foot back on his lap he expertly and neatly dressed and bandaged the cut round her ankle.

"How's that?" he asked her.

"Wonderful...." she replied in a husky low voice, looking at him again with a half smile on her face. She suddenly pushed her foot forward gently into his groin and wiggled her toes. "See, I can still move my foot OK." Liam was rather stunned. Had she really done that? Susie was quickly on the move, dropping her foot, standing to step forward and to sit on Liam's lap facing him, her long slim legs straddling his hips either side of his chair. She wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Still stunned Liam hardly responded at first, but then couldn't help himself, allowing her tongue to entwine with his as he kissed her back.

She broke the kiss and stared into his eyes. "Did you like that?"

"Yes, very much...." he managed to say, his face blushing again.

"Well, Lucy and I have decided that you are a hero, and that you deserve a heroes reward. So the two of us are going to fuck your brains out tonight."

Liam flushed profusely and swallowed hard. Susie simply took hold of the bottom of her tee shirt and lifted it over her head to expose her large breasts. Not having bothered to put on a bra her nipples were pretty much in front of his face.

"Do you like my boobs?" Susie whispered. "Would you kiss them for me?"

Liam suddenly came alive, over his initial shock of Susie's forward behaviour, and he buried his face into her ample breasts, kissing and sucking them all over, taking the nipples into his mouth in turn and sucking hard. Susie moaned with pleasure and she could feel Liam's cock pushing up against her bottom, indicating he was not disliking it either.

Lucy came round the table, removing her own shirt to uncover her breasts, smaller and more pert than Susie's with up tilting nipples, and then undid her shorts to let them drop to the floor, stepping out of them to leave her in her panties. She took his hand and placed it on her breasts, encouraging him to feel her soft mounds.

"Have you ever had two girls at once Liam?" Lucy asked.

"No, never," he replied, his voice barely audible.

"Well, you will tonight, we are going to share you together, do think you will like that?" 

His arousal beginning to overcome his shyness Liam replied "I think I'm going to like that very much. You're both so beautiful."

"Thank you," Lucy replied. "You're so handsome yourself you know. I'm surprised some girl hasn't hooked you up long before now." She bent her head and kissed him too, and Liam enjoyed the taste and sensation of Lucy's tongue in his mouth.

"Let's see what we have in here," Susie said, slipping off his lap to kneel on the floor and reaching for the fastenings of his cut offs. "From the bulge I think we have us a rather nice cock here Lucy my love."

Lucy dropped down beside Susie on her knees and helped Susie with Liam's cut offs, encouraging Liam to lift his bottom so they could slide them down with his boxers. As his lower clothing was removed the two girls grinned at each other as a rather impressive penis sprang free, quite thick and certainly over seven inches in length, probably nearer eight.

"Wow, that will do, won't it," Lucy giggled. 

Susie kissed her, "It certainly will my lovely."

Both girls grasped his shaft and they both managed to get their small hands on it with the tip just poking above Lucy's. 

"I can't close my fingers, it's so thick too," Lucy murmured. 

Susie pushed Lucy's hand away and bent her head down, engulfing the head of Liam's cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue over the glans. Liam gasped at the touch of her wet mouth, tipping his head back as her head bobbed up up and down, her mouth sliding over the top few inches of his shaft.

"Let me have a go," Lucy begged. Susie released Liam's cock to Lucy's control so she could engulf him, continuing to stimulate his cock with wet lips and tongue. Susie dropped down further and licked his scrotum, making him intake has breath sharply as the intense tickle shot up his nervous system. The girls continued to swap, first one then the other until Liam was about to burst. 

Susie had her turn on his cock as he gasped "Careful, you are going to make me come." Susie took him momentarily out of her mouth.

"So this then is the first a few big thank you's," she said, immediately engulfing him again. Liam jerked as his orgasm approached and suddenly Susie felt his cock swell in her mouth and a burst of semen hit the back of her throat. There was so much she almost gagged, but she swallowed in time as another burst flew over her tongue. A little dribbled out of her mouth and down his shaft, but Susie managed to capture and swallow most of it as spurt after spurt spilled into her mouth, gradually getting less as he subsided. As he finished she pulled up, licking her lips. Lucy bent her head down to capture the juice that was trickling down to his balls, making his sensitive cock twitch as her tongue lapped up the overspill.

"Wow, that was a big load. I'm guessing you haven't been with anyone in a while."

"No, sorry, I came a bit quick didn't I. It's been too long and you two are so good at that and so beautiful to watch I couldn't help it."

"No worries, we will soon have you hard again, believe me. Then you can have us both for as long as you want." Susie rose up and kissed him. "Can we go upstairs? This floor is rather hard on the knees!" Susie giggled. She quickly wriggled out her shorts and panties and Lucy discarded her panties too. Liam then lost his shirt to the two girls as he kicked off his cut offs and boxers from around his feet

Heading for the stairs Liam followed the two fabulous looking girls, hardly believing he was not dreaming as he watched the two cute bottoms in front of him, with little glimpses of the fresh young pussies in between their gorgeous long legs. Susie limped a little on her bad foot and Liam caught her round the waist. 

"Do you need a hand?" he said, genuinely concerned, half supporting her weight for the final few steps.

Susie smiled at him and kissed him at the top of the stairs "Thanks, you really are my white knight aren't you." Liam just picked her up in his arms as easily as if she were a doll and carried her into the bedroom, following Lucy in, placing Susie down gently on the bed. Lucy lay down alongside Susie so they took up most of the bed.

"Hey, where do I go?" he laughed.

Susie spread her legs wide, showing him her completely shaved pussy. "How about sliding up between these and giving my pussy a kiss?" she said softly, winking at him.

Liam didn't need a second invitation. He climbed on the end of the bed in between Susie's legs and kissed his way up her thighs to her pussy. He gazed at the beautiful gentle folds of her pussy lips, already tinged pink and slightly puffy, the inner lips slightly parted and glistening with moisture indicating her already heightened arousal. Leaning in closer he breathed in her scent, loving the delicious slightly musky smell before clamping his mouth firmly on her lips, his tongue running wild over her sex.

"Oh fuck....." Susie gasped, as Liam licked and sucked her lips, firmly massaged her clitoris with his wet tongue and inserted the tip of his tongue into her wet entrance. Lucy was just leaning up on an elbow, watching her friend get orally stimulated.

"Is he good at that?" she asked Susie.

"Oh yes, very good, very good indeed." She grabbed Lucy's face and kissed her, their tongues entwining wetly. Liam was now lying flat on his stomach as he licked at Susie's clitoris, looking up her lovely body at the two of them kissing. He began to think he had actually drowned in the river earlier and gone to heaven.

Susie started to increasingly moan and writhe under his administrations on her pussy until finally, with his tongue pressed firmly on her clitoris, she orgasmed.

"Oh jeez, shit I'm coming," she squealed as the spasms shook through her, pulsing the ultimate of pleasures in her pelvis, additional wetness from her pussy leaking onto Liam's tongue as he clamped his mouth on her.

Liam let Susie go and took control now, moving over and grabbing Lucy by the ankles, spreading her wide. Lucy's pussy was also shaved, except for a blond 'landing strip' of short pubic hair running from just above her clitoris for a couple of inches up over mound. Again Liam approached her pussy kissing up her legs, tickling her inner thighs with soft kisses before planting his mouth firmly on her wet sex, his nose now being tickled by the small patch of pubic hair. Lucy gasped as his lips touched her, and she watched him while leaning up on her elbows, seeing him lick her, feeling the extraordinary sensations his tongue was generating within her, the feelings that built and built steadily making her breaths become shorter and shorter. Susie lent over and kissed Lucy's pert breasts, sucking her nipples until they were tight and hard, flicking her tongue on their tips and sending more pleasure sensations to her groin. Liam's tongue was trying to get into Lucy's entrance and she felt tighter there on his tongue than Susie. He wet his finger in his mouth and slipped it into Lucy's pussy, marvelling at just how tight it was, slipping it in and out and feeling her grip his single digit, while still firmly licking her clitoris. The effect was to bring Lucy to orgasm, her hips bucking as she received simultaneous stimulation of her breasts, clitoris and vagina, her head collapsing back on to the bed as she cried out in delight.

"Heck, he is good isn't he!" Lucy said to Susie as she calmed, "His tongue is as good as yours sweetie, and that's saying something." Susie smiled and kissed her pretty friend.

"I need that cock in me now," Susie said sitting up. She wrapped her arms round Liam, who was also kneeling up on the bed now, kissing him and tasting the pussy juices on his lips. "Lay down honey, let me ride you." Liam lay down where Susie had been. His cock was now fully erect again, but Susie couldn't resist taking him in her mouth and sucking him, confirming that he was indeed as hard as iron as she bathed his cock with her saliva. After a minute or so she couldn't hold back any longer, letting him go and straddling him, taking his cock in her fingers and guiding him to her wet entrance. Susie let her weight off her knees and slid down Liam's cock, his shaft burying straight into her to the hilt, the combined wetness of her pussy and the saliva from her licking on his cock enough to ensure he slipped straight in in one go. The expansion of her pussy made her gasp as his thick cock stretched her open and she paused when he was fully in to adapt her muscles to his size, then started to glide up and down rhythmically.

"Oh my god, that feels so good, he's so big Lucy darling. I hope he fits in your tiny pussy," she gasped. Susie continued to ride Liam and he helped her, grasping her hips and lifting her up and down. After a while he pulled Susie down on to him, lifting her bottom up and giving himself space to thrust up into her, faster than she could go herself, making her squeal with the pleasure of the increased pace. Lucy meanwhile was kneeling alongside just watching her friend being fucked, stroking Susie's skin as she was pleasured by Liam's large cock. Susie sat back up and took over control again, leaning back so her arms were on Liam's thighs, pulling his cock down and increasing the pressure on the front wall of her vagina, trying to get his cock to stroke over her G spot. She succeeded and the pleasure levels notched up, building and building in her pelvis. With her leaning back Lucy was able to reach in and she started stroking over Susie's clitoris with her fingers, causing Susie to almost black out with the pleasure, achieving a second very loud and wet orgasm. Finally the pulses subsided and she collapsed forwards over Liam, pressing his cock deep inside her, but not daring to move again just yet until her senses stopped reeling.

"Oh, fuck, I don't think I've ever orgasmed like that," she gasped, "that was wonderful."

"My turn now" demanded Lucy simply, indicating Susie should relinquish Liam's cock to her.

"You better be prepared honey, this is going to stretch you wide."

"I'll be OK, don't you worry, now get off," she demanded. Susie grinned at her friend but was sympathetic to her need to feel Liam's cock inside her.

"Be gentle with her Liam, Lucy is usually more a girls girl, and not many cocks have been in that tight hole, have they darling."

"No, but I really want this one, I've not had one as big," Lucy replied. "Take me from behind, but please go slow." Lucy knelt on the bed and Liam moved in behind her. When he had had his finger in her he too wondered how his cock would fit, but Lucy was ready for him it seemed and pussy's were designed to stretch. He guided the head of his cock to her wet entrance and gently pushed into Lucy. She gasped as he slipped the glans of his cock inside, then the first inch of his shaft. He stopped and pulled back slightly and pushed again, another couple of inches sliding inside.

"Oh fuck, that's huge, you're splitting me open!" Lucy whimpered, her head on the bed looking back at Liam. He did it again, withdrawing then pushing back in slowly and he nearly succeeded in getting fully inside her. She squealed.

"Oh, Jesus Christ, yes, fuck me, get it right in." With one more full thrust Lucy's pussy adjusted and accepted his cock right in to the hilt. He paused a moment then slid out and in again, feeling her become less resistant, her little pussy adapting quickly to his size and after a couple more thrusts she didn't feel much different to Susie. He grasped her hips and started to fuck her faster, with long strokes, nearly withdrawing then thrusting fully back in. He loved watching his cock slide into a girl in this position, it was by far his favourite way to fuck, not that he had had many opportunities of late. And Lucy was so gorgeous, holding her slim hips, looking up her back to her bob cut hair around her slim neck, made the experience even better.

And with Susie kneeling now by his side, also watching, one hand on his back, the other stroking her friends bottom with her eyes glued to his thrusting cock, she was also seemingly fascinated by the sight.

"Wow, you did need him didn't you darling. He's slipping into you nicely now. How does he feel?" she asked Lucy.

Lucy was on fire, her desire almost driving her wild and her language reflected her passion. "He feels fucking fantastic, fuck me Liam, make me come again, fuck me hard." Liam obliged, smacking his midriff into her bottom with loud slapping sounds as he pounded his cock into her. Despite his earlier come he didn't think he could last much longer without exploding, but thankfully Lucy beat him to it, squealing loudly as her little pussy gripped his cock really tightly as she came. Liam held still inside her until she finished her orgasm, afraid her contracting muscles would actually push him out such were their force. Finally spent, Lucy collapsed on to the bed, making Liam slip out from her.

"Here, fuck me again, come inside me," Susie whispered. She didn't care whether she came again or not, she just wanted to finish off Liam's enjoyment and it seemed appropriate that he should come inside her. She lay back down on her back and accepted Liam into her, locking her long legs round his back, her bandaged foot waiving like a white flag as she surrendered to him, kissing him passionately as he started to thrust into her again.

"God, you feel so good, fill me up baby, come inside me," she encouraged him in his ear. Liam stroked into her beautiful pussy, the pause in swapping between the two girls having calmed him sufficiently to prolong his orgasm a bit longer to the point that Susie realised that if he lasted just a minute more she would come again too. Liam did last, only just, but he did and they came together, a fantastic, pulsing joint orgasm, their fluids mingling in harmony as Susie pulled him into her with her legs, thrusting her pelvis back up into him, crying in delight into his shoulder.

As they came down off their high Liam and Susie gazed adoringly at each other and despite sharing the bed with Lucy they realised in that moment that they were having more than sex, their feelings seemingly having entwined as well. Susie locked her lips to his, kissing him, sensing words were not needed as she stroked Liam's back. Even Lucy recognised the moment, whispering she was going to the bathroom to freshen up, leaving them to enjoy their own intimate moment.

After a clean up they all settled in Liam's bed to sleep, the two girls cuddled up to him. Liam really did feel like he was in heaven. They were both beautiful girls, and he felt privileged to have made love to them both. But was he imagining his feelings for Susie, and did he recognise the same in her eyes? He had fallen in love with this girl he realised, and he hoped she was feeling the same.


As the bedroom lightened with the dawn, Liam awoke. Lucy was sleeping soundly by his side, but Susie had gone. He panicked for no obvious reason, wondering why she had left him. Quickly but silently he slipped out of bed, putting on a pair of boxers for modesties sake and went in search of her. She wasn't in the bathroom, so he went quietly downstairs. He felt a cold breeze of air and going into the kitchen he saw the back door was wide open and outside, sitting on the steps of the patio that led down to the back garden, quite naked, was Susie, her arms folded over her raised knees just gazing across the field. 

Liam walked silently out the door, but somehow Susie knew he was there. That sixth sense for his feelings again perhaps? She couldn't have explained it.

"I love the summer dawn," she said, not even turning round. "I love sitting and watching the sun rise, listening to the birds, the cold morning air on my skin. Do you?"

Liam sat down on the step beside her, slipping his arm round her and she lent her head on his shoulder. "I do," he said. "It's a beautiful time. There's a lot of stuff that goes on out here at different times that we miss, or just take for granted. We fail to appreciate such a lot."

"I love this view," Susie said "I could sit here many times and not get tired of it."

"Despite that river being over there?" Liam asked her.

"Especially with that river being over there. It wasn't the rivers fault, rivers don't try to kill you. It just happened, an accident. Sitting here and looking over there to the river would remind me that life is for living, it's too short to waste, you should grasp opportunities when they arise as you never know when it might all be taken away from you." She turned to look at Liam, tears forming in her eyes. "So on that note, just so you know for sure, I want to tell you that I love you Liam, I don't want to leave and regret not having said it. So there, I have, for you to do with as you will." She turned to gaze over the field again.

Liam gazed at her. "Susie, would you come and live with me, right here, and come down every morning at sunrise with me to sit here and gaze over the field to the river, to remind me every day just how much I love you."

With tears flowing down her cheeks she said "Yes, I would like that. I would like that very much."

Submitted: June 24, 2014

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Justin Fyld

A well-written three way and a sweet concept. Being from farm stock myself, it's great to see a story about multi-skilled farmers.

Sun, June 29th, 2014 7:11am


Thanks, glad you liked it.

Sun, June 29th, 2014 1:53am


Once again... You nailed it. Excuse the pun. :P Nice concept, good writing skills, excelent descriptions. Well done!

Sun, June 29th, 2014 8:10am


Really appreciate your comments, thanks again. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was quite pleased with this one.

Sun, June 29th, 2014 1:51am

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